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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9 Number 27

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 9, Number 27 July 7, 2004 Editor: Joseph Trainor E-mail:
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 9, Number 27
      July 7, 2004
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      The robot spacecraft Cassini entered orbit around
      Saturn, the second largest planet in the solar system,
      early Thursday morning, July 1, 2004.
      "Photos resembling modern art of the dark and
      sunlight sides of the rings are visual highlights of
      Cassini's seamless entry into orbit around the sixth
      planet from the sun. They were taken as the craft flew
      between and past the rings Wednesday night and Thursday
      "'Citizens of Earth, I bring you the majestic rings
      of Saturn,' NASA associate administrator Ed Wiler said at
      a briefing at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena,
      California, which manages mission operations."
      "Launched in 1997, Cassini is a $3.27 billion
      partnership between NASA, the European Space Agency and
      the Italian Space Agency that will explore Saturn's rings,
      moons, atmosphere and magnetic field."
      "Early Thursday morning," July 1, 2004, "Cassini
      completed its most dramatic gravity-assist maneuver,
      firing its main rocket engine for 95 minutes. This slowed
      the craft so that Saturn's gravity could force it into an
      "Elated mission controllers watched Cassini race
      through Saturn's rings at a speed of 68,700 miles per
      hour. It came closer to the planet than it ever will
      again before passing back out through the rings and
      beginning its four-year orbit outside them."
      "'This was an unprecedented opportunity--closer to
      the rings than we've ever been before,' said imaging team
      scientist Carolyn Porco of the Space Science Institute in
      Boulder, Colorado. 'Mind-blowing' pictures are already
      posing puzzles for scientists, she says."
      "For example, clumps of ice-dust particles in one of
      the rings 'that look like straw' defy explanation, she
      "The cameras also picked up two small moons, Pan and
      Atlas, that haven't been spotted by astronomers for years.
      Both act as 'shepherds,' clearing gaps between the rings
      and shaping them through gravitational attraction."
      "Cassini's cameras were aimed at the rings rather
      than the planet because the rocket engine had to be
      aligned in a fixed direction during its braking burn,
      fixing the cameras' view as a result."
      "The ring images from the passage are at least five
      times better than those from the 1980-81 Voyager missions
      that flew by Saturn. Scientists also collected 75 minutes
      of radio-wave data from the far side of the rings, hoping
      to learn their composition through analysis of distorting
      "After its engines put the craft into Saturn's orbit,
      Cassini took 61 pictures of the rings, some from the
      'dark' side, away from the sun, showing them backlit,
      others from the sunlit side showing them illuminated
      "If all works as planned, Cassini will orbit Saturn
      76 times over the next four years, further exploring the
      rings, the stormy, windswept gas giant itself, and some of
      its 31 known moons, a few of them fascinating worlds in
      their own right."
      "Cassini is equipped with a number of instruments,
      including radio antennae that recorded sounds from around
      "At Thursday's news conference, scientists played the
      moaning sound generated by the solar wind hitting Saturn's
      magnetic field. This 'wind' is made up of streams of
      particles that shoot out from the sun and travel more than
      one million miles per hour, creating a sonic boom when
      they encounter the magnetic field around Saturn."
      "The boom, recorded Saturday," June 26, 2004,
      "occurred much earlier and farther away than anyone
      expected, suggesting that the planet's magnetic field has
      moved since the last spacecraft flew by a quarter century
      ago." (See USA Today for July 2, 2004, "Lord of the
      rings: Cassini dazzles with Saturn photos," page 2A; and
      the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for July 2, 2004, "NASA's
      Cassini begins sending photos of Saturn's rings," page


      "An Iranian woman has reportedly given birth to a
      "According to the Islamic Republic News Agency
      (IRNA), the unnamed woman from the southeastern city of
      Iranshahr delivered a live gray frog after what was called
      'a bizarre labor.'"
      "The animal's birth followed severe bleeding and was
      reportedly covered by mud."
      "Dr. Varasteh, a gynecologist, corroborated the
      unusual event to the Farsi-language newspaper, Etemaad,
      saying the woman's menstrual cycle had stopped for six
      months, and a May (2004) sonogram indicated the presence
      of a cyst in her abdomen."
      "Dr. Varasteh believes the frog's larvae entered the
      woman's body where it grew to adult size. Others
      speculate that she unknowingly picked up the larvae while
      swimming in dirty water. But not all Iranian physicians
      are accepting the explanation. Etemaad noted that some
      medical experts have commented on the frog's similarity to
      a human."
      "Dr. Aminipard, a clinical biology expert, reportedly
      told Etemaad, 'The similarities are in appearance, the
      shape of the fingers and the shape of the tongue.'"
      "The 'so-called frog' has not been tested
      genetically, Etemaad reported."
      "The woman has two children."
      Iranshahr is in the Baluchistan region of Iran, about
      800 kilometers (500 miles) southeast of Tehran, the
      national capital.
      "People in the UFO community here in the Middle East
      are wondering if the 'frog' might be some kind of
      extraterrestrial. Its color is gray, and there have been
      rumors of a program to breed hybrid creatures possessing
      both human and alien traits," said Ayesha al-Khatabi, UFO
      Roundup's corrspondent in the Middle East. "Coming so
      soon after the UFO sightings in the Caspian Sea region,
      this strange birth has everybody talking."
      Another possibility is that the birth might be an
      occult manifestation. The birth could be an incarnation
      of the ancient deity Tsathoggua (pronounced zuh-THOG-you-
      "According to H.P. Lovecraft, who ghost-wrote a story
      called 'The Mound' for Zealia Bishop in 1929, there are
      'certain temples depicted in the vaults of Zin, to house a
      very terrible black toad-idol found in the red-litten
      world (of Yoth) and called Tsathoggua in the Yothic
      manuscripts,'" UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor said,
      "The worship of Tsathoggua reportedly began on the lost
      continent of Atlantis, introduced by the high priest
      Klarkash-Ton. After the Greater Cataclysm, the deity
      continued to be worshipped under the names 'Thog' and
      'Thaug.' This religion gradually declined over the
      millenia, and today there's only one site left--the Temple
      of the Golden Frog in Ayodhya, which is the oldest
      continually-occupied city in India."
      "Some psychics and sensitives believe that
      Tsathoggua's last incarnation occurred in Glencoe,
      California in the 1850s," Trainor added, "But who are we
      to dispute such learned scientific opinion?" (See the
      Iranian newspaper Etemaad for June 27, 2004, "Woman gives
      birth to a frog." Many thanks to Ayesha al-Khatabi and
      Jim Hickman for this newspaper story. And don't foget to
      visit Jim's Web site at www.thehickmanreport.com.)


