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Re: [UFOnet] Extreme Weather - WMO issue unprecedented warning

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  • Ramona West
    To whom it may concern,we as a people, we need to stand together as a whole and do something about this problem.We should all ban together and write to all
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      To whom it may concern,we as a people, we need to stand together as a whole and do something about this problem.We should all ban together and write to all leaders that we want this issue tobe taken seriously and that this is our lives instake and our earth .It is time for this change and it is up to us ,to make the change not Gov or the leaders ,we pay them not the other way around so if we stand as a whole and our voices are loud and clear they we have to do something or these leaders will not have a job .Ban together my friends it is time .A concerned human being would not let this happen .We are not without POWER.I myself love this world and all the beauty it holds .Ramona

      visions <visions@...> wrote:
      A heartfelt plea here from a crop circle researcher friend Colin Andrews on the critical situation of our planet.
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      From: Colin Andrews

      Sent: Friday, July 04, 2003 9:14 PM
      Subject: FW: Extreme Weather - WMO issue unprecedented warning


      Please excuse me having my six penny worth before reading the statement
      from the WMO (issued yesterday).

      PLEASE do accept from me that I am not making a political point or
      firing arrows to attack anyone unnecessarily. I am just very concern
      about what we are doing on this planet / or not doing as it happens.
      What you will read below and issued yesterday is of the gravest concern
      to many scientist and, if they had good sense and guts, political
      leaders of all parties and in all countries.

      From my teenage years at college, having an interest in the environment
      and meteorology, I have seen this crisis of Global Warming coming and
      said so. I hurt inside because the day has arrived I feared and warned
      my tutors about. When I drew their attention to the effects on the
      climate of tree/forest clearance and the growth in the motor car,
      industrial wastes and pollution etc, my tutors would just say, "you
      don't need to concern yourself, nature looks after herself".

      I took my own weather data from equipment I purchased as a kid and
      recorded weather charts etc each day. It was clear to me as a casual
      observer, things were going wrong and the trend alarmed me. Records
      being broken day after day and that was then - now its much worse and
      the margins by which these various records are being broken have
      widening and worldwide.

      Why do I feel so angry?

      Because very little has changed as far as our actions are concerned. We
      carry on doing just about the same things now as we did when I was at
      college forty years ago, but in greater proportions. More trees being
      cleared, more motor cars, more, more, more...

      Yes, we are more aware but that is not enough. Some families try hard to
      recycle and turn off lights and water when they don't need them, but
      that is not enough either - far from it. Its way late in the day and a
      lot of ground has to be made up to have even a chance of saving this (my
      opinion). Obviously we have to be big enough to say it might be too
      late. We should still try to move the asses of our leaders this next
      time around.

      The current President of the United States says we don't have enough
      data yet to take steps to counter the alleged problems confronting us.
      Well last week the data was given to President Bush from a study he
      commissioned on global warming and green house gasses. It was leaked
      from the White House that the data told of very serious problems and
      suggested radical steps needed to try and stem the worsening global
      warming and thinning of the Ozone etc. His reaction was to put a heavy
      pen through the most serious findings and to hold off the release until
      it has been adjusted to his liking - a liking which will mean no action
      required and even more studies no doubt. I have no political allegiance
      to either party here in the USA. Its time to move beyond the "us and
      them" stuff and time to get on with what has to be done.

      Yes, I am bloody angry as a man who has family and friends I care about
      and love the countryside and the animals and insects that live here with
      us. I am ashamed of the gutless approach to these huge global problems
      by so many politicians who falter because of the money and influence of
      the big multinational industrial powerhouses who pay many of their
      bills. We all know also its just simply easier to do nothing and to go
      on enjoying the big party at the expense of tomorrow, left for our kids
      (if they are lucky) to sort out - OR NOT.

