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RE: [UFOnet] Fwd: [UASR]> FWD (SK) Re: Portugal fired a missile at the cigar-shaped UFO

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  • Joaquim Fernandes
    Dear Frits, I can deny as fairy-tale the information that a missile was fired into the UFO that was seen over Portugal the 1st Juin. A source directly related
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2004
      Dear Frits,
      I can deny as fairy-tale the information that a missile was fired
      into the UFO that was seen over Portugal the 1st Juin.
      A source directly related to the Portuguese Air Force Chief of Staff
      told me that nothing as fired, only the bases were alerted by the
      event. We have the radar data and a lot of well grounded reports to be
      studied by our CTEC team here at the University Fernando Pessoa.

      Best regards
      Joaquim Fernandes

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      From: Ludwig Krippahl <ludik@...>
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      Subj: FWD (SK) Re: Portugal fired a missile at the cigar-shaped UFO

      Terry W. Colvin fwded:
      > From: John Hayes <John@...>
      > The Portuguese military fired a ground-to-air missile
      > at the luminous UFO that passed over their country during
      > the early morning hours of Monday, June 7, 2004.
      > Portuguese ufologist Gregorio Sao Xavier reported
      > that "the cigar-shaped UFO was tracked on radar. It moved
      > in a south-to-north direction. It was reported in the
      > Portuguese newspapers that 'a target on radar' was found
      > at three separate military bases."
      > These included "Beja, south of Evora and north of the
      > Algarve region; Montijo, near Lisboa (the capital of
      > Portugal--J.T.); and Oporto, the second largest city in
      > Portugal. The news was released by a colonel in the
      > Portuguese Army."
      > "That same day, only one report came from a civilian
      > identifying the trajectory of the unknown object as coming
      > from north to south, and a cigar form was described."
      > "Some days later, it was reported on Spanish and
      > German TV that an official of the Portuguese Army
      > confirmed that a missile had been launched. What most
      > people saw trailing smoke" was the missile launched at the
      > UFO.
      > "Visual contact with the object was made at the base
      > in Beja," Gregorio added, "A week later, the photo of a
      > cigar-shaped object appeared in a popular (Portuguese)
      > magazine. And a few days later, the military officials
      > charged with the investigation of the incident closed the
      > case, calling it an 'unknown object.'"

      Man, what a mess...

      There was a big sighting on the night of June 1st to June 2nd, around
      midnight. Two military radars (at Fóia and Montejunto) reported an
      contact, but the civil air traffic authority (NAV, Empresa Pública de
      Navegação Aérea de Portugal) detected nothing unusual. Also, the radar
      on the object is not consistent, with speed data ranging of 120 and 900
      km/h and altitudes of 2000 and 12000 meters.

      Many people saw a light in the sky, and some claimed it was trailing
      though how they saw the smoke in the night sky is a mistery.

      I think this was an unusual cluster of iridium flares, the radar data
      was a
      post-hoc association, and the smoke an optical illusion. But I'm still
      working on a program to automate the calculation of iridium flares in
      Portugal to see if there was something special about that day (I want to
      map the whole territory and doing it point by point is a drag...)

      The photo was taken on the afternoon of the 31st of May, and the UFO was
      only spotted by the author when he looked at the photo. This digital
      was published one week after, when, after seeing the news about the
      sightings of June 1st, the author called a newspaper. The newspaper that
      reported it claimed the photo had no signs of tampering because, and I
      quote, "the sunlight on the flying object [...] agrees with the shadows
      the trees on the photo"


      There are no news of the airforce firing missiles, and though the
      was allegedly "on alert" on the following day, there are no news of
      pursuits or interception attempts. There were no sightings on the day
      following the June 1-2 evening sightings.

      I found nothing about Faro on the 7th, but it's not unlikely people were
      seeing things everywhere for days with all the publicity.

      > One of the most curious aspects of this case was the
      > multiple sightings of a radar-domed AWACS plane, provided
      > by NATO, which was seen flying offshore, just west of Cabo
      > de Sines, 120 kilometers (72 miles) south of Lisboa.

      There is very little of curious about this. As part of the increased
      security during the Euro 2004 tournament, the Ministry of Defense asked
      NATO to help with the surveillance of Portuguese airspace with these
      (Boeing E-3A AWACS).

      Even in more quiet times it is not that unusual to see these planes, as
      they often take part of NATO exercises.

      Ludwig Krippahl

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