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Lech ce III story

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  • uforaport@wp.pl
    Hello Tomek, Nice to see you on the lists. Crystal O helo thank you we had close encounter here in Poland but it was feew months ago . After finde phone number
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2004
      Hello Tomek,
      Nice to see you on the lists.

      O helo thank you

      we had close encounter here in Poland but it was feew months ago . After
      finde phone number to this person I made a phone call to him and tolk with
      him about this story , I have record this phone tolk in mp3 file but it is
      in polish so if you know anybody who know polish around you it could be
      usefull and I can send this mp3 file .
      the strory is here : ( sory for my english )

      11 th august 2003 north poland driver Lech Chacinski drive his car in the
      early houers about 5 o'clock when he saw 3 figures standing on the sshoulder
      of the road in triangule formation what was strange also that they was in
      uniforms like astronauts .
      it was huppend near wery small city Szczecinek where was no active in this
      time on the road
      when he was closed to them he understood that they for sure are not
      astronauts .
      this three figures move and stand in front of his front car window in the
      same triangule formations .
      First personage move up one hand in sing to him and he stoped his car .
      He said also that "somthink" told him to stoped car .
      He opened window in his car and watched how one personage move to him and
      saw that this personage had a helmet with dark window that he could not see
      the fase but he saw big dark eayes .
      on the top of the helmet was some kinde of instalation equipment .
      when he recognized that in front of him are persons not from this world he
      whanted to run but in this moment person near him flash to him kinde of
      strong light from the top of this helmet and like he said "go inside his
      consciousness" and give to him question do he understand him.
      He answer affirmativelly and he was asking to move out from his car .
      when he whent out from his car he saw that spacesuit is in blue colour and
      shoes are in metalic colour and on the (chest- thorax) was rectangular
      instalation equipment with moving ligths .
      they asked him from what kinde of material is made his (strap-belt) his
      clouths and how work his car and he answer also he showed him engine and
      answer how engine work and what kinde of fuel is used .
      after tolk with witness again they stand in trianqule formation and said
      mesage to earth (residents inhabitants) tath earth residents should care
      about one's Earth ,about whater and air becouce if not will be extermination
      It was only one think what witnes ask persons it was where from they are
      come. they answer him that they come from eight galaxy .
      the next they moved and carry up in the air about 2 meters and fly to ship
      which one was about 300 meters from this place and was hovering 3 meters
      over the field .

      this three persons was taken inside this ship in stream of light which one
      apear in the bottom of ship

      after this ship move on the level of 50 meters and start to appear fog
      around this ship and after 1 minut later ship fly away to the sky .

      pleace, before public corect my english

      picture of witnes from
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