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FWD: UK UFO Network Ezine 102 Part 1

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  • Frits Westra
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 1999
      ------ / / // ____// /---------------------------------------
      U K / / // ___/ / / / 29th June 1999
      / / // / / / / N E T W O R K Issue 102
      --- (_____//__/ (_____/------------------------------------------

      The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
      subscribers in 58 countries.

      This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
      ufo@... giving the issue number. The issue will be
      reposted to you. Please put the details as below in the subject
      section e.g. Repost {102} part 1, part 2 or part 3.

      In this issue:


      United Kingdom News

      [UK 1] Three Year UFO Mystery Exposed as a Hoax
      [UK 2] News Release from Nick Redfern
      [UK 3] US billionaire funds crop circle research
      [UK 4] Cracking the crop circle mystery
      [UK 5] Real Alien Life Forms Unlikely To Resemble E.T.
      [UK 6] The Ministry of Defence takes the movie industry seriously
      [UK 7] UFO Mystery As Pilots See Red
      [UK 8] ET phones home again

      World News

      [W 1] NASA Seeks E.T. At New Astrobiology Institute
      [W 2] Earth to Aliens - Physicists Plan to Send Second Message Into
      [W 3] Is anybody out there?
      [W 4] NASA Seeks E.T. At New Astrobiology Institute
      [W 5] A signal from ET?
      [W 6] 'Star Trek' Actor Deforest Kelley Dead At 79

      Book serialisation

      {Breaking News as it happens}

      uk.ufo.nw now has a dedicated fax number. If you have a report or
      photograph from a newspaper,
      magazine etc you can fax it directly to us on the following telephone
      number. You only need to
      dial 44 if you are outside of the United Kingdom:

      (44) 0870 0883592

      First things first I must make an apology on behalf of all of us of the
      UK-UFO-Network E-zine staff.

      In all the years and all the issue that the e-zine has been published we
      have never received a complaint now we have received the first mail from
      an unhappy author. The mail speaks for itself.

      From: "JON PRATTY" <J_Pratty@...>
      To: "UFO Geezers" <ufo@...>
      Subject: Don't nick my stories
      Date sent: Sat, 29 May 1999 03:39:43 -0000

      In issue 99 of your esteemed ezine you proudly display my article
      'Mission Sets Out To Find Water on Mars' from the Daily

      Please remove it, forthwith, or I'll send round the extra terrestrials
      WITH baseball bats.

      Or you could send me a fee for publication, and damages for breaking my

      Get it sorted!

      Jon Pratty, freelance technology writer, Daily Telegraph.

      United Kingdom UFO Network would like to apologise to Mr Jon Pratty, a
      freelance journalist for the unauthorized insertion of an article penned
      by himself in issue 99 of the e-zine. This article has been removed from
      the issue stored on our website.


      I am personally sorry for the lateness of this issue but I have
      moved house and its taken me a while to catch up. So in some part to
      make up for it this is a bumper issue, chock full of exciting news from
      the world of ufology.
      Well it has been a busy few weeks, not just for me but for many
      people out there in cyberspace. Many things always seem on the verge of
      happening and indeed some things do happen, but on the second seal being
      broken and the government of the good old US of A coming clean on the
      UFO situation is unfortunately is not one of them. I'm sure some of our
      American readers are currently grinding their teeth over the situation
      which almost seems on the verge of breaking but never quite does. All we
      can do is support them and hope that one when the proverbial "flying
      saucer" lands on Buckingham Palace lawn the American government comes
      cleans and says something like "well we did know but´┐Ż." Will it be in
      our lifetime? Only time will tell, now how's that for a bad pun?
      Other news, I couldn't let it be if I didn't mention that 'Star
      Trek's' actor Deforest Kelley who died at the age of 79. For those of
      you unfortunate souls who are too young to remember the original series,
      you have missed much, a TV series that was truly years ahead of its
      time. (Another bad pun, I must be getting good at this)
      On behalf of all the staff of the E-zine, we would like to
      extend many thanks to Bernhard Nahrgang for his stalwart supplying of
      many of the articles that appear in this here e-zine. Without Berhard's
      efforts the e-zine would often be much slimmer, Many Thanks Bernhard,
      you've earnt them.

