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  • Peter Johnson
    Hi John, I was wondering were there any astrological forces at play during the time of 911 ? Peter Johnson South Australia AUFORN ... From: John Hayes
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 2004
      Hi John, I was wondering were there any astrological forces at play during
      the time of 911 ?

      Peter Johnson
      South Australia
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      > Volume 9, Number 13
      > March 31, 2004
      > Editor: Joseph Trainor
      > E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      > Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/
      > "A salty sea once existed on the surface of Mars, an
      > environment that could have supported early life on the
      > Red Planet, NASA scientists announced Tuesday," March 23,
      > 2004.
      > "'We think (the rover) Opportunity is now parked on
      > the shoreline of a salty sea on Mars,' says Steve Squyres
      > of Cornell University, lead scientist of NASA's twin-rover
      > Mars mission."
      > "The Opportunity rover uncovered evidence of the
      > ancient body of water in a bedrock outcrop surrounding its
      > landing site in a crater."
      > "Uneven deposits of salts in the outcrop and 'cross-
      > bedding' of rock layers unmistakably show water currents--
      > gentle one-mile-per hour ones--laid down the bedrock
      > layers at an undetermined point in Mars' past, Squyres
      > said."
      > "The rover team had reported three weeks ago that
      > water once saturated the bedrock, but scientists had not
      > been certain until now that open water once existed at the
      > crater. 'This dramatic confirmation of standing water in
      > Mars' history builds on a progression of discoveries about
      > that most Earth-like of alien planets,' says Ed Weller,
      > NASA space science chief."
      > "'This result gives us impetus to expand our
      > ambitious program of exploring Mars to learn whether
      > microbes have ever lived there and, ultimately, whether we
      > can.'"
      > "Opportunity and its twin sister, Spirit, which is on
      > the other side of the planet, landed in January (2004).
      > The $820 million rovers were sent to look for clues in
      > rocks and soil to the Martian history of water. Water is
      > thought to be necessary for life to have ever existed on
      > Mars."
      > "Mars is a desert planet. It is notable for dust
      > storms, freezing temperatures and a thin carbon dioxide
      > atmosphere."
      > "But the mission's findings thus far suggest that
      > billions of years ago, water flowed on the then-young
      > planet. This could have given microbial life a chance to
      > arise, some scientists say."
      > "The team delayed its latest results by two weeks so
      > that six outside scientists could review the findings."
      > "'I'm convinced. It's very compelling geologic
      > evidence,' says Melissa Lane of the Planetary Science
      > Institute in Tucson," Arizona, "an outside scientist who
      > was not part of the NASA review team."
      > "The rovers' instruments detect traces of iron in
      > their search for minerals rusted by water. Neither rover
      > can detect organic materials or microbe fossils left
      > behind by living organisms."
      > "Opportunity left its crater on Monday," March 22,
      > 2004 "to explore the Meridiani Planum plain, overcoming
      > slippery sand to make its exit." (See USA Today for March
      > 24, 2004, "Traces of long-lost 'salty sea' found on Mars,"
      > page 1A.)
      > (Editor's Comment: UFO Roundup would like to offer a
      > posthumous Nostradamus Award to science-fiction author Lin
      > Carter (1930-1988). Lin predicted the existence of
      > prehistoric seas on Mars in his 1967 novel, The Flame of
      > Iridar.)
      > The Fayette Factor wreaked havoc in the USA last
      > week, causing a series of cascading disasters.
      > The Fayette Factor is a little-understood phenomenon
      > in which strange and paranormal events occur in places
      > that are named for Marie-Joseph de Motier, the Marquis de
      > Lafayette, one of the USA's Founding Fathers and a
      > prominent Freemason.
      > The deadliest incident occurred in New Hampshire,
      > where a Massachusetts woman was killed by a freak
      > snowstorm on Mount Lafayette.
      > "Searchers on Tuesday," March 23, 2004, "covered
      > about a 15-square-mile area in (New Hampshire's) White
      > Mountains to find a Massachusetts couple who failed to
      > return home after a hike Sunday," March 21, 2004.
      > "Russell and Brenda Cox, of Andover, Mass., who are
      > in their 40s, had hiked Mount Lafayette several times,
      > said Fish and Game Lt. Todd Bogardus."
      > "About 30 volunteers, including mountain guides,
      > search-and-rescue teams and helicopters, resumed searching
      > trails and drainages after battling hip-deep snowfalls on
      > Monday," March 22, 2004. "Over a foot (18 centimeters) of
      > snow fell Sunday night, covering up any tracks, and the
      > wind chill made it feel like 60 degrees below zero" on the
      > Fahrenheit scale.
      > "The couple, who work in electronics, are avid hikers
      > and outdoorspeople, Bogardus said. They have two sons;
      > one of them called police Sunday night after the couple
      > didn't come home."
      > "A day after they had become stranded in the White
      > Mountains by blinding snow and winds, Brenda Cox crouched
      > in a hollowed rock as her husband, Russell, used his body
      > to shield her from the elements."
      > "The Coxes, who shared a love of the outdoors, tried
      > to talk each other through the horror as they became
      > increasingly disoriented on Lafayette Mountain."
      > "'At some point Monday night, as they were both
      > drifting in and out of consciousness, talking, Russell
      > realized that Brenda was not moving, and he figured that
      > she had died,' Matthew Cox said" on Wednesday, March 24,
      > 2004 "from his grieving brother's bedside at Massachusetts
      > General Hospital" in Boston.
      > "Russell Cox's worst fears were realized the next
      > day. Brenda Cox, a fit, petite woman, had frozen to death
      > by the time they were taken to New Hampshire's Littleton
      > Regional Hospital Tuesday."
      > "Sunday started off as a nice day as the couple, both
      > 43, set out on their hike. On their way up the mountain,
      > however, the Coxes heard from fellow climbers that the
      > weather had suddenly changed. They turned round but were
      > confronted with a whiteout."
      > "'The powerful winds and the whiteout were so intense
      > they could not see the rock cairns that guide you,'
      > Matthew Cox said."
      > "The Coxes built a snow cave, where they spent Sunday
      > night, warm and safe. On Monday, they thought they
      > spotted a break in the weather, so they put on their
      > snowshoes and made a run for it."
