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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 8 Number 29

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 8, Number 29 August 6, 2003 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 8, Number 29
      August 6, 2003
      Editor: Joseph Trainor



      "Champ, the famed 'monster' of Lake Champlain, might
      be real after all."
      "Researchers working in the Button Bay area of the
      lake last month (June 2003) say highly sensitive sonar
      equipment on their boat captured underwater sounds similar
      to those emitted by a beluga whale or dolphin."
      "'What we got was a biological creature creating
      bionsonar at a level that only a few underwater species
      can do,' said Elizabeth Von Muggenthaler, president of
      Fauna Communications Research, a Hillsborough, North
      Carolina firm that studies how animals communicate."
      "Von Muggenthaler said her team was on the lake at
      the behest of the Discovery Channel, which was doing a
      television show about Champ. She said the TV crew
      departed a day prior to the first biosonar reading
      detected by her team."
      "Von Muggenthaler declined to speculate on the size,
      nature or physical characteristics of the creature her
      equipment monitored. She acknowledged that there is no
      evidence the lake is home to a freshwater whale or
      "The biosonar noises picked up by the equipment sound

      like a rapid series of ticks and are emitted by underwater
      creatures in their search for food."
      "What is unusual about the sonar heard in this case
      was the volume: ten times louder than any known fish
      species in the lake. She said the irregular sequence of
      ticks also ruled out the chance the noises were produced
      by a mechanical device or 'fish finder.'"
      "Von Muggenthaler said the readings were recorded on
      multiple instruments on June 3, 4 and 10 (2003). Some of
      the readings lasted as long as 10 minutes, and she
      suspects the creature came within 30 feet (9 meters) of
      her boat during one of the episodes."
      "While the readings provide no clue about the
      creature's physical makeup, she said she should be able to
      say how fast it was moving once analysis of her data by
      National Instruments Inc. of Austin, Texas is completed"
      in August.
      "'I don't know what else to tell you,' she said,
      'That's what I got. That's what it is.'"
      "Von Muggenthaler said she hoped her discovery would
      not cause a spate of ill-advised Champ hunting on the
      lake," which lies on the border of the USA's states of New
      York and Vermont.
      "'It is important to remember that, if there is
      indeed a creature out there, it is protected by New York
      and Vermont (environmental protection) law,' she said,
      'The best thing people could do for the creature, if it
      exists, is leave it alone.'"
      "The readings by Von Muggenthaler represent the
      biggest development in the debate about the existence of
      Champ since the publication of Sandra Masi's (color)
      photograph of a serpent-like object taken during a family
      outing in 1977."
      (Editor's Note: Sightings of Champ date back to the
      Seventeenth Century. The local indigenous people, the
      Ganegahaga-ono--also known as the Mohawk Indians--called
      the lake Caniaderi-Guarunte, meaning Lake of the Spirits.
      One of its spirit guardians was the monstrous serpent that
      slumbered on the lake bottom. This serpent was called
      Oniahrikowa by the Indians.)
      "Over the years, hundreds of Champ sightings have
      been reported by fishermen, boaters and other lake users.
      Skeptics have claimed Champ is an extravagant piece of
      folklore perpetrated by witnesses making more out of what
      they saw than was actually there."
      (Editor's Note: Attention, tourists! Your editor has
      heard that the best place to see Champ is the bluff just
      east of Route 22 in Essex, N.Y.)
      "Von Muggenthaler, a native of Charlotte, was
      skeptical of Champ's existence while growing up in
      "'I was sort of a scientist at an early age,' she
      said, 'To me, you had to see it to believe it.'"
      "Steve Smith, director of facilities at ECHO at the
      Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, said he was uncertain
      what to make of Von Muggenthaler's discovery."
      "'I just don't know,' he said, 'Who is to say that it

      is beyond the realm of possibility' that she had found
      Champ? He said he is familiar with her work in
      bioacoustics from a time when she was able to record
      communications between giraffes at a North Carolina zoo
      where he was employed."
      "'Her work is well-respected in the zoo community,'
      he said." (See the Burlington, Vt. Free Press for July
      28, 2003, "Lake's first 'Champ-hearing' recorded." Many
      thanks to Glenn O. Boyde for forwarding this article.)
      (Editor's Comment: And welcome to Lake Monsters Week here
      at UFO Roundup. Last week saw a sudden upsurge in what
      cryptozoologist Loren Coleman calls "seagoing cryptids.")


