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[UASR]> Up the Hill Backwards

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  • Terry W. Colvin
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2004
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      < http://www.forteantimes.com/articles/178_backwards.shtml >
      [includes several photos]

      Up the Hill Backwards

      All over the world, certain places are known for their weird
      gravity anomalies. PAUL SIEVEKING rounds up some of the
      most notable, while JIM CONLAN uncovers the folklore behind
      Florida’s best known example, Spook Hill.

      There is a stretch of road in Ayrshire where motorists will
      find special warning signs and meet cars apparantly coasting
      uphill backwards as baffled drivers are confused by their
      senses. Electric Brae, on the A719, nine miles (14km) south of
      Ayr and 13 miles (21km) north of Girvan, is just one of many
      such anomalous spots in the British Isles. The road crosses the
      side of a steep valley and is actually rising slightly, while
      appearing to fall towards a stream.

      Freewheelin' at the famous Magnetic Hill, Lutz Mountain Road, Moncton in
      New Brunswick, Canada. Drivers feel like they're going uphill but need to
      brake, or downhill and need to step on the gas.

      Magnetic Hill, between Ballabeg and the Round Table on the
      Isle of Man, is another surreal slope. Local wags say that the
      odd effects are not down to magnetism, but the Little People
      coming out to push the cars uphill. Then there is Magnetic Hill
      on the A3055 between Shanklin and Ventnor on the Isle of
      Wight, the sloping side entrance to Spelga Dam, near
      Newcastle in County Down, Northern Ireland, and a hill near
      Yetminster in Dorset. Chat, 28 Nov 1987; D.Mail, 26 April
      1994; Isle of Wight County Press, 7+14 June 1996.

      Such apparent gravity anomalies are found all over the world:
      FT has reports from the South Korean island of Cheju Do; near
      Jerusalem in Israel; near Hanging Rock in Australia; on the
      drive from Rocca di Papa to Albano south of Rome; near Porto in
      Portugal; on the Opawica road in southern Poland; on the
      Pinarhisar–Demirköy highway in Turkey; and on the coastal road
      between Simotata and Platie on the Greek island of Cephalonia.
      “Mysteries of Turkey” by Haluk Egemen Sarikaya (1981);
      letter from David Calvert of Stanley, Co. Durham, Sept 1993;
      The Warsaw Voice, 5 Dec 1993; New Scientist, 25 Feb 1995.

      ...more at URL above...

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