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  • Linette Sukup
    Once again, for the third time, at the risk of something weird happening with my computer, as has occurred in the past, I will ask again: What is the 11:11?
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 5, 2003
      Once again, for the third time, at the risk of something weird happening
      with my computer, as has occurred in the past, I will ask again: What is the
      11:11? Does it pertain to a given month and day? Also, what does it mean to
      be an "elevener?"


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      Meditation Focus

      Special Harmonic Concordance Meditation Focus
      Special Harmonic Concordance Meditation Focus


      This is a Special Harmonic Concordance Meditation Focus for November 8. The
      usual Global Meditation Day, next Sunday November 9 (at the usual time - see
      the current time chart at http://www.aei.ca/~cep/home.htm) will also focus
      on the same Harmonic Concordance experience as we will continue the process
      initiated the day before. A new Meditation Focus will be issued in time for
      the next Sunday, November 16.


      1. Summary
      2. Meditation Times
      3. Important Complementary Information
      4. A special message from Matthew


      1. SUMMARY

      As we approach a major portal of ascension, when it will be easier than ever
      to consciously ascend up to a higher vibrational frequency of Universal Love
      and Unity, millions of Light Servers who have incarnated to assist humanity
      into its aeons-long quest for higher consciousness and spiritual
      realization, are getting ready to merge their hearts, minds and souls into a
      cosmic reunion with the invisible aides from other universal locations and
      dimensions whose mission for Earth's redemption is now nearing a major
      climax. The level of preparation for this event is unprecedented, both at
      the organizational level with literally hundreds of local celebrations
      planned in over 30 countries around the world and, most importantly, at the
      personal level following years of intensive training by countless
      individuals whose inner guidance has led them to remember who they are and
      what they came to accomplish, here and now.

      The exact circumstances and details of what each Light Server will be guided
      to manifest and implement during this global soul alignment with the One
      Source of all Life is of no relevance to what will go on in the secret
      alcove of each being's heart and acutely conscious mind, for no single path
      or method can possibly satisfy the exact needs and be adapted to the precise
      vibrational patterns of every single soul to be involved in this Grand
      Experiment in Ascencional Reacquainting with our true divine nature. So each
      participating soul is invited to simply follow one's heart call in deciding
      how to best join the multitudinous others who will combine the vibrational
      magic of their soul tingling projections of Goodwill, Love and Compassion
      when they will reach the doorstep of this collective harmonic concordance in
      synchronous melding with All That Is, for the Highest Good of all.

      This whole Special Meditation Focus has been archived for your convenience
      at http://www.aei.ca/~cep/HarmonicConcordance.htm

      The French version of this Special Meditation Focus will soon be archived at



      As explained above, the usual meditation time will apply for the Global
      Meditation Day, next Sunday November 9. As for the exact local time at which
      to join this global Harmonic Concordance meditation please review the

      From: http://www.astrosite.com/___1TimingNote.htm

      Time Zone vs. Apparent Eclipse Time

      The Concordance Eclipse will be at its astronomical maximum at precisely the
      same moment in all locations around the world. However, this presents some
      problems to the logistics of coordinating a simultaneous global Ceremony.

      The local apparent time (i.e. your clock time) that you will see the
      eclipse -- for those who can see the moon from their locations -- will be
      different at each longitude/latitude coordinate. For example, in the Eastern
      Time zone, the one covering the East Coast of the United States, the eclipse
      will be visible at widely different times from the eastern edge of the time
      zone to the western border of it. In Bangor Maine, it will be at "visible
      maximum" at 8:58:24 p.m. In New York City, it will appear at 8:33:29 and in
      Dayton Ohio, people will see it reach its absolute totality at 7:52:44. Yet
      each of these cities is in the same time zone.

      Here is the conundrum. Obviously, the optimal moment for any Full Moon
      Ceremony is at its maximum visibility, and those who are in a position to do
      so might wish to be out "under the stars" at the moment of the apparent
      eclipse. However, meditations and prayers held at such wide-ranging times
      might not be as effective as one simultaneous "chord."