      Well with no further ado I will let you have all the really interesting


      A note from Dave the Editor-in-Chief of the Ezine

      We have had a lot of requests for customised versions of MIRC
      which will enable users to join us in our weekly Saturday IRC
      (internet relay chat) meetings. Due to time constraints we have
      been unable to deliver the latest requests as yet.

      However after a little research we have found a new java applet that
      will allow Windows 95 & 98 users to join the meetings just using
      their web browsers. Go to the following url:


      A web page will appear, then after some seconds (be patient) a
      java window will open. It will ask you for a:

      Nickname - Username - E-mail address

      Enter these details and click 'Connect'

      Shortly a screen full of text will scroll up the window. At the bottom
      of the window type:

      /join #ufo

      You are now connected to the uk.ufo.nw IRC channel. Down the
      right-hand side of the screen you will see yourself (nickname) and
      any other people on the channel. The main window on the left is
      where the conversation text appears. The window at the bottom is
      where you type what you want to say, remembering to press return
      at the end.

      The window is fully resizable so if you want it to fill the entire
      screen it can. Give it a go. It is very easy, very enjoyable and that
      is what it's all about. You will be made most welcome on the

      The meetings take place every Saturday starting at 11pm UK time.
      A word of warning. Should you see the following two nicknames on
      the channel:


      These are channel bots and not real people. They are programs
      that keep the channel open. They have a very weak form of artificial
      intelligence, so don't be surprised if you talk to them and get some
      weird replies.

      [UK 1] ***

      Source: Yorkshire Evening Post (UK)
      Publish Date: 15th May 1999
      From: bernhard.nahrgang@... (Bernhard Nahrgang)

      Three Year UFO Mystery Exposed as a Hoax

      A three-year UFO mystery involving a lump of rock and a bottle of
      alcoholic lemonade has finally been exposed as a hoax.

      X-files boffin Nigel Mortimer, who regularly leads enthusiasts on UFO
      spotting missions on Ilkley Moor, received bizarre maps telling him
      where to find supposed alien relics which would become the Eighth Wonder
      of the World. He said: "As a UFO buff I am constantly open to hoaxes and
      pranks but this has gone on for far too long!"

      The hoax began three years ago when Nigel received an anonymous map with
      weird markings on it, relating to UFO mysteries. Last August events took
      on a more sinister tone when a second map making references to a
      mysterious alien relic, The Mog Stone, arrived through Nigel's

      Although he suspected the map may have been a hoax, Nigel made it a
      priority to find out if the truth really was out there. He said: "I
      think anyone who believes their home is being watched by someone
      unknown, or from outer space, would be concerned."

      Further documents and letters about The Mog Stone arrived at Nigel's
      home, one even claiming the stone would be the eighth Wonder of the

      Unconvinced, Nigel enlisted fellow ufologist, Jon Hurst, for help in
      tracing the source. He set up a new UFO internet site as a trap and
      almost immediately a message regarding the Mog Stone appeared.

      The message was traced back to the business address of Frazer Irwin, an
      outspoken resident of Ilkley. When confronted he admitted to the hoax.

      He said: "The Mog Stone is a fake. It's actually a lump of rock, named
      after alcoholic lemonade, which I have been hiding in my wardrobe. I
      made it look like a head and intended to reveal it as an April Fool!"

      Nigel said Mr Irwin had overstepped the mark.