      "An accidental discovery in the depths of Loch Ness
      could finally force the scientific community to
      acknowledge there could be a monster out there."
      "An expert has claimed that two years of work by
      British and U.S. scientists proves the sea reached the
      now-landlocked stretch of water after the European Ice Age
      125,000 years ago--and again about 12,800 years ago. The
      presence of sea urchin spines, clamshells and other seabed
      material--some of it about 13,000 years old--proves the
      ocean encroached as far as the legendary loch, almost
      certainly bringing sea creatures, large and small, with
      "New evidence revealed in Inverness last night
      (Thursday, July 31, 2003) by Bob Rines, of the Academy of
      Applied Science, challenges traditional thinking of the
      loch always being a freshwater lake."
      "While pulling up anchor on their research boat in
      August 2001, a scientific team stumbled across the
      discovery that could change thinking on a large portion of
      Scotland's history."
      "Retired Inverness geography teacher Frank Dougherty
      noted the clay on the anchor was different from other
      deposits found in the Urquhart Bay area of the loch where
      they were working."
      "Carbon dating and amino acid testing of the clay
      indicated that marine life within the loch dated from
      12,800 years ago--suggesting a warm-water break in the
      glacial conditions at about that time. Items dating from
      about 125,000 years ago were also revealed in the
      "Mr. Rines said, 'This discovery could rewrite the
      history books on how Scotland was formed. It had always
      been assumed that the ocean was never in the Great Glen.
      That's just not true.'"
      "The findings will certainly reopen a debate traced
      back to" the 1970s "when an eminent scientist of the time
      claimed there was evidence of seawater having been in Loch
      Ness--but this was disputed by many of his peers."
      "Mr. Rines added that the discovery--corroborated by
      institutions on both sides of the Atlantic--could shed
      light on some of the theories as to how a Loch Ness
      Monster could have got into a landlocked stretch of water
      in the first place."
      "He added, 'Much of the scientific community thought
      Nessie believers were bonkers because they knew the sea
      was never in here. How could big animals get in? I
      believe this evidence answers that question.'"
      "Loch Ness project leader Adrian Shine accepts that,
      on current evidence, any creature in the loch would have
      had to survive a millenium of icy conditions and a great
      "'In the 1960s, the monster-hunters had the idea that

      animals could have come into this fresh water and become
      trapped in some way,' he said, 'This business about big,
      big animals becoming trapped in the loch is a bit of a red
      herring. We were fully glacial again 11,000 years ago--
      the loch was freezing in winter--and I don't know how such
      creatures would have been breathing. After that, there
      was an almighty flood--a catastrophic event. The (Loch
      Ness) project is not speculating about large animals, but
      we will continue to analyse the material. This discovery
      has provided a very interesting surprise.'" (See the
      North Scotland News and Journal for August 1, 2003, "Loch
      find rocks Nessie skeptics." Many thanks to Loren Coleman
      and Scott Corrales for forwarding this newspaper article.)


      A bizarre winged humanoid was spotted by three youths

      in San Pedro de Atacama, a village near Calama in northern
      "Diego, who is in his first year of middle school,"
      went to his grandfather's shack in San Pedro de Atacama,
      "accompanied by his friends and neighbors, Jonathan and
      On Tuesday, July 23, 2003, at 8:30 p.m., after
      feeding the livestock, "the three youths decided to return
      to the grandfather's house and spend the night. Diego lit
      the stove to boil water and serve tea with some loaves of
      bread they had brought from Calama. His grandfather was
      out of the house. The only source of light came from a
      candle, since the (rural) area lacks electricity."
      "At around 9:05 p.m., moments after the boys were
      serving up their supper, they could hear the dogs on the
      property issue strange noises and howls."
      "At around 9:15 p.m., strange knocking sounds rattled

