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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9 Number 35

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 9, Number 35 September 1, 2004 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 9, Number 35
      September 1, 2004
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/

      BY A UFO?

      "Air Force Two, the military plane carrying Vice
      President Dick Cheney, was forced to make an evasive
      maneuver to avoid another aircraft in the skies above
      Bridgeport, Connecticut (population 139,529) earlier this
      month, federal officials said yesterday," Thursday, August
      26, 2004.
      "As Cheney headed to Westchester County Airport in
      White Plains, N.Y. on (Saturday) August 7 (2004), a
      collision-avoidance system in the cockpit of the
      Gulfstream jet designated as Air Force Two sounded an
      alarm and convinced the pilot to climb to avoid another
      plane, officials said."
      "The two planes came within 0.44 miles horizontally
      and 700 feet (210 meters) vertically, according to the
      Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which immediately
      pulled the radar and voice tapes for the New York TRACON
      in Westbury and has since issued a report to the (U.S.)
      Air Force."
      "The FAA said the incident is not technically
      classified as a non-military collision or a mistake on the
      part of the controller or pilot. But pilots say that's
      extremely unusual for the collision-avoidance system--a
      computerized device mandated on all commercial passenger
      planes--to sound the alarm to command an evasive
      "'It's a white-knuckle event,' said one veteran
      airline pilot who said he had never seen the warning
      system call for an evasive maneuver. It's likely that
      Cheney and the other passengers would have felt the G-
      forces of the sudden climb, and there have been cases of
      flight attendants being injured when aircraft are forced
      to make evasive maneuvers."
      "Cheney's press office declined to comment."
      "Air traffic controllers at the New York TRACON in
      Westbury pointed out that the controller in charge of Air
      Force Two was a superior who had been called in on
      overtime, and said the incident shows that FAA has left
      the facility understaffed. The TRACON, whose controllers
      guide aircraft to and from New York (City) area airports,
      is authorized for 270 fully-trained controllers but has
      only 207. That number is expected to dwindle as
      controllers retire in the next few years when the FAA
      steps up the pace of hiring."
      "The supervisors called in to work as radar operators
      are required to work aircraft only eight hours a month to
      keep current, said Dean Iacopelli, the local chapter
      president of the National Air Traffic Controllers
      "'They only dabble in it,' he said, 'There is a real
      staffing crisis here.'"
      "But the FAA reported staffing wasn't an issue. 'We
      use overtime to meet staffing needs, particularly in the
      summer so controllers can take vacation,' said Arlene
      Salac, an FAA spokeswoman in New York, adding that the FAA
      has launched a study of staffing needs of air traffic
      control centers around the country and plans to issue a
      report to Congress in December (2004)."
      "The supervisor who was controlling the traffic did
      not make a mistake, Salac said. Because the two aircraft
      were not in a tightly-controlled section of airspace, no
      separation standards applied; instead pilots and
      controllers are instructed to watch out for each other."
      "The aircraft that Cheney's plane was trying to avoid
      was an unidentified plane that was not talking to the air
      traffic control center." (My emphasis--J.T.)
      (Editor's Comment: Hold it right there! An unidentified
      aircraft, refusing to respond to ATC calls, gets within
      700 feet of the vice president's plane and then gets clean
      away. Whatever happened to the U.S. Air Force jet
      interceptors that routinely escort Air Force One and Two
      on such flights!? To say nothing of the dozens of
      Department of Homeland Security helicopters on patrol in
      the New York City area!? Nobody responded to this
      emergency!? What's really going on here?)
      "'The Air Force Two pilot and the controller had the
      traffic in sight at all times,' Salac said."
      "The (Gulfstream) plane carrying Cheney and some
      family members to a fund-raiser in Harrison, N.Y. was
      headed west towards the airport and descending from 11,000
      to 6,000 feet (3,300 to 1,800 meters) as the second
      aircraft was heading east at about 7,300 feet (2,200
      meters). Iacopelli said a controller sitting next to the
      supervisor, who was in charge of Air Force Two, first
      pointed out the other airplane when Air Force Two reached
      8,500 feet (2,550 meters), yelling, 'Traffic for Air Force
      "The FAA says that when Air Force Two reached 7,400
      feet (2,230 meters), the superior cautioned the pilot
      aboard Air Force Two about the other plane, and the pilot
      responded that he was aware of it."
      "But, at 11:19 a.m., the collision-avoidance system
      in the cockpit of Air Force Two sounded an alarm and
      commanded the pilot to make an evasive maneuver and climb
      to avoid the other plane. The computerized system sounds
      the alarm only when it recognizes the other aircraft is
      close enough to be a danger. The pilot of Air Force Two
      gradually climbed to 8,000 feet (2,400 meters) to avoid
      the other airplane."
      "The FAA doesn't generally investigate such
      instances, but because the plane was carrying the vice
      president, the agency put together a report to send to the
      Air Force."
      (Editor's Comment: Uh-huh. And they couldn't use the
      other "airplane's" transponder number to identify the
      aircraft and its pilot, and forward this information to
      the Secret Service and FBI?)
      "Controllers specifically pay attention to Air Force
      One and Air Force Two, which are designated on their radar
      screens as planes carrying the president and the vice
      president." (See the newspaper Newsday of Long Island,
      N.Y. for August 27, 2004, "Cheney's plane had a close call
      over Conn. skies." Many thanks to Nancy Ruhl for this
      newspaper article.)


