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FWD: UK-UFO-Network Ezine 102 Part 3

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  • Frits Westra
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      / / // / / / / N E T W O R K part 3 - Issue 102
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      The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
      subscribers in 58 countries.

      This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
      ufo@... giving the issue number. The issue will be
      reposted to you. Please put the details as below in the subject
      section e.g. Repost {102} part 1, part 2 or part 3.

      [W 5]******

      Source: BBC News
      Publish Date: Wednesday 31st March 1999

      A signal from ET?
      Earth satellite or alien signal?

      By BBC News Online Science Editor Dr David Whitehouse

      What is it? Is it a radio signal that has been travelling through space
      at the speed of light for years? Has it been beamed towards Earth to
      make first contact with us?

      This radio signal has been shifted in frequency to bring it into the
      audio range.

      It was detected by an amateur space watcher using a small radio dish and
      PC-based equipment to analyse the signals.

      The amateur is a member of the SetiLeague, a world-wide grouping of over
      a thousand alien hunters that operates a network of radio telescopes.

      All day, every day, they are searching.

      Not alien

      In reality, this signal is almost certainly from a man-made satellite
      orbiting the Earth. But as there are so many satellites up there, no one
      knows for sure what caused this strange signal. It has never been
      positively identified.

      It shows just how difficult is Seti, the Search for Extra Terrestrial
      Intelligence. Although it is very unlikely, it is not impossible, that
      this signal is an alien beacon from space.

      Most astronomers believe that the best way to send a message in-between
      the stars is to transmit a radio wave.

      There is also some merit in the argument that flashes of laser light may
      be the best way to signal between the Earth and the very closest stars
      to us.

      But it is with radio telescopes that the main searches have been
      undertaken. So far nothing has been detected.

      Suspicious signals

      That is not to say no suspicious signals have been picked up - just that
      none of them have passed the stringent criteria to be considered as
      being from an intelligent alien source.

      Astronomers have many strange signals in their files that they cannot
      explain, but none of them are persuasive.

      Perhaps the most impressive was detected in 1977 by the so-called 'Big
      Ear' radio telescope at Ohio State University.

      When Jerry Ehman, the duty astronomer saw it come off the printer he
      scribbled "wow" next to the readout - since then it has become known as
      the Wow signal.

      Alas it has not been repeated.

      Better techniques

      As well as the searches organised by the SetiLeague, professional
      astronomers are using the world's largest radio telescope to try to pick
      up a signal from the cosmic static. Again, nothing important
      has shown up so far.

      But with the rapid advances in electronics and signal processing
      techniques, the searchers of the skies are able to double their
      sensitivity to signals every 200 days or so.

      Because of this, many of them believe that if a detection is going to be
      made, it will be made soon.

      However, if after a few more years of searching, the cosmic silence is
      held, it will be an indication that intelligent life may be
      frustratingly rare in the cosmos.

      Either that or the aliens are not transmitting.

      Next month, a new initiative to search for ET is launched. It is called
      Seti@home and it will use a modified screen saver.

      PC users all over the world will have access to software that will look
      for alien signals in segments of data downloaded from the world's
      largest radio telescopes.


      [W 6]******

      Source: Yahoo! News Entertainment Headlines
      Publish Date: Monday 14th June 1999

      'Star Trek' Actor Deforest Kelley Dead At 79

      By Arthur Spiegelman

      Actor DeForest Kelley, beloved by millions for his portrayal of the
      crusty deep-space doctor ''Leonard 'Bones' McCoy'' on the original Star
      Trek TV series, died Friday at age 79.

      Officials at the Motion Picture and Television Fund Hospital said he
      died after a long illness. His wife of 55 years, Carolyn, also a patient
      at the hospital being treated for a broken leg, was at his side.

      Kelley played "Dr McCoy" from 1966 to 1969 on the original series but
      never left American TV screens thanks to an endless number of syndicated

      He also appeared in six "Star Trek" movies and made countless
      appearances at "Star Trek" conventions where die-hard fans would seek
      his autograph and maybe even ask for medical advice.

      He was known for two catch phrases addressed to Captain James T. Kirk,
      commander of the Starship Enterprise: "He's dead, Jim" and variations on
      "Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer."

