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    Crazy Weather or UFO In 1956 ? Very Unusual Cloud Formation My family used to visit the Ocean City shore often in the summer. This picture was taken by an old
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2004
      Crazy Weather or UFO In 1956 ?

      Very Unusual Cloud Formation

      My family used to visit the Ocean City shore often in the summer. This picture was taken by an old brownie camera around 1956 in Ocean City new Jersey. My Aunt and Uncle are in the picture and the big guy behind them is my father. They are all deceased now. I was approximately 5 or 6 years old at the time. In the photo I noticed that a few of the people were looking in the direction of the object. When I first showed this photo to my wife she didn't notice the UFO. I told her it might be a UFO and she said she didn't think anything of it because it looked like a wave to her ? It is possible this is why it went unnoticed for all of these years. I do not remember my parents mentioning it. I do not know who took the picture but I may be one of the little boys in the picture looking at the object.

      The gentleman also reported an object he has witnessed back in 1974, his report below.

      The only UFO experience I remember is around 1974. I noticed a greenish/blue round hazy light just skimming the low cloud cover. The ceiling was low, approximately 300 feet, and the large lighted object was just above the thin cloud cover. This was in Brooklyn, New Jersey. This area is in the Terminal control area of Philadelphia International. It was not the lights on an airplane.

      Growing up in national Park New Jersey which is directly across from Philadelphia International Airport, I know what airplane lights look like. I am also a private pilot and am very familiar with weather systems and various cloud patterns. There was a newspaper article about the sighting in the Woodbury Times, the paper is now the Gloucester County Times. I have lost the article years ago but I will try to get another one. Many people saw the object and lights that night. The time I saw it was approximately 3:00 a.m. Ever since that day I have been fascinated about UFO sightings and would like to learn more now that I have the time. I am retired from the Air Force.

      I would like to thank the gentleman for the report and photo.

      Photo can be viewed at: You don't want to miss this one.


      Abbottsford, B.C. - Bright Star-Like Dot

      Date: June 3, 2004
      Time: Approx: 1:00 a.m.

      Location of Sighting: Abbottsford B.C. (Near Aldergrove)
      Number of witnesses: 1
      Number of objects: 1
      Shape of objects: Bright star-like dot.

      Full Description of event/sighting: I felt I should report this. Even though I doubt it was a UFO, I'm fairly sure it was no aircraft of any kind I've ever seen or heard of. Around 1 a.m. of June 3rd, I went out for a cigarette and walked down our
      driveway to get a better view of the moon which was either full or close to full at the time. It was slightly cloudy but the moon was in perfect view.

      At that time, I noticed a white light about the size of a star that seemed pretty high in the sky. This light was moving slowly across the sky and had a long slow pulsing effect to it, like something rotating very slowly. I'd estimate that it travelled about 15 degrees the arc of the sky between it's brightest points and darkest points.

      It took about three minutes to cross the entire sky coming from the direction of the moon (S.W.) and disappeared in the northwest horizon. As it neared the northwest it became fainter and fainter and I lost sight of it about 20 degrees up from the horizon. It travelled in a strait line at a constant rate of speed and would give off a bright flash at it's brightest points, kind of like a when someone shines a mirror across your eyes. There was no sound of any kind nor any other aircraft visible.

      I thought it might be a satellite but, as far as I know, they're only visible just after dusk and just before dawn as the light from the sun reaches the upper atmosphere. Then I thought it could be a satellite reflecting of the moon light but I'm no expert so I can't be sure. (Although the dimming it exhibited near the other end of the sky might suggest it)

      Anyway, I'm an avid reader of your reports and just thought you'd like to know about it. I dream of seeing a UFO one day but I guess this will have to do... lol

      Thank you

      P.S. The next night around the same time period, I was observing the moon again when I noticed a massive contrail (By massive, I mean like 5 times the size of an airliner's contrail) lit up by the moon light reaching across the sky heading south.

