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      In Joyful Service,
      Chyrene Arnita Pendleton
      July Begins the Building of a New Foundation
      by Chyrene Pendleton

      July, 2004 is the 7th month of the year bringing in the universal energies of
      4 (add 7 to 2004 (7 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4). This is a very busy
      month and can mean more work for many of us. Now is a good time to find a new
      job or career or to make career changes. It is also a good time to keep
      ourselves focused and pay attention to detail. This will assist us in making great
      accomplishments this month and throughout the year. A lack of focus can
      result in much struggle and disappointment. Globally, there can be a rise in
      employment this month and a stability in the stock markets. This 4 vibration is
      about creating a new foundation after tearing down the old. It's about planning a
      new future. I can see how this applies to the changes occurring with us and
      with our government right now.

      As the 7th month of the year, July brings much spiritual awareness. Before
      and after all the work and the speeding up of world events, it can be a welcome
      change to make time to meditate. Meditation keeps us focused as we go about
      our day and it keeps us in tune with Spirit.

      The Universal year of 2004 is 6 (2+0+0+4) and this vibration focuses on
      family, love, relationships, responsibility and service. We can take the time this
      year to look at all of our relationships and come to terms with them. This
      year brings opportunities to work on these relationships and resolve any
      challenges that may have accumulated. Money and prosperity can flow easily to us
      during this year of 2004, if we allow it to. This year also emphasizes service
      - serving others selflessly, something we can start doing now if we haven't
      already. This act of love assists all of us greatly as we enter the Golden

      In this month's issue of The Isle Of Light, there are a variety of great
      articles and submissions to enlighten and empower us. The spinning prayer wheels
      at the top of each page brings very powerful energies. The prayer wheels keep
      us connected with Spirit and also purifies any negativity. This spinning
      ancient Tibetan mantra is "Om Mani Padme Hum" which is a peaceful yet powerful
      prayer of compassion. For more information and free downloads of a variety of
      digital prayer wheels, you can go to:


      The Galactic Federation continues to bring us more important information from
      behind the scenes such as the many new technologies that need to be made pub
      lic in the near future, how unusual this first contact mission is, our
      visitations aboard The Galactic Federation craft during out sleep state, and much
      more. The latest excerpts from "Updates by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual
      Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation" will give you a sample of what you can find
      in the complete weekly updates at http://www.paoweb.com Also, Sheldan Nidle
      was interviewed on The Isle Of Light radio talk show on the topic, "The
      Galactic Federation and First Contact". Tune in for the lasted information on
      galactic events, including how the Galactic Federation of Light works, as well as
      what the members look like, subterranean cities, the first contact scenario,
      N.E.S.A.R.A. and much more. Sheldan Nidle also speaks about his newest book,
      Your Galactic Neighbors which is coming out in 2004. This book will teach us all
      about the Galactic Federation Members - their home-worlds, society, language,
      role in the Galactic Federation, physical appearance, special skills and
      abilities, and their fleet ships. "By learning about these Galactic Federation
      members, you will be more prepared for their arrival. Such knowledge is vital so
      that you may help to relieve the general panic and increase public awareness
      when first contact is made."

      Read Sheldan's excerpts in The Isle Of Light website newsletter:


      In "Planet Alert July/August 2004" by Mahala, we learn about many current
      planetary events including how the June 25 release of Fahrenheit 9/11
      coincided with Saturn, which rules control and is the planet of karma, was over his
      sun in June and how his power ended astrologically on June 24. "It takes
      Saturn approximately 29 or 30 years to move through the zodiac. In August of 1974,
      Saturn was on 13 degrees Cancer and president Nixon resigned. Now Saturn is
      back in the same spot. It will be interesting to see what transpires this time."