      Kelley also was the curmudgeonly foil to the Vulcan Spock played by
      Leonard Nimoy and often hectored Captain Kirk, played by William
      Shatner, about the humanitarian aspects of a given crisis.

      "He represented humanity and it fitted him well," Nimoy said. "He was a
      decent, loving, caring partner and will be deeply missed."

      Kelley's character was one of the best liked on "Star Trek," the most
      popular science fiction series ever made and one which spawned several
      successful spin-offs and still maintains a fervent worldwide

      Born DeForest Jackson Kelley in Atlanta, Ga., on Jan. 20, 1920, his
      career dream was to become a doctor like the uncle who delivered him.

      But his family did not have the funds to send him to medical school and
      Kelley drifted into singing and theater. A Paramount scout spotted him
      in a Navy training film and signed him to a contract at the
      studio as a bit player.

      "They (Paramount) tested him because they were looking for a fellow to
      be in a film called 'This Gun for Hire,'" said former Paramount producer
      A.C. Lyles, a longtime friend.

      Lyles said Kelley lost the role to film star Alan Ladd, then left
      Hollywood to fight in World War II, before returning under a contract to

      "The first picture he did for us was a small picture called 'Fear of the
      Night," Lyles said. "And then he just did a lot of things and ('Star
      Trek creator) Gene Roddenberry saw him and put him with Leonard Nimoy
      and William Shatner on 'Star Trek.'"

      Kelley appeared in about 75 features and 75 television shows in addition
      to "Star Trek," Lyles said, including a series of westerns in which he
      often played the bad guy.

      "He was a great heavy, in contrast to what he is in person," Lyles said.

      Among his earlier film credits are "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral," with
      Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas and "Raintree County" with Elizabeth

      uk.ufo.nw wish to extend our sincere condolences to the family and
      friends of DeForest Kelly. There is no doubt that his name will live on
      through Star Trek.

      Letters Page

      uk.ufo.nw would like to thank Mike Orton, Mid Wales Co-ordinator of WFIU
      for his below letter in reply to part one of the article 'Foo Fighters,
      Fireballs and Project Saucer by Jim Morris' which appeared in issue 101
      of the e-zine.

      From: Mike-O <Mike_ORTON_HARLECH@...>
      Date sent: 23rd May 1999

      Mike Orton - Mid Wales Co-ordinator WFIU.

      Re: "Foo Fighters, Fire Balls & Project Saucer" by Jim Morris.

      It seems to state that there were no reliable reports or investigations
      into Foo Fighters and Kraut Fireballs during WW2.

      However there is very good evidence from non UFO scientific sources that
      confirm that the subject was indeed taken seriously by a senior British
      scientist, Professor R.V. Jones, who died last year. I once met him on
      the opposite side of the interview table!

      In the late sixties he even write an article on the subject in the UK
      Institute of physics Bulletin "The Natural History of Flying Saucers", (
      I have a copy!), and there is a chapter on the subject in his large book
      "Most Secret war", of which I have a copy in my private library.
      Incidentally, this book shows the heavy Intelligence involvement of
      Professor Robinson (of the famous panel) during and after WW-2, and his
      close association with both Professor Jones (Who worked for Nobel Prize
      winner P.M.S.Blackett in M.I.6 during WW-2) and the top levels of the US
      Intelligence agencies.

      Prof Jones investigated all reports of possible Nazi weapons. Apart
      from the V-weapons, there was the radar devices and "beams". There was
      the Knickerbien, ( a simple blind bombing system using radio waves ,
      "beams", X,Y Gaeate, radar systems) these were investigated by the

      It is interesting to note that the microwave in your kitchen contains a
      device far far superior to anything used by both sides during WW-2.
      Indeed my microwave oven would have won the war if it had been available
      to science in the early 40's!

      However when Prof Jones mentions Foo Fighters etc, he uses debunking
      techniques, very similar to those later used by Robinson in the Robinson
      Pannel (Durant Report) following the 52 Washington Sightings. He
      certainly states that they thought they saw something real, but uses the
      tools followed by later debunkers: "There were this aircrew that
      reported after seeing the objects, that they all developed VD! (now
      STD!)" was one of his debunking lines. Yet when it came to reports of
      possible Nazi weapons, he says that even the very innacurate reports
      given by illiterate peasents were useful. He gives examples using the
      resistance reports of the V-1, the V-2, and the various AA Radars.

