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Filer's Files #26

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  • Frits Westra
    Filer s Files #26 -- 1999, MUFON Skywatch Investigations George A. Filer, Mutual UFO Network Eastern Director, July 1, 1999, Majorstar@aol.com (609)
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      Filer's Files #26 -- 1999, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
      George A. Filer, Mutual UFO Network Eastern Director,
      July 1, 1999, Majorstar@... (609) 654-0020

      METEORITE STORM - NASA warns that the earth may be headed into two
      meteoroid swarms that could produce shooting stars for the next week.
      The meteors might be difficult to see visually (some are expected
      during the daytime) but HAM radio operators will be able to monitor
      these showers using radio reflection techniques. Some operators also
      claim they are picking up unknowns. Besides sightings we try to
      provide controversial view points to our readers concerning UFOs.
      Recent sky watches have been successful and we encourage the reader to
      go out and look for UFOs in our skies. The best results occur where
      you have vistas that over look bodies of water, valleys, or large
      fields. The UFOs are often very low in the sky.

      I look forward to meeting you at the MUFON Conference in Washington

      NEW YORK

      MANHATTAN -- My name is Katherine. I was at my friend's house and I
      swear, this is not a joke, we saw a cigar shaped unidentified flying
      object tumbling in the sky. Following it was an Air Force chopper.
      This has happened numerous amount of times. We live in New York, on
      the island in Midtown Manhattan. Thanks to Katherine.


      WILLIAMSTOWN -- On June 23, 1999, as my husband and I were leaving the
      VFW building we noticed a meteorite streaking low across the sky at
      9:30 PM. My spouse was talking to a friend of ours and did not see
      it. By the time I told them to look, it had burned out. This
      meteorite was just above the telephone poles moving horizontally in
      front of distant buildings. I was amazed that it was so low in the
      sky. It was bright green with a light green tail. I observed for
      about 3 seconds before it burned out. I was amazed by the green
      color. The previous ones I've seen were white. Thanks to Evelyn
      Galson evelyngalson@...


      KRUMSVILLE -- Steve Tzikas MUFON VA writes: "The activities undertaken
      on June 25 and 26 had several accomplishments." 1) We observed a UFO
      at the Mt.. Carmel home of Dr. Greco. The object was approximately
      200 feet over a hilltop and traveling 200 miles per hour. It appeared
      to be a small propeller driven plane with white, red, and green lights
      until the object reversed itself 180 degrees. Dr. Greco has had
      asserted consistent frequent weekly and monthly sightings of low
      altitude, slow flying (30 miles per hour) objects. They fly over the
      mountain/hill tops in this area at approximately 1/2 to 3/4 mile
      distance. His front yard has a panoramic view of the mountains.
      Schuylkill and Berks counties have a long history of alleged UFO
      sightings. Those alleged at Dr. Greco's home seem consistent in
      frequency of appearance and an excellent opportunity for further
      study. Dr. Greco is a longtime well-known UFO investigator and his
      sightings were confirmed this weekend by investigator Steve Tzikas and
      the well-experienced eyewitness Bob Tarantino. Dr. Greco has been
      active in MUFON and had investigated the Williamsport, PA sightings.
      Steve has been doing a great deal of historical and background work on
      this case. July 23 (Friday) and 24 (Saturday) are tentative dates for
      further sky watches. Thanks to Thanks, Steve Tzikas MUFON VA


      ATLANTA - On June 19, 1999, at about 4:32 AM a female resident of NE
      Atlanta was driving home. Her home is located in one of the older
      established neighborhoods just west of the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport.
      As she approached her house, she noticed a greenish-blue glow coming
      from the trees behind the homes opposite. She indicated these trees
      may be 40 to 50 feet high. As she looked more closely, the glow then
      streaked away from the trees, moving to her front left, creating a
      glowing arch that was about as long as the width of two of the homes.
      She indicated that it was about 1/2 the thickness of a rainbow you
      would see after a rainfall. It happened in about 6 seconds and then
      disappeared. At first she thought some kids may have been shooting
      some sort of fireworks, but she got out and listened but no one was
      out in her neighborhood. She agreed to meet with MUFONGA
      investigators. PLEASE NOTE: Peter Davenport of NUFORC is reporting
      several other bizarre sightings during this same time period. One
      involved an incredibly bright object as witnessed up close by a family
      and a retired USAF C-141 pilot in Utah. Thanks to Tom Sheets State
      Director MUFONGA.


