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UFOs? Yes, according to Vatican

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  • Alfredo Lissoni
    UFOs, the Church and the clamorous sightings in Piacenza From the Italian catholic newspaper Liberta , 4.4.04 We find ourselves faced with an always
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2004
      UFOs, the Church and the clamorous sightings in Piacenza

      From the Italian catholic newspaper Liberta', 4.4.04

      "We find ourselves faced with an always increasing number of witnesses. And
      the persons who experience it are more and more cultured, qualified and
      initially incredulous. Among these thousands of witnesses it's reasonable
      thinking there is something genuine. The Bible doesn't exclude the
      possibility of other planets with intelligent and strong-willed beings with
      a soul and a body", says Monsignor Corrado Balducci, one of the highest
      experts of demonology and member of the Congregation for the evangelization
      of the people of the Vatican. Remarkable has been the talk show of Christian
      topicality of "La terra di mezzo" at the President last night, broadcasted
      by Sat 2000. About witnesses of "close encounters", the piacentini (cizizens
      of Piacenza, ndMB) already know something. Alfredo Lissoni, writer of
      ufological essays like "Ufo The Vatican Casebook", and guest during that
      night as well, starts from the most recent episode of summer 2002 when
      anomalous crop circles appeared in Morfasso, case he dismisses as a hoax.
      "In the English cases considered to be genuine the ears look like to be
      completely dehydrated". He then looks back at some episodes in Piacenza,
      talking about a record. "In 1947, right in the province of Piacenza, one of
      the first case of humanoids sightings has happened, in the area of Bobbio.
      Also famous was the episode of the 1966 when a huge flying triangle flew
      over the skies of Piacenza and the airforce sent after its tracks some
      fighters. There was also the case of the night-watchman of the Valtrebbia,
      famous for a serie of repeated encounters with extraterrestrials, and whose
      mental exams declared the subject to be sane."
      "A position of full skepticism" - declares Balducci - "is out of discussion.
      Even the Christian religion is based on the witnessing. The existence of
      other living beings is too possible from a theological point of view: bonum
      est diffusium suis It's a widely repeated concept in the Bible, the aim of
      creation. It's the divine glory. And creatures, even alien ones, gifted with
      intelligence and will, can contribute to its diffusion. Hard to think that,
      in the creation of intelligence and will, God limited himself to the Earth".
      The habitability of other planets could even be desirable, adds Balducci. In
      a remote future they could also help us in our spiritual development." He
      concludes with a psalm of the Bibie quoted many times by the Holy
      Writings: "Of God It is the Earth and all that it contains, the universe and
      its inhabitants." Furthermore, there was Don James Schianchi, professor of
      theology at the Catholic University who adds: "No extraland contradiction
      between theology and extraterrestrials." "Nonetheless" - he wonders - "were
      there other living beings in need of a redemption? To that, no substantial
      objection exists", he answers. And Monsignor Balducci concludes the night
      quoting some words of Padre Pio: "You wanted that there existed no other
      creatures to love the Lord? The Lors hasn't surely restricted his glory to
      this planet."

      by Ilaria Molinari
      translated by Michele Bugliaro

      The whole debate will be broadcasted by the Vatican satellite channel
      Sat2000 (channel 818 for Sky Italia), Hot bird 2, 13° est, 11804 freq.,
      vertical polarization, rate 27.5 msym/s fec: 2/3
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