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  • Frits Westra
    Jonathan s Space Report No. 530 2004 Jul 8, Somerville, MA ... Sender: owner-jsr@host.planet4589.org Precedence: bulk
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      Jonathan's Space Report
      No. 530 2004 Jul 8, Somerville, MA
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      At the International Space Station, astronauts Padalka and Fincke made a
      spacewalk on Jun 30 and successfully completed the CMG (control moment
      gyro) circuit breaker repair in one of the secondary power distribution
      assemblies in the S0 truss segment. The Russian Pirs airlock module was
      depressurized to 50 mbar by 2104 UTC, and the hatch was opened at 2119
      UTC. The astronauts used the Strela boom to go from Pirs to the forward
      end of the Zarya module, and then climbed up from Unity to the S0 truss.
      They returned to the Pirs airlock by 0253 UTC and closed the hatch at
      0259 UTC on Jul 1, repressurizing the airlock at 0300 UTC (Thanks to
      Andrey Krasil'nikov for details).

      Cassini has entered Saturn orbit. The main engine fired from 0112 UTC to
      0248 UTC on Jul 1; Cassini is now in a roughly 20300 x 9037181 km x 17.3
      deg orbit around the ringed planet. The neutral mass spectrometer cover
      was ejected at 0315 UTC. A distant 339000 km Titan flyby on Jul 2 at
      around 0930 UTC gave tantalizing glimpses of the surface; the first
      close Titan flyby, at only 1200 km, is expected on Oct 26.

      On Jun 29 a Boeing Sea Launch Zenit-3SL rocket took off from the Odyssey
      platform on the equator and put a Space Systems Loral communications
      satellite in orbit. The initial burn of the Blok DM-SL third stage
      raised the trajectory from -2222 x 224 km to a 180 x 913 km x 0 deg
      equatorial parking orbit as planned. The second burn of the DM-SL,
      intended to reach a 756 x 35929 km orbit, shut down 54 seconds early, and
      satellite only reached a 722 x 21618 km x 0.05 deg transfer orbit. The
      spacecraft's own propulsion system will be used to make up the
      shortfall. A test burn on Jul 1 raised perigee to 955 km.

      Part of the new payload will be operated by Loral Skynet, which calls
      the satellite Telstar 18. Another part of the payload will be operated
      by APT Satellite Inc., which calls it Apstar 5. Although it's not
      entirely clear whether the ownership of the satellite is still joint, as
      originally planned, it seems that Loral is the effective operator of the
      satellite (as opposed to the comms payload), so I'll call it Telstar 18.

      A Kosmotras Dnepr rocket was launched from Baykonur on Jun 29 placing a
      number of small satellites in orbit. The Dnepr upper stage releases the
      payloads while still firing, and so they ended up in orbits with 698 km
      perigees and apogees increasing in order of separation time:

      Sep order COSPAR Satellite Orbit
      1 25J Dnepr Plume shield 685 x 712 km x 98.3 deg
      2 25C Demeter 696 x 722 km
      3 25F Saudisat-2 699 x 734 km
      4 25D SaudiComsat-1 699 x 749 km
      5 25G Latinsat-C 699 x 765 km
      6 25E SaudiComsat-2 698 x 782 km
      7 25H Unisat-3 698 x 799 km
      8 25K Amsat-Echo 697 x 817 km
      9 25A Latinsat-D 695 x 852 km
      10 25B Dnepr DS stage 679 x1193 km

      (Normally it takes Space Command a long time to correctly sort out multiple
      payloads from a launch like this, but they seem to have got their
      act together recently).

      Demeter is a French scientific satellite. SaudiComsat-1 and 2
      (KACST, SaudiArabia) and Latinsat-C and Latinsat-D (SpaceQuest/Aprize
      Argentina), and Amsat-Oscar-E (SpaceQuest/AMSAT-NA) are small 10-12 kg
      cubes, while Saudisat-2 is a cuboid about 35 kg. Finally, Unisat-3 is an
      Italian research satellite with a mass of 12 kg. Some earlier reports
      indicated that a Celestis burial capsule package would be attached
      to the final stage rocket, but Joe Burger tells me Celestis
      confirmed to him that no such package was aboard.

      Table of Recent Launches

      Date UT Name Launch Vehicle Site Mission

      May 4 1242 DirecTV-7S Zenit-3SL Odyssey, Pacific
      Comms 16A
      May 19 2222 AMC-11 Atlas IIAS Canaveral SLC36B
      Comms 17A
      May 20 1747 ROCSAT-2 Taurus Vandenberg 576-E
      Imaging 18A
      May 25 1234 Progress M-49 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1
      Cargo 19A
      May 28 0600 Kosmos-2405 Tsiklon-2 Baykonur LC90/20
      Sigint 20A
      Jun 10 0128 Kosmos-2406 Zenit-2 Baykonur LC45
      Sigint 21A
      Jun 16 2227 Intelsat 10-02 Proton-M/Briz-M Baykonur LC200/39
      Comms 22A
      Jun 23 2254 GPS SVN 60 Delta 7925 Canaveral SLC17B
      Navigation 23A
      Jun 29 0359 Telstar 18 Zenit-3SL Odyssey
      Comms 24A
      Jun 29 0630 Demeter ) Dnepr Baykonur LC109
      Science 25C
      SaudiSat-2 )
      Comms 25F
      SaudiComsat-1 )
      Comms 25D
      LatinSat C )
      Comms 25G
      SaudiComsat-2 )
      Comms 25E
      Unisat-3 )
      Tech 25H
      AMSAT-Echo )
      Comms 25K
      Latinsat D )
      Comms 25A

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