      Kenny Young reports that Billy Grave's wife, eleven year old son,
      mother and Bill saw something in the sky Saturday at 7:15 PM, that
      appeared to be a hang glider but it was all black against a white
      overcast evening sky. We could only see it for a few seconds because
      of the trees. We were curious to see if anyone else reported any
      sightings of this nature. Thanks to Kenny Young
      http://home.fuse.net/ufo/ and Billy Graves BTG53@... wrote


      BUCHAREST -- International French TV channel 5, gave the news on
      Tuesday, June 29, 1999, of a UFO sighting over Bucharest, Rumania.
      Clear footage was aired of the UFO and I was able to record some of
      it. The comments were that the local authorities confirmed that it
      was a flying object of unknown origin, and that a similar object has
      been observed two years ago at the same spot. TV 5's own news service
      didn't mention it anymore, other news programs from TV 5 (Belgian TV,
      Swiss TV, French A2, French FR3, French-Canadian TV) CNN, Australian
      TV, Hong Kong TV, Portuguese RTPi didn't mention it. Nothing on it
      from the APTN and Reuters feeds. Why didn't the other media use it or
      want it? This kind of story attracts people, for sure! I work in TV
      with pressures and censure every day, but I cannot understand this?
      Don't tell me there is an MIB in every news room of the World. Thanks
      to Jean-Michel Mariojouls China Skywatch Director jmexit@...


      Excellent investigator Bob Durant writes concerning Filer's Files #25
      that quotes NATO pilots who claim the Belgium case was caused by a
      secret aircraft. Bob says, "I have spent a great deal of time
      studying the Belgian UFO wave of 1989-90, and wrote two articles on
      the topic that were published in the MUFON Journal. The case remains
      one of the best documented and puzzling in the UFO literature. The
      reason ufologists "believe" the Belgian government is precisely
      because of the quick and extremely thorough briefing they gave the
      public after the events. This included the technical radar data from
      the ground stations as well as the critically important tapes of the
      cockpit weapons control radar and flight data on the two interceptors.
      Add to that the tapes of the radio transmissions from and between the
      interceptors and ground stations. There is a vast amount of data
      available. Unfortunately, your correspondents seem ignorant of it. Of
      course the possibility of a secret aircraft was given the greatest
      consideration. This was before the interceptors were launched as well
      as during the months that followed. The sightings began six months
      before the interception attempt, and continued for several months
      after. Nobody suggested a European craft, simply because all involved
      knew very well that no craft with the performance parameters of the
      UFO was being produced in Europe. Speculation about secret craft
      focused on American airplanes, particularly the Stealth fighters.
      That's because investigators -- unlike your correspondents -- knew
      what they were talking about. Ten years have elapsed since the events
      in question. That's a very long time in aviation technology. So where
      is this fantastic European craft that ten years ago vastly
      outperformed the F-16? If only your correspondents would read the
      details of the intercept, they would appreciate the absurdity of the
      "secret aircraft" explanation. The intercept was carried out at low
      altitudes over very densely populated areas. This is not a test over
      the uninhabited Nevada desert. Terrible risk was taken, and taken
      only after repeated consultation with NATO members. General DeBrower
      and the Belgian Minister of Defense continue to answer inquiries by
      saying that to this day they have no idea what the UFO was. I find
      particularly offensive George Filer's editorial comment, "We gain
      little by pushing reports that may not be true. Certainly, UFOs could
      have been involved, but within NATO military circles this version of
      the report is considered true." Really? Exactly which military
      circles, George? A couple of pilots who were still in high school
      when the events took place? And who tell an impossible story? I
      prefer the mountain of technical data, and the "circles" of the likes
      of General DeBrower and the Minister of Defense. The UFO enigma
      continues to suffer from credulity. It seems that no story is too
      crazy to be believed -- and published without a second thought. This
      "explanation" of the Belgian event(s) is an example, but with a twist.
      Here the rush to accept an explanation for a UFO case that is at odds
      with the facts and common sense is coming from within the "research
      community." Historically, this sort of bunk emanated from Project
      Bluebook. You people almost make me nostalgic for the old days of
      "weather balloon" and "Planet Venus." Thanks to Bob Durant MUFON.
      Editor's Note: I wish to point out that I heard similar stories from
      NATO pilots indicating the Belgian triangles were our secret aircraft
      with special radars. It is certainly possible that the Belgian
      government was kept out of the loop at the time and NATO pilots were
      given false info. It certainly could be UFOs?