      Note too, the CIA report that ststes thet Proff Jones was head of the UK
      standing comettee on flying saucers!

      I can give more details, this is just a scrbbled note to show that Foo
      Fighters cannot easily be dismissed. Jones strongly implies that there
      were some ("Nutters???") then who thought that they might be Alien, and
      of course he debunks this idea.

      From CIA web page Studies in Intelligence, Volume 1 Number 1:

      "At the same time, Chadwell looked into British efforts in this
      area. He learned the British also were active in studying the UFO
      phenomena. An eminent British scientist, R. V. Jones, headed a standing
      committee created in June 1951 on flying saucers. Jones' and his
      committee's conclusions on UFOs were similar to those of Agency
      officials: the sightings were not enemy aircraft but misrepresentations
      of natural phenomena. The British noted, however, that during a recent
      air show RAF pilots and senior military officials had observed a
      "perfect flying saucer." Given the press response, according to the
      officer, Jones was having a most difficult time trying to correct public
      opinion regarding UFOs. The public was convinced they were real.

      See Chadwell, memorandum for the record, "British Activity in the Field
      of UFOs," 18 December 1952.


      Part one of three...

      Foo Fighters, Fireballs and "Project Saucer."
      Copyright: Jim Morris. 1996/97/98

      Jim Morris <dx394@...>


      The below is the main section. I usually put this just befor the
      'statement and subscription' information.


      Part two of three...

      Foo Fighters, Fireballs and "Project Saucer."
      Copyright: Jim Morris. 1996/97/98

      Jim Morris <dx394@...>

      The Allies had special recovery units scouring Germany and Europe for
      Nazi technology, much of which was removed before the surrender. It
      was one of these units that removed 100 completed V-2's from the
      Nordhausen complex only hours before it was occupied by the Red Army.
      (*12) There is no reason why one of these units did not recover
      either an "diskcraft" or the Projekt Saucer research documentation.
      Ten tons of documents relating to the V-2 project were recovered from
      an iron mine near Dorten (*12). It follows that the captured German
      radar and ECM would be likewise evaluated. The German's had
      developed their equivalent of our "Window" (strips of reflective
      material) and one Foo report concerned tiny metal discs dropped on
      the bombers, these were possibly an anti radar device, (chaff)
      possibly to jam the Allied H2S radar, which operated on the 10
      centimetre wavelength. (*13) The Germans had discarded work on
      centrimetric radar until the end of the war, even though they had
      recovered a cavity magnatron from a crashed RAF bomber early in the
      war. The H2S radar coupled with the "Oboe" beam system allowed the
      RAF to carry out precision bombing, something that they had never
      been able to do before, hence the Germans desperate attempts to jam
      the H2S. In his book "Most Secret War," Dr. Jones mentions jamming
      the German "Wotan" beam system by re-radiating the signal from the
      dormant BBC transmitter at Alexander Palace. The Germans could not do
      this since they had no equipment capable of re-radiating the original
      10 cm beam. Reports of mysterious black debris falling through the
      US bomber formations may have been bits of the delivery system,
      possibly a rocket propelled.

      Various theories have been put forward over the years as to what the
      Foo Fighters were. Natural phenomena such as St. Elmos Fire and Ball
      Lightning are the likely candidates for a fair percentage of bulk of
      the reports. The planet Venus still deceives many into making a UFO
      report, and is another probable. Another explanation advanced is the
      "Fire Balloon" theory. Here the French Resistance fighters released
      fire balloons in order to confuse the Germans. That the bulk of the
      encounters took place over Germany and Austria, usually near
      factories involved in the manufacture of aircraft, seems to have
      escaped the attention of the author of the fire balloon theory. If
      the Foo Fighters had only appeared over France, "fire balloons" would
      be an acceptable explanation for the reports. Just how the Resistance
      managed too get in and out of Germany and Austria,(and the Far East)
      release the fire balloons, then return safely to France is point
      overlooked. In April 1949, the National Military Establishment
      released a document titled _Project Saucer_ which was a digest of
      Projects Sign. It describes the Fargo encounter as _A unique chapter
      in the saucer story" and recounts the incident in some detail.
      "Saucer" concludes with the _Lighted Balloon_ scenario as an
      explanation for the Balls of light.