      Therefore, in order to raise the One Voice of common intent in the same
      moment, we suggest that ceremonies around the world begin on the hour of the
      eclipse maximum in your specific time zone (see the Time Zone Co-ordination
      List below) with the peak of intention expressed at 13 minutes after the
      hour and last for 12 minutes after the maximum until 25 minutes after. We
      feel that this will insure the maximum "Voice" for this Prayer of Conscious
      Intent and ask that you coordinate your efforts so that you may join with
      hundreds of thousands of others world wide during this time.

      Time Zone Co-ordination List Based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

      *If Daylight Savings Time is in effect in your area, add one hour to the
      time shown below.

      Time Zone Concordance - Observation Time - Concordance Date - Example

      GMT -12 - 1:12:45 pm - November 8 - International Dateline West

      GMT -11 - 2:12:45 pm - November 8 - Mid Pacific

      GMT -10 - 3:12:45 pm - November 8 - Hawaii

      GMT -9 - 4:12:45 pm - November 8 - Anchorage

      GMT -8 - 5:12:45 pm - November 8 - Los Angeles, CA, USA San Diego, CA San
      Francisco, CA Seattle, WA Tijuana, Mexico

      GMT -7 - 6:12:45 pm - November 8 - Salt Lake City, UT USA Las Vegas, NV, USA
      Phoenix, AZ, USA Denver, CO, USA Mazatlan, Mexico

      GMT -6 - 7:12:45 pm - November 8 - Chicago, IL USA Mexico City, Mexico
      Saskatchewan, Canada Central America

      GMT -5 - 8:12:45 pm - November 8 - Bogota, Columbia Washington, DC Lima,
      Peru New York, NY, USA

      GMT -4 - 9:12:45 pm - November 8 - St. John's, Newfoundland Caracas La Paz

      GMT -3:30 - :42:45 pm - November 8 - Mid Atlantic

      GMT -3 - 10:12:45 pm - November 8 - GreenlandBrasilia, Brazil Buenos Aires,
      Argentina Georgetown, Guyana

      GMT -2 - 11:12:45 pm - November 8 - Mid-Atlantic

      GMT -1 - 12:12:45 am - November 9 - Azores, Cape Verde Islands

      GMT -0 - 1:12:45 am - November 9 - London, England Dublin, Ireland
      Edinburgh, Scotland Lisbon, Portugal Reykjavik, Iceland Casablanca, Morocco

      GMT +1 - 2:12:45 am - November 9 - Paris, France Berlin, Germany Amsterdam,
      The Netherlands Brussels, Belgium Vienna, Austria Madrid, Spain Rome, Italy
      Bern, Switzerland Stockholm, Sweden Oslo, Norway

      GMT +2 - 3:12:45 am - November 9 - Athens, Greece Helsinki, Finland
      Istanbul, Turkey Jerusalem, Israel Harare, Zimbabwe Giza, Egypt

      GMT +3 - 4:12:45 am - November 9 - Kuwait Nairobi, Kenya Riyadh, Saudi
      Arabia Moscow, Russia

      GMT +3:30 - 4:42:45 am - November 9 - Tehran, Iran

      GMT +4 - 5:12:45 am - November 9 - Abu Dhabi, UAE Muscat Tblisi Volgograd

      GMT +4:30 - 5:42:45 am - November 9 - Kabul, Afghanistan

      GMT +5 - 6:12:45 am - November 9 - Islamabad Karachi Tashkent

      GMT +5:30 - 6:42:45 am New Delhi, India

      GMT +6 - 7:12:45 am - November 9 - Astana Dhaka

      GMT +6:30 - 7:42:45 am - November 9 - Cocos Islands Rangoon

      GMT +7 - 8:12:45 am - November 9 - Bangkok Hanoi Jakarta If Daylight Savings
      Time is in effect in your area, add one hour to the time shown below.