      [UK 2] ***

      Source: Nick Redfern (UK UFO author)
      From: "Mark Hall" capn_black@...
      Release Date: 16th May 1999

      News Release from Nick Redfern

      UFOs, The Official Secrets Act and The Joint Intelligence Committee - A

      Has the British Government ever employed the use of the Official Secrets
      Act to silence those implicated in the UFO subject? To those armchair
      researchers who proclaim that such an idea is absurd, I say: 'Think
      again.'In my first book, A Covert Agenda, I presented clear evidence via
      officially-released documents now available at the Public Record Office
      at Kew, that in both 1953 and 1956 orders were circulated throughout the
      RAF warning personnel not to talk about the UFO issue outside of
      official channels; however, the records which had been declassified at
      the time I wrote the book did not directly reference the OSA or its
      potential use from a ufological perspective. Nevertheless, I was also
      able to present the testimony of a number of individuals (some with
      media ties) who asserted that the OSA had been used to keep the truth
      surrounding UFOs under wraps.Via a file that I secured only days ago
      from the PRO, however, I am now able to prove conclusively that UFOs and
      the Official Secrets Act go hand in hand. Exactly why the Government has
      chosen to release this file is a mystery in itself, given that it
      sharply contradicts past assertions.

      The file in question (titled 'UFO Policy') covers the period 1958 to
      1963 and revolves around UFO investigations undertaken by various Air
      Ministry departments during that time frame. Contained within the file
      is a 6-page document dating from December 1960 and circulated at
      'Secret' level throughout the Royal Air Force. Like earlier papers, it
      details the procedures to be followed in the event that military radar
      operators, RAF pilots, civil pilots or members of the public should
      report a UFO. Interestingly, however, the paper in question contains two
      eye- opening revelations. First, it states that in situations where UFOs
      were tracked on radar, any military aircraft in the vicinity were to be
      diverted from their normal flight to 'investigate the phenomena'.
      Second, and far more significant, is the Air Ministry's overwhelming
      desire to prevent the media and the public learning about such
      intrusions, trackings and interceptions.

      I quote from the paper in question:

      'The Press are never to be given information about unusual radar
      sightings. Unauthorised disclosures of this type will be viewed as
      offences under the Official Secrets Act.'

      Although brief in nature, this document (which remained in use until the
      formation of the MoD on 1 April 1964 - how appropriate) makes it
      abundantly clear that the UFO issue was indeed covered by the OSA.

      On another - but equally important - matter, the file in question also
      makes a very brief reference to a pre-1959 study of the UFO mystery
      carried out by none other than the British Government's Joint
      Intelligence Committee (JIC)! Certainly, it has long been recognised
      that at various times since the late 1940s investigations into UFO
      encounters have been undertaken by the Royal Air Force, the Air Ministry
      and the Ministry of Defence. However, the revelation that the JIC also
      carried out an investigation more than 40 years ago is of great
      significance. Why so?

      First, the membership of the JIC includes not just elite personnel from
      the MoD, the Treasury and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, but also
      the heads of MI5, MI6 and the Government Communications Headquarters at
      Cheltenham - GCHQ!

      Second, the fact that (to my knowledge) no rumours have ever circulated
      to the effect that the JIC undertook its own UFO investigation programme
      in the late 1940s or 1950s, is an indication of the level of secrecy
      that surrounded the project.

      The files at the Public Record Office concerning the JIC make no
      reference to a 1940s/50s UFO investigation; however, I am now actively
      looking to resolve this issue via several methods and hope ultimately to
      reveal further findings at a later date. At this stage, the extent to
      which any of this may have a bearing on the allegations of direct UFO
      studies undertaken by GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 both decades ago and in the
      present day, can only be guessed at.

      NOTE: Permission is granted to reproduce the above in journals,
      magazines, newsletters, internet sites, books etc.


      [UK 3] ***

      uk.ufo.nw says: We would like to thank the BBC for placing a link to our
      home page next to the below report. It's amazing was a well placed link
      can so.

      Source: BBC Online
      Publish Date: Wednesday 19th May 1999

      US billionaire funds crop circle research

      US billionaire Laurance Rockefeller is to fund the UK's biggest survey
      of crop circles.

      Scientists will be carrying out aerial research over Wiltshire next
      month in the hope of finding out once and for all whether the mysterious
      patterns are genuine or the work of hoaxers.

