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Returning to Earth

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  • Eustáquio Anddréa Patounas
    On May 11, 1951, in a private clinic in the district of Kalithea, Athens, Greece, 3:45 p.m., I once again saw the light on this planet. It was not the first
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      On May 11, 1951, in a private clinic in the district of Kalithea,
      Athens, Greece, 3:45 p.m., I once again saw the light on this planet.
      It was not the first time I was born in Greece, as I had had a previous
      incarnation there at the time they were erecting monuments which are
      nothing but ruins today. I was the son of farmers but had the gift of
      making statues.
      Once I went to School of Arts to improve my learning skills, but was
      rejected for being the child of humble people. I was told I had better
      go back to the countryside, where I truly belonged.
      Even today I carry along this feeling of rejection, but I also know that
      I was the sculptor of some of the statues which are still standing.
      Soon after my birth through a normal though difficult delivery (I
      weighed 6 kilos plus!), Dora, my mother, woke up in the middle of the
      night and as she looked at the my cradle saw a beautiful woman wearing a
      blue robe, with long straight black hair, who was rocking me and
      caressing. Thinking it might be one of the nurses, although improperly
      dressed, my mother went back to sleep.
      In the morning, when breakfast was served in her room, Dora asked about
      the pretty nurse who had been there in the night. The nurse on duty, who
      had still not left, told there was no one else there besides herself and
      she had come into Doras room during the night. But my mother insisted
      and told what the woman looked like. The nurse was adamant, though: no
      one had been in the room.
      After my mother was released, I was brought home. At the time my family
      was quite wealthy and we lived in a big house in an enormous area. My
      room overlooked a garden and my cradle was close to one of the windows.
      One night, my aunt Maria, who lived with us, woke up and rose from her
      bed to go to the bathroom. As she passed our room, she saw the same
      woman next to the cradle. She was frightened and asked who she was and
      what she was doing there. Silently she was asked to remain silent. And
      then the mysterious woman was gone!
      Some days after the womans second apparition, a huge storm fell in the
      area where we lived, with strong winds, thunder and lightning. The
      window closer to my cradle was shattered, and pieces of wood and glass
      fell all over me. But I wasnt even scratched!
      We never knew who the strange woman was, if she came from this or some
      other plane, or what she wanted. All I know still is that all my present
      life on the earth plane, I have always been blessed with enormous
      protection, having escaped physical death several times and saved as if
      by a miracle. If there is a connection I do not know and it would
      probably not be a good idea to speculate.
      I lived in Greece until June 1954, when my father, then an executive
      with a big American multinational company, decided to come to Brazil to
      take care of an estate left to him by my grandfather in Jacareí (São
      Paulo) and in other cities. During my three years life in Athens, I
      fell in a deep well, then in a river, and overcame a series of minor
      accidents, with no major consequences.
      In July 1954, we arrived at Santos harbor (SP) on an Argentine liner
      called Salta. During the nearly one-month journey, I was careless one
      day and fell in the swimming pool, and was saved by a passenger, a black
      gentleman who had become fascinated with me.
      In Brazil, we settled on a ranch owned by my father, just off the town
      of Itaquaquecetuba (SP). We raised chickens and the estate was on the
      banks of Tietê River, which was back then very clean and full of fish.
      My parents settled there and I was made to move to São Paulo City, the
      capital, because they had enrolled me at the Graded School, an
      American institution where only English was spoken and taught.
      From ages 3 to 8, I only spoke Greek and English, and it was my
      fathers wish that I graduate in that school.
      However, back in those days the diploma issued by Graded School was not
      officially recognized in Brazil, and I had to be transferred to an all
      Brazilian school. In the beginning, I felt it was rather difficult to
      learn the Portuguese language, but soon it was all very well.
      Some years later, my parents moved to the capital and we settled in the
      district known as Paraíso (or Paradise in English), two blocks from
      Graded School, which would later be moved out of the building, being
      replaced by UCBEU  União Cultural Brasil Estados Unidos (or Brazil-USA
      Cultural Union). The language school is still there today.
      So as to keep my command of the English language, I was enrolled at
      UCBEU and studied there until I was 14, which has been very helpful in
      my life, not professionally speaking, but as a means to help me
      communicate with my brothers and sisters from other countries.