      Chile is in the middle of a sizable UFO flap.
      Luminous UFOs were seen over the cities of Lanco and
      Petrohue the night of Tuesday, June 15, 2004.
      On Saturday, June 19, 2004, "hundreds of people took
      to the streets of Ovalle," a city of the 4th Region
      located 300 kilometers (180 miles) north of Santiago de
      Chile, the national capital, "to witness--in shock and
      expectation--a strange circle of lights positioned in the
      skies over the city."
      "The characteristics suggest the circle was at least
      100 meters (330 feet) in diameter; it blinked and rotated
      uninterruptedly in the night sky."
      "Also, certain locations in the city's outskirts
      attracted large numbers of people who reported seeing the
      same thing. Radio station telephone switchboards did not
      stop receiving calls, creating a sense of alarm, even
      among those who had not left their homes."
      "'We received so many calls we had to interrupt our
      regular programming and present a special on the subject
      in order to offer an explanation about the phenomenon and
      provide answers to our listeners,' said Carlos Ossandan,
      director of the Communicativa FM radio station."
      "Communicativa obtained the highest number of
      listeners in recent months that evening. However, there
      are witnesses who claim having seen strange lights on
      preceding days, which could suggest a small UFO wave in
      the skies over Ovalle."
      On Tuesday, June 29, 2004, "a strange luminous object
      was seen in the skies of Punta Arenas," capital of Region
      12, the Chilean Antarctic. "According to eyewitnesses,
      the unidentified flying object frequented the skies of the
      city for five days, being seen in various locations."
      "Radio Polar, the local radio station, had its
      telephone switchboard collapse due to the volume of calls
      received from witnesses of the phenomenon."
      "The (Chilean) Office of Aeronautics reported that it
      lacked official records on the strange luminous bolide,
      making it clear that it was neither an airplane nor a
      helicopter. They did not, however, confirm that it was a
      "Alfredo Vera, correspondent for Radio Polar, managed
      to take photos of the object from the Sonadores overlook,
      where a large number of people had gathered to watch the
      strange object and its irregular movements, which were
      foreign to those of any known object."
      "The phenomenon lasted approximately 10 minutes,
      which gave him enough time to whip out his SONY Cybershot
      3.2-megapixel camera, using it to take several photos,"
      which were published in the Chilean newspaper La Cuarta on
      Wednesday, June 30, 2004.
      "'It's highly unusual,' remarked Alfredo Vera, Radio
      Polar's announcer, "They were startled because the
      luminosity was quite strong, and the object moved slowly.
      They said it couldn't be something like Jupiter, which
      could be the closest thing to it. It didn't scare me, but
      I did get goosebumps because it was very weird.'"
      "Vera took 14 photos but only four came out. 'It's
      remarkable that when I focus on the object, I can see an
      object that resembles an ornament on a Christmas tree, but
      then it fades and is replaced by a point of light. The
      photos show a fiery ball, something red, green, blue,' he
      "Despite the sensation caused by the sighting,
      experts from the General Office of Civil Aeronautics say
      it could be 'a star or an optical phenomenon created by
      light refraction.'"
      On Tuesday, June 29, 2004, "at 7:20 a.m., several
      UFOs flew and executed pirouettes before daybreak some 60
      kilometers (36 miles) northeast of Santiago de Chile, in
      the vicinity of Llay-Llay and Las Chilcas, where they were
      photographed by Juan Serey, 37, who was driving his pickup
      truck (south) toward the capital."
      "The witness told La Cuarta that he has spent nine
      years driving the same route from the north along the
      highway on a weekly basis and had never seen anything like
      this before."
      "'It was incredible. I was driving southward when I
      suddenly noticed several powerful lights moving swiftly
      and leaping in the sky. It was spectacular,' remarked the
      mechanical engineer."
      "'The lights were suspended 50 meters over the
      mountaintop. A large light opened up, and seven to ten
      would gather. They adopted various shapes, fell out of
      order, would rearrange themselves together, and then one
      of them took off skyward at prodigious speed, zigzagging
      as it went, vanishing in a matter of seconds,' Juan said."
      On Wednesday, June 30, 2004, "A gentleman phoned in
      from Tres Puentes," near Punta Arenas, "saying that there
      was a light that shone intensely,' said Claudio Vidal,
      'People spent a long time watching the phenomenon. Folks
      working at the fisheries phoned in, and, since they
      usually get home before dawn, they said the lights have
      been seen over the same area for five days straight.'"
      (See the Chilean newspaper La Cuarta for June 30, 2004,
      "UFOs reported in Llay-Llay." Muchas gracias a Scott
      Corrales, Cristian Quintero y Liliana Nunez para eso
      articulo de diario.)