      Read Mahala's complete article in The Isle Of Light website newsletter:


      "Five Steps or A Hundred Paces: The Journey of Love, Intent and Healing" by
      Master Guide Kirael through the loving mediumship of Rev. Fred Sterling is yet
      another great message directed at each and every one of us as to where we
      stand right now since the Venus transit and since this Shift has begun.
      Regarding intent and money Kirael explains, "... you see, when you break it all down,
      money is nothing but a by-product of the love that you express into this world
      plane. People laugh at that. They get upset with that comment. But I am going
      to tell you something: Those who have money and abundances would agree with
      me. Those who don't have it would disagree with me. You choose which side of
      the fence you want to be on."
      Read the complete article in The Isle Of Light website newsletter:

      Lynn Grabhorn, who recently made her transition, wrote a trilogy of books,
      the first called, "Excuse Me, Your LIFE Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of
      Feelings, a New York Times best-seller where we learn about the Law of
      Attraction and how not thoughts alone, rather the feelings behind them that create
      everything we want in life. I received permission from Lynn and her dear friend
      and personal coach, Esateys, to reprint an excerpt from this very powerful book
      called, "How We Got In This Mess". "So if we want to turn our lives around,
      or bring in greater abundance, or health, or safety, or happiness of any kind,
      we have only to learn the simple steps of manipulating our "feelings," and a
      whole new world of plenty opens for the asking."

      Read this excerpt inThe Isle Of Light website newsletter:h

      "What Did President Eisenhower Secretly Know That Led to Him Supporting a
      Revision of the Pledge of Allegiance?" by Dr. Michael E. Salla invites us to
      explore what may have really happened when the Pledge of Allegiance was revised
      in 1954 after extraterrestrials met with Eisenhower. "It can be hypothesized
      that what the extraterrestrials said about the origins of the human species
      challenged the traditional religious belief in humans being created by an all
      powerful transcendent religious being or 'God'. This knowledge about the truth of
      the human origins so unnerved Eisenhower and his team, that they reacted in
      an entirely predictable way." Dr. Salla has created a discussion forum on
      Yahoo "for those desiring to share information on this message and how to
      'Prepare for Contact' more generally" and invites you to join this rapidly growing
      forum at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/prepare4contact. You can listen to his
      excellent interview called, "Extraterrestrials and the Government Cover-Up"
      on The Isle Of Light radio talk show.

      Read Dr. Salla's complete article in The Isle Of Light website newsletter:


      "Jump-start Your Career With Feng Shui" by Karen Rauch Carter, gives us
      comprehensive ways we can enhance our current jobs or careers or attract new ones.
      A bagua is provided following the article so we can easily identify where our
      career area is in our homes and rooms. "This part of the home corresponds to
      feeling as if you are in the flow of life, as opposed to fighting the
      current. If your work is taking its toll, or you feel like you are wasting your time,
      some revisions to this part of your can offer some help." Karen Carter was
      interviewed as a guest recently on The Isle Of Light radio talk show on the
      very enlightening topic, "Understanding and Enjoying Feng Shui" where she
      shared valuable information and tips which we can use right away to attract
      prosperity as well as bring balance to other important areas of our lives.

      Read Karen's complete article in The Isle Of Light website newsletter:

      Steve Bhaerman, speaks in his July "BeyondaNews", "Swami for Precedent Tour
      is Launched ...and It Really IS a Campaign". "Like it or don't, America has
      the exact regime that reflects our collective consciousness. So if we don't
      like what we currently have, we have some work to do. And mind-opening comedy and
      heart-opening laughter will help!" He also speaks about his latest book,
      Swami for Precedent: A Seven-Step Plan to Heal the Body Politic and Cure
      Electile Dysfunction. " We see this book as a perfect way to "tickle" the body
      politic into greater awareness, functionality and of course, laughter." Some of his
      upcoming events are listed in the Special Events area of this newsletter (in
      the Metaphysical Miscellany section). You'll find information in that section
      about his weekly radio show under Events. Steve Bhaerman was interviewed as
      a guest this month on The Isle Of Light radio talk show on the topic, "An
      Evening With Swami Beyondananda" where Steve (and the Swami) entertains and
      enlightens us about importance of humor in our lives.

      Read Steve's complete article in The Isle Of Light website newsletter:


      In "We're Almost There" Energy Alert July 7, 2004 by Karen, we learn how the
      integration of the Venus energy is affecting us and the impact is has as we
      now create our new reality. "As these New energies begin to take hold more and
      more, and become the New reality, we will begin to finally notice some changes
      in the outside world. This fall or late summer will bring in some real
      shake-ups, with some real surprises in politics and within our current structures.
      These changes could not have occurred until then. This New energy of love and
      higher consciousness HAD to be anchored in, or the outside changes would not
      have been able to take hold. Everything is in order."