      On Saturday, August 21, 2004, at 10:30 p.m.,
      eyewitness T.J. was in Tinley Park, Illinois (population
      48, 401), a suburb southwest of Chicago, when he sighted
      something unusual in the sky.
      "We noticed possibly all three of the UFOs on August
      21st," he reported, "They were flying from southwest to
      northeast, bearing flashing red lights. I recorded the
      event on a digital camcorder. This event lasted for about
      15 minutes; then they vanished. Another came into view
      five minutes later, moving in from the same direction,
      then becoming stationary, before vanishing once again."
      (Email Form Report)


      On Monday, August 23, 2004, at 2:45 a.m., in Nenagh,
      County Tipperary, Ireland, the male eyewitness reported,
      "On the Dublin side of the town, I was walking to my hotel
      when I looked up and could see a 'ring of lights' above
      me. I stopped, and they stopped. And when I moved again,
      the lights moved with me and started to get brighter,
      moving clockwise."
      "It stayed above me for seven or eight minutes. And,
      as I turned towards the hotel where I was staying, they
      all just went out. The UFOs appeared in the south and
      were moving north. A ring of lights, moving clockwise.
      Height? I don't know. Speed was whatever I was walking."
      (Email Form Report)
      (Editor's Comment: Last week was a peak week for UFOs on
      the Emerald Isle. Check out the next report.)


      On Tuesday, August 24, 2004, eyewitness Milton Clarke
      reported, "I was out for a walk" in the Fardross Forest
      near Fivemiletown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, when
      he saw a UFO approach from the northeast.
      "I was out for a walk, and I was watching as the
      object appeared," Milton reported, "It appeared to be a
      large space ship of some kind. It was blue, diamond in
      shape, with a reddish light glowing around the edge of the
      craft. It was spinning around as it hovered for ten
      minutes, with what looked like red search lights moving
      around on the ground. I hid in the trees and watched it
      fly away at a very high speed. It hovered about 10 meters
      (33 feet) above the ground. It came in slow and took off
      like a jet." (Email Form Report)


      On Saturday, August 14, 2004, at 10 p.m., eyewitness
      Janet Currass reported, four adults were driving on
      motorway A30 between Donhead and Fovant, near Salisbury,
      Wiltshire, UK when "we all witnessed the same sighting."
      "The UFOs came from the south, then flew parallel to
      the A30. Two flourescent green discs appeared in the sky
      at a height of about 50 meters (165 feet) and a distance
      of about 500 meters (1,650 feet) to the south. They
      appeared to have a glowing halo and were darting and
      diving very quickly along a course parallel to the road on
      which we were driving at a speed of 40 miles per hour."
      "Within a minute, they were joined by two more
      objects, identical in nature, all of which were behaving
      in a similar manner. They were in view for around six
      minutes or so, darting around but keeping pace and
      eventually accelerated away and peeled off to the south
      and over a ridge." (Email Form Report)


      On Thursday, August 19, 2004, eyewitness S.I. and a
      friend were outdoors in Neukirchen, a town in the Neider
      Osterreich region of Austria when they spied something
      unusual in the evening sky.
      "A friend of mine and I looked at the brilliant,
      beautiful night sky, and then we spotted something very
      strange in the northeast. It was low above the horizon,
      and it looked like a couple of stars at first glance. And
      for one second, I could see hundreds of strange,
      artificial-looking lights on the object, and these lights
      seemed to have a distinct pattern. This 'star cluster'
      stayed there (hovering) for 30 minutes at minimum."
      "I do have to say that in the last few days, there
      has been persistent chemtrail activity. I spotted
      black/silver spheres lurking in the chemtrails in the
      high-resolution digital camera photos I took."
      "One would think that there is something going on
      here, and the activity seems to occur more and more.
      Because the UFO enigma is not 'a Hollywood joke' in
      people's minds in this country." (Email Form Report)