      "'The light was so bright, at first I thought it was
      a police helicopter searching for criminals. But when I
      could not hear the sound of the rotor blades, I decided to
      draw the curtains and check what it was.'"
      "Roshnie Naidu, of Phoenix," a Durban suburb, "could
      not believe her eyes when she saw the large, pulsating,
      colourful light in the sky."
      "'It looked like a massive ball of light, much
      brighter than the sun, with blue and purple colours
      filtering through. My eyes were glued to it for about ten
      minutes. It was unbelievable. I had never seen anything
      like it before,' she said."
      "Naidu told the Daily News she woke up just before 4
      a.m. on Sunday," June 27, 2004.
      "She was watching TV when she noticed a bright light
      flooding through her curtains. She did not take any
      notice of it at first, but the light continued to shine in
      her face."
      "According to Naidu, when she drew the curtains, she
      could not believe what she was seeing. 'I still cannot
      explain to people who did not see the object what it was.
      After a couple of seconds, the object would change shape
      from circular to oval.'"
      "She rushed to her daughter's bedroom to wake her up,
      but she refused to get up."
      "'When I tried to wake up my husband, he told me I
      was seeing things and sent me away. But I persisted and
      pulled him out of bed and opened our bedroom curtains.'"
      "Naidu's husband, Shirama, said he wiped his eyes a
      couple of times because he could not believe what he was
      seeing. 'I immediately told my wife to call our
      neighbours and alert them to what was happening.'"
      "Shirama managed to capture video footage of the
      unidentified object that was in the sky."
      "According to the Naidus, the object was in the sky
      for at least three hours. It disappeared as the sun came
      up and it (the sky) became brighter."
      "The Naidus said they had no idea of what the object
      was and would like someone to explain it to them. 'We are
      hoping that someone will be able to view the footage that
      we have captured and explain the fireball to us,' they
      "Weather forecaster Ntobeko Nkangana said no object
      was picked up in the sky (on radar--J.T.) on Sunday
      "Nkangana said weather balloons are released only at
      midnight and at midday. The weather balloons remain in
      the sky for a minimum of two hours."
      Durban is on South Africa's Indian Ocean shoreline,
      about 300 kilometers (180 miles) southeast of Pretoria,
      the national capital. (See The Daily News of Durban,
      South Africa for July 1, 2004, "UFO over Durban captured
      on video." Many thanks to Robert Fischer for forwarding
      this newspaper article.)


      "A South Island radio station is being swamped with
      reports of a meteor strike in the Mackenzie Country" in
      New Zealand.
      "People from Christchurch to Timaru say they saw a
      bright light streaking across the sky around 9:30 p.m. on
      Saturday night," June 26, 2004.
      "Port FM (radio) announcer James Valentine says he
      has taken dozens of calls describing the dramatic end of
      the meteor's journey."
      "He says it exploded before it hit the ground, and
      flames and debris were seen in the sky."
      "James Valentine says a concensus is building around
      the idea that the meteor crashed to Earth somewhere around
      Twizel" on the South Island. (See the New Zealand Herald
      for June 27, 2004, "Residents report meteor." Many thanks
      to Kirsty MacLaren for this news story.)


      Canada's first crop circle of 2004 has appeared at
      Erbs Cove in the eastern province of New Brunswick.
      According to Paul Anderson of the Canadian Crop
      Circle Research Network, the formation consisted of "a
      small single ring in wild pasture grass. It was
      discovered the morning of (Thursday) June 24 (2004) by a
      couple walking their dog in this rural farming area."
      "The ring is approximately 4.5 meters (15 feet) in
      diameter by 1.2 meters (4 feet) wide. Although rough in
      appearance, the grass is flattened in a generally
      clockwise direction and starting to stand back up again.
      It's located on top of a small hill, in grass 0.6 meters
      (2 feet) tall. No tracks were initially seen. The field
      is vacant pasture land that is hayed each year." (Many
      thanks to Paul Anderson of CCCRN for this report.)


      "Just one day after Gene Bradford watched a
      documentary on crop circles, he noticed a strange symbol
      made in a wheat field between Salem (population 4,372) and
      Spanish Fork (population 20,246)" in Utah.
      "The mysterious code, which is surrounded by three
      smaller symbols of the same pattern, surfaced Sunday
      morning," June 27, 2004 "and has startled passersby
      traveling on (Highway) U-89 in the southern part of
      Spanish Fork, just before Salem."
      Spanish Fork is located in central Utah,
      approximately 55 miles (88 kilometers) south of Salt Lake
      City, the state capital.
      "'You come down a hill and see it,' Bradford said,
      'It's kind of one of those phenomenons everyone knows
      about. It's just one of those cultural things that people
      are fascinated by.'"
      "Thanks to the 2002 blockbuster (film) Signs, in the
      movie, crop circles were said to be a mapping system used
      by aliens prior to an invasion. Many have grown
      interested in the designs, which have appeared in fields
      across the world for years."
      "Bradford saw the Mel Gibson movie. Then he watched
      a documentary on the crop circle phenomenon. Intrigued,
      Bradford took his brother and children for a closer look
      at the strange designs."
      "What he found was either the work of professional
      pranksters or a paranormal occurrence, though Bradford
      doubts the latter."
      "'It looks like it is well done,' Bradford said,
      'It's not one of the most elaborate crop circles that
      we've seen. It's fairly simple.'"
      "Nate Gunderson, whose father owns the neighboring
      Spanish Fork Motors, also doubts that extraterrestrial
      visitors created the crop circle, though he was impressed
      by the appearance."
      "'It's all completely laid flat,' Gunderson said,
      after investigating the matted wheat, 'And it's completely
      even across the whole thing.'"
      "Gunderson noted that several walking paths are
      evident around the circle, though an influx of public
      visitors could have created them."
      "Spanish-speaking employees at Spanish Fork Motors,
      however, experienced skepticism that humans could have
      created the perfect circles."
      "One even mentioned that a dog cried for hours near
      the field on Sunday."
      "In Utah, nine other crop circles have surfaced over
      the years. The largest showed up in College Ward on July
      21, 1998, the same day that similar circles appeared in
      Oregon, Idaho and Belgium." (See the Deseret News of Salt
      Lake City for June 29, 2004, "Mysterious circle crops up."
      Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for forwarding this
      newspaper article.)


