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Metropolitan Area Of London As 'Area 51'

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      Regarding the number '51'.

      It may be of interest to know that the Metropolitan area of London was
      designated Area 51 in c.1952 by the British state for the purposes of
      the ROTOR early warning system. A large map with the subdivisions
      clearly marked (51a, 51b, 51c, etc) can be seen at the "secret"
      nuclear bunker built in 1952 near Ongar, Essex.

      This bunker complex was part of a set of bunkers built throughout
      Britain to house the Cold War warning system control, and the
      development of a site for the London/SE area was overseen initially by
      the Air Ministry and the "Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company was one
      of two companies who were asked to work on the project."

      Philosophically speaking (or perhaps even religiously) research
      suggests that the number '51' has a somewhat ontological meaning, that
      of 'mostness' or 'extremes' or 'extremities' of whatever it occurs at.
      I can well imagine this being applied to a 'very secret' site, with
      the 'longest' runway, examining extremes of life-forms, etc.


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