      Read Karen's complete article in The Isle Of Light website newsletter:


      Messages from the Movies on the Metaphysical Miscellany page of this
      newsletter features a movie review on "Fahrenheit 9/11" by Chyrene Pendleton. To find
      a theater showing this film in your area, visit: www.f911tix.com.

      Read Chyrene's movie review in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      Janet Starr Hull Ph.D. describes in her article, "Splenda - Here We Go Again
      ", how this sweetener impairs our immune system and causes many other dangers
      to our bodies. "The corporations say sucralose is safe. They said the same
      thing about aspartame, and look at the rampant disease and obesity taking over
      America since aspartame was put into the food supply over twenty years ago."
      Dr. Janet Hull was interviewed as a guest recently on The Isle Of Light radio
      talk show on the very important topic, "Aspartame - Sweetener or Poison?"

      Read Dr. Hull's complete article in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      In "Five Common Hygiene Mistakes and How to Avoid Them" by Dr. Joseph Mercola
      with Rachael Droege, we learn that there are myths regarding our personal
      hygiene practices. "Somewhere along the way the public began to believe that
      regular soap wasn't good enough--they needed antibacterial soap. Well,
      antibacterial soaps are completely unnecessary, and they cause far more harm than good."

      Read Dr. Mercola's complete article in The Isle Of Light website newsletter

      Also in the Metaphysical Miscellany page, the section called The Hollow Earth
      has links, books (including free online books) and articles about the Hollow
      or Inner Earth. Check this section often as we will be adding much more
      information here. Eric was also interviewed on The Isle Of Light on "Mikos and the
      Hollow Earth" where he channeled Mikos. He also was a guest on The Isle Of
      Light radio talk show on the topic, "Atlantis Then and Now". Check the
      schedule for airing times. This can also be found in The Hollow Earth section.

      Dianne Robbins provides us with another enlightening excerpt, from her book,
      "TELOS Telepathic Communication From Earth's Interior", where we learn what we
      can do as this battle between the Dark and the Light plays out. "Soon, the
      Light will overwhelm all life on Earth, and those who cannot hold this Light
      will leave en masse. The souls who have been manipulated by the dark forces will
      be cared for, and honored, and raised into the Light of their Ascension."

      Read Dianne's excerpt in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      A "Hollow Earth Circle" has been started by Greg Gavin and information on how
      to join is included. "The Hollow Earth Circle is a method of increasing the
      awareness of the dimension of real contact with people on the surface and
      people in the Subterranean Kingdoms of Light." He also explains about the "Hollow
      Earth Field".

      Read more on The Hollow Earth Circle in The Isle Of Light website newsletter

      In the Celestial Activities section of the Metaphysical Miscellany page is
      the current solar data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,
      updated regularly for your convenience and information. Check this page often
      to see exactly what the status is regarding our Sun, which directly effects
      what occurs on our planet Earth. Also check here for the July and August Moon
      and Sun Phases. This month of July has the rare occurrence of the Blue Moon
      on July 31.

      July, 2004
      Full Moon - July 2
      Last Quarter - July 9
      New Moon - July 17
      First Quarter - July 25
      Full Moon - July 31 (Blue Moon)

      August, 2004
      Last Quarter - August 7
      New Moon - August 16
      First Quarter - August 23
      Full Moon - August 30

      Read more on all the Celestial Activities in The Isle Of Light website
      newsletter at:

      "Violet" by Turtle Woman is an exercise to assist us in protecting ourselves
      during these important times. "The Violet Light gives one "invisibility" to
      those of dark energies. Using the Violet Light in conjunction with the Golden
      Light of Christ is very important for protection now for the dark ones have
      stepped up their agenda." Read this on the Metaphysical Miscellany page under
      Monthly Energy Exercise.

