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Harmonic Concordance

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  • Darren-George: Walker
    Hello Frits: In conjunction with past posts about Mayan observations, here is a humdinger! Circle your calenders the Native Indians may be right! Best wishes!
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      Hello Frits:
      In conjunction with past posts about Mayan observations, here is a
      humdinger! Circle your calenders the Native Indians may be right!

      Best wishes!

      > (good idea to read this one to the end)
      > On August 28, 1998, John Mirehiel (pronounced Ma-RAY-he-el), astrologer,
      > first identified a still-to-come moment of great astrological potential.
      > While he was surfing the future, using a sophisticated software program
      > displayed planetary positions around a horoscope wheel, his attention was
      > drawn to the patterns forming in early November of 2003.
      > As he watched the shifting planets, they began to align themselves in a
      > planetary pattern known to astrologers as The
      > Grand Sextile, (star tetrahedron ) thought to be highly beneficial when it
      > appears in the chart of an individual . In this instance, however, the
      > horoscope Mirehiel was seeing was not one for an individual, but rather it
      > was a global one, for Mother Earth herself. It was a unique astrological
      > chart, representing a moment in time during which we can change the world
      > see, and ourselves, if we so choose. It has been called the Harmonic
      > Concordance of 2003.
      > The context in which the Harmonic Concordance information is presented
      > happens to arrive in the language of western, geocentric, tropical
      > astrology. The chart for that moment is rife with astrological details
      > encoded in this specific date. The metaphors to which those details refer
      > describe a moment in which a great shift in conscious awareness may well
      > take place. It is very interesting to note, however, that this year
      > and this day (November 8th or 9th depending on where you are located in
      > relation to the International Date Line), if not this exact clock moment,
      > have clearly been anticipated within the framework of other traditions as
      > well.
      > The Shifting World of 2003
      > In the years since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, José Argüelles and
      > wife, Lloydine, have been campaigning for a calendar reform that would
      > us on a Thirteen-Moon Calendar, to complete the necessary realignment of
      > humanity to the cycles naturally experienced by the Earth. They believe
      > this is necessary if we are to avoid crashing into "the wall" of the 2012
      > necrosphere. Interestingly, they tell me that on November 8, 2003, we will
      > have exactly one galactic spin cycle left (as reckoned in the Mayan
      > Calendar) to complete the realignment of humanity to the cycles naturally
      > experienced by Mother Earth. But noted Psychic Silvia Browne has said the
      > 2012 date itself is erroneous; that confusion arising over western
      > systems has led to our belief that 2012 represents the last noted year of
      > the Mayan Great Calendar when, according to her guides, 2003 is the
      > corresponding Gregorian year.
      > Yet another commentator, posting on the "Troubled Times" website, says
      > the "significant event" calendar date line, supposedly encoded into the
      > architecture of the Great Pyramid, terminates abruptly at the end of the
      > year 2003. Even some Christian ministers claim that the prophecies of
      > predict that the "End Times" will arrive in 2003.
      > Peruvian shamans of the Q'ero line (a lineage shared by both the Inca and
      > the Apaches), descendants of those who fled into the high Andes to escape
      > the Spanish conquistadors, have told shaman-psychologist Dr. Alberto
      > Villoldo about the occurrence of an important event in the late fall of
      > 2003. At that time, which they say will mark the end of the current, and
      > final, "Pachakuti" (a period of cleansing, when everything is turned
      > down), it is said that a tear, or hole in the fabric of time will appear,
      > and that those who have prepared for it will be able to walk through it
      > into their luminous bodies.
      > Another author, "time researcher" Preston Nichols, who has studied time
      > consciousness as they are shaped by frequencies and magnetic fields, has
      > pinpointed 2003 as the significant year at the other end of the "time
      > wormhole" that was first opened by the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943.
      > And Starr Fuentes, master healer and teacher in the "curandera" tradition,
      > who works with similar metaphors of frequencies as the causal factors
      > physical manifestation, says that she was alerted to the importance of
      > November 8, 2003, by her own teacher in 1964.
      > The affirmations and confirmations of the importance of this time by these
      > and other well-known seers, mystics, psychics, and researchers, as well as
      > those of many private individuals, clearly indicate the power of the
      > Harmonic Concordance Moment to stand at the hub of a wide variety of
      > converging timelines.
      > Some Astrological Factors
      > In linear time, the Harmonic Concordance Moment of November 8-9, 2003,is
      > presently a future astronomical event that will occur at the precise
      > when a Total Lunar Eclipse completes an astrologically beneficial
      > configuration known as the Grand Sextile. Like other previously announced,
      > spiritually significant times (most notably the Harmonic Convergence
      > mentioned above), the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 will pull a great many
      > people into a prayerful alignment, at one moment, with a focused intent of
      > higher spiritual purpose. In this case, the larger purpose is the
      > of Mother Earth and her awakened inhabitants.
      > I have been a practicing astrologer and spiritual seeker for more than 30
      > years. As the discoverer of the chart, I have identified many individual
      > astrological details that are in play at the moment of the Concordance
      > Eclipse. My experience tells me that those factors, when taken all
      > confirm a promise of hope, joy, unity, and transformation.
      > Nor am I alone in this astrological assessment of the Harmonic Concordance
      > chart. Astrologers of all rank, from the world famous to novice, have
      > been inspired by, written of, and spoken about its enormous potential. The
      > spiritually inclined, in particular, are invariably impressed by the power
      > and purpose expressed in the chart.
      > The Spiritual Meaning
      > Although this astrological chart is set for our future, the ultimate
      > perfection of that ascended world exists right now. Many metaphysical and
      > spiritual traditions have long told us that Time is the great illusion;