      BORDENTOWN, NJ -- George Pronesti writes I have been interested in UFOs since
      I was a kid. I have read every book, report, alleged government document,
      briefing's, etc., that I could. I have watched numerous UFO videos and
      listened to just as many audio tapes concerning this great mystery. I have
      built up what I consider to be a better than average knowledge of ufology. I
      attended Pat Marcatillio's UFO conference and had the pleasure of meeting Mr..
      Derrel Simms, a leading UFO researcher and investigator, whose work deals
      with alien abduction and alien implants. His presentation was fascinating.
      Mr. Simms is a person that takes his work seriously, and it shows in his
      work. He fills you in on his background as an investigator and with an
      occasional joke or bit of humor, he gets "in to it." The lecture itself
      deals mostly with the removal of "alleged alien implants." Simms always
      refers to the implants as alleged, because as he states quite honestly it is
      still not known what they really are. He does not try to impress upon you
      that they are the "smoking gun" we have all been waiting for. What he does
      do is clearly show us that these things, whatever they may be, are being
      found in the bodies of human beings. In parts of the body, that would make
      it hard for these things to get into by accident. One example is that of a
      woman that had two deeply embedded behind muscle tissue in her toe. Another
      gentleman had one removed from the top of his hand near the wrist area. All
      of this and more is presented to the audience on slides, clear crisp and
      professional work, not the blurry unfocused shots we are often shown. Simms
      also devotes time to a question and answer session, never dodges any question
      asked, and his knowledge is evident in his answers. He also recounts in
      detail how he was able to come about some of the evidence he has in his
      possession. For example the tiny egg shaped device that fell from a woman's
      eye, when she bent over in work. The small piece of machined "metal" a
      supposed piece of the Roswell debris, the "surprise" of the evening is
      when Simms allows us to see all these little mysteries, that he has encased
      in glass. The presentation was informative, intriguing, and unique. I left
      that evening feeling as though, I was just let in on a little secret, a
      secret that millions don't yet know about, and may never know. Although, I
      still don't have the answers to the UFO mystery, I feel now like I know a
      great deal more about it, thanks to Derrel. continue with your excellent
      work. Thanks to George l. Pronesti. Simms will be speaking for 5 nights in
      Manhattan the last week of July.


      Phillip S. Duke, Ph.D., regarding Filer's Files #25. Mr. Filer has done
      ufology an important service by writing about the work of Dr. Paul R. Hill in
      his excellent book "Unconventional Flying Objects." Dr. Hill acknowledges
      that his treatment of Interstellar Space Flight is based on the Lorentz
      equations of Relativity "incorporated by Einstein as a cornerstone of his
      Special Theory of Relativity" (pg. 264) published in 1906 and confirmed
      during the total Solar Eclipse of 1918. Ufologists who discuss Interstellar
      Space flight must do their homework first. Relativistic concepts definitely
      apply here. The work of Dr. Hill is generally excellent, however he does not
      consider that as acceleration decreases apparent on board time, it also
      increases on board apparent mass. Therefore the energy requirement to
      accelerate the increasing mass also increases. Even with atomic energy the
      calculated energy requirements to obtain very close to light speeds become
      prohibitive. Due to this consideration, practical travel to stars beyond
      roughly hundreds of light years away appears unlikely. The bottom line on
      this is, that even if lengthy social time considerations (on the planet of
      origin) are ignored, Relativistic energy considerations evidently prohibit
      practical travel to the more distant stars and other galaxies. It may be of
      interest that the Betty Hill Star Map pinpointed her alien abductor's home
      planet to be only 25 light years away, a practically close distance according
      to Relativistic considerations. The theoretical situation with respect to
      "Black Holes" in space, is different. The enormously strong gravity of such
      holes has a number of effects, including the very marked slowing of elapsed
      "on board" time. So that in theory a wormhole in space originating at one
      end as a Black hole and terminating at the other in a distant Galaxy, might
      allow travel to extremely distant locations in very little on board time. Of
      course the immense gravity should crush anything living into a layer one
      molecule thick, but at least in theory such travel is possible via Black
      Holes. It is not difficult to calculate that at a constant comfortable one g
      acceleration to midpoint, with a constant one g deceleration to destination,
      travel to any planet in the solar system from within the solar system is
      brief and does not involve Relativistic considerations. As I recall such a
      trip from Earth to Mars takes less than a week. Travel within the solar
      system is much easier than to the stars. Persons interested in further
      reading are referred to Einstein's Universe by Nigel Caldwell Wings Books,
      and Dr. Hill's book recently republished by Hampton Roads. Thanks to Phil
      Duke, Ph.D. (PHILLIP S DUKE) who wrote the "The AIDS-ET Connection" that's
      available for $19.95 write 2503 S. 47th St. Omaha NE USA.