      I later read that a meteor was believed to have passed over Seattle around the same time. Just thought you'd like to know incase you've had similar reports.

      I would like to thank the person for the report.


      Hi List

      Please keep in mind that the report comes from a nice lady who resides in Germany.

      A Hamburg, Germany Experience

      Hi Brian
      Since you said you were interested, I try and tell you the details that I remember. So this is going to be a longer email *smile*.. I hope you will understand my English, which is of course my second language. I am a native German! But...this topic knows no borders, at least that's my opinion. It cant be spread enough, so you are welcome to publish this because I would really like to share, plus there are some things that I would like to hear some feedback about. Especially the "newspaper" and the "fingernail" thing (see below). Reporting all the odd things from different times, will probably appear a little mixed up, sorry, I try as good as I can.

      As I told you in my last email, I think all the weird things started with a close encounter of an UFO which happened on Friday, February.3rd, 1995.

      At that time I lived a few miles north of where I live now, in an apartment in the southeastern part of Hamburg. I came home in my car from the grocery store at about 6:00 p.m. when I turned into a narrow street. On the right side there was one two storied apartment house after the other (including the one I lived at), the left side had a big park belonging to a college of forestry - cove-lined with big old trees and streetlamps.

      I lived halfway down this street (about 1 or 1.5 km ahead), together with my son (8 yrs old at that time) and husband in a typically peaceful residential area. To reach my parking spot I had to drive past my apartment I lived in, turning right twice to reach the alley behind our block, then drive a little way back in the direction I'd come from to the parking lot located next to our building.

      But that day before I even turned into that alley, I could see an incredible large white light, that caught all of my attention shinning through the bare trees.

      Slowly driving on that street, I noticed that this light was hovering very close above a two floor-apartment house on the corner at the far end of the street which was directly behind the park and right across the street I turn right on to get home. Sorry if this sounds confusing, I don't know how else to explain :o)

      Very slowly I drove towards that light and right next to the house I stopped.

      I remember saying "Oh my god" out loud to myself. I opened the window and stared into the light which was now only about 45 feet - 15 meters? away from me. It was a kind of ovoid bright light, bizarre. I couldn't detect the edges, although I remembered I tried to, it was too weird and too bright. Way brighter than sunlight, brighter than anything I had ever seen, almost unreal! But it didn't bother my eyes to stare right into it. Well not at that time anyway.

      Strange, but the area around that light was dark. Not totally dark of course as there were streetlamps, but the light did not illuminate the surrounding area as you would expect. It was contained within the ovoid shape itself which was very weird and abnormal, so I could tell, this did not look like any known flying object (was too close to mistake it with something else anyway) besides, I was scared to death, it seemed to be so incredibly powerful to me and I felt so helpless.

      The 'thing' - or light - whatever it was, hovered absolutely silently and then it moved a little to the left, stopped, moved again. I turned around looking to see if anyone else was out in the streets. I tried to find someone at one of the apartments windows but I think there was no one.

      When I turned back a few seconds later the thing was gone, I couldn't see it anymore. I thought it could be right above my car which gave me Goosebumps. So in panic, I hurried and drove home - reaching my parking lot at about 6.10 p.m. I left my bags in the car and ran upstairs telling my husband that there's a kind of UFO flying around down the street.

      We turned off the kitchen light and we both stood there looking out the window, which was tilted open (German window style). After only a few minutes, a bright object came from the right (where I saw that other thing before) and flew past the kitchen window, absolutely silent and very slow! It was a bit smaller than the one I saw before, perhaps as big as a car.. but as bright, lucent and white as the first one. It seemed to fly through, not around the big old trees on the other side of the street approximately 12, 15 meters away from the window. The trees seemed to pass right through the object without harm.