      The most asinine theory advanced to date is the Hallucination/mirage
      explanation, and its most recent version put forward by Jeff A.
      Lindell, a retired USAF Electronic Warfare Systems Analyst is the
      silliest. In this nonsense, the Foo Fighters were the product of auto
      suggestion and self induced hallucination. Apparently, when under
      stress the aircrews started seeing childhood "Folk Stories" Will O"
      the Wisps etc. That so many men from different back grounds and parts
      of the World, should suffer the same hallucination taxes the levels
      of credibility. Lindell claims that the phenomena were only
      encountered by isolated aircraft. This is absolute rubbish, as the
      report by former B-17 pilot Charles Odom clear shows. B-17's never
      flew alone, they relied on formation flying and the defensive fire of
      the other bombers for protection. Entire formations of American
      bombers all suffered the same hallucination at the same time? The RAF
      raid on Peenemunde where many crews reported the same "pulsating
      light" negates Lindells "theory" still further. Granted that some men
      may have had _War Jitter_s_ but so many? Since photos of the
      phenomenon exist, how is it possible to photograph a hallucination?
      The reader will note that Lindell does not allude to use of
      Electronic Warfare as a possible source of the reports. The
      hallucination nonsense appeared after the War, when the CIA began to
      manufacture the "Extraterrestrial Hypothesis," and is purely an
      invention of these Crafty Fellows. Lindell's explanation is not new,
      appearing in Project Sign and again in the CIA's Robertson Panel.

      In Project Sign (22-1-48) page 24 of the report the author, Dr.G.E
      Valley, notes that _The observed objects may be hallucinatory or
      psychological in origin. It is of prime importance to study this
      possibility because we can learn from it something of the character
      of the population: its response under attack; and also something
      about the reliability of visual observation. One would like to assume
      that the positions held by many of the reported observers guarantee
      their observations. Unfortunately, there were many reports of curious
      phenomenon by pilots during the war--the incident of the fireball
      fighters comes to mind._ Dr.Valley_s last sentence is puzzling. The
      use of _unfortunately_ seems to imply that a conclusion had been
      reached regarding the origin of the Foo Fighters, yet it had been
      stated that the wartime investigation of the phenomenon failed to do

      Dr. Valley based his analysis on the reports released to him. If
      these reports were ones that could be easily explained as
      hallucinatory in nature, there could be only one conclusion to his
      analysis. We know that the Robertson Panel were given selected
      reports for their analysis. It is unlikely that Valley was allowed
      access to film or photos of the objects as such evidence would have
      guaranteed a different conclusion to his analysis. On page 2 of
      Valley_s report, under the heading Considerations Affecting Analysis
      and Evaluation the author states.."Inasmuch as there is a distinct
      possibility that a number of the reported incidents represent
      domestic projects of a security-classified nature, the list of
      incidents has been submitted to higher echelons for review. In
      connection with the psychological studies being performed, extensive
      investigations, concerning the character and reliability of the
      reporting witnesses have been made. A certain portion of the
      incidents appear to be real aircraft, though of unconventional
      configuration." From this information, it is quite clear that
      experimental aircraft and other military equipment were responsible
      for a fair percentage of the early reports. The Robertson panel would
      make reference to the psychological studies being made regarding the
      phenomenon. They would make no reference to the possibility of US
      weapons, or anyone else_s for that matter, being responsible for the