      the door of the house, swiftly increasing in violence and
      accompanied by scratches, which left the boys speechless
      and instinctively made them get up from their seats."
      The trio climbed into bed and covered themselves with

      the blankets. "After three to five minutes, the sound
      ceased completely. Diego got out from under the blankets,
      looked out the window and did not see anyone. He opened
      the door but didn't see anything, either."
      "'It's all right, boys. It's gone,'" he said.
      As they left the shack, the boys saw "standing amid
      the pear trees" 15 meters (50 feet) away "a horrifying
      creature a meter-and-a-half (5 feet) tall, sprouting wings
      measuring 3.5 meters (11 feet). It was covered by glossy
      black skin, very clean and hairless. It appeared as
      though it had recently emerged from the water but without
      being wet. It had a large head and a small beak,
      presenting a sort of crest (like a rooster--J.T.) which
      was apparently missing a piece from a fight. Its eyes
      were immense and completely black, but sparkled
      "They thought it was a prehistoric being, since its
      wings had a strong resemblance to those of pterodactyls or
      bats, featuring bone-like protuberances that form the
      skeletal frame of its wings. Its legs were sturdy and had
      powerful claws like those of a carrion bird, but much
      "Suddenly, the being fluttered its wings, shaking up
      the (pear) tree in front of it, and rising into the air
      with extraordinary ease, losing itself in the dark of
      "Fearing its return, which fortunately did not occur,

      the three boys slept in a single bed that night."
      The city of Calama is now in the third year of an
      ongoing flap and has had numerous sightings of UFOs and
      aliens since February 2001. (Muchas gracias a Scott
      Corrales, Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo y Jaime Ferrer del
      Centro OVNI de Calama para esas noticias.)


      On Saturday, July 26, 2003, at approximately 9:30
      p.m., Antonio Lauro Filho was outdoors in the bairro
      Itaigara (neighborhood) of Salvador, capital of Bahia
      state in northern Brazil. He reported, "My father saw a
      disc-shaped object of immense proportions descending
      vertically into our neighborhood. Unfortunately, I myself
      did not see this object, but my father said it was not a
      satellite or a meteor. Later I spoke to many people in
      Itaigara, who had also seen the saucer."
      Salvador is a port city on the South Atlantic,
      located about 700 kilometers (420 miles) north-northeast
      of Rio de Janeiro. (Muito obrigado a Alexandre de
      Carvalho Borges por eso caso.)


      On Saturday, July 19, 2003, around 11 p.m.,
      eyewitness Sherry L. reported, "My husband and I were
      camping on a desert property located about 60 miles (100
      kilometers) east from El Paso, Texas on Highway 62/180,
      which is the highway going to Carlsbad, New Mexico."
      (Editor's Note: The campground was about 10 miles or 16
      kilometers east of Cornudas, Texas.)
      Sherry's husband "saw these things, too, but wants to

      think we saw a satellite in the sky and some sort of
      military maneuvers, or drug runners, or the Border Patrol
      doing something. I'm not so sure."
      "My husband went to bed, but I stayed up with the
      binoculars to look at the sky. All lights were off at the
      campsite so nothing would distort my view. The sky was
      crystal clear and spectacular. The Milky Way was
      "I noticed a bright white object that seemed to move,

      but this isn't unusual because the atmosphere will make
      stars look like they are moving. I even thought it was
      Mars because it is so close to the Earth right now. But
      when I looked at it through the binoculars, I clearly saw
      two distinct objects."
      Both were bright white. One "was rod-shaped and
      slightly slanted toward" the other, which Sherry called
      objects A and B. The cylinder-shaped UFO "seemed to be
      moving around B. (Object) A did not twinkle, but B seemed
      to twinkle and pulsate."
      "The moon had not yet come up above the horizon. It
      would be another 20 minutes or so before moon-rise. Thus,
      it was still a very dark night, and the stars were
      "At this time I also noticed additional lights on the