      On Friday, August 27, and again on Saturday, August
      28, 2004, eyewitness Anthony Milas spotted an unusual UFO
      over Waiheke Island, 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of
      Auckland, New Zealand.
      "I videotaped it this time (Saturday, August 28,
      2004) and had a good look at it through binoculars at the
      same time," Anthony reported, "The sighting lasted 10
      minutes in total, but I didn't record all of it. And I
      didn't digitise all I needed--it's quite boring footage,
      just a line which gets further away and turns into a dot
      "As the (cylindrical) object changes course, it seems
      to stretch in size. It looks a little like the warp
      effect in Star Trek."
      "Now, what the video doesn't reveal (as I was at
      maximum zoom--A.M.) is the darker shape which I believe is
      the actual object. What we see in the videotape is the
      kind of fiery aura around it, like flames trailing off of
      it. I was looking through binoculars at the same time,
      and I could clearly see the darker cigar-shape that was
      surrounded by flame."
      "Obviously, for it appeared on two consecutive nights
      at the same time, and indeed made an obvious course
      change, it's not a natural phenomenon. If it were not for
      the (cigar) shape, which I could see through the
      binoculars, I would think it was a plane with contrails
      very far away that happens to be moving at the same rate
      as the sun to continually light up the contrails from my
      vantage point. But this seems rather convoluted for an
      explanation and doesn't account for the cigar shape."
      "The size of the cigar shape through the binoculars
      (about half the length of the glowing part--A.M.) would
      suggest it's far too big to be a plane." (Many thanks to
      John Hayes for this news story.)

      (Two of the four images provided are available with the
      online version of this bulletin at:
      http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/v09/rnd0935.shtml -
      John @ UFOINFO)


      Two crop circle formations were found in Matsqui,
      British Columbia, Canada early in August, according to
      Canadian cerealogist Paul Anderson.
      "Two more formations were found, one with a circle
      and two attached crescents and the other resembling an
      Egyptian ankh symbol. Seen by a local resident" in
      Matsqui "while skydiving, during the takeoff of the plane
      in early August (2004)."
      The find was "not too far from last year's (2003) two
      crop circles at Abbotsford, B.C. An investigation is in
      progress by Canadian Crop Circle Research Network--British
      In Poland, "a crop pictogram made from three elements
      in wheat was found in Kaczewo village, near Radziejow in
      Kujawsko-Pomorska province. The biggest crop circle was
      7.4 meters (24 feet) in diameter."
      "'The agroformation appears to be authentic,' said
      Polish cerealogist Stan Barski, who photographed the crop
      circles last week." (Many thanks to cerealogists Paul
      Anderson and Robert K. Lesniakiewicz for these news


      The crazy crocs--out-of-place alligators that
      mysteriously appear in areas that are not their normal
      habitat--had a field day last week.
      According to Fortean author/researcher Loren Coleman,
      the first crazy croc sighting was reported in New
      Then, on Saturday, August 21, 2004, in Lee's Summit,
      Missouri (population 70,700), a suburb of Kansas City,
      "some people who live on Lee's Summit Lake found something
      unexpected in the water over the weekend--an alligator."
      "Animal control officers showed a 3-foot-long
      alligator they pulled from a lake in the Kansas City
      suburb this weekend."
      On Wednesday, August 25, 2004, "An alligator was
      found in a pond off Westbrook Road in Essex, Connecticut
      (population 2,573). The alligator had been spotted a few
      days earlier and was reported to the state Department of
      Environmental Protection."
      Essex, Conn. is at the intersection of Highway 9 and
      Route 153, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) northwest of New
      London. (See the Kansas City Star for August 25, 2004,
      "3-foot-alligator found in Lee's Summit lake," and Essex
      Now for August 26, 2004, "Alligator found in pond." Many
      thanks to Loren Coleman for these news items.)


      "A nine-year-old Minnesota girl found a 5-legged frog
      with 23 toes near Stewartville, Minn. (population 5,411),
      according to a police report."
      "Three of the frog's legs appear to be normal, but
      the fourth has another leg as an attachment, with three
      feet attached to it."
      "Cori Praska and a friend found the deformed frog in
      the southeastern part of the state."
      "This find is disturbing to the experts at the Quarry
      Hill Nature Center."
      "'It does concern me, and mutations like this
      shouldn't happen that often,' Greg Munson of the Quarry
      Hill Nature Center."
      "Munson said 27 other frogs found by Praska were
      "Experts say the animals are particularly sensitive
      to pollutants which can be absorbed through their skin.
      Because of this, deformed frogs are considered a sign of
      environmental problems."
      Yet, some occultists consider these freakish
      manifestations a sign from Tsathoggua (pronounced zuh-
      THOG-you-uh--J.T.), a frog-like deity whose cult is
      alleged to have flourished on the lost continent of
      Atlantis and during the post-Cataclysmic period of the
      previous world-age, the Tetra Yuga.
      Stewartville is on Highway 63, about 10 miles (16
      kilometers) south of Rochester, Minn." (Many thanks to
      Michael Strainic for this news story.)
      (Editor's Comment: Terry Duckworth, if you conjured up
      Tsathoggua with that nitwit chant of yours and sent him to


