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the science of "Warp Drive"

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  • stealthskaters
    Scientific American reposted a November-2003 article by Michio Kaku entitled Borrowed Time . It postulated how General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2004
      Scientific American reposted a November-2003 article by Michio
      Kaku entitled "Borrowed Time". It postulated how General Relativity
      and Quantum Mechanics allows -- in theory -- for alternate timelines
      within a Multiverse and "time machines". I archived it at
      http://www.stealthskater.com/Science.htm#Ekpyrotic (the 4th item).
      Prof. Max Tegmark wrote an article about 4 possible models for
      parallel universes (including Everett/Wheeler 'Many Worlds') for
      Scientific American, and it precedes Dr. Kaku's essay in the list
      (the 3rd item).

      Ed Halerewicz, Jr. is adept at translating technical physics for
      the layperson (such as myself). In an e-mail, Ed said there's
      actually more than 4 parallel universe models but added the jury is
      still out as to their actual existences. He thought Paul Davies is a
      better author for time-travel in general and that Gott had the best
      technical physics for this subject.

      Ed and Dr. Paul Hoiland wrote an e-book that explains
      the 'Science' in "Warp Drive" based on battle-tested GR and QM. If
      you have read about topics such "Clifford Algebra" and "Bell's
      Theorem" before but have no idea as to what the math looks like, they
      are covered in this manuscript. The "gist" of it, says Ed, is that
      there is no "blue smoke & mirrors" (i.e., sci-fi magic) in Warp
      Drive. Einstein's GR allows for it. It is more of an engineering
      challenge to produce the effects that theory allows. The original
      DRAFT version is in ZIP-ed .pdf format. I corrected some grammar
      errors in a ZIP-ed MS-Word .doc . Both downloads are accessible at
      http://www.stealthskater.com/Science.htm#Halerewicz .

      Some physicists have "extrapolated" from the basic principles of
      Warp Drive to create their own particular models. And a few
      engineers have produced designs for "ufo"-type craft based upon their
      interpretations of warp drive science. Ed critiques some of these at
      the aforementioned URL. Paul and Ed are among founding members of
      the "Journal of Advanced Propulsion Methods" =>
      http://www.joatp.org/ .

      Ed Halerewicz, Jr.'s homepage =>
      Prof. Max Tegmark's homepage => http://www.hep.upenn.edu/~max/
      Dr. Michio Kaku's homepage => http://www.mkaku.org
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