      "Around 150 soldiers, police and rangers searched the
      scrubland of southern France on Tuesday," June 29, 2004,
      "in a bid to flush out a mysterious animal that several
      witnesses have described as a panther."
      "The operation took place in Les Calanques, an
      uninhabited area of nearby caves popular with tourists
      located down the Mediterranean coast just east of
      "The area has been closed to the public since the
      beginning of the month (June 2004), when the first
      sighting was reported."
      "Since then, some 20 people have come forward to say
      they have seen an animal that looks like a black panther
      around the caves."
      "On Saturday, June 19, 2004, a policeman on patrol
      became the latest to say he had seen the feline."
      "'It was around 50 meters (165 feet) from me in a
      hollow, well in sight. The truck's engine probably caused
      it to run off. It made five or six very short, graceful
      leaps, but it was enough to see that it really was a black
      panther, not very big. It disappeared into the bushes,'
      Police Officer Antoine Delmas said."
      "More senior officers said they remained skeptical in
      the absence of proof, such as panther excrement, but
      experts stressed that such big cats are naturally wily
      creatures which keep well-hidden."
      "A local official responsible for the protection of
      the caves, Laure-Agnes Caradec, said enquiries made to
      zoos and circuses had drawn a blank, leading the (French)
      authorities to believe that the animal may have been kept
      as a pet and escaped." (See the Agence France Presse
      report for June 21, 2004. Many thanks to Robert Fischer,
      UFO Roundup's phantom panther expert, for this report.)

      HAARP TO ADD 132 NEW

      "The Office of Naval Research has awarded BAE Systems
      a $34.5 million contract to manufacture 132 high-frequency
      transmitters for installation in the High Frequency Active
      Auroral Research Program's (HAARP) phased array antennae
      "The contract was finalized April 19 (2004) with BAE
      Systems Defensive and Electronic Warfare Systems in
      Washington D.C."
      "In 1992, AT was awarded a contract to design and
      build the Ionosphere Research Instrument (IRI), the HAARP
      program's primary tool used to study ionospheric physics.
      The IRI," located in Alaska, "is currently composed of 48
      antenna elements and has a power capacity of 960,000
      "When installed, the additional transmitters will
      give HAARP a 3.6 megawatt capacity. The HAARP build-out
      is jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy and
      the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)."
      "BAE Systems is an international company engaged in
      the development, delivery and support of advanced
      defensive and aerospace systems on land, at sea and in
      space. BAE Systems Information and Electronic Warfare
      Systems is a major producer of aircraft self-protection
      systems and tactical surveillance and intelligence systems
      for all branches of the (USA's) armed forces." (See
      Business Wire for June 10, 2004. Many thanks to
      "Sourdough Jim and Cheechako" for this news story.)


      "A rare earthquake jolted northern Illinois early
      Monday," June 28, 2004, "rattling windows and rousting
      residents of several rural towns from their beds."
      "No damage or injuries were reported from the
      earthquake that had a magnitude of 4.1 (on the Richter
      scale--J.T.). It struck at 1:11 a.m. Central time and was
      centered near the village of Troy Grove, about 70 miles
      (112 kilometers) west of Chicago, according to the U.S.
      Geological Survey."
      "It was felt in six states, as far away as St. Louis
      (Missouri) and Milwaukee (Wisconsin)."
      "'It woke me. It actually shook the bed,' said Donna
      Dorton of Ottawa, Illinois (population 18,307). 'It
      almost felt like a car or a big tree had hit the house--or
      an explosion.'"
      "Rod Thorson, host of Farm Radio, a morning news
      program in La Salle (Illinois, population 9,796) said so
      many people called in at 5:30 a.m., he scrapped his
      prepared newscast."
      "'People were a little on edge,' he said, 'They
      wanted to know their world was safe.'"
      "The quake was strong enough to knock books off
      shelves and pictures off walls, and it also sent sleepy
      and confused residents of Ottawa into the streets."
      "'It was mayhem around here for a while,' Pattie
      Burke, a dispatcher for the Ottawa police told the
      Associated Press. She said more than 200 calls came in a
      matter of minutes. 'A lot of them seemed to think a truck
      had crashed into their house,' she said."
      "Three nearby nuclear power plants--La Salle, Quad
      Cities and Dresden--issued low-level alerts, but no damage
      was found. Don Kirchoffner at Exelon, which owns the
      plants, said operations were never interrupted."
      "Jan Strasma, spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory
      Commission, said precautionary inspections were made at
      those three generating stations plus three other nuclear
      plants in northern Illinois. None showed damage."
      "Earthquakes are extremely rare north of Peoria
      (Illinois). They are more common and stronger in southern
      Illinois, where the New Madrid fault line runs."
      "Monday's quake likely was due to shifting along a
      fold in a deep rock formation that runs from the town of
      Oregon (Illinois, population 4,060) to Joliet (population
      106,221), according to William Shilts of the Illinois
      State Geological Survey."
      "Paul Stoddard, a geologist at Northern Illinois
      University, said not much is known about earthquakes in
      northern Illinois."
      "On Monday, two other earthquakes were reported in
      the United States. A 6.7-magnitude quake struck near
      Palmer, Alaska, at 1:50 a.m. and was centered beneath the
      (Pacific) ocean. No damage was reported."
      "Another earthquake, with a magnitude of 3.5, struck
      30 miles (48 kilometers) southeast of Bozeman, Montana at
      6:10 a.m."
      "The U.S. Geological Survey said the three
      earthquakes were separate incidents and not related."
      However, nine days earlier, on Saturday, June 19,
      2004, mysterious booms were heard and shaking was felt in
      Webster County, just east of Springfield, Missouri
      (population 151,580) and about 200 miles (320 kilometers)
      southwest of St. Louis.
      A spokesman for Boeing-McDonnell Douglas said it was
      a sonic boom caused by a F/A-18 fighter jet on a test
      "Mary Katzenberger of Hartville, Mo. wrote to
      Governor Bob Holden, 'When these aircraft do this, it
      causes my windows to crack. I (also) have windows that
      have small cracks that are much larger because of this.
      My dear old dog was throwing up all day from it. One
      neighbor's cattle stampeded."
      (Editor's Comment: Mrs. Katzenberger's description sounds
      more like the animals were reacting to tectonic activity
      than to sonic booms.)
      Two weeks ago, Lake Chesterfield, a 23-acre lake in
      the affluent St. Louis suburb of Wildwood, Mo.,
      disappeared within a few days when a sinkhole inexplicably
      opened in the lakebed. (For more on this story, see UFO
      Roundup, volume 9, number 26 for June 30, 2004, "Missouri
      lake vanishes into mysterious sinkhole," page 5)
      "The disappearance of the lake, along with the
      mysterious booms and tremors in Hartville and last week's
      earthquake in Troy Grove, Ill., suggest that major earth
      changes may be taking place far beneath the surface of the
      USA's Midwestern region," UFO Roundup editor Joseph
      Trainor said, "Let's see if anything else happens, such as
      another earthquake in the same area. Hopefully, the Troy
      Grove quake was just an anomaly." (See USA Today for June
      29, 2004, "Northern Illinois feels rare quake," page 3A.
      Also the Springfield, Mo. News-Leader for June 30, 2004,
      "Big noise, big fuss." Many thanks to Daniel Wilson for
      the Hartville news story.)