      It looks as if the "Curse of The Mothman Prophecies"
      has struck again. Last week the wife of the 2002 film's
      director, Mark Pellington, died following a brief illness.
      A statistically-significant number of people
      associated with the making of the paranormal film, which
      starred Richard Gere, Debra Messing and Laura Linney, have
      died under a variety of circumstances since its release
      two years ago.
      "Mark Pellington has exited the director's chair for
      WB's upcoming Harrison Ford starrer The Wrong Element."
      Pellington, "who came aboard the pic in early July
      (2004), bowed out due to the death of his wife last week
      after a brief illness."
      "WB has yet to find a replacement for Pellington,
      though the studio is actively pursuing a substitute to
      keep the pic's intended early fall shoot date."
      "'I am unfortunately stepping down from the job of
      directing the film The Wrong Element, due to the recent
      tragic loss of my beloved wife Jennifer,' Pellington said
      Monday," August 23, 2004, "in a statement to Variety. 'It
      is a difficult time, and having suffered the loss of my
      life partner and mother to my child, I would not be able
      to commit the time and energy and focus at this point
      needed to truly successfully helm the film.'"
      "Pellington directed Arlington Road and The Mothman
      Prophecies. He is not attached to any other projects."
      (See the newspaper Variety for August 24, 2004, "Ford
      finds himself directionless." Many thanks to Loren
      Coleman for this newspaper article.)


      "European astronomers may have discovered the first
      rocky planet--one like Earth but 14 times heavier--
      orbiting a nearby star."
      "Astronomers have since 1995 detected about 120
      planets, all until now thought to be gas giants (like
      Jupiter and Saturn--J.T.), orbiting nearby sun-like
      "European Southern Observatory astronomers reported
      Wednesday," August 25, 2004, "that the new planet circles
      the star Mu Arae about 50 light-years away (or about 295
      trillion miles, for one light-year equals 5.9 trillion
      "The planet weighs almost as much as the planet
      Uranus" in our solar system "but circles much closer to
      its star, completing one orbit every nine-and-a-half days
      and enduring surface temperatures of 1,160 degrees."
      "It was detected by measuring gravitational wobbles
      that planets trigger in stars. Many astrophysicists
      believe that life as we know it is more likely to have
      sprung up on a rocky planet than a gas planet."
      The newly-discovered planet in the Mu Arae system is
      a virtual twin of the fictional planet Krypton, the
      homeworld of the movie and comic book hero Superman.
      Indeed, in his book Superman: The Ultimate Guide to
      the Man of Steel, author Scott Beatty wrote, "Orbiting a
      red dwarf star some fifty light-years distant from Earth,
      the planet Krypton was once very much like our world. In
      fact. Krypton's inhabitants were indistinguishable from
      humans, though far more advanced." (see page 10 of
      Beatty's book--J.T.)
      In 1938, two teenagers from Cleveland, Ohio--Jerry
      Siegel and Joseph Shuster--concocted the idea of Krypton.
      Astronomers of the time ridiculed the notion, claiming
      that the idea of a rocky planet much larger than Earth was
      Theory confirmed. Go collect your Nobel Prize,
      fellas. (See USA Today for August 26, 2004, "Earth-like
      planet detected at nearby star.")
      (Editor's Comment: If "Krypton" has been discovered, can
      you-know-who be far behind? Awwwww, you guessed!)


      "Superman might be faster than a speeding bullet and
      able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, but he was
      no match for St. Paul (Minnesota) police officers."
      "John Fillah of St. Cloud, Minn. (population 59,107),
      who has spent about five years dressing up as Superman at
      the Minnesota State Fair, was in full costume across from
      the fairgrounds' entrance on Friday," August 27, 2004,
      "when he clashed with police."
      "'He seemed to be a pretty mild-mannered guy, but when
      his feathers got ruffled, he turned into Superman,' said
      Mark Erickson, who saw the event."
      "Fillah, 38, dresses up as the comic book superhero
      and offers fair-goers the opportunity to have a Polaroid
      taken with him for five dollars."
      "On Thursday," August 26, 2004, St. Paul "police
      officers approached Fillah about an A-frame sign on the
      sidewalk advertising his services, said Officer Paul
      Schnell. Fillah has a peddler's permit, which allows him
      to walk around or go door to door but not to set up a
      stand in one place, Schnell said. The sign 'put him in a
      stationary position,' Schnell said."
      "On Friday afternoon, officers went to talk to Fillah
      again about the sign and told him he needed to move."
      "'He became extremely argumentative with the officers
      and began to use vulgar language,' said Schnell, noting
      that many young children were nearby. 'He was wrned to
      stop and settle down.'"
      "Fillah 'never invoked any Superman powers with
      officers,' Schnell said."
      "Fillah--who said in 2002 he was 6-foot-3 (1.9 meters
      tall) and weighed 275 pounds, compared himself to the
      officers, Schnell said."
      "'He was comparing his size and stature and said he
      was being targeted because his size was superior to that
      of the officers,' Schnell said."
      "When Fillah didn't calm down, Schnell said, officers
      arrested him and booked him into the Ramsey County jail on
      suspicion of disorderly conduct."
      "There was no home phone listing for Fillah and he
      could not be reached for comment Saturday."
      (Editor's Comment: He was probably staying at the
      Fortress of Solitude in Lafayette, Minnesota--population
      "Fillah has been arrested numerous times for fifth-
      degree assault, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct
      and other charges, according to state records. In a 2002
      interview with the St. Paul Pioneer Press, he said: 'I
      wish I were real, because I think the world needs a
      Superman, someone to fight all the evil and save the
      "He also said in 2002 that he was motivated to
      portray Superman because 'I have experienced personal
      injustices. I know injustices firsthand.'"
      "Earlier that year, Fillah was banned from his
      regular corner in St. Cloud, and managers at two malls
      sought restraining orders against him."
      "The complaints alleged that he harassed employees
      and customers. Fillah denied the accusations then." (See
      the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for August 29, 2004, "It's
      a bird, it's a plane...no, it's a civil disturbance," page
      (Editor's Comment: Well, Supes, when you show up in court
      with your lawyer, Mr. Mxyzptlk, remember to chant the
      Courtney Love Mantra...Not guilty, Your Honor.)