      GMT +8 - 9:12:45 am - November 9 - Bejing Hong Kong Singapore

      GMT +9 1- 0:12:45 am - November 9 - Seoul Osaka Tokyo

      GMT +9:30 - 10:42:45 am - November 9 - Darwin, Australia Adelaide, Australia

      GMT +10 - 11:12:45 am - November 9 - Melbourne, Australia Sydney Australia
      Guam Vladivostok, Russia

      GMT +10:30 - 11:42:45 am - November 9 - Lord Howe Island

      GMT +11 - 12:12:45 pm - November 9 - Solomon Islands New Caladonia

      GMT +11:30 - 12:42:45 pm - November 9 - Norfolk Island

      GMT +12 - 1:12:45 pm - November 9 - Wellington, New Zealand Fiji Marshall



      The following complementary information coming from various sources is
      provided for your convenience and does not necessarily represent an
      endorsement of what is featured in each of those webpages. Some of it may
      appeal to you, some may not. Yet there are interesting viewpoints in all of
      it, some of which are briefly included along with the Web address to find
      out more.

      The Homepage of the HARMONIC CONCORDANCE
      "Welcome to the home pages of The Harmonic Concordance. This site is devoted
      to a discussion of the astrological metaphors and spiritual meaning implied
      in the horoscope of a moment in our future, the total lunar eclipse of
      November 8/9 2003.* The astrological chart of that moment has a distinctive
      pattern, or "signature," which is visible even to the untrained eye. The
      astrological holograph that the moment projects is fundamentally spiritual
      in nature, and can be understood terms of Quantum Meta-Physics as well as by
      'astro-spiritual' metaphor. It speaks of the descent of God-Consciousness
      upon this plane and offers a moment in time when humankind can make a
      concerted effort to rise up to meet it. We have called this moment of
      attunement The Harmonic Concordance. We believe that it opens an energetic
      "stargate" to the Ascension of Mother Earth, and to each of her inhabitants.
      Many have called the attainment of this paradigm the Shift of Ages. We also
      know that this gate has always been open, to those willing to step through
      it. Although this chart depicts a moment in our future, the energies
      embodied in it can also be used to show us how to activate that moment right
      NOW. Like its spiritual ancestor, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, The
      Harmonic Concordance of 2003 also is a call to the Spirit of Humankind to
      awaken to the idea that we are, in fact, Spiritual beings sharing a physical
      experience. Consequently, ceremonies and celebrations in honor of this idea
      are now being scheduled at multiple sacred sites and pilgrimage places
      throughout the world."

      248 Harmonic Concordance ceremonies confirmed around the world in 30
      (as of Nov 5, 2003)
      >From a few hours to 3 and even up to 7 days events. Many, many more,
      probably over a thousand not reported... This is worth a look!

      A Web Search with "Harmonic Concordance" yields over 5,500 results

      A Web Search with "Concordancia Armónica" yields over 5,180 results

      Information in Spanish and contact people in Spanish countries can be
      accessed at http://www.mind-surf.net/forochaman/encuentro.htm

      Suggestions for Ceremonial Observances
      (...) We have gathered together some suggestions for creating your own
      ceremoniesSthese are generally geared to group activities, but can easily be
      adopted for the solitary participant. We ask you to keep in mind, however,
      that ceremonies are only outer representations of the Sacred. If you do
      nothing else but sit quietly with a pure heart and pure intent during the
      moments of the eclipse, you will have brought the most essential elements of
      all to the observance of this time, your own Sacred Self, in your own sacred
      space. There are many ideals that might offer themselves for contemplation
      and prayer during the moments of the ceremony and the eclipse, when our
      upward reaching energies merge with the descending Divinity of All That Is.
      During those times we would ask that you offer prayers for the realization
      of Peace, Love, Joy, and Healing around and for the planet. In addition, we
      suggest that you focus on enfolding these prayers into a request for:

      × The activation of Unity Consciousness: Experience being one with All
      Creation. We are One.

      × The Ascension of Mother Earth: Visualize her expansion into a higher
      state of awareness, in which she is able to create a harmonious ecological
      balance that benefits her well-being and that of all of her children.

      × The Self Realization of all Humanity: that each of us, in this moment and
      beyond, realizes our inborn divinity and and that we live as the Godlings we
      are - 24/7.