      north side of the ridge, looking towards Highway 62/180."
      In this area, "one cannot see vehicle lights from the
      highway due to the rise" in the desert terrain. "This one
      is about one-and-a-half miles (2 kilometers) from our
      campsite and about one-and-a-half miles northeast of the
      "There were three groups of lights. From left to
      right, the colors were blue, gold and yellow. Maybe the
      different colored lights were a little over 200 feet (60
      meters) apart."
      "Each group was made up of two distinct objects. I
      labeled them on the drawing. Blue lights were labeled C
      and D; gold lights E and F; and yellow lights G and H."
      "Lights C, E and G from each group were static in
      their color. Their shapes were each the same, not exactly
      triangular but very near that shape."
      "Lights D, F and H twinkled/pulsated to the point of
      looking as if sparks were flying from them. Much like a
      sparkler but with a dark center."
      "I awoke my husband so he could see them. He looked
      at them, watched with me for a short while but went back
      to bed."
      "I continued to watch these strange lights after my
      husband went back to bed for another 45 minutes or so. It
      really started to get strange after my husband went back
      to bed."
      "Through the binoculars, I could see some sort of
      movement around the gold and yellow lights. Both blue
      lights were starting to get dim. I could not make out the
      distinctive shapes of the objects that were moving around
      lights E and G. They looked like moving globs of dark
      "At one point, lights F (gold) and H (yellow) moved
      toward each other, and, when they met, light F moved over
      and beyond light H for a few moments, and then they moved
      back to their original positions. They did not twinkle or
      sparkle during this maneuver."
      "The gold lights then dimmed out completely for a few

      moments and suddenly reappeared."
      "At this point, three long, narrow, rod-shaped
      lights, each a very dim red color, moved from light E
      (gold) to light D (blue). Blue did not get any brighter
      after this."
      "The first two lights in the sky (A and B--J.T.) had
      moved to the west and were now nearly directly over the
      group of ground lights. But when I looked at them through
      the binoculars, I could only make out one large bright
      light. At this point, I noticed movement above the
      horizon in the sky, below A and B slightly to the west."
      "It was another set of lights, just like A and B when

      I first looked at them" an hour earlier, "the only
      difference was that this set of lights, labeled I and J in
      the drawing, were much dimmer and closer to the horizon."
      "I went to bed after nothing happened for a while.
      Have to admit I did take a sleeping pill, but they have
      never made me hallucinate before. And my husband did see
      the same lights." (Many thanks to Jim Hickman for this


      On Sunday, July 27, 2003, at 10:55 a.m., Steve K. was

      watching an air show at the Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco,
      Washington state (population 32,066). He reported that it
      was a "perfectly clear day, no clouds, very dry climate,
      temperature near 100 degrees Fahrenheit."
      "The object was located by accident while observing
      the departure of two demonstration 'training jets,' that
      had just completed an exhibition for the local hydroplane
      races," Steve explained, "When first observed, I was
      looking to the west-southwest at an azimuth of
      approximately 240 degrees, elevation was approximately 20
      to 25 degrees" above the horizon.
      "While the object moved ever so slowly to the east,
      it was not motionless."
      "As mentioned, I was watching the departure of the
      'air show' jets. I watched them through my 8-millimeter
      Pentax binoculars, thinking they might come back for one
      more pass for the crowd. As I tracked the jets on their
      southerly course, a black object 'flashed' through my
      (field of) view."
      "At first I thought it was a bird. Since I am always

      interested in large hawks and predatory birds, I dropped
      the jets and moved back to the black object. In the one
      or two seconds it took me to relocate the object, it had
      turned silver in appearance. It was obviously a very
      interesting object."
      "So I watched this, this, this...flying machine...for

      several minutes. It moved in the pattern of a soaring
      hawk scanning a field for prey. If you can imagine a
      smooth valley, or 'bowl,' in the air, the object seemed to
      glide up the sides of the bowl to a certain point, then
      turn and glide up the other side. It looked as though the
      pilot was having fun exercising his machine."
      "Finally, I decided to observe without binoculars.
      And since I knew exactly where to look, I could see the
      appearance of the black side followed by the silver side.
      The other witness saw both 'colors' as well and remarked
      that the object was 'really up there.' That remark was an
      indicator that the other witness thought the object was
      very far away--an impression I shared."
      "When the (UFO's) 'bottom' was turned towards me, the