      Joe Firmage the Internet millionaire has been causing a sensation in UFO
      circles, but until Sunday, June 27, he was an unknown quantity to the public..
      NBC's popular Dateline NBC program featured Firmage, who made it clear that
      he is in a mission to prepare the planet for what he considers inevitable
      contact with extraterrestrials. According to Firmage, not only is there a
      vast amount of data proving the reality of UFOs, but it may also be that many
      of the events underlying the world's major religions were ET contacts
      misunderstood by the observers. He cited conversations with high-ranking
      military officers as one of the reasons for his intense interest and belief
      in ET presence. He came across as forceful, extremely intelligent, and in
      complete command of the situation. It seemed nearly impossible that he is
      only 28 years old. Skeptic Frank Drake, the person who began SETI, the
      Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence was also on the program.
      Unfortunately, Drake knows nothing about UFOs, and has made it clear over the
      years that the topic is beneath his dignity to study. Yet there he was,
      saying UFOs are all bunk, etc. The contrast between the young, energetic
      Firmage and the aging, intellectually arthritic Drake left a vivid impression
      on the viewers. Drake's "search" of course is strictly limited to trying to
      detect radio signals from ETs. It began in 1959, and during the 40 years it
      has been in operation, not a single piece of data has been received. Yet
      SETI continues to spend 8 million dollars a year, much of it taxpayer's
      money. In most fields, 40 years of abject failure on the public's money
      would be considered fraud. Critics of Drake point to this abysmal track
      record, and think the "search" is like searching for telegraph poles and
      lines on Mars. Radio is probably a very temporary means of communication for
      technological societies in the galaxy. Perhaps the emergence of Joe Firmage
      on the national scene will bring sanity to this mess. Firmage will be the
      featured speaker at the MUFON Symposium on July 2-4. Thanks to Joe Stefula.