      Suggestions for putting together a formal Concordance Ceremony:

      When it comes to Ceremonial preparations, it is important to remember that
      preparation for the Ceremony is the Ceremony. As we come down to these few
      remaining days before the Concordance, let all that we do between now and
      then be part of that Ceremony. From this consciously chosen perspective, we
      feel and give gratitude, in that ever present moment of NOW, for the moment
      of concordance that has come and gone - with an outcome far grander than
      that which we might have created for ourselves. It is in that consciousness
      that we offer the following suggestions.
      CLIP - Read the rest at http://www.astrosite.com/___CeremonySuggestions.htm

      Project OM for Harmonic Concordance
      This Saturday's webcast during the HARMONIC CONCORDANCE will now begin at
      7:30 pm (NY time) instead of 8. We will be welcoming the astrologer who
      first identified this cosmic event, John Mirehiel. We will still be doing a
      synchronized sound pulse at precisely 8:13pm with sound healer Jonathan
      Goldman. On November 8, 2003 at 8:13 pm (New York Time) we will have the
      opportunity to sound together and anchor in new interdimensional energies at
      a powerful and climactic moment in the Earth's history. It is our great
      pleasure to co-create with you PROJECT OM, a Webcast on World Puja
      facilitated by Jonathan Goldman using our Sound, Light and Love to assist in
      anchoring these new energies for personal and planetary healing and
      transformation. (...) Because of the enormity of this cosmological event,
      the Harmonic Concordance, which some are comparing to the Harmonic
      Convergence and the 11:11, there are literally thousands of websites with
      differing information about this important time. There are also events
      occurring throughout the world to help usher in this new energy. CLIP

      The Harmonic Concordance e-group
      This was created by Jan and Johnny Mirehiel on May 28, 2001. There are 802

      What is the Harmonic Concordance?
      Like its spiritual ancestor, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, The Harmonic
      Concordance of 2003 is also a call to the spirit of humankind to awaken to
      the idea that we are , in fact, spiritual beings sharing a physical
      experience. Ceremonies and celebrations in honor of this idea are now being
      scheduled at multiple sacred sites and pilgrimage locations throughout the
      world. (...) The Harmonic Concordance promises to be one of the world's
      largest events of this kind since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

      NOVEMBER 8th 2003 -- HARMONIC CONCORDANCE - The original one by John
      Scroll to #4 "Earth Changes and Harmonic Concordance this coming November 8"
      to find it.
      On August 28, 1998, John Mirehiel, astrologer, first identified a
      still-to-come moment of great astrological potential. While he was surfing
      the future, using a sophisticated software program that displayed planetary
      positions around a horoscope wheel, his attention was drawn to the patterns
      forming in early November of 2003. As he watched the shifting planets, they
      began to align themselves in a planetary pattern known to astrologers as The
      Grand Sextile, (star tetrahedron ) thought to be highly beneficial when it
      appears in the chart of an individual . In this instance, however, the
      horoscope Mirehiel was seeing was not one for an individual, but rather it
      was a global one, for Mother Earth herself. It was a unique astrological
      chart, representing a moment in time during which we can change the world we
      see, and ourselves, if we so choose. It has been called the Harmonic
      Concordance of 2003. CLIP


      Several Astrological Interpretations of Harmonic Concordance (35 pages+)
      (...) The grand sextile configuration highlights a chart of absolute
      alchemical resolution. No conflict or resistance remains unreleased. This
      resolute energy the Concordance reflects is so inclusive that any notion of
      exclusion, separation or otherness, melts away and dissolves. There are
      squares and oppositions present here, but their activity in truth only
      unleashes the dynamic drive of eternal creation without discordant effects:
      a full concordance in infinitely extending harmonies. Nothing in this chart
      is known in one aspect of its mandalic wholeness that is not simultaneously
      known in all aspects. Every individual psychic-spiritual impulse is
      immediately accessible and capable of full generalization for immediate USE
      by all.

      The 9D Nibiruan Council's November 2003 Update on Project Earth Shift
      (...) Now you are coming to a crossroads at which there are 4 doors leading
      onto four paths. You call it Harmonic Concordance. We like that name. The
      doors represent one of the 3rd, 4th, 5th,and 9th dimensional grids
      respectively. As we said earlier, a dimension is a state of consciousness.
      Another word for a state of consciousness is a reality. So, each door is an
      opening to a different reality. As you focus your intentions on the day of
      the grand planetary alignment, your state of consciousness, your level of
      integration and compassion, will determine which one of the doors you move
      through and which reality you will exist in. CLIP