      Mysterious fires dominated the Fayette Factor news
      last week, with an almost "impossible" coincidence linking
      two of the blazes.
      Enigmatic fires erupted in both Fayette County,
      Pennsylvania and in Fayette County, Indiana.
      In Connellsville, Pa. (population 9,146), authorities
      were on the lookout for a phantom arsonist following the
      second major fire in as many days.
      "A second fire in as many days is being called
      'suspicious' in nature by police."
      "As federal and local investigators were sifting
      through debris left after a fire destroyed a South
      Pittsburgh Street apartment building the day before
      (Saturday, June 26, 2004), they were called Sunday (June
      27, 2004) to another location just blocks away where a
      Church Place building had been set ablaze."
      "City police chief Stephen Cooper said the exact
      cause of the two fires is still under investigation but
      suspected the Sunday fire was intentionally set."
      "Personnel of the New Haven Volunteer Hose Co. and
      Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Dept. quickly doused
      the 8:30 a.m. Sunday fire that had been started in the
      garage door of the building that houses the Tony Pujia
      Hair Salon."
      "Police said that Pujia had just recently purchased
      the two-story brick and wood building. The site is
      adjacent to the Fox Glass Co."
      "Jay Fox, owner of the glass company, said he
      received a telephone call that indicated that the family-
      owned business was on fire. 'Thank goodness that wasn't
      the case,' he said."
      "Firefighters removed a portion of the wooden facade
      and insulation that surrounded the garage door entrance to
      the Pujia-owned building to check if the fire had
      infiltrated the interior of the structure."
      "Connellsville City and New Haven Fire Chief Joe
      Childs said that he had to leave church services to
      respond to the fire."
      "'I thought that when we had gotten past 6 a.m., we'd
      be all right for the day,' he said."
      "Cooper said the County Emergency 911 had been
      alerted to the fire by a person who was traveling in the
      "Emergency personnel from the fire department
      responded to the 6 a.m. Saturday (June 26, 2004) fire that
      destroyed the 614 South Pittsburgh Street apartment
      building, leaving approximately 30 residents homeless."
      "Cooper said that the (Connellsville) police
      department and agents of the U.S. Department of Justice
      Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF)
      interviewed several people on Saturday and planned to
      continue the process later Sunday."
      "The Sunday fire is the eighth in a series of
      suspicious fires since October (2003)."
      On Saturday, June 26, 2004, two people were killed in
      a mysterious blaze in Connersville (population 15,411),
      located in Fayette County, Indiana.
      "Two bodies were discovered today inside a burned-out
      camper parked near a Fayette County home about seven-and-
      a-half miles (12 kilometers) west of Connersville, Ind."
      "Fayette County Sheriff's Capt. Bobby Ravalee said
      there were no obvious signs of foul play, but
      investigators won't know the cause of death until an
      autopsy is completed."
      "The pull-behind camper located in the 7400 block of
      West County Road 50 North was discovered on fire at about
      1:40 a.m."
      "The bodies were discovered after the Glenwood Fire
      Dept. firefighters put out the blaze."
      "Ravalee said the investigation is continuing."
      "The victims have been identified as 65-year-old
      Benny Harrison and 34-year-old Angela Hovermale, both of
      (Editor's Note: Loren Coleman pointed out the incredible
      odds against two fires taking place nearly simultaneously
      in two Fayette Counties in two separate states. The
      similarity of names--Connellsville and Connersville--
      pushes it even further beyond the realm of coincidence. I
      also noticed an odd lexilink in the Indiana case. The
      male victim's name is the same as President Benjamin
      Harrison (1889-1893), who had earlier been the senator
      from Indiana.)
      In other Fayette Factor news, "the body of an oil
      platform worker who was killed last week in a helicopter
      crash in Vermilion Bay, offshore from Lafayette,
      Louisiana, has been recovered."
      "Search crews recovered the body of John Lewis, 50,
      of Lafayette on Monday," June 28, 2004.
      "The bodies of pilot Dan Ditweiler, 41, of Tennessee,
      and another passenger, Kel 'Tony' Thibodeaux, 39, of
      Abbeville, La. were found Saturday night," June 26, 2004.
      "Lewis's body was found about a mile from the site
      where the helicopter, owned by Omni Energy Services Inc.,
      crashed on Thursday," June 25, 2004.
      "The crash is being investigated by the National
      Transportation Safety Board."
      And, near Chillicothe, Ohio, "a Fayette County man
      was killed Thursday evening," June 25, 2004, "as a result
      of being pinned beneath a piece of farm equipment on
      Stafford Road, just south of Rattlesnake Creek."
      Finally, the Fayette Factor has a "walk-on" in the
      new movie Spider-Man 2. "I was sitting there in the
      Superior 7 Cinema, minding my own business, really
      enjoying this movie," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor
      reported, "Then came the sequence in which Tobey Maguire's
      Peter Parker gives up being Spider-Man in favor of
      pursuing a normal life. In one scene, he's walking
      towards a street musician who's singing about Spidey's
      strange 'disappearance.' People are reading the Daily
      Bugle with its SPIDER-MAN NO MORE? headline. And there,
      on the plate-glass window of the bookstore in the
      background, is the logo... Lafayette News!"
      "I figure it breaks out one of three ways. One, this
      is the strangest coincidence I've ever seen. Or two, the
      makers of this movie were 'punk'd' by the Fayette Factor.
      Or three, I'm turning into a mutant and developing
      something called 'Lafayette vision.' I'm seeing names
      related to Lafayette wherever I go!" (See the Herald-
      Standard of Connellsville, Pa. for June 28, 2004,
      "Authorities all read Connellsville blaze in a way that's
      suspicious;" the Indianapolis Star for June 26, 2004, "Two
      dead in Fayette County camper fire;" The Advertiser of
      Lafayette, La. for June 29, 2004, "Third body recovered
      from helicopter crash;" and the WBEX Radio AM 1490 of
      Chillicothe, Ohio news broadcast of July 2, 2004, "Fayette
      Farm Fatal." Many thanks to Loren Coleman for these news