      'Is that a little plane' my husband said ? But I didn't answer because that wasn't a plane anyway. When it finally had passed us, we saw three round white lamps, arranged like a triangle at it's backside. I have no idea how we could even see them against the bright bizarre light, when we couldn't even see edges or any features other than lamps. And it makes absolutely no sense, but this made it very clear to me that it must be a constructed thing. Round shaped lamps don't just 'grow' on any natural lights.

      To sum up the next things: I grabbed my photo camera, run back to the car and tried to find 'it' again, but I was unsuccessful. The next day I informed a German Research-Group, called "G.E.P." at the town of L├╝denscheid, they sent me a guy that does some UFO research in Hamburg and he brought a TV-team into my apartment.

      They showed a report about this sighting on the local TV channel (my husband did not like that very much, he was afraid of what people would say) also published it in the local newspaper, whereupon several people answered that they have either seen the same strange thing on the same day, 2 hours later, a few blocks away, or have seen something similar during the last years. One girl said she has seen a huge triangle flying above the woods, two weeks before I saw 'my' UFO which was all in the same area. I must admit, the thought of UFOs flying around in my peaceful unspectacular hometown - well this part of Hamburg is - gave me the creeps.

      Later, when they reported about my sighting in their 'G.E.P.'magazine, they came to the conclusion that there wasn't really anything strange about the thing I had seen ( ?? ) and told me I must have mixed it up with a landing plane. Very interesting, isn't it since the airport is on the very other side of the almost 3 mill ppl-city and I couldn't think of any plane either landing silently on a second floor apt-house, or flying through some trees a few feet above the street, not to mention all the strange features of the thing. But, they also mentioned in one of their articles that there has been detected some unknown thing by the airport radar at the same time I saw an 'UFO.

      Anyway, a few sleepless days after the incident I noticed a milk-coffee-brown 'US-quarter'-shaped spots allover my both legs. I showed my husband and he said 'I have no idea', so I called my Mum and she said 'Oh, I had those kind of spots too, they will disappear. If I was to ask her today, she would not remember to have said that. I asked her already...several times. Anyway, I don't know why, but I think I didn't pay much attention to it anymore as the spots obviously disappeared and I forgot all about it until maybe 1 or 2 years ago. I have no idea as to why I didn't pay more attention to it back at that time, that's not like me, but that's just the way it was.

      Also, after the sighting, I turned sick. I was sick for about 1 year. It started with sleeplessness, dizziness, and bad effects to my ability to see. (BTW: Some time in the early 90`s, my eye color had changed from blue to green. Why, or when, I don't know. Fact is, I noticed it one morning and got in trouble when I had to get me a new identify card in the late 90`s, because, that is very unusual) Back to the problems with my eyes and dizziness.

      It got bad, so I had to stop working for a while (I am a government servant), I suffered from permanent dizziness and all kind of diffuse disorders and had problems sleeping in the dark and always had to leave the lights on. Whenever it was possible, I tried to stay awake and only went to bed when the sun started to rise I consulted doctor after doctor, they put me through several examinations, like EEG, blood tests, and others, and then said they think I have multiple sclerosis, but they never found a thing.

      Finally, some time in the summer, I went to an eye specialist, who found that I have a stigmatism, which is very strange, since I had an eye check up in December 1994 to check about my ability to work on computers and the result was that my eyes were 100% alright!

      Now, I had to get me glasses and always had a problem with them. I changed them many times, because my eyes changed all the time. I also ran back to the eye doctor several times because I had the impression that my right eye was sticking out (which he approved, but he said that's nothing to worry about because it could have been that way ever since), and I suffered from pain behind that eye too.

      Since that time I wear glasses, especially when I drive in the dark. But sometimes, I can see better without glasses and my eyes still seem to change all the time. The occasionally sudden pain behind the right eye became an usual thing. For around a year now I have been having problems with my ear. Sudden stabbing pain, or vibrations inside the ear. The doctor couldn't find any problem with my ear.

      Since a few years, I have this permanent sort of cold and sinus (? correct word?) in my nose, without really having a cold.

