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The ARC News and Updates ~ Vol 1 Issue 1

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  • The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center
    The ARC 2003 News and Updates Volume 1 ~ Issue 1 An Internet publication of The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center Formerly the United States UFO Information and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2003
      The ARC 2003 News and Updates
      Volume 1 ~ Issue 1

      An Internet publication of The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center
      Formerly the United States UFO Information and Research Center

      Inside This Issue

      1) Liars and Legends - Upcoming Re-Broadcast
      2) Important Public Announcement Concerning Changes
      3) The ARC 2003 Speaker Videos Now Available To Order
      4) The ARC 2004 ~ Conference In Planning

      1) Liars and Legends, On Turner South: This message is to inform all of you
      who live in the Southern part of the United States (Georgia, Alabama,
      Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina) of our upcoming appearance on
      the Emmy Award Winning documentary "Liars and Legends". The show features
      the Grammy Award winning host - Bubba Knight - the brother of Gladys
      Knight... The organization, formerly the United States UFO Information and
      Research Center, will be the featured story on the Turner South broadcast
      July 12th @ 3:30 PM... For more information on the show visit the Turner
      South schedule line-up on their website...

      2) PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: As of July 1, 2003 the United States UFO Information
      and Research Center is growing and expanding our horizons to encompass more
      of the world of mystery, more of the unknown, more of the sacred... We are
      becoming "The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center"... The American UFO Journal
      will become "The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Chronicles"... Our Email address
      will be changing to Director@...... Our annual public
      awareness event will remain "The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Conference"...
      Last, but certainly not least... Our website will undergo extensive
      remodeling over the course of the next several weeks and our primary domain
      name will changing to Www.AlternateRealities.orG

      Reality is a matter of our perspective and our perceptions are often colored
      by what we are taught to believe, or by the sum total of our life
      experience; as we experience more of our world, and the Universe around us,
      as we become more familiar with those things mysterious, as we discover more
      about what lies beyond, we begin to understand that reality can be very
      different depending on what we allow ourselves to accept.

      "The ARC" was created to cover a wider area of the paranormal than just the
      study of both the nature and the affect of the UFO phenomenon, but other
      subjects such as Bigfoot otherwise known as Sasquatch, Yeti, and Yowie,
      Earth Change Phenomena and the prediction of such, as well as Ghosts and
      Ghost Hunting, Hauntings and Haunted Places, and Angelic Visitation.

      "The ARC" hopes to help facilitate the rebirth of the human body and soul
      through the awakening of its awareness to its own multiple, yet simultaneous
      levels of being with our public awareness events, and informative news and
      updates sent via email. "The ARC" hopes to help create awareness of the
      "Alternate Realities" found within other perceived levels of our existence.

      Our tenth annual public awareness event is entitled "The ARC - Alternate
      Realities Conference 2004". The conference will be held on Friday, Saturday,
      and Sunday - June 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2003... There will be more about
      this event in forthcoming updates... Please consider this message our
      personal invitation for you and yours to attend...

      For full details about "The ARC" please visit our NEW website at

      3) Videos of EACH of the speakers from "The ARC 2003" event are NOW
      AVAILABLE... Please write to us at Director@... for more
      information and pricing...

      4) The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Conference 2004 is now in planning... There
      will be a planning committee meeting at our annual awards banquet in January
      2004... All are welcome to attend... The location of our next conference
      will be announced in an upcoming issue of "The ARC News and Updates"...
      Please stay tuned...

      Stacey Allen McGee
      Founder and National Director
      The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center

      Email: Director@...
      Mailing Address: Post Office Box 153, Unicoi, TN 37692 USA
      Extraordinary Experiences & Sightings Hotline: (423) 735-0848
      Office Telephone and Meeting Information: (423) 943-6477

      Quotes: "Chance favors the prepared mind..." ~ Lewis Pasteur

      "A mystery will only remain as such while it is unknown to us..." ~ Stacey
      Allen McGee

      "The biggest question facing humanity is not when are we going to learn, but
      rather when are we going to act according to what we already know." ~ Author

      NOTE: The name of this organization was formerly the United States UFO
      Information and Research Center @ www.USUFOCenter.com

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