      "A tiny telescope has detected the silhouette of a
      massive planet orbiting a nearby star, astronomers say."
      "The Trans-Atlantic Exoplanet Survey (TrES) telescope
      network reports a four-inch (10-centimeter) scope turned
      up a Jupiter-sized planet, called TrES-1, orbiting a star
      500 light-years away (or 2.6 quadrillion miles; remember,
      one light-year equals about 5.9 trillion miles--J.T.)."
      "Developed by researchers at Caltech, the Harvard-
      Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Lowell Observatory
      and the National Center for Atmospheric Research, TrES
      uses off-the-shelf camera equipment to measure the dip in
      starlight detectable when a planet passes in front of its
      star, the 'transit' method."
      "TrES-1 orbits close to its star, circling once every
      three days. Astronomers have detected more than 120
      planets in the past decade, but only a handful of
      'transit' planets like TrES-1." (See USA Today for August
      25, 2004, "Distant planet found orbiting its star," page


      "Some areas of Wisconsin like to promote their
      colorful fall foliage--just not this early."
      "Experts aren't sure why some trees around the state
      are already showing their autumn colors about a month
      earlier than normal."
      "'We've had discussions about that,' said William
      Hoch, a University of Wisconsin-Madison horticulturist.
      'We're not 100 percent sure why it's happening.'"
      "Only certain species are changing colors, Hoch said.
      And the usual factors that cause early color changes--
      drought conditions, nutrition deficiencies and disease--
      don't seem to apply this year."
      "'This is one of the least stressful summers we've
      had in recent years,' Hoch said."
      "Forester Steve Grant also doesn't know why the
      leaves are turning color now. Still, he noted that this
      year hasn't been free of conditions harmful to trees."
      "Heavy rainfall fell across much of the state
      (Wisconsin) in a short amount of time this spring. That
      was followed by little rain and cooler-than-normal
      "'To go from extremes like that can impact the
      trees,' said Grant, of the (Wisconsin) Department of
      Natural Resources."
      "The early color change, though, won't hurt the
      trees, Hoch said."
      "It's interesting to note the early leaf-color change
      in Wisconsin," said UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor,
      "Because we've been seeing the exact same thing here in
      northern Minnesota. Here in Duluth, the mountain ash
      berries began turning orange-red as early as August 12. I
      saw my first maple tree with red leaves last Tuesday, on
      August 24. Since then, I've seen numerous trees,
      particularly in the Tischer Creek area and the Lester
      River canyon, with colored leaves. And not just the
      maples--elms and poplars, too."
      "Also, ever since Saturday, August 14, 2004, flocks
      of Canada geese have been landing daily at Bayfront Park.
      The waterfowl have already started their annual southward
      migration to Louisiana. Now I'm wondering if we're in for
      an early winter here in North America. We might see snow
      on the ground in the Lake Superior region sometime in
      "If any other UFO Roundup readers in the northern
      hemisphere have noticed similar signs of climate change,
      we'd like to hear from you. Send your emails to
      Masinaigan@...." (See the Ashland, Wis. Daily Press
      for August 27, 2004, "August tree color stumps
      scientists," page 4.)


      "A Cambodian baby born with a 10-centimeter (4-inch)
      tail has become the breadwinner for a poor family as
      hundreds of people flock to see her and make offerings,
      police say."
      "Yet unnamed, she was born with a spine considerably
      longer than normal, creating a protruding tailbone, said
      Ngil Sophal, the police chief of Svay Chrum district"
      located "120 kilometers (72 miles) southeast of Phnom
      Penh," the capital of Cambodia.
      "'But she is healthy,' he said, 'The unusual baby was
      born to a poor family. Now a lot of locals are going to
      see her.'"
      "Some were offering up to 2,000 riel (about 35 cents
      USA--J.T.) for a peek at the girl."
      "'Her physique is starting to earn a lot of money for
      the family,' Sophal said, 'Many locals are lighting
      incense sticks to pray to her for good luck.'"
      "The local newspaper Koh Santepheap quoted the
      infant's mother, Sok Mau, as saying that when she was
      pregnant, she dreamed of an old man who brought 'a baby
      monkey' to her and told her she would have good luck when
      the baby grew up."
      "Cambodians are highly superstitious, particularly in
      the countryside where people continue to meld animist
      practices with Buddhism." (See the New Straits Times for
      August 22, 2004, "People flock to baby with 'tail.'" Many
      thanks to Nguyen Ai Binh for this newspaper article.)