      From the UFO Files...

      1868: THE SORCERER'S

      "The principal floor of the Capitol" in Washington,
      D.C. "is entered from the eastern central portico, through
      the Columbus Portal into the Great Rotunda. This immense
      circular hall, 95 feet, 8 inches (29 meters) in diameter,
      beneath the central dome, rises more than 183 feet (60
      meters) to the canopy or under-side of the dome. The
      Virginia sandstone walls are broken by four doorways on
      the principal axes of the rotunda."
      Statues of famous Americans in the Rotunda include
      George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton,
      Ulysses S. Grant, James A. Garfield, Andrew Jackson, the
      Marquis de Lafayette, and a life-sized sculpture of
      Abraham Lincoln. But Lincoln's statue is not nearly as
      remarkable as the woman who carved it.
      Meet Vinnie Ream.
      Vinnie was born in 1847 in Madison, Wisconsin, a city
      which had been part of the frontier only a quarter-century
      earlier. Her family moved around quite a bit during her
      girlhood, as her father tried farming in Missouri and
      store-clerking in Arkansas. While living for a short
      while in Little Rock, Arkansas's capital, 12-year-old
      Vinnie met another "Yankee come to Dixie," attorney Albert
      Pike, who was born in Boston on December 29, 1809 (the
      same year Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were born--
      J.T.) and grew up in nearby Newburyport, Mass.
      In 1861, shortly after the Confederate guns fired on
      Fort Sumter, 14-year-old Vinnie left home and traveled to
      Washington D.C. Here the pretty teenager joined hundreds
      of other young women who had come to the wartime capital
      in search of employment. Giving her age as 18, Vinnie got
      a job working for the U.S. Post Office, in the same
      building as Nettie Colburn and Parthenia Hannum, Mary Todd
      Lincoln's two favorite Spiritualist mediums.
      (Editor's Note: For more on Mrs. Lincoln and these two
      mediums, see UFO Roundup, volume 7, number 8 for February
      19, 2002, "1863: The President's Psychic," page 9.)
      According to David Ovason, author of The Secret
      Architecture of Our Nation's Capital, "In 1864, Clark
      Mills--by then the most famous artist in the city--took as
      student the young and beautiful Vinnie Ream, who was to
      become the most celebrated female artist in Washington
      D.C. Vinnie was employed as a clerk in the Post Office,
      but in consequence of this meeting with Mills, she was to
      gain the attention of art-loving Washingtonians with her
      bust of Lincoln, which she modeled from life in a series
      of half-hour sittings."
      This was Vinnie's first known contact with
      Freemasonry. Mills was a Mason, having joined Lebanon
      Lodge No. 7 years earlier.
      "Vinnie's bust of Lincoln had been modeled during
      lunchtime visits to the president in the White House (her
      studio was conveniently placed on Pennsylvania Avenue--
      D.O.) and fortuitously was almost finished on April 14,
      1865--a Good Friday. Within three days, the living head
      she had modeled so lovingly in clay had been shot through
      and repaired in embalming waxes."
      (Editor's Note: Lincoln's body was the first to lie in
      state in the Capitol's Rotunda, where Vinnie Ream's statue
      of him now stands.)
      "It is said that she was one of the last people to
      speak with Lincoln, before his short carriage ride to the
      Ford Theatre later that evening. Perhaps he had told her
      about his (strange) dream" the previous night, in which he
      saw himself lying in a coffin in the White House.
      Officials were impressed with the bust of the
      assassinated president. Vinnie's "life-size model for a
      statue of Lincoln won her a ten-thousand dollar commission
      (about $750,000 in today's dollars--J.T.) from the Federal
      In 1866, Albert Pike, now a disgraced Confederate
      general and anxious about what we would today call "war
      crimes charges," traveled to Washington and used his
      connections among Tennessee Masons to obtain a pardon from
      President Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's successor, who had
      been the wartime Unionist governor of Tennessee.
      As a Grand Commander of the Masons of the Southern
      Jurisdiction, Pike entertained many visitors during his
      stay in the District, and one of these was Vinnie Ream.
      "When Pike first met her in Washington D.C." in 1866, "she
      was but nineteen years old. (Pike was 57--J.T.) He was
      immediately captivated by her, and he was not alone in his
      affections. A brilliant sculptress, she had taken the
      national capital by storm with her inspired bust of
      Lincoln, and now she was besieged with comissions. She
      was unusually pretty, openly flirtatious, outrageously
      witty, and she sparkled like new wine. A rebel against
      the cloying conventions of her time, she encouraged Pike's
      Returning to his home in Memphis, Tennessee, "Pike
      was in love with her. Vinnie's attitude to him is more
      ambivalent, however; she seems to have been a consummate
      manipulator of those who could promote her upward
      mobility, and she must have seen Pike (perhaps the most
      influential Mason in the United States in those years--
      D.O.) as someone from whom she could learn."
      In Memphis, Pike conferred with the clients of his
      law firm, took long walks in Graceland and the South Hills
      (now the home of actress Cybill Shepherd--J.T.) and "began
      writing bad poetry" to Vinnie.
      But Pike was also writing something a little more
      sinister--the rituals for the Ku Klux Klan, founded in
      Pulaski, Tennessee in 1866. He did the work for James R.
      Crowe, one of the six founding members of the KKK.
      "Late in 1868, unable to make a living in Memphis,
      Pike moved to Washington D.C. to go into partnership with
