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Re: [UFOnet] Where can I download this Gazecki's movie.

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  • Keith McLean
    Hi Bert, Just finished a web search, and Gazecki s documentary is actually called Crop Circles: Quest for Truth . The DVD/Video sales information can be
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2004
      Hi Bert,

      Just finished a web search, and Gazecki's documentary is actually called "Crop Circles: Quest for Truth".

      The DVD/Video sales information can be accessed on this site -
      < http://www.cropcirclesthemovie.com/cc_buy_01.html >

      And several preview clips of the film can be seen on -
      < http://www.cropcirclesthemovie.com/cc_previews_01.html >

      Pretty interesting stuff.



      " Bert ( A W RvB )" <a.w.r.v.b@...> wrote:
      ... Gazecki's movie features a compelling video of a farmer suddenly
      his tractor as a glowing orb passes over his head ( in the UK ).

      Where can I find this video?

      Bert RvB.

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