      "The weak tornado that hit" Wrentham, Massachusetts
      (population 2,250) "over the weekend is something that
      usually occurs in the Midwest, but it brought out the best
      in New Englanders with neighbors helping neighbors clean
      up from the damage."
      "'It's what New Englanders do,' said Richard Dion, a
      local selectman (member of the town council--J.T.), who
      was one of several who picked up chainsaws Saturday,"
      August 21, 2004, "and cut up fallen trees in neighbors'
      yards or blocking streets."
      "'You just get out there and help your neighbor, and
      then you clean up,' said Dion, who lives in Hayden Woods."
      "Dion and neighbors Dave Teixeira, Jim Kearney and
      John Keane helped cut up trees that fell in Steve and
      Ginny Orzell's yard at 45 Hayden Woods."
      "An estimated 20 to 30 homes were damaged in
      Saturday's tornado that cut a swath from Jenk's Road in
      West Wrentham to Phillips Street near the state school,
      according to Fire Chief Robert Morrill."
      "The National Weather Service declared Sunday,"
      August 22, 2004, "that the previous day's storm was a weak
      tornado that traveled on the ground for about six miles
      (10 kilometers), starting in West Wrentham and slicing
      through the southeast section of Franklin (population
      "The tornado's path was described by the Weather
      Service as 'long and narrow but very discreet,' ranging
      from 40 feet (12 meters) to 40 yards (37 meters) and
      traveling about 45 miles per hour with winds. It was the
      second recorded tornado in town in 51 years, as twisters
      in (August) 1953 did extensive damage across the region."
      Carolyn Rzepecki, your editor's sister, had a report
      of her own: "Now, last Saturday, the (August) 21st,
      weather was strange. We started to get these thick
      cumulus clouds late morning. By 3 p.m., I thought I'd
      better get over to" Attleboro, Mass. "to get the mail,
      check on the house, etc. While I was in the house, I
      noticed it was very, very dark outside. Just like as if
      it was 7:30 p.m. or something. Well, in the direction
      toward North Attleboro, the sky was dark purple. Really
      weird looking. Then Channel 10 broke into the program and
      said a twister touched down in Wrentham," 10 miles (16
      kilometers) to the north.
      "That made me nervous, so I left there about 10 past
      five and headed towards Pawtucket (Rhode Island). We have
      had some strange weather this past month. We had nickel-
      sized hail a few weeks ago."
      "Tornadoes are as rare as palm trees in New England,"
      UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor commented. "And it's
      even rarer to have one this close to the ocean. Wrentham
      is only 30 miles (50 kilometers) from the Atlantic." (See
      the Attleboro, Mass. Sun-Chronicle for August 23, 2004,
      "Tornado confirmed." Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown
      and Carolyn Rzepecki for this news story.)

      From the UFO Files...

