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FWD: [skywatch_discussion] Invitation to join ufoitaly@onelist.com

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  • Frits Westra
    Date: (no date line) From: f.monaco@stm.it Subject: Invitation to join ufoitaly@onelist.comHello,I would like to invite you to join the ufoitaly
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 1999
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      Date: (no date line)
      From: f.monaco@...
      Subject: Invitation to join ufoitaly@onelist.com


      I would like to invite you to join the ufoitaly mailing list.

      The description of this mailing list is:

      Ufoitaly is an Italian mailing list in English language created and
      maintained by the Italian organization CISETI. Our goal is to share
      our investigations with other UFO organizations in the world.

      You can join this list by going to the following web page:


      If you do not wish to join this list, please ignore this message.


      List Owner
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