      object was perfectly round and black. There were no
      discernible features other than their white or silver ring
      around the black at the edge of the disk. When the object
      turned so that the 'top' was showing, I could see a
      smoothly contoured 'canopy.' It was not, however,
      symmetrical. It appeared to have a 'teardrop' shape--sort
      of pointed on one side and rounded on what I call the
      'back' side of the disk. The upper surface of the disk
      was also uniformly silver and very bright."
      "When the disk did catch the rays of the sun just
      right, the disk shone very, very brightly. With the naked
      eye, I could see the black 'bottom' and the bright flash
      of the silver top as it maneuvered."
      "I eventually became so tired of holding my
      binoculars that I tried to find a more comfortable
      observing position. When I returned to locate the object,
      I could not find it again and could not discern where it
      went or in what direction." (Email Form Report)


      A flotilla of UFOs appeared last week in Dunmore,
      Alberta province, Canada.
      The sighting took place on Tuesday, July 29, 2003 at
      11 p.m. The male witness reported "bright lights in the
      sky that looked like stars but moved fast and in many
      different directions, along with standing still and then
      moving again. We saw six different ones. One prominent
      one was hovering over a distant field, then it moved up"
      to an altitude of "500 meters (1,650 feet). We watched
      this until 11:45 p.m."
      Interviewed by Canadian ufologist Brian Vike, the
      witness added that "two (UFOs) went south at different
      times; three went east at different times, and the one
      that hovered was in a northwesterly direction."
      "I have 7.35-millimeter binoculars, and I could not
      distinguish an actual shape. They were very bright and
      only one light per object. The sky was very clear. They
      were a light yellow color with a little blue tinge. No
      sound. The big UFO hovered over the field for about 25
      minutes, then just disappeared. The others were overhead-
      -west to east." (Many thanks to Brian Vike and John Hayes
      for this report.)


      "The second Canadian crop formation for 2003 was
      found yesterday, (Wednesday) July 30, near Kippen,
      Ontario. Discovered by a farm worker combining a field"
      around 12 noon.
      "Preliminary report of a triplet formation of three
      circles in wheat, the largest circle with a partial ring
      around it and the two smaller circles next to it."
      The formation "is now being extensively discussed, as

      a neighbouring landowner reported witnessing the three-
      circle formation form in about 12 seconds during a storm
      front which passed through the area."
      "The formation near Kippen is actually closer to
      Hensall" and "is reminiscent of the formation at Cherhill
      Down in England in 1993." (Many thanks to Paul Anderson
      of Canadian Crop Circle Research Network for this report.)


      Between Sunday, July 27, and Tuesday, July 29, 2003,
      Task Force 20, the combined U.S. Army Special Forces and
      CIA unit, conducted 58 raids in Iraq, including three on
      houses in Al-Ouja, a village 3 kilometers (2 miles) north
      of Tikrit, which was alleged to be the site of Saddam
      Hussein's large underground base.
      "U.S. military officials declined to comment on
      Sunday's raid--as they have on all efforts of Task Force
      20, the unit detailed with hunting down Hussein. Task
      Force 20 led the assault on Hussein's sons, Uday and
      "Among those captured was Adnan Abdullah Abid al-
      Musslit, who commanders said was one of Saddam's most
      trusted bodyguards. Al-Musslit, who is Saddam's cousin,
      was believed to have detailed knowledge of the ex-
      dictator's hiding spots."
      However, the raids on Al-Ouja failed to turn up any
      sign of Saddam Hussein or the tunnel leading to the
      purported underground base. According to Iraqi rumors,
      the base was built for Saddam by the Zarzi aliens, to whom
      the Iraqi dictator had granted sanctuary when their UFO
      crashed in Iraq in December 1998.
      In other news, Saddam himself continued to make
      clandestine radio broadcasts, with two more coming out
      last week.
      Speculation that Uday and Qusay had survived the July