      Read Turtle Woman's message in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      Suzanne (Suzy) Ward is in telepathic communication with her son, Matthew who
      died in 1980 and together they have produced enlightening books and messages
      on spirituality and metaphysics. . Suzy presents another excellent message
      called, "Matthew's Message July 16, 2004" where Matthew shares speaks about
      where or not there will be a presidential election in November, more interesting
      information regarding NESARA, what will happen to those who choose not to turn
      to the Light, how Earth will now ascend whether or not all accepted the
      Light, and more. "I have mentioned before that when Earth reaches a certain
      frequency, the bodies of people who have refused the light-which would both bring
      spiritual clarity and sustain physical life in lighter densities-will die and the
      souls automatically will descend to a low world where energy registration is
      the same as their lifetime free will choices." Suzy also has a new book
      called, Voices of the Universe. Suzy Ward was interviewed as a guest on The Isle
      Of Light Radio Talk Show on the topic, "Matthew's Messages". During the show,
      Suzy gives us much information on the extraterrestrials, the earth changes,
      our ascension and NESARA. She also shares a special message for us on NESARA
      which she received from God just before this November 23, 2003 interview.
      "Matthew's Message June 5, 2004" can be found in its entirety on the Metaphysical
      Miscellany page under Spiritual Expressions.

      Read Matthew's Message in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      Chief Joseph tells us in two messages (through John Cali) how closely
      connected we all are to one another and have always been but it's made more apparent
      because of technology. He also tells us how thinking that God is on our side
      against a particular enemy is showing a lack of understanding of who God is.
      Read what he has to tell us in "A Sense of Community" and "God Does Not Take
      Sides" under Spiritual Expressions. "God loves you all unconditionally and
      eternally. You are loved. Period. And "you" means all of you-you and your

      Read "A Sense of Community" in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      Read "God Does Not Take Sides" in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      Dr. Steven Greer has CSETI Ambassador to the Universe trainings coming up
      starting this month of June, 2004. More information can be found in Special
      Events section.

      Read about this event in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      In "Swami's Upcoming Tour and How You Can Help" we'll find a list of events
      around the country where Swami's 2004 Campaign for a New Precedent tour which
      started on May 1, 2004. We are encouraged to participate and share in the
      laughter. More information about this can be found in Special Events section.
      Steve Bhaerman was also interviewed as a guest last month on The Isle Of
      Light radio talk show on the topic, "An Evening With Swami Beyondananda" where
      Steve (and the Swami) entertains and enlightens us about importance of humor in
      our lives.

      Read about this event in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      There are various special events featured in the Events section. Read about
      the Masters Conclave 2004 taking place in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada
      in July 24-27, 2004 and October 30-November 2, 2004 on the Big Island of
      Hawaii at Keauhou Ohana Beach Resort, Kailua-Kona Hawaii.

      Read these events in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:


      Various spiritual and meditation groups are listed in the Recurring Events
      section, including The Denver UFO Society which meets on the fourth Friday of
      each month in Denver, Colorado (since 1957), The Alternate Group, facilitated by
      *Amy Kira Collins which meets every other Sunday - this is also a Planetary
      Activation Group as there are discussions regarding Sheldan Nidle's Updates for
      the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy, earthchanges,
      ascension and much more. Information about another Planetary Activation Group
      is also provided, facilitated by Chyrene Pendleton in upstate New York. Orin
      and DaBen continue to have a meditation and Divine Will Study that all can
      join every Sunday.

      Read about all these ongoing events in The Isle Of Light website newsletter




      The New Moon Cetacean Meditation for July 17, 2004 by Chyrene Pendleton is
      based on the "Galactic Calendar for the Year of 12 Manik" by Sheldan Nidle,
      which comes to an end July 25. This is a very important meditation where we learn
      about the importance of letting go in order to manifest our intentions and
      desires. We also remember the selfless service of the Cetaceans on this day.
      This meditation is found in the Recurring Events section. If you missed the
      meditation date, the information is always valuable and will assist you at any
      time. The new year begins July 26, 2004 and the beautiful new "Galactic
      Calendar for the Year of 13 Eb" can be found at http://www.paoweb.com/galcalad.htm

      Read Chyrene's full meditation in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      Every month, Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Messages from Water Volumes 1 and 2
      and founder of "World Day of Love and Thanks to Water", asks us to pray for
      the water on this planet Earth on the 25th of each month. His Water Prayer is
      provided in the Recurring Events section.

      Read the complete Water Prayer in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:

      More humor is provided in the section called, In Joy and Laughter with two
      jokes, "Email Error" and "An ABP On God".