      WHAT SHOULD WE ANTICIPATE? by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
      We are standing on the threshold of what is being called THE SHIFT OF THE
      AGES. This involves a rare astrological configuration that takes place
      during a Lunar Eclipse. It also includes a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence
      when cosmic cycles within cycles within cycles involving hundreds of
      thousands of years are spiraling into one Universal Heartbeat. This rare
      event is opening a multidimensional doorway into the Divine Heart and Mind
      of God, thus creating a unique moment in time when the focused attention and
      positive expectations of millions of people around the world will have the
      potential of changing the course of history.
      (...) This monumental influx of Light and Divine Consciousness will have
      ONLY POSITIVE RESULTS. This unique experiment is being orchestrated through
      the unified efforts of both Heaven and Earth in an attempt to accelerate
      Humanity's awakening process and Earth's Ascension into the 5th Dimension.
      Our Father-Mother God would not allow this experiment to occur if it were
      going to cause more harm than good. CLIP

      THE SUN IS INTERVENING! by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
      We are entering the final stages of purification and preparation for the
      global event known as Harmonic Concordance. This unique influx of Light will
      take place during the Lunar Eclipse on November 8/9, and will build in
      momentum and power until the Solar Eclipse on November 23, 2003. During that
      time period, a multidimensional portal of Light will be opened into the
      Divine Heart and Mind of God "the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Cosmic
      I AM" All That Is. Once this portal is open, our Father-Mother God will
      flood the Earth with the most intensified frequencies of Divine
      Consciousness Humanity can endure. The Divine Intent of this unprecedented
      experiment is to catapult Humanity into a higher state of Divine
      Consciousness and to accelerate the Ascension of ALL Life on Earth into the
      5th Dimension. Every facet of life in the whole of Creation is aware of this
      Cosmic Moment on Planet Earth, and we are receiving more assistance from On
      High than ever before in the history of time. The God Victorious
      accomplishment of this experiment will result in the creation of a whole new
      octave of Godhood. This will expand the borders of Divinity for ALL Life
      into previously unknown expressions of limitless perfection. CLIP

      WORLDWIDE MEDITATION: Awakening the World Soul!
      (...) This series of unprecedented events are literally raising the energy
      of our planet, which in turn are awakening our consciousness to new levels
      of our personal and planetary potential. This is indeed an exciting time to
      be alive! For those who may be new to this process, there are seven primary
      initiations that are making it possible for us to awaken our soul
      consciousness - joining physical reality with the energy of Spirit in ways
      that we have never known. These initiations were demonstrated in the life of
      a master teacher 2000 years ago - demonstrated for all humans. These
      initiations have nothing to do with a particular religion, but instead
      provide the map of evolution we are now beginning to experience that will
      allow us to blossom and create a literal Heaven on Earth. (...) This process
      of transformation involves a shift for the planet - but it is even more
      important to realize that it involves a complete evolution for each one of
      us as individuals. We are moving out of a system of patriarchy and survival
      into a system of celebrated individuality, oneness and unity. That is the
      potential anyway. In order to move into that potential, we must go through a
      death and rebirthSdying to the old systems, beliefs and defenses that no
      longer serve us. This means that we must each become aware of the ego
      defense we have created which keeps us in fear, limitation and duality. As
      these higher energies are being integrated into our planet, it is forcing
      these lower, denser energies to shift and break up. This is causing a
      "death" to the controls of our ego, as we prepare a way for the Higher Self
      and Soul to awaken within and direct us into true loving, intimacy and
      fulfillment. (...) We are a Communion of Souls. For we are each a soul, a
      mind, a consciousness, a body of glowing incandescent Light. We are both
      male and female, whole and complete within ourselves, yet joined in the most
      deeply intimate communion with every other soul in the Cosmos. The One Soul
      is perfect and we play a part in that ongoing process of perfection. The One
      Soul appeared to become the many and is now becoming the One again, just as
      we are becoming at one again. CLIP