      Jenny Randles the well-known British author writes concerning the strange
      Nordic hair found on a contactee's body in Australia. The blonde hair was
      analyzed and found to contain a very rare type DNA hair found only in black
      haired Asiatic women. Is the hair from an extraterrestrial and are they
      visiting us in large numbers? Jenny states, "The $64, billion trillion
      dollar question (which is probably what it would cost to send one spaceship
      to earth which doubtless means the Greys are the alien equivalent of mega
      rich yuppies)." My answer would be simple. There is no overpowering
      evidence to support this belief (in ET). Thus, on balance, one has to say
      no. Why? Because most UFOs are not alien spacecraft and provably a lot of
      other things (from secret aircraft to UP) and the possibility that all are
      explicable is not a remote one. Although I still think there are residual
      cases of craft like devices that leave the ET door open a crack. Why?
      Because alien contacts are still a puzzle but we know some things about them
      with assurance. They happen during altered states of consciousness. They
      involve images/hallucinations/fantasies that are abstractions of ourselves
      rather than true alien visitors. They occur to psychically gifted people not
      any old person. And when people are observed during an abduction (barring
      rare and rather dubious cases like the Manhattan transfer) they are clearly
      seen by others to physically go nowhere, but to remain put in an altered
      state. There are some signs of magical technology at work in the UFO
      mystery. Frankly, it is as likely (more likely in my opinion) that any such
      visitors are human -- perhaps time travelers from our future -- than that
      they are alien space voyagers. Indeed, the recent DNA testing of an alien
      hair in Australia - discovering it to be an extremely rare but earth
      originated cross match of Nordic and Asiatic -- fits better the idea that it
      comes from a future earth where such a race is common than from an alien race
      that chances to have this same DNA pool. That we have any visitors coming
      here is not a given. I'd put the likelihood at maybe 50/50. It is at least
      as probable that we will find ways to resolve all UFO phenomena in earth
      based ways that require no visitors at all. But if we do have visitors I am
      more convinced daily that they are not extraterrestrial but human. An open
      mind is still necessary. New facts can emerge to redirect our thinking. But
      50 years of UFO research have, in my view, driven us further than ever from
      the simplistic concept of aliens from alpha flying here in fleets of
      I've been discussing the issue with Bill Chalker. We both recalled a UK case
      that I was involved with in which the female witness encountered an entity
      that was a female Nordic with blonde hair that was virtually white. Not my
      only case of this type but one Bill and I had discussed before. I cannot be
      more specific to allow me to add the following (which requires witness
      confidentiality). The woman concerned told me, very sheepishly, that soon
      after her abduction she became pregnant. This was impossible, she stated, as
      she had no boyfriend. The pregnancy ended after a few weeks without
      explanation. She was deeply ashamed and had never told her parents, hence my
      need for secrecy on the identity of this case. This story emerged before
      Budd's first book -- so was not influenced by hybrid baby stories post l983.
      It is by no means the only such UK case of the same type. But it is
      interesting to me that in three of the four of this kind I have personally
      come across there is reference to a white haired Nordic entity. That
      stretches credibility, although the numbers are statistically small. That
      these very specific and unusual entities coincide with cases of both DNA
      sampling and evident phantom pregnancy storylines seems worth noting. As I
      stated before, the now human DNA characteristics suggested by Bill's
      Australian case might well fit the pattern of time travel. Another UK case
      of this type, that I can identify, is the Cynthia Appleton affair. This
      truly astounding case occurred between l957 and l959. It involved numerous
      visits (in flashes of light -- not UFOs) of a Nordic type entity dressed in
      MIB type clothing and in one instance arriving by car. Much information
      about the future of science was conveyed, including a forewarning --
      documented a year before it occurred -- of the invention of the laser. The
      entity told Cynthia of DNA experiments and how she would have a child that
      they had helped to engineer. It all hangs together very intriguingly as a
      possible time travel scenario and works this way far better than an alien
      contact. Best wishes, Jenny Randles nufon@... (Jenny Randles)
      Editor's Note: Jenny may be right about time travelers. I have been trying
      to get people to look for DNA type evidence and this is a major break
      through. Several people I'm in contact with claim our visitors are time
      travelers who are here to repair genes and DNA for future generations. This
      also explains why there are no provisions aboard the craft for long journeys..
      Jenny will also be speaking at the MUFON Conference.

      CONFERENCE: July 2-4, 30th Annual MUFON 1999 International UFO Symposium at
      Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel in Arlington Virginia. E-mail


      Lunar Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell was at Edwards the night the UFO chase
      occurred. The 6th person to walk on the moon said, "The night it happened I
      investigated it myself and this was a real event." Sam Sherman's audio
      documentary tape called THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE ENCOUNTER on the night of
      October 7, 1965, uses the actual voice recordings provided by the Air Force.
      During this event 12 high tech luminous UFOs invade secure air space and came
      down low over the runways at Edwards AFB. Tower operator Sgt. Chuck Sorrels
      spotted them and notified the Air Defense Command. Sgt. Sorrels speaks both
      the original tapes and in a new segment where he verifies the event on the
      archival recordings. The UFOs are described and a decision is made to launch
      F-106 fighter interceptors. You are there in an important part of UFO
      history. Hear it for yourself, it is the best UFO tape ever made and its
      record of a real event. The cost of the tape is $14.95 each plus $2.00 for
      shipping -- total $16.95 -- you can send either a personal check or money
      order to: Independent International Films, Box 565, Dept. GF, Old Bridge,
      New Jersey 08857.

      MUFON JOURNAL For more detailed investigative reports subscribe by writing to
      103 Oldtowne Road, Sequin, TX 78155-4099 or E-mail Mufon@.... Filer's
      Files Copyright 1999 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved. Readers may
      post items from the Files on their Websites provided that they credit the
      newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item
      appeared. Send your letters to me at Majorstar@.... If you wish
      to keep your name confidential please so state.
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