      his old friend, Robert W. Johnson, and later with Pike's
      son, Luther. Part of this move was prompted by a desire
      to be closer to his work as Commander of the Southern
      Masons, a position that was to occupy more and more of his
      time as the years passed."
      "There had been little joy in Pike's life since the
      beginning of" the American Civil War, "and Pike was
      enraptured by her. The effect she had on him is
      demonstrated in the renewed gush of romantic poetry he
      produced in Memphis while he was separated from her, an
      effusive outburst of love verses that were just as bad and
      just as ebullient as his earlier romantic writings."
      In 1869, Vinnie "decided to sculpt him, attempting to
      capture in bronze what one contemporary describes as 'a
      face and head massive and leonine, recalling in every
      feature some sculptor's dream of a Grecian god.' To
      complete this work, it was her custom to come to him once
      a week for a visit."
      "Her weekly visits caused tongues to wag in
      Washington, for this was considered indecorous behavior.
      A maiden did not visit a man in his rooms without an
      Vinnie's bust of Albert Pike was completed in 1880
      and "is now in the collection of the Supreme Council
      (Southern Jurisdiction) on 16th Street, Washington D.C."
      The bust shows Pike in the regalia of a Grand Commander of
      the Scottish Rite, complete with a double-headed eagle
      pendant. And there is a curious Illuminati symbol on his
      chest--a luminous, radiant pyramid with the number 33
      substituting for the Weishauptian eye.
      Although Pike literally "wrote the book" on Masonic
      rituals, degrees and their meaning, there is absolutely no
      discussion of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry in his Morals
      and Dogma.
      With Pike as her paramour, Vinnie soon entered the
      front rank of the American Illuminati and played a stellar
      role in Washington's occult underground.
      "In 1881, Albert Pike's talented and beautiful
      friend, the artist Vinnie Ream, finished the statue of the
      American naval hero, David G. Farragut. This was to be
      erected on 16th Street, in what is now called Farragut
      Square," four blocks south of Dupont Circle.
      Vinnie lived at 1632 K Street, facing the northwest
      corner of Farragut Square. Just down the street, at No.
      1627, was "Castle Bonaparte," the home of Jerome N.
      Bonaparte, a grandnephew of Napoleon's. Curiously, one of
      Jerome's relatives, Charles Bonaparte, founded the Bureau
      of Investigation (forerunner of the FBI--J.T.) at the
      Justice Department in 1908.
      Vinnie "had won an open competition to sculpt the
      (Farragut) memorial, and it was widely rumored that she
      had won more by feminine beauty and wiles than by talent."
      Through Pike, "Vinnie did have influential friends in both
      the Senate and the House, and she never scrupled to use
      them. Even Senator John Ingalls of Kansas, though well
      aware of her feminine allurements and recognizing her as
      'the most delightful fraud' he had ever met, still
      participated in the political infighting to ensure she was
      awarded the prize."
      "Vinnie's statue was cast from the discarded bronze
      propellers of the USS Hartford, which Farragut had
      famously commanded with such extraordinary bravery."
      "A small model of the warship was placed in the time-
      capsule hollow within the pedestal of the Farragut
      memorial; it was a mark of the daring with which Farragut
      had led his fleet through the minefields and
      fortifications of Mobile Bay," Alabama, "in August 1864."
      (Editor's Note: On this occasion, Admiral Farragut was
      quoted as saying, "Damn the torpedoes. Full speed
      Yet the Farragut memorial is steeped in occult
      symbolism. Vinnie was under the gun to finish it by
      dedication day--April 25, 1881. Here's why:
      "Astrologically, it might have seemed a curious day
      to honor a seaman, for there was an extraordinary
      gathering of planets in the Earthbound sign of the Bull,
      Taurus. Indeed, the whole of April 1881 had witnessed a
      most remarkable and rare cosmic event in the skies, for
      there had been six planets hovering in the Earth sign for
      the best part of a week," Ovason writes, "However, a
      discerning astrologer would have noted a meaningful
      relationship in the planetary pattern at the dedication
      ceremony, for Uranus was in the sign of Virgo (the ruling
      sign of the USA--J.T.) and threw a trine aspect (the most
      harmonious of all relationships in the geometry of
      astrology--D.O.) onto the planet of the sea, Neptune.
      Altogether then, in spite of first impressions, it was a
      fine day to honor one of the bravest of all American
      sailors. Indeed, in contemplating such a chart, who had
      such a profound knowledge of astrology in Washington D.C.
      in that memorable year of 1881?"
      Who else but the Sovereign Grand Commander of the
      Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction, the USA's
      reigning Illuminatus Rex, Vinnie's old-enough-to-be-her-
      grandfather boyfriend and mentor in matters mystical--
      Albert Pike?
      Astrology also formed a key subtext in the memorial
      to assassinated president James A. Garfield, with its
      ornate double horoscope and assorted occult and Masonic
      symbolism. Vinnie and Pike were involved in this project,
      as well.
      (Editor's Note: Garfield's weird statue makes a brief
      appearance in Michael Moore's new documentary film,
      Fahrenheit 9/11.)
      Through the latter 1870s, Pike continued his
      courtship of the sculptress. "In all, he wrote five
      manuscript volumes of his Essays to Vinnie, and these
      books contain some of his best prose; for he was writing,