      4000 B.C.: IRAQ'S MYSTERIOUS

      As I write this, American troops and armor are
      closing in on the Old City section of Najaf, located 160
      kilometers (100 miles) south of Baghdad, in their battle
      against the Shiite Muslim militia of the renegade imam
      Moqtaba al-Sadr.
      By some strange twist of fate, Americans now find
      themselves fighting for control of the most occult real
      estate in Iraq. For the holy city of Najaf is located
      right in the middle of Iraq's pyramid belt.
      Eight kilometers (5 miles) north of Najaf is the
      village of Birs Nimrud, built on the site of the ruins of
      the ancient Sumerian city of Borsippa. Just outside the
      village is a colossal pyramid, known in Iraq as a
      ziqqurat. The village was named "Nimrud" after Nimrod,
      the Babylonian king who built the Tower of Babel. (See
      Genesis 10: 8-12--J.T.) Arabic tradition claims that the
      ziqqurat is all that remains of the original Tower of
      "In 1852 Oppert carried out excavations, and in 1902
      Koldeway unearthed, on the north side of the ziqqurat, the
      remains of the E-Zida, the Temple of Nabu, (Sumerian) god
      of the scribes, whose emblem was a stylet or bird, and who
      was held in great veneration among the Babylonians and the
      "His cult was linked with that of Marduk (or
      Merodach, chief god of Babylon--J.T.), and the god of
      Borsippa even visited in person (during) the festivals of
      the new year." Ancient astronaut buffs, please take note.
      "The E-Zida was a temple as big as that of Marduk.
      It was constructed from unbaked bricks and was built to
      the same design. It occupies a rectangle 302 feet (90
      meters) by 331 feet (100 meters); its four corners
      correspond to the points of the compass, and it contains
      on the northeast side, that of the main entrance, a great
      rectangular courtyard 92 feet (27 meters) by 134 feet (40
      meters) leading on the southwest (side) to the sanctuary,
      which is preceded by two pronaoses."
      "The ziqqurat, about 150 feet (45 meters) high, stood
      some 50 yards (45 meters) to the southwest of the temple;
      it measured around the base 148 feet (45 meters) by 200
      feet (60 meters). Its present appearance is that of a
      steep hill crowned by a great section of wall containing a
      tower built of baked bricks."
      But there is one curious anomaly about the E-Zida
      ziqqurat. "On the southwest of the platform are great
      dark blocks of partially vitrified bricks, the result of
      some violent conflagration."
      The damage suggests that the ziqqurat was hit by
      either some alien weapon or a weapon of the Drona Parva
      before the dawn of recorded history. Vitrification of
      brick requires temperatures of thousands of degrees
      (Editor's Note: The Drona Parva is a book of the ancient
      Indian Mahabharata, which describes energy weapons of
      fantastic power. They make the hydrogen bomb look like an
      M-80 Fourth of July firecracker.)
      Fourteen kilometers (9 miles) south of Najaf is
      Naifar. Today a sleepy village in a plain crisscrossed by
      canals, it was once the site of the ancient Sumerian city
      of Nippur. Nobody knows just how old Nippur really is.
      It's mentioned in the Sumerian King List as one of the
      cities that existed in Sumer before "the Great Flood of
      Ut-napishtim." (Better known as the Deluge of Noah's Ark
      to readers of the Bible--J.T.)
      "The ancient city of Nippur was an important
      religious capital from the end of the Fourth Millenium
      B.C. It possessed a famous sanctuary consecrated to the
      god Enlil, who was considered the chief deity of the
      Sumerian pantheon. The prosperity of Nippur declined with
      the coming of the first Babylonian dynasty at the
      beginning of the Second Mi llenium.The cult of its patron
      deity no longer received the same enthusiasm from the
      pilgrims, who transferred their devotion to the Babylonian
      gods of whom Marduk was the chief. For all that, the
      temple of Enlil was no less supported" by the empire "up
      to the time of the later Babylonian period (Seventh
      Century B.C.)...It was probably only in the Tenth Century
      (A.D.), in the Muslim period, that Nippur was abandoned."
      "The western part of the great tell (mound--J.T.)
      marking the site of the ancient city has been identified
      as the residential and commercial quarter. The eastern
      part contains the sacred quarter and is dominated by the
      remains of the ziqqurat, which amounts of no more than a
      mass of unbaked bricks dominating the whole area of the
      ruins. The tower was dedicated to the god Enlil and was
      (later) covered by a palace built during the Parthian
      period. The temple of Enlil was situated below and to the
      east of the ziqqurat and goes back, in its latest state,
      to the second Babylonian period."
      "In the perimeter wall" of the Temple of Enlil, "two
      foundation deposits left by Ur-Nammu, the first king of
      the third Ur dynasty, have been discovered; they testify
      that he built the E-Kur, meaning probably the perimeter of
      this sacred area."
      "To the west of the ziqqurat the American expedition
      also discovered the remains of a temple of the third Ur
      dynasty, part of which at any rate was dedicated to Inanna
      (Sumerian "Queen of Heaven"--J.T.), as several bricks
      stamped with the name of the goddess by Shulgi, king of
      Ur, prove."
      "Beneath the two towers flanking the entrance two
      formation deposits were found containing a bronze figurine
      of Shulgi."
      So, from about 4,000 B.C. to 700 B.C., Nippur
      functioned as THE holy city of Sumeria, later Babylonia,
      much as Najaf does in today's Iraq. But if it was "the
      Vatican" of the priests of Enlil, Nippur was also the
      stomping ground of the Black Circle, an association of
      sorcerers of whom the most notorious was Gimil-ishbi.
      In 1927, before he wrote his Kull of Atlantis
      stories, Texas author Robert E. Howard (1906-1936) did a
      number of "past life reminiscence" tales. None saw print
      during his lifetime, but one, "The House of Arabu," (Arabu
      was the Sumerian netherworld--J.T.), finally saw
      publication in 1951.
      Here is a description of Nippur from REH's story:
      "Pyrras swore under his breath. They were passing
      the great temple of Enlil, towering up three hundred feet
      in the changeless blue sky."
      "'The towers stand against the sky like part of it,'
      he swore, raking back a damp lock from his forehead."
      "Naram-ninub pointed to the great zikkurat of Enlil,
      brooding over all like the brutish dream of a mad god."
      "'See ye the seven tiers; the lower black, the next
      of red enamel, the third blue, the fourth orange; the
      fifth yellow, while the sixth is faced with silver, and
      the seventh with pure gold which flames in the sunlight?
      Each stage in the temple symbolizes a deity; the sun, the
      moon and the five planets Enlil and his tribe have set in
      the skies for their emblems. But Enlil is greater than
      all, and Nippur is his favored city.'"
      "'Greater than Anu?' muttered Pyrras, remembering a
      flaming shrine and a dying priest who gasped an awful
      "'Which is the greatest leg of a tripod?' parried
      A series of paranormal attacks convinces Pyrras, the
      mercenary warrior from northern Europe, that he was indeed
      cursed by the priest of Anu. So he goes in search of the
      sorcerer Gimil-ishbi, whom his mistress, Amytis, tells him
      "dwells in the mound of Enzu, to the west of the city."
      (Editor's Note: That would be somewhere around Souk al-
      Afej, seven kilometers or 4 miles west of the Nippur
      "Whether the cavern was hollowed by man or by Nature,
      none ever knew. At least its walls, floor and ceiling
      were symmetrical and composed of blocks of greenish stone,
      found nowhere else in that level land."
      The sorcerer in the cave proved to be no less
      "Gimil-ishbi was very old. There was no leaven of
      Semitic blood in his withered veins. His bald head was
      round as a vulture's skull, and from it his great nose
      jutted like the beak of a vulture. His eyes were oblique,
      a rarity even in a pure-blooded Shumirian, and they were
      bright and black as beads. Whereas Pyrrhas's eyes were
      all depth, blue deeps and changing clouds and shadows,
      Gimil-ishbi's eyes were as opaque as jet, and they never
      changed. His mouth was a gash whose smile was more
      terrible than its snarl."
      "He was clad in a simple black tunic, and his feet,
      in their cloth sandals, seemed strangely deformed.
      Pyrrhas felt a curious twitching between his shoulder-
      blades as he glanced at those feet, and he drew his eyes
      away, and back to the sinister face."
      Feeling in an expansive mood, Gimil-ishbi welcomes
      the warrior to his abode and lets slip a little of his
      "'You are far from the cradle of your race,' said
      Gimil-ishbi, 'You are the first golden-haired rover to
      tread the plains of Shumir.'"
      "'I have wandered in many lands,' muttered the
      Argive, 'but may the vultures pluck my bones if I ever saw
      a race so devil-ridden as this, or a land ruled and
      harried by so many gods and demons.'"
      "His gaze was fixed in fascintation on Gimil-ishbi's
      hands; they were long and narrow, white and strong, the
      hands of youth. Their contrast to the priest's appearance
      of great age otherwise was rather disquieting."
      "'To each city its gods and their priests,' answered
      Gimil-ishbi, 'and all fools. Of what account are gods
      whom the fortunes of men lift or lower? Behind all gods
      of men, behind the primal trinity of Ea, Anu and Enlil,
      lurk the elder gods, unchanged by the wars and ambitions
      of men. Men deny what they do not see. The priests of
      Eridu (another Sumerian city--J.T.) which is sacred to Ea
      and light, are no blinder than them of Nippur, which is
      consecrated to Enlil, whom they deem the lord of Darkness.
      But he is only the god of the darkness of which men dream,
      not the real Darkness that lurks behind all dreams, and
      veils the real and awful deities. I glimpsed this truth
      when I was a priest of Enlil, wherefore they cast me
      forth. Ha! They would stare if they knew how many of
      their worshippers creep forth to me by night as you have
      Eventually Pyrrhas gets the charm he needs to ward
      off his paranormal enemies. More of REH's story I will
      not reveal, except to note that wizard and warrior do not
      exactly part on the best of terms.
      At any rate, there was a strong black magickal
      tradition in that region when Najaf was still an empty
      desert. (See the books The Middle East, Hachette World
      Guides, Paris, 1966, pages 746 to 749; Middle East on a
      Shoestring, 2nd edition, Lonely Planet Publications,
      Hawthorne, Vic., Australia, 1997, page 309; and The Avon
      Fantasy Reader, Avon Books, 1969, pages 13, 14, 17, 20, 21
      and 22.)