      > "'The wind was so severe that their goggles froze
      > over on their faces, and they couldn't see,' Matthew Cox
      > said, 'If they left the goggles up, the precipitation hit
      > their eyes and blinded them.'"
      > "The couple headed back to find the snow cave, but
      > couldn't. They finally sought refuge in the hollowed
      > rock."
      > "'They were focused on surviving and waiting it out
      > and hanging on until the rescuers came or until the
      > weather broke,' Cox said."
      > Later the same week, in New England, "Drivers on
      > Interstate Highway I-95 were forced to take a slow detour
      > onto city streets and back roads" in Bridgeport,
      > Connecticut Friday, March 26, 2004, after a fiery tanker-
      > truck crash that could snarl traffic for weeks along one
      > of the busiest highways in America."
      > "The wreck burned so fiercely Thursday night," March
      > 25, 2004, "that it caused the steel beams in an overpass
      > to melt and buckle, forcing the closing of a one-mile
      > stretch of I-95, the main highway connecting" New York
      > City to the USA's New England states.
      > "No one was seriously injured in the crash. State
      > police said the truck driver, Gilbert Robinson, 33, was
      > trying to avoid a car and hit a concrete barrier" at an
      > overpass between Exits 25 and 26. "The truck was carrying
      > 12,000 gallons of home heating oil."
      > "The southbound side of the overpass, where the truck
      > crashed, sagged several feet and must be torn down."
      > "'It's a mess,' said salesman Joseph Gerharty, 52,
      > who was stuck in Fairfield (Connecticut) on his way home
      > to Framingham, Mass."
      > "'The ripple effect can likely go through the whole
      > country,' said Bob Costello, chief economist with the
      > American Trucking Association. 'It's going to cost
      > businesses money.'"
      > After the crash, motorists were detoured at Exit 27
      > onto nearby Lafayette Boulevard in an attempt to
      > circumvent the crash scene.
      > In Washington, D.C., "Lafayette Elementary School
      > will remain closed throughout the week, following a
      > basement fire at the school on (Monday) March 15 (2004)."
      > "School officials said workers will complete repairs
      > needed because of the fire, and crew are taking the
      > opportunity to perform preventive maintenance as well."
      > "Lafayette students are to continue to report to the
      > school building each morning to be bused to the alternate
      > site for the day, and back to Lafayette at the end of the
      > school day."
      > "Fire investigators have said that it looks like the
      > Lafayette fire was started by someone, but they haven't
      > determined if it was accidental or intentional."
      > In St. Louis, Missouri, the city's "Health Department
      > has asked federal health officials for help in determining
      > what made dozens of St. Louis elementary school pupils
      > sick last week."
      > The Center for Disease Control (CDC) gave St. Louis
      > health officials "advice on what to ask students at
      > Lafayette Elementary School who vomited and became
      > nauseated after eating smoked turkey and potatoes au
      > gratin for dinner last week."
      > "The city may also turn food samples over to the
      > Center for Disease Control. State officials and the U.S.
      > Department of Agriculture, which oversees school lunch
      > programs, have joined the investigation."
      > "'We have done all the tests we can do' at the local
      > level, Larry Kettelhut, chief of environmental health
      > services said Monday," March 22, 2004.
      > "Also on Monday, city health inspectors met with
      > Lafayette parents to gain permission to further query the
      > students about how they got sick. City officials are
      > keeping in quarantine meals from Cloverdale Farms, which
      > make the pre-packaged lunches. The Health Department has,
      > until further notice, barred school cafeterias from
      > serving any food from the Ohio-based Cloverdale."
      > Finally, there was yet another strange incident in
      > Fayette County, Pennsylvania, the site of the stone-
      > throwing poltergeist incident two weeks ago.
      > "A Fayette County man arrested last year for hiding
      > in ductwork at Connellsville Area High School is in
      > trouble with the law again--this time for allegedly
      > breaking into a house and trying to get in the shower with
      > a woman inside."
      > "Eric Jensen, 20, is facing charges of burglary,
      > trespass, stalking and indecent exposure."
      > "According to authorities, the female homeowner
      > complained about Jensen making unwanted advances and
      > calling her at work."
      > "When Jensen entered her home Wednesday night," March
      > 24, 2004, "officials say he undressed and tried to get in
      > the shower with the woman, who screamed."
      > "Police say Jensen fled and later turned himself in
      > to authorities. He's being held at the Fayette County
      > Prison in lieu of $25,000 bond."
      > "This isn't the first time Jensen has been in hot
      > water. Last March (2003) more than 1,300 students at
      > Connellsville Area High School got a day off after
      > custodians found him hiding in a crawl space above the
      > girls' locker room showers." (See the Boston Globe for
      > March 23, 2004, "Mass. couple missing in White Mountains;"
      > the Boston Herald for March 25, 2004, "The mourning after:
      > Hubby grieves for wife lost in storm;" the Minneapolis,
      > Minn. Star-Tribune for March 27, 2004, "Truck wreck in
      > Northeast could shut key highway for weeks;" the
      > Washington Post for March 22, 2004, "Lafayette School to
      > remain closed;" the Kansas City, Mo. Star for March 23,
      > 2004, "St. Louis schools turn to CDC for aid;" and the
      > KDKA-TV Channel 3 report from Pittsburgh, Pa. for March
      > 26, 2004. Many thanks to Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark
      > for these news reports.)
      > (Editor's Comment: No doubt about it--the current Fayette
      > Factor flap is evolving into one heavy-duty jinx. Keep
      > your gaze fixed on Pennsylvania, though. Fayette County
      > has racked up two paranormal incidents in as many weeks.
      > What's next?)
      > A TALE OF TWO
      > OBELISKS
      > Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has found another two
      > Masonic sites in the USA which might become targets of Al-
      > Qaeda terrorism.
      > Loren writes, "In your Roundup today, I must point
      > out that you overlooked in the summary what may be the two
      > most important Masonic structures with ties to 'Egyptian
      > symbolism' in the USA--and thus possible future targets."
      > "They are, in D.C., the Washington Monument, and in
      > Boston (Massachusetts), the Bunker Hill Monument, two
      > major Masonic obelisks."
