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  • Frits Westra
    From: Rob s wURLd Best of the Webhttp://RobswURLd.listbot.com/ mailto:RobswURLd-subscribe@listbot.comChandra X-Ray Observatory: NASA s latest orbital
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 1999
      From: Rob's wURLd "Best of the Web"


      Chandra X-Ray Observatory:
      NASA's latest orbital x-ray observatory. Learn about
      the history and science of x-ray imaging in astronomy.

      The Cosmos:
      Explore the mysteries of the vast universe, from the Big
      Bang to the ongoing search for extra-terrestrial life.
      An excellent resource site.

      Cosmology and Astronomy:
      Complex cosmological terms and theories are explained
      using simple, everyday language. Learn about anti-matter,
      quasars, quantum mechanics, and more.

      Enter a time, date, and location, and this site will generate
      a detailed star map for you. You will need to download a free
      program to view the maps, but they are worth the time.

      NASA Space Weather Bureau:
      Find out what's stirring with the solar wind, or read about
      the latest research on the aurora borealis. Another
      informative site from NASA.

      Galactic Odyssey:
      This is a thorough history of human exploration of space,
      with background on the people, organizations, and inventions
      that have made such exploration possible. This informative
      site was created by high-school and junior-high school students.


      Peoria Astronomical Society:
      This well-designed site offers an interactive astronomical
      handbook. Click on the names of constellations to see detailed
      star maps and pictures of the star formations, or explore the
      life cycle and physics of black holes.

      The Maya Astronomy Page:
      Learn about these accomplished early astronomers. This site is
      concise, clearly written, and easy to navigate. It's a great
      starting point for exploration into the fascinating culture of
      the Maya.

      The Astrobiology Web: Life in Extreme Environments-
      Discover how scientists study the possibility of life on other
      planets by studying life in harsh environments on earth.

      The Virtual Sun:
      An informative tour about the sun. This site includes lots
      of fascinating images and MPEG movies. You can choose to
      take a tour in English or view it in Dutch.

      The Space Educators' Handbook:
      An interesting site that uses science fiction to help teach
      about space technology and scientific laws. You can download
      the software version (Mac and Windows) of the Space Educators'
      Handbook. The site also includes a collection of Quicktime
      movies and other surprises.

      NASA K-12 Internet Initiative:
      Yet another interesting NASA site, this one is geared for K-12.


      Astronomy Interactive Network:
      This site provides a comprehensive overview of astronomy,
      including articles on radio and optical astronomy, the
      history and physics behind astronomy, biographies of
      astronomers, a glossary and a timeline.

      CEA Comet Module:
      A remarkable site designed to guide you through everything
      you might want to know about comets. Areas of information
      are well organised and presented, and there are sections
      on classroom activity and an interactive learning game.

      From Mercury to Pluto:
      Subtitled: "the most complete database of the Solar System",
      this comprehensive and beautifully designed site is an
      excellent resource for anyone with any interest in the
      Solar System.

      Mount Wilson Observatory:
      The Mount Wilson Observatory is located at Pasadena in
      California and undertakes research in observational
      astronomy and astrophysics. The site covers education,
      scientific programmes, the history of the observatory,
      and more, all in beautifully themed areas. Go and see
      for yourself; this is a remarkable site!



      "Astronomy Throughout the Net"
      A Free Monthly Astronomy E-Zine with Current
      Astronomy News, Product Reviews, and much more.


      The Terriers Satellite Project:
      This site offers some excellent material about this satellite,
      which was designed and built to observe earth�s ionosphere.
      Check out the video of the satellite being launched from the
      back of a jet plane!
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