      > that, in fact, all time "happens" in the simultaneous NOW. If that is so,
      > then this "future" moment of ultimate balance, power, and peace is
      > to us in the present. As such, it behooves us to claim that moment now.
      > we can accept the idea that that perfect world is co-existent with the
      > somewhat different exterior "reality" that most of us see, then we must
      > accept the possibility that we can change that exterior projection. To
      > acknowledge that we are the ones responsible for the appearance of that
      > projection means that we must begin to understand what immense and
      > creative beings we are. Unfortunately, we often have trouble accepting
      > thought, even though the avatars and exemplars throughout the ages have
      > us this is so.
      > One major block to this realization lies in our persistent belief in solid
      > space and linear time. However, if you can conceive of how it might feel
      > live as an Ascended Master in an Ascended World, you can step through a
      > in time, anytime, and bring that existence back into your daily
      > right then and there, here and now.
      > The Harmonic Concordance chart portrays a multi-dimensional mandala in
      > sacred geometry, offering a variety of these reminders through symbols
      > are significant in many different belief systems. It contains, for
      > a two-dimensional representation of the 8-pointed star that is called the
      > Merkaba, the symbol that represents the Light Body form as seen by those
      > can perceive on this level. Practitioners of the Merkaba meditation
      > essentially visualize rolling their light bodies through time, from one
      > present moment into the next. This exercise allows them to stay in an
      > eternally perfect present, while learning how to work with new energetic
      > concepts of time.
      > Conscious Intent and Change
      > In The Seth Material, Seth, speaking through the late Jane Roberts,
      > that what he calls "temporal consciousness," or time, is essentially a
      > dimension of action. This certainly seems to have been demonstrated by
      > recent mass consciousness experiments on Art Bell's "Coast to Coast" radio
      > show. The background to these experiments was research conducted by the
      > Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Institute, which has placed
      > thirty-two data-recording instruments around the world to pick up changes
      > the Earth's field. On 9/11, a couple of hours before the first plane
      > the World Trade Center, the Princeton group reported, there was a
      > significant perturbation, or change, in this field.
      > Inspired by this indication that a field of mass consciousness exists
      > carries some sentience about the outcome of human events, Bell and his
      > host, George Noory, issued specific requests to their vast numbers of
      > listeners challenging them to act collectively in order to deliberately
      > influence that field of consciousness to achieve a positive outcome.
      > At the time of this writing, the last such challenge issued was for the
      > audience to visualize a resolution to the Washington "Sniper Crisis," such
      > that the situation would be resolved quickly and no one else would be
      > The two suspects who are now in custody were arrested in the early morning
      > hours immediately following this show. No one was injured in the capture.
      > This event is only the last in a long line of "coincidences" of many types
      > that show us that the Concordance message is indeed an open invitation to
      > play in the field of temporal dimension. Why not do so in the most
      > possible manner?
      > Which is precisely the point. The great promise of this Harmonic
      > Moment is that its potential may be assessed at any moment.
      > Quantum physicists speak of "nonlocal" reality as comprising the basic
      > structural "field" that supports and sustains all life. In this reality,
      > time and space do not exist. This is the place from which we are able to
      > the Universal Perfection in All That Is; and it is from this vantage point
      > that we can step through the Concordance paradox and into a divine state
      > existence, right now.
      > Spirit will respond to any individual up-reach, at any time. This is the
      > symbolism inherent in the interlocking triangles of the Star of David
      > pattern. It is therefore the great paradox of the Concordance Moment that
      > you wait until November 8, 2003, to experience it, you might well miss it
      > completely!
      > John Mirehiel
      > (P.S. From the view of PATRICIA DIANE COTA-ROBLES This is what will be
      > happening:
      > The Spiritual Hierarchy has revealed that 2003 is the year that is
      > for the global shift of consciousness we have been anticipating for the
      > 50 years. There is going to be a Galactic alignment that will open a
      > multidimensional portal of Divine Consciousness into the Heart and Mind of
      > the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Cosmic I AM-All That Is.
      > During that rare moment, the Cosmic I AM will flood the Earth with
      > unprecedented frequencies of Divine Consciousness and lift every man,
      > and child a quantum leap into the remembrance of the Oneness of ALL life.
      > That rare Galactic alignment will occur on November 8, 2003. There will be
      > Star of David and other complex formations in the Heavens during a Lunar
      > Eclipse that will be 18 degrees Scorpio.)
      > On July 18, 2002 a crop circle unofficially dubbed the "Harmonic
      > Crop Circle" appeared, which many felt was a response to work being done
      > around the ideas of the Harmonic Concordance.
      > Astrological Configuration of the Harmonic Concordance Moment, November
      > 2003
      > When affording Chiron planetary status, the Moment contains a near perfect
      > Grand Sextile/Star of David pattern in Earth and Water signs, featuring
      > six planets that offer the precisely appropriate energies for a planetary
      > shift in consciousness: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Chiron. I
      > frequently asked what relationship November 8-9, 2003, has to the Harmonic
      > Convergence of 1987. José Argüelles, the well-known interpreter of ancient
      > Mayan texts, called the world's attention to the 1987 event as being
      > exceptionally propitious for the spiritual growth of humankind. The
      > Concordance of 2003 also offers us an exceptionally propitious Moment (and
      > one shared throughout every time zone) for the further graduation of
      > humanity as a whole, and for Mother Earth as well. In this sense they
      > the same lineage.
      > J. M.
      > "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it
      is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident." Arthur
      Schopenhauer, Philosopher, 1788-1860

      > ----Salus Plebeyos Suprema Lex----
      > The Joy of Those Who Create is the Supreme Law
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