      > Strangely, the "Fayette Factor" is at work here.
      > Both obelisks have links to Marie-Joseph de Motier, the
      > Marquis de Lafayette, one of the USA's Founding Fathers
      > and a prominent Freemason.
      > Loren is "very aware of the Bunker Hill Monument's
      > Masonic links because I studied it very closely--
      > physically and in the literature. I actually lived in
      > Cambridge," Mass. from 1975 to 1983 "and opened and headed
      > the Charlestown office of the Department of Social
      > Services, which was housed at the Masonic temple at
      > Charlestown Square--named in honor of Dr. Joseph Warren,
      > the martyr of Bunker Hill."
      > "In 1794, King Solomon's Lodge of Charlestown (now
      > meeting in Somerville, Mass.--L.C.) erected a monument on
      > Bunker Hill on land donated by Brother Benjamin Russell
      > for the purpose. It was a Tuscan pillar 18 feet (5.3
      > meters) in height, 8 feet (2.4 meters) square and fences
      > round. The Bunker Hill Monument Association was founded
      > in 1823 for the purpose of erecting on Bunker Hill a more
      > fitting and enduring monument to the memory of the brave
      > men who fell there in the cause of human liberty. King
      > Solomon's Lodge gave the Association the ground which it
      > owned, together with the monument it had erected to the
      > memory of Brother Warren on condition that some trace of
      > its former existence might be preserved in the monument to
      > be erected."
      > "On June 17, 1825, the Grand Lodge opened at 8 a.m.,
      > and a procession was formed on the (Boston) Common which
      > marched to Bunker Hill in Charlestown. There, in the
      > presence of Brother (the Marquis de) Lafayette (the apron
      > he wore is in the Grand Lodge archives--L.C.),
      > representatives from five New England states, along with
      > the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, Grand Master John Abbott
      > and Senior Past Grand Master Isaiah Thomas, assisted in
      > laying the cornerstone, and Lafayette and Brother Daniel
      > Webster (the Senator from Massachusetts--J.T.) addressed
      > the great gathering."
      > "The monument was completed and dedicated June 17,
      > 1843, but without the presence of the Grand Lodge. It was
      > during the anti-Masonic era, and a resolution to attend
      > was defeated."
      > "Inside the present obelisk is a model of the first
      > monument that had been erected by King Solomon's Lodge.
      > It is made of the finest Italian marble and, including the
      > granite pedestal on which it stands, is about 9 feet (2.7
      > meters) in height and bears sustantially the same
      > inscription as the first one."
      > Since 1976, the Bunker Hill Monument "is now under
      > the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, and anybody
      > can climb the 294 steps to the top without charge."
      > The Washington Monument in the heart of the USA's
      > capital also has numerous links to Freemasonry. "On May
      > 18, 1800, the House of Representatives suggested the
      > building of a pyramid, 100 feet (30 meters) square and 'of
      > proportional height'" as a monument to George Washington,
      > but the idea was shot down by the Senate.
      > "The notion that a pyramid would best represent the
      > idea of George Washington extended even beyond the United
      > States. In 1800 the American painter Benjamin West (then
      > president of the Royal Academy in London) commissioned the
      > English architect George Dance to design a monument to the
      > first president: the imposing design offered by Dance was
      > an ornate wall, flanked by two huge pyramids."
      > "The Washington National Monument Society was founded
      > by a group of people responding to the leadership of
      > George Watterston in 1833. The first design for the
      > memorial was by Peter Force, who clearly admired the
      > proposal of May 18, 1800. Peter Force was then one of the
      > most influential men in Washington D.C.--he was at one
      > time its mayor and in 1832 had written the National
      > Calendar of the United States. His design--an enormous
      > pyramid--is distinctly Masonic in concept, involving a
      > 'human' pyramid within a greater 'cosmic' pyramid. The
      > hollow interior of (Force's) larger pyramid contains a
      > central triple-tier hollow, surrounded by four hallways
      > and four corner rotundas."
      > "Although the Washington Monument now has all the
      > outer appearance of a gigantic Egyptian obelisk, this was
      > not the original intention. The (obelisk) design produced
      > by the Freemason architect Robert Mills, and selected by
      > the Washington National Monument Society in 1836, was to
      > be surrounded by a colonnaded rotunda about 250 feet (615
      > meters) in diameter and 100 feet (30 meters) high. Its
      > entablature would carry staturary of four-horse chariots--
      > the quadriga of the (Greek) sun god, Helios. The driver
      > of the chariot was to be a representation of George
      > Washington; the Republicans who opposed kingship seemed
      > quite prepared to equate their hero with the sun god."
      > (Editor's Note: Robert Mills was a Mason but his lodge
      > affiliation is no longer known. He is best remembered as
      > the Mason who greeted the Marquis de Lafayette as
      > "Illustrious Brother" during the latter's USA visit in
      > 1824-1825. Incidentally, the chairman of the Washington
      > National Monument Society in 1836, who approved the Mills
      > design, was that distinguished Mason from Virginia, Chief
      > Justice John Marshall of the Supreme Court.)
      > "In accordance with Masonic practices, construction
      > of the obelisk began on July 4, 1848, with a ceremonial
      > laying of the enormous cornerstone, which had been donated
      > by the Mason Thomas Symington, who owned" the Symington
      > Beaver Dam Quarry in Baltimore County, where the granite
      > blocks came from.
      > "The ceremony was conducted by Benjamin French,
      > wearing the Masonic apron and sash George Washington had
      > worn when he laid the cornerstone of the Capitol" building
      > in September 1793.
      > (Editor's Note: In 1848, Benjamin French was Grand Master
      > of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the
      > District of Columbia.)
      > In his book The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's
      > Capital, David Ovason observes, "The moment of the
      > ceremonial cornerstone laying of the monument has been
      > preserved and from this it is possible to reconstruct the
      > (astrological) foundation chart. I have already observed
      > that the Moon and the lunar node were in Virgo at this
      > moment. However, I should add that there were other
      > astrological forces at play...In many ways, it is a
      > remarkable horoscope, for it reflects precisely the same
      > sort of stellar magic as was practiced in ancient Egypt,
      > millenia ago."