      Check out recent findings when scientists removed 500,000 year old ice
      cores from the Arctic - the levels of Co2 in the last 30 years, exceed
      those found at any other time in the ice going back 500,000 years (page
      67 - 'Crop Circles - Signs of Contact" www.SignsOfContact.)

      I know there are still those who want to ignore all this and to place
      their faith in our leaders. I just had to get this off my chest, its
      hurt me for 40 years and its not getting easier with what we are now
      seeing, breathing and drinking.

      This was issued yesterday by the WMO: (World Meteorological

      Subject: Extreme Weather


      The Independent
      July 3, 2003


      In an astonishing announcement on global warming and extreme weather,
      World Meteorological Organisation signalled last night that the world's
      weather is going haywire.

      In a startling report, the WMO, which normally produces detailed
      reports and staid statistics at the year's end, highlighted record
      in weather and climate occurring all over the world in recent weeks,
      Switzerland's hottest-ever June to a record month for tornadoes in the
      United States -- and linked them to climate change.

      The unprecedented warning takes its force and significance from the fact
      that it is not coming from Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth, but from
      impeccably respected UN organisation that is not given to hyperbole
      environmentalists will seize on it to claim that the direst warnings of
      climate change are being borne out).

      The Geneva-based body, to which the weather services of 185 countries
      contribute, takes the view that events this year in Europe, America and
      are so remarkable that the world needs to be made aware of it

      The extreme weather it documents, such as record high and low
      record rainfall and record storms in different parts of the world, is
      consistent with predictions of global warming. Supercomputer models show
      that, as the atmosphere warms, the climate not only becomes hotter but
      more unstable. "Recent scientific assessments indicate that, as the
      temperatures continue to warm due to climate change, the number and
      intensity of extreme events might increase," the WMO said, giving a
      series of examples.

      In southern France, record temperatures were recorded in June, rising
      40C in places -- temperatures of 5C to 7C above the average.

      In Switzerland, it was the hottest June in at least 250 years,
      historians said. In Geneva, since 29 May, daytime temperatures have not
      fallen below 25C, making it the hottest June recorded.

      In the United States, there were 562 May tornadoes, which caused 41
      This set a record for any month. The previous record was 399 in June

      In India, this year's pre-monsoon heatwave brought peak temperatures of
      -- 2C to 5C above the norm. At least 1,400 people died in India due to
      hot weather. In Sri Lanka, heavy rainfall from Tropical Cyclone 01B
      exacerbated wet conditions, resulting in flooding and landslides and
      at least 300 people. The infrastructure and economy of south-west Sri
      was heavily damaged. A reduction of 20-30 per cent is expected in the
      of low-grown tea in the next three months.

      Last month was also the hottest in England and Wales since 1976, with
      average temperatures of 16C. The WMO said: "These record extreme events
      (high temperatures, low temperatures and high rainfall amounts and
      all go into calculating the monthly and annual averages, which, for
      temperatures, have been gradually increasing over the past 100 years.

      "New record extreme events occur every year somewhere in the globe, but
      recent years the number of such extremes have been increasing.

      "According to recent climate-change scientific assessment reports of the
      joint WMO/United Nations Environmental Programme Intergovernmental Panel
      Climate Change, the global average surface temperature has increased
      1861. Over the 20th century the increase has been around 0.6C.

      "New analyses of proxy data for the northern hemisphere indicate that
      increase in temperature in the 20th century is likely to have been the
      largest in any century during the past 1,000 years."

      While the trend towards warmer temperatures has been uneven over the
      century, the trend since 1976 is roughly three times that for the whole

      Global average land and sea surface temperatures in May 2003 were the
      highest since records began in 1880. Considering land temperatures only,
      last May was the warmest on record.

      It is possible that 2003 will be the hottest year ever recorded. The 10
      hottest years in the 143-year-old global temperature record have now all
      been since 1990, with the three hottest being 1998, 2002 and 2001.

      The unstable world of climate change has long been a prediction. Now,
      WMO says, it is a reality.


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