      Next Week: Strange Doings in Kufa

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us next time for
      more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
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      ... [SNIP] ... Seems like Anthony was seeing aeroplanes. Brian Vike (HBCC UFO Research) received the following message from Anthony just after I sent the
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 1, 2004
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        > On Friday, August 27, and again on Saturday, August
        >28, 2004, eyewitness Anthony Milas spotted an unusual UFO
        >over Waiheke Island, 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of
        >Auckland, New Zealand.

        Seems like Anthony was seeing aeroplanes.

        Brian Vike (HBCC UFO Research) received the following
        message from Anthony just after I sent the bulletin out

        Well some bad news... I've since observed the object every
        night following and on two ocassions seen a second one
        following. After careful study through binoculars I've
        concluded these are actually just planes with contrails
        that stay illuminated due to travelling toward the setting
        sun - I suspect the dark "object" I saw in the middle was
        actually just the space between the two contrails from
        each jet. There is probably an evening flight to
        Australia (or sometimes two) and thats what I'm seeing
        travelling north-west. I did see one kind of "pulse"
        breifly one night but I thought that could be accounted
        for by turbulence hitting the plane.

        If you have an FTP site somewhere that can handle a 32MB
        file I'm happy to upload the first timelapse file there
        anyway - but really I think these are just aeroplanes! :-)
        It would make sense with them appearing at exactly the
        same time and same trajectory each night as well. Thanks
        for the interest and sorry to waste your time!

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