      > Researchers have pointed out a Masonic sub-text to
      > the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center
      > in New York City. The Twin Towers were said to be symbols
      > of the twin pillars that stand in every Masonic lodge.
      > This was the theory, and, in early March 2004, two
      > Islamic terrorists attacked the Scottish Rite Masonic
      > lodge in the Kartal district of Istanbul, Turkey's largest
      > city, shooting at Masons and setting off bombs.
      > "These anti-Masonic attacks make a kind of sense when
      > you consider that Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda's
      > second-in-command, was born in Egypt, is a nephew of the
      > Grand Mufti of Cairo and joined the Muslim Brotherhood in
      > the late 1960s. As an adept of the Sufi mystics of Islam,
      > Dr. Zawahiri sees himself as the guardian of the 'pure'
      > tradition of the Egyptian mysteries," UFO Roundup editor
      > Joseph Trainor explained. "To Dr. Zawahiri, Scottish Rite
      > Freemasonry is an abomination--a perversion of the true
      > Oriental Masonry. The Scottish Rite is also an offshoot
      > of the Knights Templar, an order of Crusaders. Remember,
      > Dr. Zawahiri's first name for the group that became Al-
      > Qaeda was the 'International Front to Combat Jews and
      > Crusaders.'"
      > "I think the Joint Terrorism Task Force is missing
      > the boat if it ignores 'magickal thinking' on Al-Qaeda's
      > part," Trainor added, "To Dr. Zawahiri, any site
      > associated with 'Crusader Masonry' is a legitimate target.
      > That could be the Bunker Hill Monument, the Washington
      > Monument, the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Charleston, S.C.,
      > Dealey Plaza in Dallas--site of the first Masonic lodge in
      > Texas--any of them. I think the Kartal attack proves that
      > Dr. Zawahiri is out to get Masonic sites." (See The
      > Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David
      > Ovason, HarperCollins Perennial Books, New York, N.Y.,
      > 2002, pages 125 to 141; and The Freemason's Repository of
      > November 1881, Volume 11. Many thanks to Loren Coleman
      > for this background information.)
      > "Ellen Pfeiffer of Ironwood (population 6,293)," in
      > Michigan's Upper Peninsula, "called the Globe to say she
      > and a friend had seen the bright light reported by a
      > Kimball, Wisconsin man as an unidentified flying object
      > Sunday evening," March 21, 2004.
      > "Pfeiffer said she and Darlene Korhonen were coming
      > out of the Pioneer Park Apartments around 6:15 p.m. when
      > they saw something in the sky that was neither a star nor
      > an airplane."
      > "'It was absolutely awesome,' Pfeiffer said, 'I never
      > saw anything so bright. We couldn't figure out what it
      > was.'"
      > "Forrest Wiedbrauk of Kimball, Wisconsin told the
      > Iron County Sheriff's Department that he had seen 12
      > bright lights over his house. The lights turned orange,
      > and the craft took off over the house, according to the
      > report."
      > On Friday, March 12, 2004, eyewitness M.N. "was
      > driving eastward on Wellington Street in Sault Sainte
      > Marie, Ontario, Canada," at the southeastern end of Lake
      > Superior. "As I came to the central part of the city
      > (known to us residents of the Lake Superior region as
      > "Soo, Canada"--J.T.), I noticed a straight beam of light
      > hovering in the early morning sky" around 4 a.m. "from the
      > top of the hill that was on my northern side."
      > "My vehicle came to a complete stop at a cross
      > street, and I looked all the way down to the end of the
      > street (7 blocks away--M.N.) because the street ends at
      > the base of the hill and has a metal stairwell leading to
      > McDonald Avenue."
      > "Although being 7 blocks away, my eyes were able to
      > focus on a little dark figure that was standing very
      > still. This caught my curiosity, and, as I slowly drove
      > towards it, it started moving from side to side with fluid
      > movements, as if it was hovering in mid-air. It moved as
      > if it was confused, or afraid, and didn't know what to
      > do."
      > "As I got closer, the figure's appearance seemed to
      > have metamorphosed into a transparent, shadow-like entity
      > that very swiftly flew up the stairs. To my astonishment,
      > the beam of light that I had seen in the sky a few minutes
      > ago, and a couple of miles away, was now at the top of the
      > hill, only about 100 feet (30 meters) away."
      > "With my heart racing and blood pumping, I drove as
      > fast as I could eastward along the base of the hill until
      > I came to the nearest hill street and drove up McDonald
      > Avenue to see what was happening. In a matter of seconds,
      > travelling from the bottom to the top of the hill, I
      > arrived at the top of the steps only to find three circle-
      > shaped burn markings on the pavement of the street."
      > "Approximately 10 seconds later, I heard a very weird
      > kind of gunshot sound, looked up to the sky and saw a
      > bright light shooting up into the stars. As I was
      > watching the spectacle, a surreal kind of peaceful feeling
      > came upon me, and it felt as if every hair on my body were
      > standing on end. The feeling only lasted for what felt
      > like 30 seconds, but when I looked at my watch, it was a
      > good 40 minutes later."
      > "I drove home in astonishment and only told a very
      > few good friends. Since that night, I have heard other
      > accounts of some kind of bright light hovering across the
      > summit of that hill very slowly, with a beam of light
      > shining down from it." (See the Ironwood, Mich. Globe for
      > March 24, 2004, "A confirmation on the UFO." Many thanks
      > to Jim Hickman for this newspaper article. The Soo
      > encounter was an Email Form Report.)
      > On Thursday, March 11, 2004, a witness in Clifton,
      > Ohio "reported a high 'star-like' object that had unusual
      > brightness, thought at first to be a satellite traversing
      > a good portion of the sky at a routine clip until the
      > object undertook a 90-degree banking maneuver. Size of
      > the object was 'star-like.' No sound heard. Viewed about
      > straight overhead," and its final direction of departure
      > was to the northwest.
      > "The object was seen near the intersection of Vestry
      > and Straight Streets near the Deaconness Hospital" in
      > Clifton.
