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Black Magic Murder

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  • Roger Anderton
    Possible Black Magic Murder At the risk of offending. Here is a possible Black Magic murder from the newspaper. By the way that the body was mutilated, it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2003
      Possible Black Magic Murder

      At the risk of offending. Here is a possible Black Magic murder from the

      By the way that the body was mutilated, it might have been a ritual murder;
      but details are being withheld.

      Now a person that commits ritual murder for religious reasons, given a box
      to tick on a Form to say what religion he belongs to is unlikely to admit to
      saying 'he kills for religious reasons', which leaves him what box to
      tick? - Answer ---- probably he ticks the 'Pagan' Box.

      So, although not all Pagans are believers in ritual murder, there are a few
      that must tick the same box.

      But from the perspective of a certain Christians - all Pagans are tending
      towards being the 'ritual murder' types.

      There is a Fundamental Big Problem now in Society with how to deal with
      people who have formed themselves into various groups all with different

      It used to be that the Dogma of Christianity imposed itself upon Society,
      and whenever anything non- Christian was happening then bonfires were
      prepared for those who were viewed as non- Christians.

      Those days are gone, but in their stead we have the problem of where to draw
      the line with religious freedom to believe whatever one likes.

      And it seems IMPOSSIBLE to respect all 'non- ritual murder' religious
      beliefs. Because for instance if we want to respect certain Christian
      groups, then they probably want to get back to what was for them --- their
      'good old days' of 'bonfires for heretics.'

      BUT If we allow freedom as it is now - then the blurring off acceptable and
      unacceptable behaviours gets worst.

      How does it apply to UFOs?

      Well --- Society is run on one 'point of view' being made acceptable and
      the opposite 'point of view' is made unacceptable. (i.e. one POV is
      acceptable to be taught at schools and its opposite would not be

      The UFO arena is the 'point view clash' of those who believe ETs are here
      versus those who believe otherwise.

      If we cannot sort out the problem of acceptable religious beliefs for
      society, how are we to get on to the UFO question?

      Article below on the murder:---

      Was 'Goth' Jodi the victim of a ritual black magic murder?

      by Tamzin Lewis, Daily Mail July 6, 2003

      THE brutal murder of schoolgirl Jodi Jones may be linked to satanism and
      black magic, detectives revealed last night.
      Senior officers confirmed that the 14-year-old girl's association with Goth
      culture is a major part of their investigation into her killing.
      Jodi and her boyfriend Luke Mitchell, also 14, were followers. of the morbid
      sub-culture which celebrates death, depression, and hatred, Extreme elements
      of the Goth world have been known to dabble in satanism and black magic.
      Jodi's mutilated body was found dumped by a country path near her home in
      Dalkeith, Midlothian, on Monday.
      The officer leading the hunt for the killer, Detective Superintendent Craig
      Dobbie, described the attack as `the most violent death I've experienced in
      28 years in the police'.
      Jodi's throat had been slashed and she had multiple stab wounds including a
      large injury to her stomach. The Mail on Sunday has knowledge of other
      aspects of the way her body was mutilated but cannot reveal them for police
      operational reasons.
      However, the `sinister' nature of her injuries has led detectives to
      investigate her association with the movement.
      Last night a senior police source revealed; `We will be looking at what Jodi
      and her social circle were interested in and an obvious area will be their
      ties to the Goth movement.
      `We will be examining if the manner in which she was killed has any links to
      the violent world that many Goths find fascinating and will be speaking to
      all her friends who had similar interests:
      Jodi was killed after failing to keep an appointment to meet Luke. The alarm
      was raised after her mother Judith sent a text message to Luke's mobile
      phone saying her daughter was late returning home.
      As Jodi's grandmother and sister began searching a wooded area used by
      locals as a shortcut, Luke stumbled upon her body lying behind a wall.
      On Friday police questioned the boy for several hours and a team of forensic
      officers removed more than 20 large brown paper bags and yellow sacks from
      his family's home in Dalkeith as they combed the detached house, garage,
      garden and cars for items.
      The couple were part of a small band of friends who enjoyed grudge and Goth
      music, dressed in dark clothing and dyed their hair Jodi was a fan of bands
      such as Nirvana, Korn and Queens Of The Stone Age and loved dressing in
      Goth-style clothing.
      Teenagers Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, who killed 12 fellow students and a
      teacher at Columbine High School in Colorado and then committed suicide,
      were labelled Goths because they wore black trench coats and listened to
      Marilyn Marison.
      After the 1999 shootings, critics of Marilyn Manson claimed that the
      singer's dark lyrics may have inspired the killers.
      Three days after Jodi's death, Luke placed a floral tribute near to where
      she died with a card which quoted Nirvana star Kurt Cobain who committed
      suicide nine years ago.
      The card said: `The finest day I ever had, was when tomorrow never came.'
      Jodi and Luke were pupils at St David's High in Dalkeith and had been dating
      each other for several months.
      One pupil said: 'Luke was part of a crowd that thought it was cool hanging
      around Greyfriars graveyard while the rest of us thought it was weird.'
      Luke was believed to be back with his family yesterday.
      Jodi's uncle, Joseph Petkevicius, said last night: 'What is awful is that we
      don't know why this has happened, there is absolutely no reason for Jodi's
      death. Her killer clearly has severe psychological problems,'
      Prayers will be said in churches throughout Midlothian today in memory of
      Jodi and many of her family; who are Catholics, will attend Mass.
      Police are also hoping to trace two teenagers seen with a moped near Roman
      Dyke path on the night of the murder.
      The latest appeal for information comes as detectives plan to stage a
      reconstruction of Jodi's last known movements tomorrow.

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