      The least likely explanation for the Foo Fighters is that of light
      reflections from battle damaged aircraft, as the Fargo and subsequent
      incidents attest. As the German aircraft production centres and
      research facilities fell into Allied hands, the Foo Fighters
      disappeared. Allied air attacks continued almost until the Nazi
      surrender, the Foo's did not return until after the war, this time
      over a different continent.
      It has been claimed that the Foo Fighters could not have been of
      German origin, as they were encountered by German and Japanese pilots
      also. This is an erroneous assumption. The Germans did share some of
      their formidable technology with their Japanese Allies, who were
      beginning to buckle under the devastating effects of the USAAF's B-29
      air raids. Although still on the drawing board at the end of the
      war, the Kawanishi Baika was a projected suicide aircraft, powered by
      the Japanese version of the German "Argus tube" pulse jet. The
      design of this aircraft has an obvious similarity with the piloted
      version of the V-1, from which the Baika was inspired. (*15) If they
      were anti-radar or psychological weapons as has been suggested, as
      much information could be gained by intercepting one of your own
      aircraft as that of an enemy.

      Other documents released through the United States Freedom of
      Information Act, show that the CIA had been monitoring UFO reports
      around the World. (*2) The Intelligence Agencies have always been
      suspected of active involvement in promoting the UFO phenomenon,
      particularly in the nonsensical rambling's of the "Contactee's". The
      FBI and the CIA monitored the activities of George Adamski as
      revealed through the FOI documents. (*13) They took an active
      interest in UFO's from 1953 onward, while denying any interest or
      involvement in the phenomenon. This behaviour resulted in the claim
      that a conspiracy existed, not to keep knowledge of E.t's from the
      public, but to hide the fact that it was the Intelligence agencies
      who created the whole E.t myth. Why these agencies would create such
      a deception is a matter of debate.

      One document , Foreign Document or Radio Broadcast memo 00-w-2745,
      quotes the Greek newspaper I Vradyni of the 13 May 1953; It is
      interesting to note that the document refers to the objects reported
      as Subject:- Military-Unconventional aircraft. _Flying Saucers have
      been known to be an actuality since the possibility of their
      constriction was proven in plans drawn up by German engineers toward
      the end of World War II. George Klein a German engineer, stated
      recently that although many people believe the flying saucers to be a
      post war development, they were actually in the planning stage in
      German aircraft factories as early as 1941._ (*2) Klein added that
      the allies had been searching for one of the scientists involved in
      the project, Habermohl, who was last reported in Bremen. Klein also
      claimed he witnessed the first piloted test flight of one of these
      machines 14 February 1945, and that Albert Speer, the Minister for
      Armaments was also present. (*2) If so, I can find no reference to
      any such event, or indeed Projekt Saucer in Speer's book Inside the
      Third Reich. If Speer was aware of the project, he chose to remain
      silent about it. He does refer to other projects, the Me 262 jet
      fighter, the Me 163 "Komet" rocket fighter and various missile
      projects, but none regarding disk craft. Either the project did not
      exist, or knowledge of the project was kept from him. This would be
      possible If the such a project were under the auspices of the SS
      Himmler and Speer were enemies, Speer claimed that Himmler plotted
      against him on two occasions. (*3)

      The same newspaper also claimed that the Soviets had captured German
      engineers and the plans for the flying saucers, and refers to a
      number of Canadian engineers being engaged in the construction of a
      flying saucer, in great secrecy, at the AVRO facilities. (*2) This
      information was correct. In 1954, the Canadian Government admitted
      that they had tried to build such an aircraft immediately after the
      war but lacked the technology to do so, and turned the project over
      to the United States. (*14) Which is not entirely true. The AVRO
      Company were working on what became known as the AVRO-CAR, an omega
      shaped craft for the U. S Army and Air Force. Canadian involvement in
      UFO's, was first noted by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe in his talks with
      Wilbert B. Smith, the engineer in charge of Project Magnet. It is
      clear that research on flying disks had been ongoing in Canada since
      the end of the war. Smith gave Keyhoe the clear impression that the
      UFO's were Interplanetary craft, which would have added credence to
      Keyhoe's belief in an extra-terrestrial origin for the phenomenon.
      Smith may have been trying to divert Keyhoe's attention from the work
      that was going on at AVRO, and Project Magnet could have been a cover
      for the work that was going on there. (*4)