      > On Wednesday, March 17, 2004, at 7:02 p.m., the
      > witness was outdoors in Dillonvale, Ohio (population 781),
      > a town on Route 152 about 15 miles (25 kilometers) north
      > of Wheeling, West Virginia, when he saw a UFO. He
      > reported, "I, my son and a friend witnessed a very large
      > black object hovering in the eastern sky, approximately 45
      > degrees due east. The object was at 2,000 to 3,000 feet
      > (600 to 900 meters)" in altitude, "hovering still with the
      > breaks in the passing low-level clouds we had last night.
      > For about two minutes in duration, the object was
      > perfectly still (as I could see the passing clouds
      > moving), and then it slowly moved due east and, within 30
      > seconds, disappeared into the clouds around 30 degrees
      > above the horizon. There were no lights whatsoever on the
      > object, and the object made no sound."
      > "Judging from where I was viewing the object," the
      > witness added, "I would guesstimate that it was directly
      > over the Kenwood Mall/Madeira area and moved due east
      > after that." (Many thanks to Ohio ufologist Kenny Young
      > for these reports.)
      > On Friday, March 19, 2004, at 11:45 p.m., eyewitness
      > R.A. was outdoors in Codicote, Hertfordshire, UK when she
      > saw "three UFOs hovering in the same area. There were
      > three objects in the sky" with an "oval shape and silver
      > colour. One object was circling, and the other two were
      > sort of chasing each other."
      > "The one that was circling was not moving very fast,
      > but the two that were chasing each other were moving
      > fairly fast. I observed these objects for 10 to 15
      > minutes. The sighting took place in the village of
      > Codicote, and the objects stayed in the same area."
      > "When I first saw these objects, I thought they might
      > be the lights of a car reflecting in the sky, but, when no
      > car went past, I thought it strange. So I ignored it.
      > When I looked, I believed it to be a strobe light, but
      > there was not a beam coming from the ground."
      > "I asked my boss to take a look, and he agreed with
      > me that it was not a strobe light or car lights. We
      > looked for a little while longer and then went home. He
      > got his daughter to take a look. He also got his video
      > camera and took a recording, but because the camera is
      > old," the image "has not come out that well." (Many
      > thanks to Canadian ufologist Brian Vike for this report.)
      > "An unidentified flying object was reported this
      > morning," Saturday, March 27, 2004, "in the vicinity of
      > the coastal highway" near Buenos Aires, the capital of
      > Argentina.
      > "Several eyewitnesses claim having seen a luminous
      > object that changed colors incessantly and flew slowly
      > over the Rio de la Plata," a broad estuary between Buenos
      > Aires and Montevideo, the capital of neighboring Uruguay.
      > "Subsequently, a witness claimed having seen it over
      > the town of Morin" in eastern Argentina.
      > Earlier in the week, on Monday, March 22, 2004, "an
      > unidentified flying object that 'shone and swirled'
      > hovered for a few minutes over the waters of the Rio de la
      > Plata not far from the shoreline of Buenos Aires,
      > according to the Fuerzas Aereas Argentineras (FAA or
      > Argentinian Air Force--J.T.), which received several
      > accounts from eyewitnesses who phoned in their reports."
      > "Air Commodore Guillermo Losada, press officer for
      > the FAA, confirmed that 'several phone calls' were
      > received, which alerted them to the presence of the UFO.
      > He added that their existence could not be officially
      > confirmed 'through the air traffic controllers or through
      > any pilot testimony' since there were no flights in the
      > vicinity at the time."
      > "'There has apparently been some sort of sighting,
      > but we cannot confirm the type of object seen,' added
      > Losada." (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria
      > Coluchi para estas noticias.)
      > "A silhouette of a man who walks on rooftops, drags
      > heavy chains and makes strange noises" is now known as El
      > Fantasma (Spanish for The Phantom--J.T.) "and has made
      > residents of Monte Maiz restless."
      > Monte Maiz is a small town in southern Cordoba
      > province, on the south shore of the Rio Cuarto, about 400
      > kilometers (250 miles) west of Buenos Aires, the national
      > capital.
      > "As is common in these cases, the accounts of those
      > who claim having seen or heard this ghostly shade spread
      > by word of mouth and eventually reach local police
      > authorities without the persons who claim having undergone
      > the experience ever being identified."
      > "Opinions on the phantom were diametrically opposed.
      > Some claim having seen 'a figure 2 meters (6 feet, 6
      > inches) tall, dressed in black and with spectacular
      > agility,' while others say it's all imagination."
      > "Journalist Carlos Meldoni has not hesitated to say
      > that the culprit 'is a foolish or stupid person in
      > disguise, with a face mask, red eyes and white cape over
      > his shoulders, who ventures out at night to terrify women
      > living alone."
      > "Police, in any event, are patrolling the streets and
      > listening to the stories of terrified residents."
      > "The pace of this town of 9,000 inhabitants in the
      > department of Union has been interrupted during the past
      > three weeks by a strange creature who rides the night to
      > terrify residents. It is seen in outlying neighborhoods
      > close to the city limits, where people wait for sunset to
      > shut themselves in their houses under lock and key."
      > "The residents call it El Fantasma. Those who have
      > seen it say it is a young person, very tall and slim, with
      > red eyes. It dresses in white, sometimes black and other
      > times grey. Always wears a hat and covers its face with a
      > mask or hood."
      > "The sounds on the rooftop begin after 9 p.m., as do
      > the calls to police."
      > "Residents claim that it walks on the roof, shuffles
      > and runs, drags chains, scratches at windows and bangs at
      > doors. It doesn't speak or yell. It has only been heard
      > to laugh in the dark or whistle; some claim having heard
      > it imitate the howling of a dog."
      > "One of the characteristics the locals agree on is
      > the creature's agility. 'They say it runs swiftly and
      > jumps over barbed wire fences and walls without touching
      > them,' according to concerned neighbors. Its agility has
      > made law enforcement's task all the harder, since the
      > person runs whenever it encounters the patrols surrounding
      > the town. Police say it appears to have no intention to
      > commit burglary--only to frighten."
      > "'It's a sick person that's causing residents of
      > Monte Maiz to lose their sleep,' said Sheriff Jorge
      > Vivas."
      > "The sheriff added, 'Given its M.O. (modus operandi--
      > J.T.) we suspect (the phantom--S.C.) to be two youths with
      > a thorough knowledge of the town and the community. (The
      > phantom) moves very quickly and can be in two different
      > neighborhoods within minutes. It knows which houses to
      > upset and chooses those with women."
