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  • Frits Westra
    Posted by : Terry W. ColvinThe Day After Roswell by Philip CorsoOctober 1997Original subject: Re[2]: TML - Starship Nuked over
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 1999
      Posted by : "Terry W. Colvin" <fortean@...>

      "The Day After Roswell" by Philip Corso

      October 1997

      Original subject: Re[2]: TML - Starship Nuked over Nevada.
      Hi Terry. As you know, I like a good question.
      > ... What are your opinons on the following:
      > 1. Roswell, past, present, and future (the "real event(s), media hype, etc)

      Something happened in 1947, probably tracer fire brought down one craft
      attracted to the area by EMP's[electromagnetic pulse from nuclear testing].
      The craft was ET, probably from Chant's meteors. I'll spare you my
      convoluted reasoning, which you have probably seen anyway. There were
      many craft downed, they did not expect attack and were very friendly,
      each group on arrival seemed quite naive about their relationship with us.
      (Suspect we had some more Chant's type incomings in early May 1995.)
      **=Terry's comments
      **Yes, tracer fire or radar convergence over the nuclear test sites.
      **Several craft were downed, especially in the 1950s. A few have been
      **disabled in recent years. Too bad Leonard Stringfield has died as he
      **was one of the best researchers in ET craft crashes.
      It is all still being covered up because of fear of aliens, fundamentalism
      and conservatism, compounded by commercial desire for new technology by
      corporations who have a LOT of clout in DC, supported by the Pentagon
      which is genuinely concerned about incursions and abductions.
      **I agree the status quo always seeks the conservative side in viewing
      **new events. Just as the Pharisees did during the ministry of Jesus Christ.
      **The book, _The Day After Roswell_ by Philip Corso, an Army officer with
      **access to Roswell et al technology and lab reports, is a good read. It
      **has my recommendation on several grounds. The reverse engineering scenario
      **seems very plausible, as does the infighting between the Army, Navy, and
      **later the Air Force; and the distrust of the CIA's hidden agenda is well
      **founded, too. Likely places of origin: Mars, Jupiter or Saturn. Likely
      **relationship to us: descended from life on this planet, or we are both
      **descended from common, ubiquitous stock.
      **The influence of elemental/satanic forces on the planet cannot be
      **discounted. Some of the reports reflect the mythology of old which
      **seem to be veiled in a new technological veneer.
      I think the autopsy footage is genuine. I'd like to know of a website
      where I can examine the writing on that beam.
      **Yes, perhaps government disinformation to muddy the waters. There must
      **be several websites with opinions on the autopsy footage. I wish the
      **messages on the SKEPTIC, Forteana et al mailing lists were archived.
      **I do have some access to some messages on the Dinosaur list.
      I am not familiar with the minutiae of Roswelliana. I do however
      recognize that there are many unique correlation's between EBE and
      Hebe of Greek mythology, suggesting that the case is genuine and
      that by the early fifties someone else had figured that out too.
      **The Roswell buzz has dropped off dramatically. More analysis and less
      **speculation/hype/hack writing is needed to weed out the obvious
      **fictional parts. Bob Spickza, here where I [used] to work, says
      **his father (now deceased) witnessed the activity around Roswell in 1947.
      ? 2. 13 March 1997 inverted "V" UFO over Phoenix, Arizona
      Demeter, giant craft based within the Earth that manage the planetary
      ecology and implant people so they can help from on the ground. Flown
      by reptiles and enhanced humans. Highly benevolent. Probably over
      Phoenix to investigate recent new architecture there.
      **I'll send the latest from Corliss' Science Frontiers which gives
      **more details on the observer locations, timelines, and light details.
      **Where on Earth are there bases large enough to handle secreted craft
      **of these sizes? What new architecture?
      Archetype of the Xian "Mary". If a craft of that type came into this
      district I suspect I'd be able to speak with it telepathically. We've
      got what seem to be the bloody Dows instead at the moment, well ahead
      of us but not up to the technical levels of other groups. They seem to
      prey on contactees, viz they are "dark elves" rather than "good fairies".
      **What are Dows? Why so much variety in psychosocial levels?
      I am not sure if you have seen my son's account of his encounter in
      Aug, if not I'll send it on to you. There are encounters happening
      right here in this district now. Tomorrow night I am doing a stakeout.
      UFO's seen include an orange glow and something that hovered emitting
      sparks, while abductions were later reported nearby.
      **Yes, please send the account of your son's encounter.
      > 3. and Corso's book, _The Day After Roswell_?
      Have not read it, but seen lots of comment on it. I figure
      transistors would be "discovered" quickly if someone had the
      device and put the components through a mass spectrometer,
      since it was the components that mattered ( Se Ge ) here,
      the structure itself being simple.
      **Did you get the reviews?
      I have just read "The Uninvited" by Nick Pope. I believe it summates
      the abduction situation very well. Have you read it?
      **No, I have not. Nick Pope was the MOD guy who seriously looked at
      **UFO reports in England?
      Thanks to Greer and others, people who have been wage slaves all
      their lives are realizing that they can now write a "I kissed an
      Alien Frog and lived to Tell" UFO confession book and retire very
      comfortably indeed. Give it a thought Terry! ; )
      **My writing skills are outweighed by my conscience. I would like
      **to write something about the "connections" between all things,
      **sort of like the books of Charles Fort.
      Greer says the US Govt are not involved, those attacking UFO's
      and propping up the coverup are big corporations. What think you?
      As far as I can see, it is the Pentagon behind those big laser
      programs, and a lot more.
      **Big corporations are the real powers behind governments. I haven't
      **read much on the Trilateral Commission lately. Conspiracy theory is
      **too easy to piece together -- real evidence is hard to present in an
      **intelligent way.
      Apart from the autopsy stuff, it was my mention of blue beam
      transporters on the updates list that got out the disinfo corps,
      or so it seems. The Others do seem to have the ability to propagate
      matter along line-of-sight through vacuum or air. They can also
      use this on the ground to transmit messenger-molecules or something
      more elaborate directly into the body. Now and then it hits the
      optic nerve in the retina and blindness results. No wonder the
      MIBs wear sunglasses. : )
      **This is the first I've heard of laser beams transmitting stuff
      **directly into bodies. Where are you getting this information?
      I have stuffed up and lost the CDROM address for buying my
      articles you sent me - not a hard drive failure but a failure
      of the computer that housed it. Any market addresses you can
      suggest for scripts, books, articles or files would be appreciated
      and promptly followed up. (Before I lose them again.)
      **I'm sharing a steenkeen guvmint computer now [not anymore] so archived
      **material is not accessible. I have almost all the good stuff on
      **diskette at home. Meanwhile, also looking forward to feedback.....

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