      22 gun battle in Mosul ended abruptly when Saddam himself
      acknowledged their deaths in his audiotape of Tuesday,
      July 29, 2003.
      "In the nine-minute audiotape, a voice resembling
      Saddam's said he was glad Uday and Qusay Hussein were
      killed in battle because such a death 'is the hope of
      every fighter.'"
      "An audio tape attributed to Saddam was released
      Friday," August 1, 2003, by the Arab television network
      Al-Jazeera, in which the speaker promised to again take
      power and return Iraq 'to its normal state.'"
      "'Our faith is great that God will support us and
      that one day the occupation army will falter and that
      victory is possible at any moment in the future as a
      result of the painful strikes of the mujaheddin (Muslim
      guerrilla fighters--J.T.) and our people's insistence to
      stop the invaders,' said the voice."
      "The tape was the fourth purportedly released by
      Saddam in two weeks." (See the Chicago Tribune for July
      29, 2003, "Explosion kills GI in Humvee along highway,"
      page 4; the Minneapolis, Minn. Star-Tribune for July 30,
      2003, "Audiotape attributed to Saddam acknowledges death
      of 2 sons," page A7; USA Today for July 31, 2003, "High-
      tech tools used to hunt Saddam," page 5A; and the Duluth,
      Minn. News-Tribune for August 2, 2003, "Multiple attacks
      launched on U.S. forces," page 6A.)

      From the UFO Files...