      > "Eyewitness accounts follow:
      > "Ivana Molina: 'I went out to the yard and saw a man
      > dancing, whistling and slapping his hands. The neighbors
      > heard similar noises. I went out the next day, and the
      > same man tried to grab me. I ran into the house and
      > phoned the police. It banged on our bathroom window and
      > wrote Mueres (Spanish for You will die--J.T.) with its
      > finger.'"
      > "Oscar Gonzalez: 'I was standing in the yard and saw
      > a shadow walking along. I could see its red eyes. We
      > went out with another fellow to find it, and (the phantom-
      > -S.C.) jumped into the neighbor's yard. It was dressed in
      > white. On the following day, it whistled at us again. We
      > went out to chase it and it vanished.'"
      > "Veronica Bertrando: 'My husband saw it as it crossed
      > our patio. He said it was dressed in grey with a hood
      > over its head. When it went by, the dog barked, my
      > husband went outside, and it took off running. He tried
      > to find it but couldn't find it. (The phantom--S.C.)
      > hides in such a way that no one can find it.'" (See the
      > Argentinian newspaper La Manana de Cordoba for March 22,
      > 2004, "The Monte Maiz Phantom." Muchas gracias a Scott
      > Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para esto articulo de diario.)
      > "Several groups of dead hens were bled dry in the
      > backyard of the Rodriguez household."
      > "A nocturnal Chupacabra attack took place last
      > Tuesday night," March 16, 2004, "in a chicken coop owned
      > by Gonzalo Rodriguez of barrio San Juan (neighborhood) of
      > San Ramon, Ajuela province, Costa Rica."
      > "Nearly 20 beautiful plump hens--the type that take
      > pride in laying large eggs--were found dead and without a
      > trace of blood, bearing twin puncture marks on their
      > backs. The birds were completely dry."
      > "It was late at night when Rodriguez heard strange
      > noises and a ruckus coming from the henhouse on his
      > property--a commotion that was far from being normal. He
      > decided to send his son to check with a flashlight (torch
      > in UK and Australia--J.T.), to make sure chicken thieves
      > weren't at work."
      > "The youth obeyed his father and, flashlight in hand,
      > approached the huge henhouse stealthily, becoming
      > terrified upon seeing a strange black animal some 40
      > centimeters (15 inches) tall and resembling a small dog
      > with a long tail and standing on two legs. He recalls,
      > from what little he was able to see through the
      > flashlight's beam, that the animal had a very long tongue.
      > Upon seeing the light, the creature fled into the
      > vegetation, skillfully leaping over a wall."
      > "An investigation of the henhouse revealed that 20
      > hens had been slain. Police authorities of the nearby
      > town of San Ramon were notified, and Officer Marcos
      > Hernandez reported to the scene to corroborate not only
      > Gonzalo Rodriguez's account but the testimony of
      > frightened neighbors."
      > "The officer was able to ascertain that several
      > 'bunches' of dead hens lay near the property's fence. The
      > birds were whole, and the only sign of damage to them was
      > two small holes on the back, through which is presumed
      > that the strange assailant drove its fangs to remove or
      > suck their blood."
      > "Witnesses immediately ascribed the blame for the
      > chicken slayings to the legendary, sinister and mysterious
      > creature known throughout Central America as the
      > Chupacabra."
      > "What occurred two nights ago at the Rodriguez
      > household was immediately associated with an earlier,
      > similar event, in which dead sheep have been found with
      > the same characteristics: twin puncture marks on their
      > necks or back and not a single drop of blood."
      > "Neighbors have rejected the possibility that a
      > weasel, a wolf or a hen-killing predator such as a fox
      > could be considered. What startled them most is that
      > formerly one or two hens would vanish--now 20 did so at
      > the same time." (See the newspaper Extra of San Jose de
      > Costa Rica for March 18, 2004, "Chupacabra exanguinates
      > hens in San Ramon." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y
      > Gloria Coluchi para esto articulo de diario.)
      > "People of a village in" India's Madhya Pradesh state
      > "are facing hostility from an unseen and a mysterious
      > enemy."
      > "The people of Ratria village in Neemuch, a district
      > in western Madhya Pradesh, for the last week have been
      > coping with unexplained fires and stone pelting. And they
      > do not know who is behind this."
      > "Not only the villagers, even the district
      > administration and the police have until now failed to
      > provide any solace to the village."
      > "The village feels that if their problem is not
      > solved soon, they will be facing a shortage of water."
      > "'Our wells have started drying up from fighting all
      > the fires,' one villager said."
      > "Ratria is a village 20 kilometers (12 miles) from
      > the district headquarters of Neemuch, with a population of
      > 1,000 people. Most of the villagers are farmers."
      > "It all started a week ago when a fire suddenly broke
      > out in the village. The villagers did not find anything
      > unusual in the fire. Assuming that the fire resulted from
      > the stub of a cigarette or a short-circuit, they doused
      > it."
      > "But, to the horror of the villagers, the outbreak of
      > the fires soon became very common."
      > "'Fire breaks out anywhere in the village and at any
      > time of day,' says Sirdar Singh Gurjar, the headman of
      > Ratria village. 'We drew water from the wells of the
      > village to douse the fires. The wells have started drying
      > up. Major fires have broken out in the village 11 times
      > in the past two days.'"
      > "According to the villagers, they suddenly had to
      > face a shower of stones."
      > "'Many people have been injured in the stone
      > pelting,' Gurjar said."
      > "The harassed villagers informed the police in
      > Neemuch about the matter."
      > "'I was going to my fields in the normal manner a
      > couple of days ago when stones started hitting me from all
      > directions. I ran for cover,' said Ram Deo, a farmer of
      > the village."
      > "'I thought it was a mischief. But the same thing
      > happened on the following day also,' he said."
      > "Taking the incidents seriously, district police
      > chief Yogesh Beshnukh visited the village. But much to
      > the surprise of Beshnukh, he and his men also came under
      > the shower of stones and had to scamper to save
      > themselves."