      not to impress the critics, but to entertain the woman he
      loved, and, as a result, there is a simplicity, a charm in
      these essays that his earlier writings lack."
      But Vinnie had her eye on another man. He was
      Richard Leveridge Hoxie, a lieutenant in the U.S. Army
      Corps of Engineers, who from 1874 to 1878 installed
      Washington's new sewer system. He also did a million
      dollars' worth ($160 million in today's money--J.T.) of
      construction work on a "black project" that remains a
      secret even today.
      (Editor's Comment: Because of Hoxie's collusion with
      Pike, I suspect that it had something to do with the
      "Atlantean" tunnels under Washington D.C.)
      "Vinnie finished this (Farragut) statue in 1881, and
      married the wealthy Lieutenant Richard Leveridge Hoxie.
      Her new status allowed her to foster the arts in
      Washington D.C. and to promote women's rights. Her
      marriage did not appear to affect in any way her
      relationship with Albert Pike, whom she would continue to
      visit in his rooms in the (Masonic) House of the Temple,
      on 3rd Street."
      "The friendship between Vinnie and Pike lasted, as
      all good friendships do, beyond death. Pike died in his
      rooms at the Temple on April 2, 1891." During the last 14
      years of his life, Pike had worked on a translation of the
      Rig-Veda. It ran to four volumes and is 2,641 pages long.
      He became convinced of the reality of reincarnation and,
      on his deathbed, assured Vinnie that they would meet again
      "in another life, sometime in the Twentieth Century."
      "'When one of these human caterpillars whose cocoon
      is worthless dies at last, how he is exalted and praised!
      I am not done spinning yet, though my spinning may not be
      worth much,'" Pike told her, "'It contents me to spin.
      What does the silk-worm care for the cocoon when she has
      come out of it into a new life, leaving it behind.'"
      The old warlock still had one more feat of stellar
      magick to perform. He left Vinnie and the Masons explicit
      and sometimes incomprehensible instructions on how to
      dispose of his mortal remains. He was most adamant that
      his "Masonic memorial" be dedicated in Washington on a
      specific date and time--October 23, 1901 at 2 p.m.
      "Seven years later," in 1898, with some intense
      lobbying by Vinnie, "Congress approved the raising of the
      Albert Pike memorial, sculpted by (Vinnie's friend)
      Gaetano Trentanove. The statuary is imposing. A larger-
      than-life, full-length statue of Pike stands on a high
      pedestal, attended by a lamenting woman said to represent
      the spirit of Masonry."
      There is some controversy over just who the woman
      represents. Some say it is Vinnie Ream herself. "James
      Goode, The Outdoor Sculpture of Washington D.C., 1974,
      page 228, calls her 'the goddess of Masonry.' However,
      William L. Fox, The Lodge of the Double Eagle, 1997, page
      135, suggests that she is the 'Mother' of the Supreme
      Council. Whatever her symbolic identity, she is holding
      aloft the Scottish Rite banner."
      Ovason writes, "Evidently, someone in the Masonic
      fraternity knew about astrology, for the day of dedication
      (October 23, 1901) had been selected to reflect Pike's own
      birth chart...On the day of Pike's birth, December 29,
      1809, the Sun was in 07 CP 30. On the day of the
      dedication of his statue, October 23, 1901, Jupiter was in
      07 CP 30. This is yet another indication that someone in
      the Masonic fraternity at that time had a profound
      knowledge of astrology."
      Since Pike gave written instructions to his
      followers, it is clear that the Illuminatus Rex himself
      managed to pull off one last magickal invocation ten years
      after his death. The purpose of the invocation is not
      (Editor's Note: This macabre dedication ceremony took
      place a few weeks after the assassination of another
      Masonic president, William McKinley, in Buffalo, N.Y. And
      nearly 100 years before the Twin Towers, September 11,
      2001, the most damaging foreign attack on American soil.)
      Following Pike's death, Vinnie continued her artistic
      career. She sculpted Sequoyah, a memorial to the Ani-
      Yupuya (also known as Cherokee) chief who created an 85-
      character alphabet for his indigenous people's language;
      Miriam, The West, Sappho and The Spirit of Carnival, which
      stands in the Wisconsin Historical Museum. "Traveling in
      Europe, she made the acquaintance of such personages as
      George Brandes, Gustave Dore" and Queen Marie of Romania.
      Vinnie died in 1915, at the age of 68, at about the
      same time as the new Masonic Temple in Washington D.C. was
      opened. So ended the life of the Illuminata who, with
      Albert Pike, helped to turn the USA's capital city into a
      Masonic theme park. (See the books The Secret
      Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason,
      HarperCollins Publishers, New York, N.Y., 2000, pages 34
      to 38, 318 to 322, 452 to 455, and 469; Washington: City
      and Capital, American Guide Series, Government Printing
      Office, Washington, D.C., 1937, page 694; Washington D.C.:
      A Guide to the Nation's Capital, Hastings House, George
      Washington University, new revised edition, 1968, pages
      138, 139, 406 and 407; Labor and Love: The Life and Art of
      Vinnie Ream by Glenn V. Sherwood, 1997; Albert Pike: The
      Man Beyond the Monument by Jim Tresner, 1995, page 148;
      Reluctant General: The Life and Times of Albert Pike by
      Robert Lipscomb Duncan, E.P. Dutton & Co., New York, N.Y.,
      1961, pages 268 to 271; and Wisconsin: A Guide to the
      Badger State, Hastings House, New York, N.Y., 1954, page

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days
      for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
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