      One night in September or October 95, only a few months after I saw that ``UFO``, my hubby and I sat in the car about to leave our parking lot when we saw a bright white ball of light, maybe a diameter of two meters and right above the second floor-apartment house next to our home and then it just died down, like you turned off a light.

      In November 98 we moved a few miles south into a townhouse.

      In August 99, I was outside in the front yard with my neighbor Steffi, we were having a nice evening talk and smoking a cigarette when we noticed a huge orange saucer shaped bright object right above the little lake on the other side of the street. I run inside to get my camera and she run inside to get her husband. When we came back it was gone. I had forgotten all about that too until some time last year, and when I asked her about it, she didn't seem to remember.

      I saw two more big bright balls of light, a white one some time during the summer 2001, together with my son, (or 2002, not sure), and a red one in October 2002 right next to the street close to my house. By now, I'm getting this weird feeling that this all is a little bit too much of a simple coincidence? And I find myself dealing with these events which are normal now. Well...I wonder, but I don't panic anymore. I thought I wouldn't until this thing was in my bedroom (I will tell you later)

      I know this sounds very crazy, but my neighbor on the other side, Gabby, has had a 'thing' removed out of her nose a few years ago. I remember her husband told me about it. She had these problems with her nose all the time and the doctors in the nose-ear-throat-hospital removed 'something'. At first they thought it was some sort of cell material, then they said it was a foreign substance. She had no idea of how any foreign thing could have ever gotten into her nose. They figured it to be a bit carbon (?) and it must have gotten into her nose when she had a motorbike accident many years ago. However.. it just sounded very strange to me. (As I anyway seem to meet people, that have had some strange experiences, or UFO sightings.)

      After the first encounter of a UFO, (from what I remember the one back in February. 1995), I always tried to avoid thinking who would be flying these objects? But then, something even more weird, happened.

      It must have been only short time after we moved into this house, because I had thinner curtains during the first months and I remember the light from the streetlamp (which stands in front of the house) was shining through the curtains. During the first months here I was also bothered by the kind of "new" sounds of the gas-thermo upstairs. One night, I remember I was in bed reading....my husband next to me almost asleep. I had just turned off the light, - and I know for sure that I hadn't slept in yet - as I could hear some unusual sounds in the house, I was sure, I heard 'someone'

      'There is someone in the house' I said`, a little worried. 'There is nothing, that's just the thermo, go to sleep' he answered.

      I remember I kept saying, there is a sound again and it's not coming from the thermo. I am sure there is someone in the house and on the stairs. I also remember my husband didn't answer anymore.

      The next thing I remember, I was laying on my back I couldn't move. I tried to talk to my husband and I could hear him breathing, or snoring, but I think I couldn't speak. In the corner of the room only 2.5 meters from me I saw 'someone' ... the silhouette of an about 1,20/1,30 meters (or 4 and a half feet) small ``person``, that was holding a newspaper in front of their face, obvious reading it.

      I know how crazy this must sound, but that's just what happened.

      I knew I wasn't asleep and remember I was scared of not knowing what was going on. I was also wondering how someone be able to read in the dark, that's so abnormal. I would especially like to know if anybody ever told you about something like this...a newspaper..before?

      The next morning my husband and I were talking about the pervious night and my hubby mentioned at one point he may have heard someone moving through the house.

      I don't know how or why, but again, I forgot all about it until some time last year. And still, I don't remember exactly the day it happened, my memory about it is kind of blurred.

      All I know is, whatever has happened, I was sure, that I wasn't asleep, and it is the only time of having an experience like this (not sleeping, sensing someone in the bedroom) that I can remember.

      By now, as time goes by more and more strange memories come to my mind.

      About my son:

      All the years that we lived in the other apartment, he was 3 yrs old when we moved in there, and 12 yrs old when we moved out, I remember that he had these 'nightmares'.