      > "'We have deployed policemen in plainclothes in the
      > village. Secondly, we have decided to take scientists to
      > the village to allay the fears of the people. We have
      > also deployed cameramen on rooftops,' said deputy
      > superintendent of police N.P. Varkade, 'We believe it's a
      > mischief.'" (See the Indian newspaper New Kerala Times
      > for March 21, 2004, "Villagers in Madhya Pradesh face
      > mysterious enemy." Many thanks to Krishnari Bai
      > Dharapurnanda for this newspaper article.)
      > (Editor's Comment: We seem to be having a real run on
      > stone-throwing poltergeists lately. There was a shower of
      > stones in barrio Santa Teresita in Saenz Pena, Argentina
      > on February 19, 2004. And on Saturday, March 13, 2004,
      > there was a stone-throwing incident in Bullskin Township,
      > Fayette County, Pennsylvania. For more, see UFO Roundup,
      > volume 9, number 9 for March 3, 2004, "El Pombero causes
      > havoc in northern Argentina," page 1; and UFO Roundup,
      > volume 9, number 12 for March 24, 2004, "Two new Fayette
      > Factor cases reported in USA," page 1.)
      > "A Brazilian pastor has died during a screening of
      > Mel Gibson's controversial film The Passion of the Christ
      > (In Portuguese, O Pasiao do Cristo --J.T.)."
      > "Jose Geraldo Soares, 43, pastor of a Presbyterian
      > church in Belo Horizonte," the capital of Minas Gerais
      > state in southeastern Brazil, "had booked an entire cinema
      > to view the film with his congregation."
      > "Halfway through the film, Sra. da Soares noticed
      > that her husband was no longer moving, and a doctor in the
      > audience confirmed that he had suffered a heart attack."
      > "Friends denied that violent scenes of Christ's
      > beating and crucifixion had caused Pastor Soares' death."
      > "'He was calmly watching the movie next to his wife,'
      > said Amauri Costa, a family friend."
      > "Sra. da Soares noticed that something was wrong when
      > her husband did not reply when she spoke to him during the
      > film."
      > "The couple's two children were also in the cinema."
      > "The film, which opened in Brazil on Friday," March
      > 19, 2004 "has been criticized for the considerable
      > violence in its bloody portrayal of Jesus' final 12 hours.
      > It has also been attacked for alleged anti-Semitism."
      > "But leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Brazil
      > have praised O Pasiao do Cristo as 'an accurate rendition
      > of Biblical events.'"
      > Brunilda Barros, UFO Roundup correspondent in Brazil,
      > reported, "O Pasiao do Cristo has drawn very large crowds
      > here in Minas Gerais. I think every nun in the state has
      > seen this film. It is even doing well in Bahia (state),
      > where Candomble is very strong."
      > (Editor's Note: Candomble is a pagan religion in Brazil
      > similar to Caribbean Santeria.)
      > "The Jews have bitterly attacked this film and Mel
      > Gibson. There have been Jewish demonstrations in Rio de
      > Janeiro and Niteroi but no violence."
      > "Pastor Soares is the second person to die during a
      > screening of the film." On opening day, Wednesday,
      > February 25, 2004, Peggy Law Scott died of heart failure
      > during a screening of the film in Wichita, Kansas.
      > On Monday, March 15, 2004, actor James Caviezel, his
      > wife Kerri and her parents were granted a private audience
      > with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in Rome. During the
      > meeting, the Pope "blessed James Caviezel, the actor who
      > plays Jesus in Mel Gibson's epic, The Passion of the
      > Christ, and encouraged him to continue making inspiring
      > films."
      > "'You are on the right path,' said the Pope, 'You are
      > helping to bring others to the Lord through your work.'"
      > The private audience was a real thrill for Caviezel,
      > 35, who grew up in Des Moines, Washington state and
      > attended Roman Catholic schools. He reported, "We were
      > ushered in and I was fortunate to be able to talk directly
      > with the pope. It was very short, very brief, only a
      > couple of minutes. He had been told who I was ahead of
      > time. He blessed me and, as he did, I began to shake with
      > tears of joy and happiness.'" (See the Brazilian
      > newspaper O Mineirao for March 20, 2004. Also the
      > tabloids National Enquirer and Globe for April 5, 2004.
      > Muito obrigado a Brunilda Barros por eso articulo de
      > diario.)
      > "Thieves made off with more than $300,000 worth of
      > Elvis Presley memoribilia, but like his hit song, they
      > laid off his $1 million blue suede shoes."
      > "The crooks hit the Elvis-A-Rama Museum in Las Vegas,
      > Nevada, using a tow truck to pry open a roll-up door in
      > the back of the building."
      > "Within two minutes, they smashed three display cases
      > with lead pipes and made off with 11 items, including a
      > gold-plated handgun, his high school ring, a gold-and-
      > diamond medallion with his initials and a $77,000 ruby-
      > and-diamond star-shaped ring."
      > "Luckily, the King's prized (blue suede) shoes--which
      > were on loan to the museum--were found behind a shattered
      > display case."
      > "The burglary naturally has the owners all shook up."
      > "'It's devastating,' says Chris Davidson, whose
      > collection is the largest outside of Graceland. 'You
      > can't replace this stuff.'"
      > "His wife Dawnette adds, 'Clearly, they'll take it
      > out of Vegas if they have any brains. We hope not. We
      > hope they're stupid.'" (See the tabloid Globe for April
      > 6, 2004, "Elvis bandits lay off his blue suede shoes,"
      > page 17.)
      > (Editor's Comment: Wow! The Rings of Elvis are missing.
      > Time for another quest. Send out the Hobbits.
      > Hmmm...say, Gollum, you wouldn't know anything about that
      > star-shaped ring, would you?
      > Gollum: "It's MY ring! Mine! My precious! Besides, I
      > deserve it. I can quote every line of dialogue in Viva
      > Las Vegas.")
      > From the UFO Files...
      > 1934: THE MYSTERIOUS
      > LAMA OF LENG
      > In the English language, the first mention of the
      > mysterious plateau of Leng appears in "Celephais" by
      > Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937), which was published
      > in Weird Tales in 1920.
      > Two years later, in 1922, Lovecraft mentions Leng
      > again in his short story "The Hound," hinting that it lies
      > somewhere in a sparsely-populated region of central Asia.