      Then there is the Spitzbergen Incident, first brought to light by a
      German newspaper in 1952. (*5), and the account of a former Luftwaffe
      Officer Andreas Epp, designer of a small circular aircraft he called
      the "Flying Target. (*6) On 28 June, 1952, the West German
      newspaper, Saarbrucken Zeitung reported the discovery by Norwegian
      jets fighters patrolling the Himlopen Straights, of a crashed flying
      disk on the remote Norwegian Island group of Spitzbergen. The disk
      was purportedly 125 feet in diameter, blue in colour with 46 jets
      mounted in the rim of the craft. It also had a plexiglass dome at its
      centre, although the disk was equipped with remote control equipment
      said to have Russian markings on them. The craft was dismantled and
      taken to Narvik for examination. The story was embellished by the
      Berliner Volksblatt on 29 July, 1952, the craft being constructed
      from unknown metals. The final account of the incident is that of
      the Stuttgarter Tageblatt of 5 September 1955, which declared that
      upon further investigation the markings were not in Russian, and that
      the metals were not manufactured on earth! (Where have you heard this
      drivel before?) At the time of this report UFOs were becoming a world
      wide craze, in fact the Blue Book report shows that 1952 was the peak
      for _Flying Saucers_ sightings. As has been noted somewhat cynically,
      UFO Flap_s tend to appear when there is a dearth of worthwhile news
      items or topical subjects for the media. However, there might be more
      to this report than may seem.

      The appearance of _Ghost Rockets_ in 1946, would have brought about
      the involvement of the various intelligence agencies in the West.
      These would have employ whatever means of covert intelligence
      gathering that was at their disposal, this would include Remotely
      Piloted Vehicles. That the story first appeared in a German newspaper
      is strange, and asks more questions than are answered. Why not an
      American, British or more to the point, Norwegian newspaper? 1952 was
      the peak year for UFO reports, and the American press was full of
      such reports, particularly during after the Washington Flap of that
      year. If there was an aircraft of some kind recovered could it have
      been German of origin, and if so, did the Norwegian Defence Ministry
      contact their German counterparts regarding the find? Did someone at
      the German end leak the information to the press? Is there any
      credence in the story at all? Perhaps there is.

      The account of a former Luftwaffe Officer Andreas Epp, designer of a
      small circular aircraft he called the Flying Target, has more than a
      ring of truth to it and would certainly explain the Spitzbergen Disk.
      (*6) Epp was stationed in Norway, and before returning to Germany,
      passed his design to Ernest Udet, minister for air armaments until
      his death in 194. Epp learned that work was already underway on
      flying disks, and that his device was being evaluated at Peenemunde,
      and that work on _flying Disks_was already underway in Prague. Later,
      while in Prague convalescing from wounds, Epp went to the hills
      outside the city to try and locate the secret base said to be there.
      Taking his Leica A camera with him, he took two pictures of what can
      only be described as a classic _saucer,_ the resemblance with the
      Trent and Rouen pictures is remarkable. According to Epp, Bellonzo
      built the second prototype at Breslau, and it was this machine that
      was flown to Spitzbergen under remote control from the experimental
      station at Rechlin. Due to a bad landing the craft was unable to make
      the return flight. (*6) Presumably, this was the machine that was
      recovered in 1952, if such a flight and recovery took place that is.
      British Military Intelligence were monitoring the "Enigma"
      transmissions regarding the V-1 flight test on the Baltic coast, and
      from 1943 the Photographic Interpretation Unit at Medmenham were
      instructed to be on the look out for rocket or jet aircraft at
      Rechlin. (*7) In regard to Epp's device, Project Sign refers to
      intelligence reports of German scientist's working in the USSR on
      small saucer like disks.

      In 1959, Maj. Rudolph Lusar published a book dealing with various
      weapons used by the Germans in WWII. Lusar refers to a _Flying Disk_
      project that had been under development at various locations in
      Germany and occupied Europe. He claimed that Dr. Richard Meithe built
      two different types of craft, one being of a plate design, the other
      resembled a discus and remarkable claims were made regarding its
      performance. Other scientists involved in the project were Schreiver,
      Habermohl and Bellonzo. The various Disk craft were supposedly
      destroyed along with their research data before the Red Army entered
      Prague and Breslau. Lusar_s disclosures revealed little that had not
      already been speculated on. His book appeared six years after the
      Greek newspaper article, and seven years after the Spitzbergen report.



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