      Read these jokes in The Isle Of Light website newsletter at:


      Recent Guests on the Isle Of Light Radio Show.
      Each month we are interviewing many interesting and exciting guests on our
      one-hour radio show. We encourage you to checkout the station and tune in to
      the different shows that have been pre-recorded for your enlightenment,
      empowerment, and entertainment. You will find a two week show schedule in the Radio
      and Television section of our website. If you are a first time listener to the
      show you will find instructions for how to listen on the Radio & Television
      page. We broadcast our pre-recorded shows on Live365, which is an Internet
      radio station. This means you are able to pick up the show by simply using the
      Internet. Our station link is www.live365.com/stations/avalon22. For more
      details and instructions go to the Radio & Television page listed above or go to
      our broadcast page at avalon22, listed above.

      The recent guests are listed below in order of most recent taping date:
      (for a description of the show content go to The Isle Of Light guest page)

      NESARA - The Beginning of a New Reality 05/16/04

      Steve Bhaerman
      An Evening With Swami Beyondananda 04/18/04

      Karen Rauch Carter
      Understanding and Enjoying Feng Shui 04/04/04

      James Gilliland
      Extraterrestrial Contact at the Sanctuary 03/28/04

      Rosemary The Celtic Lady
      The Celtic Lady: Communications From The Other Side 02/01/04

      The articles and submissions in this July 2004 issue of The Isle Of Light
      newsletter will guide and assist you right now in many important ways including
      how the release of documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11 coincides with the astrological
      ending of Bush's power, important information on where we stand while we go
      through the Shift now, how we can easily attract or enhance a job or career,
      how the Venus transit is affecting us, extraterrestrial connection with
      Eisenhower, how the feelings of Joy connects us to All That Is, slightly modified
      plans regarding Earth's ascension, all about the Swami for Precedent Tour
      which has been underway since May, my thoughts on the impact of Michael Moore's
      Fahrenheit 9/11, more inside information from the Galactic Federation of Light
      and much, much more.

      A D V E R T I S E M E N T S

      Please visit the catalog section featuring beautiful and unique artwork,
      accelerators and accessories for purchase; created and inspired by those who are
      assisting in raising the consciousness of the planet.
      http://www.theisleoflight.com/Catalog/Catalog.htm. A list of our featured artists are displayed below.

      Richard Arthur Ferguson

      This selection displays Richard's beautiful MerlynArt. MerlynArt is original
      transformational artwork inspired by Merlyn. These visionary art pieces are
      available in various sizes as well as cards and post cards.

      Dhyana Markley

      Author of "A SACRED PATH TO ONENESS Conversations with White Buffalo, Calf
      Woman, Spider Woman and Others".

      In this selection, Dhyana provides a unique, exciting CD about her
      experiences with the Inner Earth and the beings she encountered there. Dhyana also
      offers a rare three map set of the Inner Earth.

      Sheldan Nidle

      Author of "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human", "Your First Contact", "Selamat
      Ja! A Guide for Galactic Humans", and his latest, "Your Galactic Neighbors".

      Sheldan Nidle is a scientist, author, contactee and founder of the global
      Planetary Activation Organization (PAO). The PAO is creating a global network of
      consciousness dedicated to assist in creating a fully conscious galactic
      society. Sheldan is a representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of
      Light. His books, The Galactic Calendar and other products can also be found
      here. http://www.theisleoflight.com/Catalog/SheldanNidle/SheldanNidle.htm

      Greg Plesko
      Greg creates Sound, Light Healing & Meditation Discs channeled from the
      higher Angelic Realms. Each disc is a unique device designed to empower and assist
      you in becoming an evolved, fully conscious spiritual being. This selection
      displays his vibrational discs along with their descriptions and qualities.

      Sue Russo

      This selection presents Broadcasting Cards created and energized by Sue.
      These cards are very powerful energy tools infused with high level frequencies.
      Each card broadcasts a specific set of vibrations which results in a syne
      rgistically amplified single theme or focus. This enhances a person's ability to
      restructure their own energy field and thought patterns.

      Feel free to forward this newsletter to a friend who is interested in
      spiritual growth, empowerment and enlightenment.

      Visit http://www.theisleoflight.com/Newsletter/Newsarchive.htm to read the
      previous issues of The Isle Of Light newsletter:

      Please send us your suggestions or comments:

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