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FWD: [UFORMilitary] Dr. Helmut Lammer's book

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  • Frits Westra
    ========================== From: Francisco LopezFrom: Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. Via: UFOTRUTH LIST GROUP
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 1999
      From: Francisco Lopez <d005734c@...>

      From: Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. <drboylan@...>
      Via: UFOTRUTH LIST GROUP <UFOTruth@...>

      Copyright 1999, All Rights Reserved

      and Marion Lammer; IllumiNet Press, 1999

      I have just read MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction and I
      found it to be very informative and well-documented. The book is dedicated
      to the late Karla Turner, Ph.D. and Dr. Richard Sauder has written a very
      good Foreword for MILABS. This book contains a wealth of new information
      pertaining to alleged alien abductees. I believe MILABS will be a new
      beginning for many abduction researchers and lay people who are studying
      the abduction phenomenon. Those who feel that research into the alien
      abduction phenomenon becomes more confusing as each decade passes may have
      some of that confusion cleared up. Others who feel there is something
      stale about the repetitive publication of one abduction case after
      another, will agree that this book adds much more to the equation.

      It is possible the confusion in abduction research is due to the fact that
      the reader rarely gets both sides of the story. For example, are abductees
      seeing helicopters, UFOs, or both? Are abductions perpetrated by
      extraterrestrials or human beings? Is the abductee seeing the inside of a
      UFO or the interior of a terrestrial scientific laboratory? After you read
      MILABS you will have some of these questions answered and you will
      probably want to read the references and papers the authors have annotated
      at the end of each chapter to learn more.

      Over the past three years I have corresponded with several of the
      mind-behavior control victims and MILAB abductees written about in this
      book. I want the reader to know that these are real people with real
      families who have had traumatic and disturbing experiences at the hands of
      an as-yet-unknown group of scientists. They are honest individuals, but
      more than that, they are some of the bravest people I know. The
      information they have shared with the public in MILABS is fascinating
      and very disturbing.

      MILABS is written in a concise style and is priced competitively. It is
      a quick read, but you will find yourself wanting to stop to think about
      the information you are reading because it is not so easy to digest.

      One of my favorite quotes from the book is by Dr. C.B. Scott Jones while
      he was addressing Dr. John Gibbons, the science advisor of President Bill
      Clinton, concerning the Rockefeller UFO Initiative:

      ..I urge you to take another look in the 'UFO Matrix of Belief' that I
      provided you last year. My mention of mind-control technology at the
      February 4 meeting was quite deliberate. Please be careful about this.
      There are reasons to believe that some government group has interwoven
      research about this technology with alleged UFO phenomena. If that is
      correct, you can expect to run into early resistance when inquiring about
      UFOs, not because of the UFO subject, but because that has been used to
      cloak research and applications of mind-control activity. -- Dr. C.B.
      Scott Jones

      The following is the English version of the Foreword I wrote for Dr.
      Helmut Lammer and Marion Lammer's German language version of the book
      MILABS. It is titled Covert Operations and was published in Germany
      last year. [I have inserted the new title since it is interchangeable as
      far as my review and commentary are concerned.]


      I will never forget that Summer - over ten years ago - when I began
      searching for answers. I am not sure I really knew what I was looking for,
      but I went into a book store and purchased my first book about the now
      popular alien phenomenon. After I read that book, my life was never the
      same. Each page I read was like turning a page of my own life. For the
      first time in twenty-seven years I realized that I was not alone,and this
      realization shattered my reality.

      The alien abduction phenomenon has become much more widely recognized
      since the 1960s when it was first reported by a farmer in Brazil named
      Antonio Villas Boas, and then by an American couple named Betty and Barney
      Hill. In the United States, a large number of abductees came forward
      during the 1980s and shared their experiences with a handful of
      sympathetic writer-researchers. The current decade has brought the
      publication of many new books about these elusive beings, written and
      sometimes published by the abductees themselves. For lack of a better
      term, I am one of those author-abductees.

      The alien phenomenon is a difficult subject for many people to accept or
      understand. It is a contradiction to believe you have had experiences with
      alien beings or that you have seen an alien craft when your Government has
      convinced you they do not exist. So, what do you do when you not only see
      what appear to be alien beings, but standing next to them are human
      beings wearing military uniforms belonging to the United States Armed

      The United States Government denies they are interfering in the lives of
      American citizens. It also denies the existence of extraterrestrial
      beings. Reports by abductees of seeing military personnel working with the
      aliens has put a terrifying twist to the alien abduction phenomenon. It
      has begun to make abductees ask the question: Is it really aliens who are
      abducting us, or is it our Government? After reading MILABS, you may
      decide it is both.

      In 1996, Dr. Helmut Lammer became interested in my case because of the
      experiences I had published that involved other human beings, including
      military personnel. Some of these occurred in what I described as
      underground military facilities. His thorough and in-depth questioning of
      several of my experiences forced me to take a closer look at those
      encounters. His persistent questioning about details I had not focused on
      and his mention of possibilities I would not allow myself to consider
      previously, led me to research the mind and behavior control literature
      from the beginning of the United States OSS, Office of Strategic
      Services, known today as the CIA. I began to realize there might be much
      more to some of my experiences than I was willing to admit when I
      published my journals in The Alien Jigsaw.

      Other information I came across during my inquiry into the subject of mind
      and behavior control were the personal accounts from mind control victims.
      Much to my dismay, I learned there were people, not only in the United
      States, but in other countries as well, who claimed to have been
      experimented on by members of their Governments. My review of the
      literature taught me that mind control technology, specifically
      biotelemetric implant technology, has existed for several decades and this
      tended to support these individuals claims. Just as I thought I had
      incorporated the alien phenomenon into my life, once again, reality as I
      thought I understood it, was to change.

      MILABS is a well-researched chronicle of clandestine activities that
      have been occurring for many decades. Helmut and Marion Lammer have been
      resolute in their search for the truth. From the pages of MILABS will
      emerge the voices of the survivors. The survivors of manipulation in its
      worst form. In these pages you will learn how physiological and
      psychological experiments were and still are performed on the unwitting,
      the innocent and the unsuspecting. Who are these victims? We are people
      just like you. We are your neighbors, your co-workers, your brothers and
      sisters, and even your children.

      Allow the authors to take you on a journey through madness. It is a
      history that is supported by documents released through the United States
      Freedom of Information Act: from the controversial Project Paper Clip to
      mind and behavior control; from implants to telepathy, alien beings and
      beyond. MILABS will introduce you to the history about the need to
      know and why no Government should have the right to relegate its citizens
      to such a lowly stature. MILABS is an important work and I applaud
      Helmut and Marion Lammer for making this information available to the
      public. After reading MILABS you will never take the truth or your
      freedom for granted again.



      <http://www.alienjigsaw.com/pom_toc.html> or see "Between Two Lies" on the
      front page of my Web site.
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