      Message from Archangel Michael (November 2003)
      "YOU ARE THE INBREATH OF THE CREATOR" Transmitted Through Ronna Heman
      (...) There is much excitement about the rare galactic alignment about to
      occur which will be activated by the lunar eclipse on November 8, 2003. This
      event has been named the HARMONIC CONCORDANCE and will have far-reaching
      positive consequences for humanity and the Earth. This alignment will be
      activated by the lunar eclipse on November 8th, and will open a
      multidimensional portal from the Divine Consciousness to your galaxy, solar
      system and planet. The power and momentum of this rarified energy will build
      until the solar eclipse on November 23rd, however the effects of this
      rarified energy infusion will last for time immeasurable, and it will
      accelerate the ascension/evolution process for all of your galaxy. CLIP

      Channeled Message from Thoth as channeled by Sharon Shane
      (...) The energy on the days in November of 8 to 11, 2003 will be very
      powerful indeed. We suggest you take advantage of those days to focus your
      intent. You have worked very hard at cleaning out your closets. Now what
      will you fill your closets with? See? You have cleared the past so you could
      be an empty vessel. What will you fill it with? Start dreaming. Think about
      what it is that's aligned with your Highest Purpose and Highest Good. See
      yourself in the middle and the center of the Star of David, that you call
      the six-pointed star, the Merkaba. See yourself in the center of that
      energy. See yourself in the center of that power. Spin that energy back and
      forth, and to and fro sideways like we have taught you. Spin your intent
      from this center. CLIP


      From: http://www.croftastrologer.com/e-astr.htm

      HARMONIC CONCORDANCE on NOVEMBER 8th, 2003 (October 24, 2003)

      (...) According to several mystics and channels, Earth is ascending with all
      what is alive within it. We know from the sacred teachings of Schools of
      Mysteries that the Creation evolves through specific great ages, which are
      all described with precision. Earth is exiting her 3rd great age: the Kali
      Yuga or darkest time for the soul incarnated in living forms. Prior to now,
      Earth has travelled from spiritual density (1st great age), to astral
      density (2nd great age), which was a notch denser than the 1st one, then to
      the physical density (3rd great age or Kali Yuga). After Kali Yuga, Earth
      returns to astral density (4th great age) and eventually to the final stage
      of this long cycle, the 5th great age (spiritual density). During Kali Yuga,
      physical reality has reached its densest point with the result that when we
      incarnate into human bodies, it is so thick that we loose the awareness of
      our immortal spirit. This causes us to live through so much ignorance and
      suffering and, yet, it is the plan; it is something that we have accepted as
      part of the deal, so to speak. There is a gift in it for all of us, which we
      are likely to understand more and more as we ascend. Now with the power of
      this coming Saturday's New Moon, there is an emphasis toward letting go of
      the heavy, of the unnecessary, of what causes separation. Anyone having had
      epiphanies in their healing journeys will attest that what emerges the most
      spontaneously and quite abundantly then is LOVE. We are made of the
      substances Love and Light. Nothing else can emerge when we dislodge what is
      in the way. As we are experiencing a tremendous lightening of material
      density, our chakras are dancing very strange dances. What I hear from my
      friends therapists or healers about their patients, and I see that as well
      in my own clientele, is that people show strange manifestations in their
      relation to their body. There has been months where people would suffer
      dizziness, other months where they couldn't stay in their root chakra, or
      would feel tired, or their eyes wouldn't see the same way, orS name it.
      These funny feelings had never been there before, didn't respond to usual
      treatments, didn't last very long, and were experienced by many. All this
      seems to be part of the gradual loss of density as Earth emerges out of Kali

      This current New Moon puts an emphasis toward healing the past in relation
      to families and communities. It's time to stop ruminating over and over on
      old frustration, old pain, old injustices that we may have suffered from in
      childhood or at anytime in our life. It's time to come to term with all this
      in a global package as opposed to reviewing everything one by one. It's time
      to stop dragging the past into the future. The heaviness of the past could
      be detrimental to the gift of the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th. It
      is paramount that we realize how crucial it is to come back to present time
      where all the freedom we need is available. When dragging past wounds, we
      can't really heal. We must let go. It isn't easy to radically and profoundly
      let go NOW as we have a sense of security - yes, security - in dwelling in
      what is familiar even if it hurts. Yet we are at an age when it is not life
      as usual. A global initiation is at work with Chiron in Capricorn exactly
      opposing Saturn in Cancer (13 degrees both). The initiation image offered by
      this combination looks like a group of human beings having been moving with
      great difficulty in a sea of mud up to their armpits for a very long time
      without ever seeing a solid shore on the horizon. Finally their salvation is
      in sight, a clear solid ground is within reach with people waving at them
      and, with their hands extended are encouraging them to come over, the mud
      will be rinsed off and a wonderful celebration of love and freedom will be
      offered. Surprisingly some will resist the calling because all they have
      known for so long was walking slowing in the heavy mud and they forgot their
      true place in the universe. They hesitate and some will prefer remaining in
      the mud. This symbol is exactly what is happening during this New Moon. We
      can extract ourself in letting go now to return fully into present time as a
      preparation for the coming Full Moon of the Harmonic Concordance.

