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    Dear Frits: Wednesday evening on Canadian network TV s program, The 5th Estate, the show profiled 9-11 conspiracies especially the business relations of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2003
      Dear Frits:
      Wednesday evening on Canadian network TV's program, The 5th Estate, the show profiled 9-11 conspiracies especially the business relations of the Bushes and Bin Ladens. I realize our forum focusses mainly on other issues , but I forwarded this message as there are Secret Society connections to all nation leaders and as individuals we are unravelling the media Matrix spun into our minds right now in real time. One excellent website I have found which writes on the Masonic connections is: http://www.dagobertsrevenge.com/
      It is my feeling our matrix, spinning manipulators follow the Hegelian dialectict of Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis ( problem-reaction-solution) and always have two controlled sides to orchestrated conflicts . The very old conflict I point the light on right now is the one between the Catholics and the Templars ( masons). Both are hierarchical in structure and neither will openly finger the other side to bring about an open investigation or explanation of their inner workings. So they are both sides to the same coin- CONTROL. Some may feel that these organizations are just chance creations of society's evolution. But, throw in the UFO, ET ingredient - from the perspective of different-longer timelines, or multidimensionality and we see these secret, global organizations, wielding the power they do, as sinister , ultradeceptive tools used to get something we collectively would not give up, Free Will ? I feel they are aware of the universal law of reciprocation, sometimes stated as the law of attraction, ie. you get what you gave, and they use deception to avoid accountability.Has this been going on since Earth started moving away from the universe's center, approximately 13,000 years ago ? Are we just now figuring our reality out, like Neo does in the Matrix ? I am looking forward to the Nov 8/9 harmonic to observe my brother and sister participants in this grand experiment !

      Subject: 9-11 - THE GREATEST HOAX OF ALL TIME?

      Please note the differences between this and the second strike!! This is absolute proof of Government Complicity!! If Bush saw this on TV, the cameras HAD to be prepositioned before any of this happened!!


      The Greatest Hoax of All Time?

      Here is a piece on Nov 8/9.
      My dearest Brothers and Sisters, Friends in the Christ Mind,

      We are feeling such a wonderful sense of the increased presence of divine love at this time, that we want to reach out to all of you our family and hug you.

      It seems there is a wave rising, and it feels like many of us are on our surfboards waiting to be carried, wildly and uncontrollably to a new shore. The wave is Consciousness and it is carrying us to new heights of awareness. Stay on the board, don't look back or sideways, don't compare your journey with others - this is a solo experience, no comparisons. Stay in Peace and Harmony, in Love with Self throughout the days of this ride of a lifetime.

      The swell started in August and the wave is carrying you now, set to break on the 8th November (Lunar eclipse), to be completed by the 23rd (Solar eclipse). The 8th is the opening of the portal of Concordance (which means Heart). The stars are perfectly aligned first time in 2000 years to a Star of David configuration, signalling great potential for the feminine Christ to be anchored now. The star of David is two inverted triangles/pyramids, symbolically representing the bringing of Heaven to Earth - the coming together of the world and the Kingdom, for those who are ready to experience it so.

      What a blessing it is to be born into this lifetime with awareness, the rewards will be amazing for the individual and all consciousness as we choose love. It is truly worth the effort to be vigilant and use this portal. Unresolved fear, attachment and ego's use of the human senses have kept us locked into this 3 dimensional reality. Now we have the opportunity to use this portal to support the soul's desire to have us willingly surrender to the power of impersonal love.

      How will it look on the other side? We have no idea, we suspect we will feel and greater sense of Freedom, perhaps the world around us will appear to have shifted, or maybe the other way around. All we know is that our personal journey of seven years is peaking at this time. This is the beginning of a new cycle for us, we have both just completed a nine year and are moving into a one year new beginnings. Even before the Concordance was revealed we had a sense that something very wonderful being offered that would allow us to see things differently.

      Our guidance through this time has revolved around the Four Keys to the Kingdom, that are the cornerstone of Jeshuas Teachings, from The Way of the Heart&&.

      My Desire to truly seek to realize my relationship to God.

      My Intention to utilize my time each day to focus on being the Christ incarnate.

      My Allowance that my life is no longer my own to control and I have willingly given it over to the Beloved.

      My Surrender to the recognition that my happiness can only be found in the submission of my will to the Will of God.

      Supported by this message from Jeshua ben Joseph through Jon Marc.

      "This work that I engage with you in is the deepest work possible. It is only about the Atonement. The Atonement is not to make you feel good. It is literally to purify the mind of the grip of the ego, so that God can possess, if you will, your mind, your life, your being - so that you can return to being a creator of the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

      Through a Beloved sister, working with Jeshua and Mary, we have been offered the attached meditation, which you may wish to share during this time.

      Love and Peace

      Suzanne and Roger

      Please visit our web site - www.wayoftheheart.net - for a complete overview of the "WAY OF THE HEART, ELOHIM Journal",
      subscription details, back issues, our personal journey, plus the wonderful spiritual events and journeys for this year and 2004
      Latest Issue of the Journal - FINDING FREEDOM IN A CRAZY WORLD is on sale October 30th.

      "STAR of DAVID" Alignment Meditation 29/9/2003

      Channeled to Heather Mills from JESHUA- JESUS

      Standing or sitting with feet flat on earth (for grounding) in the configuration of "The Star of David" close enough to hold hands comfortably with the person next to you (L hand up R hand down). Play the 7he Mystical Lord's Prayer in Aramaic or say it in English or any other prayer that you are comfortable with, White Light, open Chakras. Taking 3 Deep Breaths

      I want you now to visualise coming from your 3rd eye a beautiful bright Golden light, not yellow but Gold, expanding out horizontally either side of your head where it then turns down in a configuration of light in the shape of an upside down triangle to enter the lower part of the your Heart Chakra.

      Now visualise coming from your Crown Chakra another beautiful bright light, not yellow but a pure Gold radiating out in a horizonal line extending out past your head then turning down, in the shape of another upside down triangle and this enters the top of your heart chakra.

      As this happens, coming from the centre of your Heart Chakra another explosion of beautiful Golden light (carrying with it all Our LOVE) this radiates out horizontally past our bodies and then it turns automatically, heading back towards the Crown Chakra extending a little further creating "The Star of David" as it reaches its pinnacle it connects with the point of the "Star of David" in the galaxy and as this occurs a Bright Golden Light (like a laser beam) shoots back down, going through all our Chakras back into Mother Earth. "AS IT IS ABOVE, SO BELOW"

      Going through the brilliant White of the Crown Chakra, the Violet Purple of the 3rd Eye, the Sky Blue of the Throat Chakra, the Beautiful Emerald Green of the heart Chakra, the Golden yellow of the Solar Plexus, the rich Orange of the Hara, and the Ruby Red of the Base Chakra, connecting all of us with Our Creator and the Universe plugging in to the feminine aspect of the Christ Energy anchoring it to the planet.

      As this group Energy begins to flow, visualise Our Planet in the centre of our "Star of David" formation, and aimed towards Her is a beautiful Beam of Pink Light coming from Our Hearts carrying with it a wonderful sense of LOVE and PEACE extending out, encompassing all the World connecting with all other groups sending this wonderful Healing Energy to Our Mother Earth and Her Children.

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