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Fwd: UFO UpDate: Mexican Scientific Community Manifesto

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  • Frits Westra
    ... From: Capt. Alejandro Franz To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 01:40:00 -0700 Subject: Mexican Scientific
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      From: Capt. Alejandro Franz <alfafox@...>
      To: ufoupdates@...
      Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 01:40:00 -0700
      Subject: Mexican Scientific Community Manifesto

      Hello All,

      I apologize for this Manifesto translation where some syntax
      could not be as accurate as it should. I did my best and I hope
      somebody may try to help if some words are lost or improperly

      The main reason of this post is to let you know about what the
      Mexican scientific community thinks and feels about the
      erroneous delivery of the Mexican Air Force FLIR's sighting
      video to the last idoneous person from SEDENA's Secretary
      General Clemente Ricardo Vega Garcia.

      I am investigating the rumor of the Mexican Air Force General
      Commander's recent removal and how the pilot, the FLIR and radar
      operators involved in the FLIR's video have been degraded.


      Source (in spanish):


      Translation by Alejandro Franz with babelfish help at:


      Manifesto against the erroneous interpretation of the UFO

      Open Letter to:

      Presidency of the Republic

      Commission of Science and Technology of the
      House of Representatives

      National advice of Science and Technology

      Secretariat of Public Education

      Secretariat of the National defense

      To mass media

      To The General Public

      In view of the events published in mass media dating back from
      10 of May of 2004, regarding what concerns about the observation
      of luminous phenomenon by some elements of the Mexican Air
      Force, the Mexican scientific community represented in this
      manifesto (astronomers, scientists, publishers, and
      representatives of planetariums, science museums, scientific
      research institutions and astronomical associations) declare the

      The position of science is clear and in favor of the probable
      existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, because all the
      probabilities aim towards this sense. Nevertheless, to date
      forceful proof of their manifestation or its presence in our
      world does not exist.

      UFO is an abbreviation of Unidentified Flying Object, being this
      a simple technical definition of any phenomenon or event not yet
      clarified on our skies. More than half a century science has
      participated in a multidisciplinary way in this investigation
      explaining and/or formulating diverse hypothesis on its origin
      with a diverse degree of success.

      Most of the manifestations of the phenomenon receive a
      satisfactory explanation, being that they postulate its origin
      in extraterrestrial devices lacking of conclusive evidences.

      On the other hand, the Mexican scientific community wishes to
      express a severe strangeness towards the Secretary of the
      National Defense by the questionable criteria with which he
      decided to give material in an exclusive way to a very reduced
      group of people. This determination set a side countless
      institutions of investigation in our ethical and serious country
      that could make a more accurate work of the occurred event.

      We lament that General Clemente Ricardo Vega Garcia, National
      Defense Secretary, publicly disregarded the existence of top
      level scientists in the disciplines of astronomy, meteorology,
      nuclear sciences, and other sciences.

      The fact that the National Defense ignored what institutions and
      what scientific disciplines to count for this situation causes
      restlessness to us on the methodologies that could be taken in
      another type of events.

      We asked that the materials, videos, technical information and
      recordings of the event are to be made available for the Mexican
      scientific institutions for their study. It is sad that this
      material has been provided to public personalities or other
      people's rather than Mexican science, whereas to the members of
      the Institute of Astronomy and Nuclear Sciences of the UNAM has
      refused them saying the "it was classified material".

      Perhaps the SEDENA ignored the use that would be given by Mr.
      Jaime Maussan to this video? And if this _classified material_
      is disclosed, haven't they incurred in a serious crime?

      Isn't it possible that the scientific community commits itself
      to present/display a guessed right explanation of the video
      while all the material for this investigation is not provided.
      The only opinion that can be disclosed to the public and mass
      media is a hypothesis that would include an approval to be put
      at the moment at which unlimited access to the material and the
      interviews to the witnesses of the event.

      The Mexican scientific community wishes to outward that any
      probable explanation expressed to date in mass media must be
      taken only in the land of speculation and the scientific
      hypothesis. The scientific method does not jeopardize the
      investigators to emit a definitive judgment in a reduced margin
      of time. The study of many phenomena of our universe has implied
      the observation and investigation of many generations of
      scientists, of equal way the present event will need to be
      studied to detail without demarcations of time and by means of
      the emission and later verification of hypotheses that can
      explain it.

      That the testified event could be a relatively explained as a
      new atmospheric phenomenon for science and little has been
      investigated related to the "ray ball" or "sparks". The "ray
      ball" is a product of the gas ionization of our atmosphere. This
      material in plasma state presents/displays many of the
      characteristics described by the military personnel: moves
      horizontally, is visible in diverse wavelengths -invisible and
      visible-, like it leaves its intermittent track in the radar.
      The "ray ball" tends to come near to the fuselage of the
      airplanes, because its nature tries to unload its electrical
      charge, it does not imply an "intelligent movement" as some
      people have expressed.

      Before a debate respecting this hypothesis is generated, it is
      important to clarify that until today meteorology there was
      counted with similar observations of the "ray ball", "spherical
      ray" or "sparkles" in the altitudes in which it was observed by
      elements of the SEDENA, on that we do not hope that its origin,
      properties, duration and conduct are necessarily corresponding
      to those flashes observed and studied at a smaller altitude.

      The information successfully obtained by the Mexican Air Force
      could give rise to a new stage in the investigation of the
      atmospheric physics then never had obtained so forceful evidence
      of this phenomenon to the altitudes in which it was filmed. To
      confirm the tendency, Mexico will become pioneer in the study
      and understanding of this facet of the atmospheric physics.

      The scientific community and its divulgers want to summon mass
      media to a nearer and healthier relationship in a way that it is
      possible to keep the citizenship opportunely informed with the
      professionalism, seriousness and quality that only can be
      obtained with the joint collaboration of press and science. For
      that reason, we who sign this manifesto make it available for
      the general readers for the explanations and participation that
      you may consider suitable.

      Finally we convoke all the Mexican citizenship to visit all the
      planetariums, public observatories, science museums and public
      scientific events to spread that the astronomical institutions
      to stay informed in the main scientific events. It will always
      be the best antidote against the sensationalist declarations of
      pseudo science.

      Co-ordinating Panel:

      Antonio Sánchez Ibarra.
      Área de Astronomía
      Universidad de Sonora.
      Celular (662)290-7063
      Hermosillo, Sonora, México

      Arq. Pablo Lonnie Pacheco Railey
      Sociedad Astronómica
      del Planetario Alfa
      Monterrey, N.L. México

      Francisco Javier Flores Figueroa
      Asociación para la Divulgación
      de la Astronomía en México
      Federación Mexicana de Astronomía
      Administrador de AstroRED México
      México D.F.

      Ing. Jesús Gerardo Rodríguez Flores.
      Vicepresidente y Divulgador Astronómico.
      Sociedad Astronómica de la Laguna, A.C.
      Torreón, Coah.
      Celular (871)110-37-31

      M.C. Pablo Sergio Barrera Pineda
      Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica
      Óptica y Electrónica
      Candidato a Doctor en Astrofísica
      Santa María Tonantzintla, Puebla, México
      pbarrera@... ,
      Tel.- (222) 2663100 ext 1325

      More than 100 signers.....

      [End of Manifesto]

      Please see the new 3D rendered image of the FLIR still and 4 oil
      well coordinates and some interesting information at:

      Mexican Air Force FLIR images are Oil Well flames!


      Best regards to all,

      Capt. Alejandro Franz

      "How often have I said to you that when you have
      eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,
      however improbable, must be the truth?
      -Sherlock Holmes in The Sign of the Four -


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