      Some believe they are created by UFOs during nocturnal visits. Others
      say they are connected to ancient "ley lines", or put it down to
      natural phenomena such as unusual forms of lightning.

      The first few crop circles of the season have already appeared in
      several West Country fields. The area has long been the focal point of
      those in Britain who believe that the circles are the work of extra
      terrestrial forces.

      Last year a US Website advertised week-long tours of UK crop circles
      priced at $2,199 per person.

      Until now research has been carried out by amateurs and enthusiasts,
      known as croppies. But there is a growing scientific discipline based
      around the study, known as cereology.

      Mr Rockefeller has given his financial backing to the UK's largest and
      most scientific study.

      One of Mr Rockefeller's areas for charitable giving is what he calls
      "spirituality", which includes research into UFOs and other unexplained

      Work funded by the billionaire has already built up the biggest crop
      circle database.

      Many farmers believe crop circles are the work of hoaxers, and say they
      cause thousands of pounds of damage every year. Several people have come
      forward to claim responsibility.

      In 1991 two landscape painters, David Chorley and Douglas Bower, claimed
      they started the hoax in 1978, after drinking in a pub.

      They said for the past 13 years they had been sneaking around southern
      England at night, fashioning as many as 25 to 30 new circles each
      growing season.

      In a BBC CountryFile special in January, Mr Bower, 74, showed how his
      patterns were made with planks of wood, lengths of rope and a ball of
      string. He said he was amazed that many followers of crop circles still
      refused to believe they were a hoax.

      But it seems there remain unexplained factors, such as the lack or
      tracks or footsteps.

      [UK 4] ***

      Source: London Evening Standard / This is London
      Date Posted: 24th May 1999
      From: bernhard.nahrgang@... (Bernhard Nahrgang)

      Cracking the crop circle mystery

      by Julian Champkin

      Laurence Rockefeller, the American millionaire and phil-anthropist, is
      funding scientific research into crop circles, it emerged yesterday.
      Why? After all, this is a problem that everyone thought had been solved.

      The Crop Circle Mystery caused headlines and arguments nearly every
      summer for 20 years. Strange shapes were appearing in cornfields in
      Wiltshire and other counties. From the ground, the corn was seen to be
      beaten down, amazingly regular. From the air, the patterns appeared.

      They came first as simple circles. Later, there were circles within
      circles, then more intricate patterns still - circles radiating spiral
      arms, circles joined by straight lines, circles arranged in squares,
      even snowflake patterns of amazing intricacy and beauty.

      For 20 years arguments raged. Were they caused by circular winds? Or
      were mysterious forces at work? The obvious solution was human hoax. But
      if so, how?

      In 1992, two Southampton men, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, confessed to
      making corn circles: every summer night for 20 years. Their method was
      simple: rakes and planks of wood to bash down the crop, ropes to guide
      them to a perfect circle, loops of wire on hats to guide straight lines.

      It began as fun but, as UFO theories snowballed, they wanted to see how
      credulous people could be.

      Dave Chorley died in 1996. The pair had retired from circle-making some
      time before. That should have been the end of the mystery. Yet corn
      circles continued to appear.

      'They are worldwide,' says Michael Green, President of the Centre for
      Crop Circle Studies. And this week, the first of this season's British
      crop, 12 of them, have been seen in fields of oil-seed rape in Hampshire
      and at Milk Hill, Wiltshire.

      Andrew Thomas, author of the crop-circle book, Vital Signs, claims that
      the Bower-Chorley 'confession' was itself a hoax: 'They could not
      explain how they laid the stalks so perfectly; nor why the circles have
      continued to appear.'

      And now Laurence Rockefeller, brother of the late Nelson Rockefeller, is
      funding a researcher to re-investigate the phenomenon.

      He is paying Connecticut-based Colin Andrews to engage staff and they
      have flown reconnaissance flights over Wiltshire and Hampshire. Andrews
      has a database of 10,000 crop circles. With computers and satellites,
      the research and debate has re- opened. So what could cause them?

