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      From: Nick Pope <nick@...>
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      Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 16:30:01 -0000
      Subj: UFO Invasion At Rendlesham


      I've now seen the Sci-Fi Channel's documentary UFO Invasion at
      Rendlesham, and thought I'd offer a few comments, primarily for
      those in the UK, where it hasn't yet been shown.

      Overall I thought it was very good, not least for the obvious
      reason that the length of the show allowed more material to be
      presented in more depth than would have been the case with a
      shorter documentary.

      The producers used two main consultants, thanked in the credits:
      Georgina Bruni and Peter Robbins. Accordingly, the documentary
      drew heavily on material published in You Can't Tell The People
      and Left At East Gate. However, that's not to say that there
      wasn't a lot of new material presented. After a brief overview,
      I'll focus on this new material, and what I see as the key

      Georgina Bruni and Peter Robbins were featured throughout the
      documentary, with other researchers such as Tim Good, Nick
      Redfern and Rich Dolan also offering comments. So far as USAF
      personnel were concerned, Halt and Penniston played the central
      role, with Larry Warren also being featured a lot. Gordon
      Williams, Monroe Nevels and Ray Gulyas gave what I believe to be
      their first television interviews, and Edward Cabansag was also
      featured a fair bit. Civilian witnesses included Gerry Harris,
      and Roy and Marina Webb. No official USAF or MOD spokesperson
      appeared, but Lord Hill-Norton and I were featured extensively
      in a private capacity, giving our personal views on the
      incident, the official investigation, and other relevant points.

      I picked out the following as new or interesting pieces of

      Penniston said that Staff Sergeant John Coffey confirmed to him
      that an uncorrelated radar target had been tracked immediately
      prior to the first sighting.

      With regard to the official USAF witness statements published in
      You Can't Tell The People, Penniston said that he sanitised his
      by choice. Cabansag stated that he was forced to sign his.

      Penniston was filmed with his original notebook, on which he
      said he'd made notes and drawings at the time of his sighting.
      This merits further study. The sketch of the hieroglyphs, for
      example, is rawer than the more tidy version that appears in You
      Can't Tell The People.

      Penniston, Nevels and Gulyas all said that photographs had been
      taken during the various sightings, but that they came back

      Halt and Penniston disagreed over the location of the landing
      site, and then concluded that two separate locations were
      involved. Forester Vince Thurkettle (the original proponent of
      the lighthouse theory) confirmed that the lighthouse would not
      have been visible from this second site. That said, I wondered
      whether Halt or Penniston could really be certain about the
      locations so long after the event, given that the forest has
      changed significantly, most notably as a result of tree loss
      during the so-called Great Storm of 1987, and subsequent

      Halt went further than I've heard him go before in public on
      promoting the idea that some aggressive debriefings were carried
      out using chemicals and/or hypnosis, and that disinformation
      techniques were used.

      Penniston recalled (albeit under regression hypnosis) that two
      people he described as agents of either C8 or DS8 had been
      present during a debriefing involving an injection of Sodium
      Pentothal. I was then filmed explaining that Defence Secretariat
      8 had been the Ministry of Defence's lead department on the UFO
      issue at the time. This division evolved into Secretariat(Air
      Staff), where I worked, so I was a little unhappy at the
      potential implication that my predecessors had engaged in such
      an activity. I should point out that it was public knowledge
      that the departmental lead for investigating UFO sightings lay
      with DS8.

      A few quibbles; some dates were wrong, including (crucially) the
      dates of the incidents themselves, and the date that the MOD
      released documents from the files on the incidents. An
      interesting initiative involving environmental scientist Patrick
      Davison checking the landing site for radiation fizzled out,
      possibly because of confusion over the locations. And the point
      about the then C-inC USAFE General Charles A. Gabriel (who died
      on September 4, 2003) being given the tape recordings wasn't
      really developed as thoroughly as it might have been.

      The documentary is likely to be screened in the UK at some stage
      this year, and I'll post further details of this when I know
      them. In the meantime, Peter Robbins will be writing a detailed
      critique of the show for UFO Magazine in the UK. This will
      address, in particular, some issues relating to the portrayal of
      Larry Warren.

      The end credits finished with the following poignant message:

      Dedicated to the memory of Graham W. Birdsall, Founder and
      Editor-in-Chief UFO Magazine (UK), 7th April 1954 - 19th
      September 2003. He will be remembered for his courage, sense of
      humour, drive, and countless contributions to the field.

      Best wishes and Happy New Year,

      Nick Pope
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