      He does not know a thing about it, but several times a month, if not several times a week, my husband and I had to walk over to his room in the night where we usually found him sitting upright in his bed,with wide opened eyes hitting and boxing some invisible, imaginary person.

      We always tried to carefully wake him but he would never woke up, but usually calmed down after 15 minutes or so. He would just lay back and go to sleep. We were used to it, thinking he just had normal nightmares.

      Lately I started to think that these were some strange kind of nightmares. Would not a child usually wake up and cry? I started to think he was not asleep because he always had opened eyes. He seemed more to be in a shock, than asleep.

      I don't know. Maybe I am wrong.

      He also many times woke up with a bad nosebleed. Sometimes in the night, but most of the time, I found him with a nosebleed in the morning.

      One time I had to call an emergency doctor, when his nose didn't stop bleeding for over 2 hrs. My son - 18 yrs old now -, is a little genius, he has an IQ of 142 and is especially great at math, physics, and computers. Although he had to 'grow up' with a mother, that took him to Roswell, and traveled to Area 51, that reads books about UFOs, crop circles, and cattle mutilations every now and then, he has turned into a straight fan of strict science, and does not ever want to hear a thing about UFOs anymore (don't think I am obsessed with this topic, I am not, and there are times, that I am so busy with work and life and all, that I hardly ever pay any attention to it. But, its always a topic at the back of my mind...)

      I'd like to assure you, that - although sometimes I'm wondering , am I nuts? - I am not. I am pretty sane, I don't drink, nor do I take drugs, or any pills. My IQ is high, my mind is sharp *smile* and the more I talked about my experiences and thoughts, the more I find out, that most people either believe it, or even had similar experiences. I will not shut up, because none of this is my fault, and I really wish, people would pay more attention to these basically questions of life! There isn't really much excitement happening in my life. I just keep wondering and wondering, about the probability, that I could be involved in something, that I really don't understand?

      And if so, what's your opinion about it. I have a boyfriend in Idaho since almost 1,5 years now, he is a prison officer... and..do you wonder, he says, he has been followed by an UFO in the desert of Nevada a few years ago. Although we have to deal with the distance for now, and only see each other a couple of times a year (for now)..there's a close connection, and don't ask me how, but it is working hmmm....

      Well, there is one thing, I don't know what to think of it, it could be a normal thing, I haven't a clue: Since May last year, every now and then (maybe 4, 5 times by now) little black lines appear on one of my fingernails, maybe only maybe 0,2- 0,3 cm long, they look like I have accidentally touched my nail with a pen or so, but I found, these lines are little sharp small silver-metallic looking objects. The grow out with the nail, under the nail, - after they've appeared suddenly somewhere in the middle of the nail -and when I finally can reach one - after 2 weeks or so - and pull it out with tweezers, it falls into crumbles. Last time, few weeks ago, my son put one under a microscope he got as a kid, and it does look like a little silver piece. I have no idea, what that is, or means, or if that's maybe normal, but all the people I have asked, have not noticed these things under their fingernails. But, odd enough, my Idaho├Čan officer, he has had them before...

      After my first UFO-Encounter in 1995, I found, that 'reporting a sighting' didn't help me much and never answered any of my questions anyway, so I never reported anything anymore.

      There is other strange things happening to me, like recurring dreams about wildcats I have, like seeing the death like a mask in other peoples face, which happened at 3 times - and all 3 died short time after, like unexplained tracks we found in the snow in our garden (I took pictures of those), and other things....

      I am used to all this. But the thought of so called 'abductions' is something, that really scares me....especially since I think, there's way more behind the whole subject than probably any human could ever understand. And I'd really like to hear the opinion of someone, who's been very busy with researching these things, AND has listened to other people's experiences, as well as from people themselves.

      Thank you very much Brian for taking the time to read my email, and I hope it caught your interest. I'm looking forward to hear from you again!

      Your Sincerely

      Hamburg, Germany

      Brian Vike, Director
      HBCC UFO Research

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