      'First theories were circular winds, mini-cyclones or "dust-devilsi
      [tiny tornadoes], says Montague Keen, scientific adviser to the Centre
      for Crop-Circle Studies for three years. 'A meteorologist devised a
      theory of "plasma vortexes", spiralling winds of electrically-charged

      Ball lightning was another possibility - again circular, again involving
      powerful and little-understood forces of electricity.

      'But straight lines do not come from natural phenomena,' says Keen. 'The
      patterns became increasingly complex and no natural phenomenon can
      change and evolve like that. There were too many for them all to be

      A U.S. physicist found evidence that corn inside the circles under-goes
      chemical and biological changes. It takes up more nitrates than corn
      outside, and microscopic holes form in the stem tissue. These changes
      seem to argue for a sudden, sharp infusion of energy into the circle -
      far more than could come from men with planks or rollers.

      'I was never quite convinced that his research was sufficiently
      rigorous' says Mr Keen, 'but there were certainly electromagnetic
      changes within circles. Compasses behaved strangely; people felt either
      distress or euphoria inside the circles; and batteries went flat
      unaccountably often.

      'All this seems to point away from hoax towards something very strange,
      indeed. There is clearly some kind of intelligence behind them.'

      And if it is not natural intelligence? 'Well, then you are thrown back
      to imagining some wholly unnatural intelligence.' As, for example, some
      form of psychic projection from human beings - dead or alive.

      'Some shapes of the early Eighties seemed similar to shapes carved into
      rocks by Palaeolithic man,' said Michael Green, President of the Centre
      for Crop Circle Studies.

      Were mental energies of past minds being channelled into cornfields?

      The first corn-circle for which evidence is claimed appeared in
      Hertfordshire in 1678. A pamphlet shows a woodcut of a circle mown in a
      field of oats, and the devil mowing.

      The pamphlet describes the sky over the field that night as being 'all
      of a flame'; so here, too, for those who are willing to believe, is a
      link with flying saucers and UFOs.

      For, of course, there are the aliens as the final theory of crop
      circles. Michael Green does not believe that little green men are
      responsible - but he believes some kind of non-human intelligence is
      behind them.

      He points to a succession of shapes, from simple to complex to very
      complex indeed. Can these be messages to be read by all of mankind?

      'These are written large on the landscape. They are there to be seen.
      There is a non-human intelligence behind them,' says Mr Green. 'That's
      what points one towards thinking the unthinkable.'

      [UK 5 ]***

      ource: Reuters
      Date Sent: 24th May 1999
      From: bernhard.nahrgang@... (Bernhard Nahrgang)

      Real Alien Life Forms Unlikely To Resemble E.T.

      By Patricia Reaney

      LONDON - They may not look like E.T. but the possibility that
      life forms exist beyond our planet is very real, scientists said Friday.

      Although he was just a loveable creature in a 1982 Hollywood
      blockbuster, E.T. the extraterrestrial gave a less threatening face to
      creatures from outer space.

      Nearly 20 years after he hit the big screen, scientists have still not
      found any real-life equivalent but they believe conditions exist on
      other planets to support life.

      ``There are good reasons to think, as biologists, that there are
      organisms that exist elsewhere,'' Dr Don Cowan, of University College
      London, told The Royal Astronomical Society.

      But life on other planets is more likely to be a single organism capable
      of living under extreme conditions than the three-eyed creatures
      depicted in many science fiction films.

      ``Life will be evolutionarily primitive,'' he added.

      Even the simplest creatures, Cowan said, need liquid water, the right
      temperatures, a nutrient supply and other essential conditions to

      He described the biological ``envelope,'' or boundaries of life, at
      upper and lower temperature levels and the places where such primitive
      forms of life could thrive.

      Hydrothermal pools, steam vents, boiling mud pools and underwater
      hydrothermal vents, where life on Earth is thought to have begun, are
      the ideal environments for simple life forms on other planets.

