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Re: Spam Alert: [UFOnet] [UASR]> Up the Hill Backwards

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  • Peter Johnson
    There s also a spot called Magnetic hill in South Australia near a place called Jamestown that is also an optical illusion, I took a spirit level with me and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2004
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      There's also a spot called "Magnetic hill"
      in South Australia near a place called Jamestown
      that is also an optical illusion, I took a spirit level with me and it is
      actualy up hill instead of what appeared to be down hill.

      Peter Johnson
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      > < http://www.forteantimes.com/articles/178_backwards.shtml >
      > [includes several photos]
      > Up the Hill Backwards
      > All over the world, certain places are known for their weird
      > gravity anomalies. PAUL SIEVEKING rounds up some of the
      > most notable, while JIM CONLAN uncovers the folklore behind
      > Florida’s best known example, Spook Hill.
      > There is a stretch of road in Ayrshire where motorists will
      > find special warning signs and meet cars apparantly coasting
      > uphill backwards as baffled drivers are confused by their
      > senses. Electric Brae, on the A719, nine miles (14km) south of
      > Ayr and 13 miles (21km) north of Girvan, is just one of many
      > such anomalous spots in the British Isles. The road crosses the
      > side of a steep valley and is actually rising slightly, while
      > appearing to fall towards a stream.
      > Freewheelin' at the famous Magnetic Hill, Lutz Mountain Road, Moncton in
      > New Brunswick, Canada. Drivers feel like they're going uphill but need to
      > brake, or downhill and need to step on the gas.
      > Magnetic Hill, between Ballabeg and the Round Table on the
      > Isle of Man, is another surreal slope. Local wags say that the
      > odd effects are not down to magnetism, but the Little People
      > coming out to push the cars uphill. Then there is Magnetic Hill
      > on the A3055 between Shanklin and Ventnor on the Isle of
      > Wight, the sloping side entrance to Spelga Dam, near
      > Newcastle in County Down, Northern Ireland, and a hill near
      > Yetminster in Dorset. Chat, 28 Nov 1987; D.Mail, 26 April
      > 1994; Isle of Wight County Press, 7+14 June 1996.
      > Such apparent gravity anomalies are found all over the world:
      > FT has reports from the South Korean island of Cheju Do; near
      > Jerusalem in Israel; near Hanging Rock in Australia; on the
      > drive from Rocca di Papa to Albano south of Rome; near Porto in
      > Portugal; on the Opawica road in southern Poland; on the
      > Pinarhisar–Demirköy highway in Turkey; and on the coastal road
      > between Simotata and Platie on the Greek island of Cephalonia.
      > “Mysteries of Turkey” by Haluk Egemen Sarikaya (1981);
      > letter from David Calvert of Stanley, Co. Durham, Sept 1993;
      > The Warsaw Voice, 5 Dec 1993; New Scientist, 25 Feb 1995.
      > ...more at URL above...
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