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FWD: [UFORMilitary] Ufological Fluffing (cont'd)

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  • Frits Westra
    ===================== From: Francisco LopezFrom:Lornis@aol.comI enjoyed the editorial on the present state of ufology and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 1999
      From: Francisco Lopez <d005734c@...>


      I enjoyed the editorial on the present state of ufology and the replies of
      Ron Hill and Klaatu. It has seemed to me for a very long time that there
      is a ufological "top drawer" or "poodle parade", if you wish, that is more
      concerned with meeting each other at the next convention, conference or
      photo opportunity than with research. These people seldom write, nor do
      they seem to have a background in the field: they have merely latched on
      to an issue (abductions, crop circles, etc.) and ridden it to celebrity.
      By lacking a background I mean that they are not at all versed in the
      UFO/paranormal literature of the 50's, 60's and 70's -- their awareness of
      the field starts with the Lear/Cooper/Moore days of the late 80's-early

      Yet these are the rulers of the field. The remainder are divided between
      those who have found a home on the Net since the mid-90's and those who
      appear in the steadily-dwindling UFO press. Many in each camp are not
      aware of the other's existence and the names that hold currency in one
      field have none in the other.

      Furthermore, it is remarkable how little **reading** actually takes place
      nowadays. A college lecturer on ufology told me that to his astonishment,
      college students refuse to purchase any books or magazines on the
      subject--if it can't be downloaded or is otherwise free, they have no use
      for it.

      As to the debate as to whether UFOs should be best studied by scientists
      or religious experts I'll withhold my comments. I feel that we've come too
      far to go back to the nuts-and-bolts days of the '50s, or to allow science
      to turn ufology into another slide-rule dominated environment of endless
      charts, statistical comparisons and databases. On the other hand, we are
      witnessing an increase in contacteeism, New Ageism and general "fuzzy
      thinking" regarding the subject. Dancing on the knife's edge can get
      uncomfortable after a while.

      Best regards to all,

      Scott Corrales
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