      1896: BUTCH CASSIDY, THE

      It was August 4, 1896, and outlaw Matt Warner (birth
      name: Willard Erasmus Christiansen--J.T.) was not having a
      good day. He had recently survived a shootout with three
      gunmen in the Uintah Mountains of eastern Utah, killing
      two and wounding one. Matt considered it "fair shooting,"
      but the sheriff of Uintah County had other ideas. Now
      Matt was a prisoner at the county jail in Vernal, Utah,
      charged with murder.
      To make matters worse, "his wife was critically ill"
      at the outlaw stronghold called Hole-in-the-Wall in
      Wyoming. Held without bail, and, as a leader of "the Wild
      Bunch," certain to be convicted, Matt faced the firing
      (Editor's Note: Of the 50 states in the USA, Utah is the
      only one which executes condemned prisoners by firing
      "The townspeople of Vernal, seeing" outlaws Butch
      Cassidy (birth name: Robert Leroy Parker--J.T.) and Elza
      Lay "suspected them of planning to break Matt out of jail,
      so he was transferred to Ogden, Utah for trial."
      Butch Cassidy and Matt Warner had met in Colorado in
      1889, shortly after Butch's release from a Wyoming prison.
      They decided that robbing banks and trains was more
      lucrative than stealing cattle and horses. They called
      their gang "the Train Robbers' Syndicate," but everybody
      in the West knew the pair and their Pennsylvania-born
      partner, Harry Longabaugh, a.k.a. the Sundance Kid, as
      "the Wild Bunch."
      "Butch and Elzy felt that Matt had killed in self-
      defense and therefore hired D.A. Preston to defend Matt.
      Preston was considered a very fine attorney, and he didn't
      come cheap. A fat fee was demanded."
      To raise the money for his friend's defense, Butch
      made plans to rob the bank in Montpelier, Idaho, in the
      Bear Lake valley just north of the Utah state line. He
      had personal reasons for hitting that bank. The Bank of
      Montpelier was the oldest in the region, and its board
      consisted of wealthy Mormon ranchers, whom Butch had
      detested from his childhood in Circleville, Utah.
      "On Thursday afternoon," August 13, 1896, "at 3:20
      o'clock, while the citizens of Montpelier were quietly
      engaged in their usual daily avocation, three men (Butch
      Cassidy, Elza Lay and Henry "Bob" Meeks--J.T.), none of
      them masked, rode quietly down Washington Street to the
      Bank of Montpelier and dismounted. Cashier (John) Gray
      and Edward Hoover were standing in front of the building
      talking. One of the men (Butch) invited them inside, at
      the same time drawing a six-shooter (pistol--J.T.)."
      "They did as directed, and when inside were told to
      stand with their faces to the wall and hands up. Two more
      men who happened to pass the bank door were also ordered
      "Then one of the robbers (Elza Lay) went around
      behind the counter and held up Bud McIntosh, the assistant
      cashier, taking all the money in sight and dumping it into
      a sack."
      "While Butch covered the bank patrons with his gun,
      Elzy almost casually walked out the back door where Bob
      Meeks held the waiting horses. He tied the heavy gold and
      silver bags to the little sorrel's pack and slung the
      lighter sack of bills across his own cantle."
      "'Don't make a sound for ten minutes,'" Butch told
      the patrons.
      Then, "he, too, walked out the door and mounted his
      horse, and the three, with the loaded pack mare trailing
      behind, trotted out of town. Butch, a natural born actor,
      could have fooled anyone with his act."
      "Once out of town, they broke into a dead run and
      headed up Montpelier Canyon...The robbers took the canyon
      road leading to Thomas's Fork," then "several miles away,
      they changed horses and, crossing Thomas's Creek, took to
      the mountains."
      "The alarm spread quickly, and Deputy (Frederick)
      Cruikshank and Attorney Bagley were soon on the trail,
      closely followed by Sheriff Davis, who was in Paris
      (Idaho, not France--J.T.) when the robbery occurred, and a
      large posse."
      But, with the fresh horses provided by the Sundance
      Kid at Thomas's Creek, the outlaws got clean away. The
      Bank of Montpelier reported a loss of $16,500.
      According to the Salt Lake Herald, "It is alleged
      that the bank was robbed by Cassidy and his gang to secure
      funds for Warner's defense and that one of the attorneys
      in the case has already received $1,000 of the bank's
      The allegation produced an angry response from
      Preston, and therein lies the mystery.
      "Attorney Preston is back from Rock Springs
      (Wyoming)...says that inference... is a malicious
      falsehood...He received his fee before the Montpelier
      robbery occurred. He was not employed by Cassidy or any
      of the Cassidy gang."
      If Preston was telling the truth, then there is no
      way the perpetually-broke Wild Bunch could have paid him
      $1,000 before the robbery. So who contributed the money
      towards Matt Warner's courtroom defense?
      One possibility is Matt's friend from his days in
      Colorado, Dr. Franz Hartmann. The two had known each
      other for two years before Dr. Hartmann departed for India
      in 1883. A prominent Illuminatus and associate of Madame
      Blavatsky, Dr. Hartmann was back in Europe in 1896 and
      building his New Age resort in Ascona, Switzerland.
      Having lived in the USA for 18 years, Dr. Hartmann may
      have kept up his habit of reading American newspapers and
      learned of his young friend's plight out in Utah. And
      sent Preston a bank draft for $1,000.
      At the trial, Matt Warner was convicted, but he "got
      off with just five years, on the whole a rather light
      "By the time Warner got out of prison" in 1900, "the
      Wild Bunch had busted up, Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
      fleeing to South America, where they continued in the
      robbery business."
      As for Matt Warner, he "settled in Carbon County,
      Utah, was elected justice of the peace and became a deputy
      sheriff. He worked as a policeman in Price, Utah,
      moonlighting on the side as a bootlegger." In 1938, "at
      the age of 74, Warner died a much-respected citizen."
      (See the books Folklore in the Bear Lake Valley and
      Flickering Memories by Bonnie Thompson, Printers Inc.,
      Salt Lake City, Utah, 1977, pages 62, 63 and 173. Also
      The Encyclopedia of American Crime by Carl Sifakis, Facts
      on File, Inc., 1982, page 748. See also the Montpelier,
      Idaho News-Examiner for August 25, 1896; the Ogden, Utah
      Standard for September 10, 1896; and the Salt Lake Herald
      for September 8, 1896. For more on Dr. Hartmann, see UFO
      Roundup, volume 8, number 28 for July 30, 2003, "1881:
      Outlaw Doc," page 8)

      That's it for this week. Join us next time for more
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      See you in seven days.

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