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FLIR "Pro from Dover..."

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  • Alfred Lehmberg
    Well -- I submitted the Mexican FLIR DVD to my sober pro from Dover alluded to earlier (...graduate of the Naval Testpilot course, just missed astronaut
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2004
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      Well -- I submitted the Mexican FLIR DVD to my sober "pro from Dover"
      alluded to earlier (...graduate of the Naval Testpilot course, just missed
      astronaut candidate, FLIR expert past, present, and future... forget for a
      moment he's a legitimate skeptic on the ufological and a highly educated,
      grounded, and very intelligently _deliberate_ person...).

      He was visibly astonished.

      This guy has seen aircraft of _every_ type imaged through FLIR equipment of
      _every_ generation and he'd yet to see anything like this. As we watched
      the DVD he suggested out loud what these images might be and then discarded
      these self-suggestions one by one. Balloons, bolides, and birds...
      electrical discharges, plasmid formations and temperature inversions...
      reflections, echoes,and misinterpretations... were weighed in turn and then
      retired from consideration. He found the suggestion that they were a new
      generation of stealth aircraft from the United States as absurdly laughable
      (and for the same reasons) as did many of us on this board. One does not
      design stealth equipment that renders the camouflaged object as so readily

      He said that even with early generation FLIR devices an observed object had
      a 'hot spot' that was separate from the cooler portion of the _same_ object.
      He found the uniformly bright "hotness" of the orb-like objects in the DVD
      very peculiar and befuddling.

      Be that as it may...

      His curiosity is definitely piqued about the DVD and he'll be taking it to
      work with him to discuss it with his fellow test pilots at the office. I'll
      keep ya'all posted on any further news...

      One more thing. If the Government wanted to go to an expert in the FLIR
      field for information on this intriguing DVD, my "pro from Dover" would be
      one of the _few_ go-to guys. Verily. It remains that _this_ "Pro from
      Dover" could not discount the... non-prosaic... which should raise a few
      appropriate neck hairs...

      Keep watching the skies... there's something in them decidedly _beyond_ the
      philosophy of the impacted skeptibunky reactionary. Read on.

      ...content to read, content to hear, content to see.....

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