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Re: [UFOnet] Digest Number 1904

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  • Alfred Lehmberg
    Comments follow... Dave. ... From: visions To: ufonet@yahoogroups.com Cc: Alien Views Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 5:10 AM Subject: [AlienViewGroup] Re:
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      Comments follow... Dave.
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      From: visions
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      Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 5:10 AM
      Subject: [AlienViewGroup] Re: [UFOnet] Digest Number 1904

      Alfred wrote: I think you lack, with regard to the issue at hand, consistency

      Perhaps not surprisingly Alfred it is the same difficulty I have with you.
      Take these statements in this one letter of yours as an example:
      You begin: 'The sooner we get air to the whole mess the better we'll ~all~ feel... and we can get back to the business at hand which is the spiritual search I've seen you write about that you're, really, interested in'
      Sounds like a real willingness to considerately swap ideas including those of my spiritual search, doesn't it?

      Not at all. It reads to me, in the context of the discussion at hand, to be a gentle criticism regarding my (decidedly humble) perception of you seeming to... say one thing and then do another, shall we say? This makes your follow-on contrasting statement invalid, Dave. If I didn't think you were such a great guy, I'd think you were working some cagey little literary device to invent ~my~ inconsistency regarding the matter. But I presume you're not doing that Dave. I presume that you have concern that Doctor Mortellaro is being beat up unfairly, and were a little outraged by it... exactly the way ~I~ was 365 days ago...
      Until I read you statement at the end: "Regarding "how [you] live your life...", innocent until proven guilty, hating the sin and not the sinner... the quest, the spiritual awakening, the karmic advancement... you're not convincing me, Dave. To me -- I think you lack sincerity.'
      So here in the space of one letter you've moved between a willingness to discuss and respect my ideas to doubting them together with a personal insult about my sincerity!
      See -- both of those, Jeez Dave, rather clumsy conclusions are watertight as soapy gravel sieves. And c'mon, old sod, it's a little early to start calling these exchanges insulting to either one of us. I find its inappropriately early appearance more than a little discomfiting and embarrassingly portentous.
      This conversation is going nowhere - you might have noticed that we're the only two in it on public forums - and I consider it presumptuous to inflict it any longer on the longsuffering forum members.

      Well -- it wasn't too presumptuous for you to weigh in initially, was it. I'm sorry you didn't get to make your point, whatever it was.

      I wish you well Alfred and do hope to find the path that satisfies you.

      Find it? Dave... dear heart! Let me be clear. I've ~found~ it. ...On it right now...Sincerely. And I wish you, at least, as well.

      But as for me - I'm outta here.

      Have it your way, Dave. But you didn't address ~one~ cogent issue in the exchange, didn't answer one question, didn't qualify a single aspect of your concern for Dr. Mortellaro, and took more than a few less than respectful swipes at me in same. I think that's fair. While having the highest regard for Dave Haith the man, I have seen no qualification, consistency, rationality, or excuse for his expressions in this matter concerning Mortellaro and have pointedly questioned same. Like I said, intimations of *insult* are premature, and for any other man than you, Dave, a refuge for the... less than sincere.

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