      > In 1927, Lovecraft published the first of his short
      > novels, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath. Here for the
      > first time HPL definitively states that "Leng is a
      > sinister region next to Kadath in the Cold Waste
      > (Antarctica--J.T.)," hinting at "lands and mountains and
      > temples of horror earlier than Asia and earlier than any
      > human world we know."
      > In his Antarctic novel, At the Mountains of Madness,
      > Lovecraft refers to Leng as "a windswept table-land which
      > seemed the very roof of a blasted and tenantless world."
      > Others in "the Lovecraft Circle," such as Clark
      > Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard, also incorporated "the
      > mysterious plateau of Leng" into their stories for "the
      > unique magazine," Weird Tales.
      > So, that's all Leng is--a make-believe plateau
      > dreamed up by H.P. Lovecraft. Right?
      > Maybe. Maybe not.
      > Recently two Fortean researchers have been conducting
      > frame-by-frame analyses of a 1934 documentary film in
      > search of a bald-headed Oriental monk who may be Leng's
      > legendary Chocho Lama, first mentioned by Lovecraft in his
      > stories.
      > In Fortean Times No. 180 for March 2004, writer Jay
      > Nelson disputed a claim that "no Tibetan Buddhist monks
      > could have been found in Hitler's Germany."
      > Jay adds, "There is contrary evidence in Leni
      > Riefenstahl's propaganda (film) masterpiece, Triumph of
      > the Will. Towards the beginning of the film, among the
      > anxious crowds of peasants and fascists awaiting Hitler's
      > arrival, there is a clear, if fleeting, shot of a shaven-
      > headed, black-robed Tibetan monk, standing in front of a
      > sable Buddhist banner. The image is very brief, lasting
      > only several frames, and not mentioned in any article I've
      > been able to find on the Internet."
      > Triumph of the Will was shot on location in Nuremberg
      > by the controversial German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl
      > during the annual Party Day rally in September 1934. Ms.
      > Riefenstahl, who died last year at the age of 100, was
      > criticized for decades by people who felt that her film
      > had glorified Hitler and the Nazis.
      > Jay Nelson found the strange fleeting image "when
      > viewing a video of the movie at a university media lab I
      > worked at some years ago, so I can't say the exact point
      > at which it appears."
      > "This only raises the mystery as the movie was made
      > in the fall of 1934, some four years before the Himalayan
      > quest sponsored by (Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich) Himmler.
      > But if Tibetans were present in Nazi Germany years before
      > the war and even participating in rallies, maybe other
      > rumours so rigorously debunked could be true as well."
      > Jay's report prompted another UK researcher, Tom
      > Ruffles, to view the Riefenstahl film on his own. Tom
      > reported, "Jay Nelson claims to have seen the figure of a
      > Tibetan monk in Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will.
      > Being sceptical, I spent rather longer than was good for
      > my mental health running through the first section of my
      > DVD copy at various speeds in an attempt to spot the
      > elusive Buddhist. I think I have found what Jay has in
      > mind, and he is right when he says that it only lasts a
      > few frames. It is at 9 minutes, 23 seconds on the
      > Moonstone edition, and I'm afraid that it is not quite as
      > unambiguous as he claims."
      > "In fact, it is only the top of a bald man's head
      > seen for a fraction of a second in a crowd gathered
      > outside the house to which Hitler goes after his arrival,
      > where he is shown at a window acknowledging the adulation.
      > This may or may not be a monk holding a Buddhist banner--
      > the banner is furled, so it's hard to determine precisely
      > what it is, but it is definitely multi-coloured, not
      > sable."
      > "As for the black robes, it is impossible to see what
      > the person is wearing, but in the previous shot, a black-
      > uniformed SS-man is prominent in the frame, which
      > dissolves to the brief shot containing the putative monk.
      > so perhaps Jay combined these elements into a black-robed
      > figure. Of course this might not be what he had in mind;
      > many shots showing the crowds lining the route are fast
      > pans of short duration, and the figures are not clear, so
      > I may have the wrong bald head."
      > "Finally, he says that the crowds awaiting Hitler's
      > arrival are 'anxious.' Far from it, all concerned look
      > repulsively enthusiastic."
      > In his book One Foot in Atlantis, William Henry
      > stated that "the Shining Ones," descendants of the
      > survivors of the Cataclysm that sank Atlantis, made
      > contact with the Thule Gesellschaft, the forerunner of the
      > Nazi Party, in the 1920s. It has been theorized that
      > these "Shining Ones" were emissaries from the hidden realm
      > of Shambhala in northern Afghanistan.
      > But there's another possibility. What if initiates
      > from hidden Shambhala had set up a lamasery in Antarctica
      > prior to the Twentieth Century? What if Lovecraft's
      > Chocho Lama was a real person?
      > The "plateau of Leng" has its real-life counterpart
      > in the Ritscher Upland, located between the Princess
      > Martha Coast and the Muhlig-Hoffman Mountains in the Neu
      > Schwabenland (German for New Swabia--J.T.) region of
      > Antarctica. Could this be the location of "Kadath in the
      > Cold Waste," the prehistoric ruins mentioned on many
      > occasions by Lovecraft?
      > Perhaps Leni Riefenstahl's movie camera picked up a
      > fleeting image of the Chocho Lama 70 years ago, while he
      > was in Nuremberg for a private meeting with Hitler and the
      > luminaries of the Thule Gesellschaft.
      > Perhaps Antarctica is not as uninhabited as we have
      > been led to believe. (See One Foot in Atlantis by William
      > Henry, Earthpulse Press, Anchorage, Alaska, 1998, pages
      > 155 and 156; Himmler's Crusade by Christopher Hale, John
      > Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, N.J., 2003, pages 20 to 26; and At
      > the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels by H.P.
      > Lovecraft, edited by August Derleth and S.T. Joshi, Arkham
      > House, Sauk City, Wisconsin, 1985; Also Fortean Times No.
      > 180 for March 2004, page 71, and Fortean Times No. 182 for
      > May 2004, page 73.)
      > Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days
      > for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
      > planet Earth--nd occasionally, Mars--brought to you by
      > "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you then.
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