      On November 8th, 2003, at 5:13 pm (Pacific Standard Time) we have a Full
      Moon with a total eclipse of the Moon. The Harmonic Concordance is the
      result of how the planets meet in the sky. They create a six-pointed star or
      Star of David (see opening page in my website). When we link together the
      points of the star we get a six-sided figure (hexagon) or Grand Sextile.
      Eclipses activate and amplify energies to a much more visible level than in
      normal times. The Star of David is a symbol of the Heart Chakra and an
      indicator of multiple masteries when seen in an individual natal chart. It
      is part of the sacred geometry opening doorways into inner regions. On the
      points of the star we find the "Eclipsed
      Moon"-Mars-Chiron-Sun-Jupiter-Saturn. The Chiron-Saturn initiation (the
      "mud" to be let go of) is now to be completed into a very rapid liberation
      and a profound awakening for those willing to take the risk to come fully
      into present time, without any attachment of any kind, living in
      consciousness with an open heart and a spirit of oneness, and of community
      with humankind.

      Magical times such as this one are not unique and always belong to a long
      series of special activations going back to the beginning of time. It is sim
      ply the Creation in action toward its full realization. We can't possibly
      understand the invisible thread shaping great ages and cycles but we can
      always benefit now of such opportunities. From this New Moon to the Full
      Moon we have a chance to maximize our observation of ourself and to correct
      any erroneous course of thoughts, feelings, and actions. What does our mind
      do? Is it judgmental? Is it doubtful? Does it repeat negative affirmations?
      It's time to say: "I choose freedom". We must train our consciousness to let
      go now of the past and to celebrate the present moment. We can only shape a
      different future if we stop dragging the past (the mud) into the present.
      The Harmonic Concordance is an opportunity for liberation into the soul
      power; it's a meaningful step into Ascension.


      The following was offered by Samone Michaels <samone@...>

      Harmonic Concordance Meditation

      We have an opportunity on this day and the days that follow to bring about
      positive change and further enlightenment. November 8 - 12th can be
      perceived as an opening in which energy from the cosmos will pour into us
      and Mother Earth. As receivers, we can catch this wave of energy and bring
      about changes that facilitate spiritual growth on an unprecedented scale.

      Whether you decide to join others for this particular meditation or give
      intent, provides a mechanism for your Higher Self to assist you assimilate
      the energies coming forth on these days. However, as many Angelic Beings and
      Extraterrestrials have indicated, the number of people participating plays a
      significant role in how much energy is received in the global consciousness.
      One number that has been given is 144,000 and it corresponds to the number
      of individuals on this planet that come from various star systems with
      specific missions. Another number that was recently brought to my attention
      by and emphasized in Gregg Braden's work is 8,000. This comes from ongoing
      experiments performed by the Global Consciousness Project out of Princeton
      University. They have performed an experiment showing how electronics
      respond to human consciousness. They built 40 devices and placed them all
      around the world and fed the data back to one computer. They first focused
      on the Millennium to use as a way to measure changes to the normal
      consciousness field. They also saw similar spikes in the field a day or two
      before, during and after the 911 incident. You can view the latter for
      yourself at http://www.boundaryinstitute.org

      This and other experiments concluded that the global consciousness
      consisting of 6.1 Billion people is directly affected by the square root of
      1% of the population. That is only 8,000 people! Therefore, the readers and
      friends of the Earth Rainbow Network have a real opportunity to change the



      From: "Suzanne Ward" <suzy@...>
      Subject: A special message from Matthew
      URL: http://www.matthewbooks.com
      Date: 18 Oct 2003

      September 16, 2003

      S: OK, dear, I'm here now for whatever it is you want to tell me. Hello!

      MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, hello yourself! Thank you for coming to the
      computer. As you surmised, since I couldn't cover this in just our chatting,
      it's for the book. I know you're being pulled in a dozen different
      directions, so this will be short.

      I want to address something that isn't known to the degree it needs to be,
      and it starts with the increasing number of lightworkers who are performing
      all manner of light-filled services. Now and then your media throw you a
      bone of that nature-certainly not in that terminology, though!-and as
      welcome as that is, it's as obviously out of place among all the controlled
      "news" releases you're bombarded with as feathers are on a fish.

      We see the ranks of lightworkers burgeoning! Sometimes it is individuals
      who have been touched by the light and are turning their poor choices into
      wise ones. Sometimes it is huge groups, internationally combining in
      meditation and prayer services for peace. Mostly it is the range in
      between, the small groups globally that are growing in numbers and reaching
      out to connect with other likeminded people to assist where specific help is
      needed. We are seeing unity of spirit, unity of high purpose-unity of

      I think these people around the world need to know that they are among
      millions, maybe billions of kindred spirits and in each moment, collectively
      they are generating enough light to place your globe in a bubble, if it were
      possible for you to fashion that. I'm not saying it isn't, but confining
      the light to a bubble is not the best use of it at this time.

      It is not only for spirit reinforcement that these light-generating people
      need to know of their power, but also for encouragement to BEAM their light
      beyond their circles of kindred souls. The many who are unaware of what is
      transpiring beyond their five senses see continuing acts of war, of violence
      and corruption, the mass deaths from disease and starvation, and massive
      destruction to the planet, and they despair in thinking there will be no end
      to this, no hope for their children and grandchildren. You who KNOW that
      the end of all those conditions is nearing must reach out with the truth,
      that Earth is moving into higher frequencies where none of the current
      devastation and desperation will exist. Let the negativity of the despair
      in those individuals turn to the light!

      It isn't necessary to ask others to believe what you know, but to not speak
      out about your knowledge is hiding some of your light under a bushel. Let
      your FULL light beam out from you! I don't mean by preaching at groups, I
      don't mean by proselytizing at individuals. I mean by living with such
      radiance of spirit that others will want to feel that same optimism,
      confidence and joy, and you tell them why you feel as you do.

      With the light on Earth more intense than ever before that anyone in this
      lifetime can recall, people are opening their minds just as they are opening
      their hearts to help ones in distant lands. So you may be amazed at how
      many will ask you to tell them more or may even confide that what you are
      saying confirms their own beliefs that they have been afraid to divulge to
      others. Having someone with whom to share emerging intuitions or long-felt
      silent convictions is a miracle for such souls.

      Yes, some folks may ridicule your offering, so you smile and wish them a
      good day-and mean it. You just may have opened their minds to "seeing the

      Mother, thank you for taking this message and now quickly be on your way.


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    • Jane S. Derry
      ... Wow! You too! LOL!!! I have been seeing this number on my clocks for the past 5 years now. Go by a bank, and it says 11:11. Look at the date, in a
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 6, 2003
        At 08:46 PM 11/5/2003, you wrote:

        >Once again, for the third time, at the risk of something weird happening
        >with my computer, as has occurred in the past, I will ask again: What is the
        >11:11? Does it pertain to a given month and day? Also, what does it mean to
        >be an "elevener?"

        Wow! You too! LOL!!! I have been seeing this
        number on my clocks for the past 5 years now. Go by a bank, and it says
        11:11. Look at the date, in a book, 11:11. Isn't that odd? People tell
        me that it is a code to wake up the Starborn, to let them know what they
        are here for, so they get to their job. I've been told that it has a
        specific meaning to each one, CHANGE is happening. Be ready. Be prepared
        spiritually. Because we are about to shift. Our DNA is changing. And now
        you bring up that ? AGAIN???
        I think you hit it on the head!!! 11:11
        November = 11 11 = the date. Do you
        think we end this with 2003? Interesting!
        It is going to be an interesting week.
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