      ``In that environment you would have all the requirements for microbial
      life,'' he added.

      Dr Monica Grady, of the Natural History Museum in London, supported his
      arguments and went a step further, suggesting planets such as Mars and
      the moons of Jupiter have areas on or just below the surface where life
      could be sustained.

      ``There is the potential for life to have existed in many inhospitable
      niches in the solar system,'' she told the meeting.

      Mars and Europa, one of four moons closest to Jupiter, are the most
      likely candidates because of the amount of water, a basic precondition
      for life, they both have.

      The surface of Europa is covered with an icy crust and scientists know
      that the poles on Mars contain water and there could also be possible
      water under the surface.

      Grady expressed the hope that one day scientists would locate
      extraterrestrial life on another planet.

      ``Hopefully it will look like this,'' she said, pointing to a drawing of
      a green alien.

      ``But it will probably resemble that,'' she added as she turned toward
      what looked like a large worm.


      [UK 6 ]******

      Source: BBC News
      Publish Date: 26th April 1999

      The Ministry of Defence takes the movie industry seriously

      The British film industry is, it would seem, on the up and up.

      After winning a healthy dose of praise at this year's Oscars, its latest
      offering, Notting Hill, looks set to be another box office winner.

      And on the sun-kissed Riviera, British films are said to feature heavily
      at this year's film festival in Cannes.

      Among those keen to make sure that the UK's celluloid success is not
      just a flash in the pan is the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

      Despite the pressing duties of coordinating the country's armed forces,
      the MoD has now asked its senior communications officer to lend the
      "luvvies" a helping hand.

      "We recognise the value of the film industry to the country in terms of
      culture, revenue and encouraging tourism, and are doing our best to
      help," said a ministry spokesman.

      Learning from mistakes

      The officer in question is Una Muirhead, Director of Information
      Communication and Strategy.

      As the head of a 200-strong department, Ms Muirhead already has a lot on
      her plate. Now she must also deal with film and TV makers' requests for
      anything from tanks and fighter planes to soldiers.

      There are now about 100 projects under consideration from both film and

      Among recent completed successes is the new James Bond film, The World
      is not Enough, for which the navy supplied HMS Westminster and personnel
      as extras.

      The Royal Air Force also found locations for the BBC TV Sci-Fi drama
      series, Invasion Earth, and advised on scenes involving RAF jets
      shooting down a UFO.

      "All senior communications officers of the UK's army, navy and airforce
      have been advised of the value of helping with these projects. We are
      also making the ministry's services known in producers' directories and
      our own PR directory," said the ministry.

      The MoD's move is part of a wider government campaign to encourage film-
      making in the UK, among both homegrown producers and those from abroad.

      It wants to stop the repetition of situations similar to that faced by
      the makers of Saving Private Ryan. They had to move filming from Britain
      to Ireland when the MoD refused to supply troops as extras.

      Early indications would seem to show that the strategy is paying off,
      with the ministry noting an increase in calls from producers since Ms
      Muirhead's appointment.

      Calling in the troops

      Operational requirements allowing, military equipment and the troops to
      operate it - or act as extras - are supplied on a tax-free, cost basis.
      But there are strings attached.

      Despite being all for the demystification of the armed forces through
      film and TV, the MoD will only become involved with productions which
      show it in a good light.

      BBC TV's Invasion Earth benefitted from the RAF's wisdom

      "If a film is obviously fantasy, then we do not expect people to think
      the portrayal of the navy, for example, to be realistic. But, otherwise,
      we have to be very careful that a false and damaging impression is not
      given," said a navy spokesman.

      Nonetheless, plenty of projects look set to go further than the drawing
      board, which will no doubt please a lot of people, including some of the

      "If there are any budding Cary Grants in the forces they will no doubt
      jump at the chance to get involved," said the MoD.

      "But they are to do their jobs. When it comes to driving a tank or
      behaving like a soldier, there is no room for method acting."

      ---continued in part 2 ------
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