      One night in 1961, I, almost 10 years of age, left by the kitchen door
      (I no longer remember why) and walked to the adjacent building in the
      back of our estate.
      It was a dark evening, though not very late at night, and I felt a sort
      of warmth coming from somewhere above my head. I was impelled to look up
      and I saw this truly unforgettable sight: a round object, with
      multicolored lights, hovering over our house. I thought it had the size
      of a king-size pizza (but I cant tell to what altitude it hovered, as I
      was too young for such estimates) and its lights were blinking off and on.
      Thrilled at the sight, I went back in and called my parents to come and
      see what I had just seen. We went together to the back yard and beheld
      the object, still hovering in the same spot. We then called out the
      neighbors, who also saw came outside and watched. We decided to all come
      out into the street where we could catch a better view.
      The object seemed to be spinning around its axis and it remained this
      way for a long time, until it began to move slowly towards Ibirapuera
      Park. As we watched it in awe, the object suddenly made three of four
      quick zigzag movements and disappeared like a flaming arrow in the
      horizon. At that very moment there were dozens of witnesses left in
      wonder and stunned by the phenomenon they had just seen.
      That was, when I was 10 years of age, my first conscious sighting of an
      unidentified flying object. From that day on, I have not stopped
      researching the event and I have not forgotten the feeling that there
      was something familiar about that. I knew what a flying saucer was! I
      cant explain it, but it was a natural thing to me.
      Later on in my adult life I found out that my experience and encounters
      with extraterrestrials have begun in previous lives. In some of them I
      used to be scared at the presence of beings who come to me and calm me
      down, saying there was no need to fear them. This is a kind of familiar
      feeling that throbs in my heart, and an indescribable love for words
      issued by such beings, whoever they are.
      A few years later, when I was riding a bike with a friend at Ibirapuera
      Park in São Paulo, one late afternoon, we looked up and saw two
      disk-shaped objects, similar to two overlaid saucers, hovering above a
      statue. As we watched them we made sure they were not hot air balloons
      (actually my friend and I were experts and making that sort of balloon),
      and my friend was most distressed and rode away from the scene. Maybe
      contaminated by his panic, I freaked out too and fled, and we never knew
      what happened next.
      In those days I was beginning to ask my dad to cut out news from
      newspapers that mentioned extraterrestrials, flying saucers and things
      of that nature. I used to watch every movie about it, and often more
      than once. A obsession with the space theme was beginning to overwhelm
      me, and I still feel to this day.

      During my childhood and teenage years I would often dream about flying
      saucers and space aliens. But those beings I used to see in my dreams
      were exactly like us humans. We would talk at length about trivialities
      and I would often ask them about planets, their origin and customs, the
      length of space travel, their society, etc. They were always kind enough
      to answer to my queries, but their answers had to fit my level of
      immature comprehension. In addition, I used to feel that those dreams
      (lets call them so) were interrupted after our conversation, or in
      other words, we would talk about lots of things and soon after I could
      remember nothing.
      When I was 11 or 12 years old, I began to develop an absolute dread of
      lizards. It was an unexplainable feeling and I still dont know whether
      it had to do with fear or disgust at their apparently transparent and
      cold bodies, or something else. Wherever there was a lizard you were
      sure to find me several feet away, and sometimes I would lock myself in
      the bathroom or a closet. I made some inquires with my parents and
      relatives to check whether sometime during my early childhood that had
      an incident involving this little saurian, such as a lizard dropping
      onto my boy, some ill prank made by a friend, etc. But nothing ever
      seemed to satisfy my curiosity on this matter.
      A few years later, when I was 14 or 15 years old, I woke up dozens of
      times in the middle of the night to find my pillow soaked in blood. I do
      not recall having any dreams involving abductions or the insertion of an
      implant at that time, and my mother used to say that those bleedings
      were the result too much sun in the head... However, the phenomenon also
      occurred on cloudy and rainy days! It had nothing to do with heatstrokes
      or concussions. It happened naturally and, oddly enough, only at night,
      usually very late.
      I was inexperienced in this area of ufology and I could never have
      imagined that some alien being had been poking something into my
      nostrils. Until today I have not learnt the true reason of those
      bleedings that lasted for so many years. The doctors never found
      anything irregular, although a X-ray of the paranasal was never done or
      requested. As my nose is big enough, I believe that if the aliens really
      did insert something into it, it have been too costly for them, for the
      raw material for implants into my nostrils would be enough for a dozen
      of normal-sized nose abductees...

      We were Orthodox Greeks and used to go to the church frequented by the
      Greek colony in São Paulo, while at the same time my parents and tried
      to open our horizons for a more holistic view of life. My father, a
      precocious agronomist engineer (graduated at age 21) was also interested
      in the spiritualist doctrines, cosmology, exobiology and akin sciences.
      Never did he try to direct or influence my religious beliefs or
      professional future.
      We had a library that was rich in scientific and spiritualistic books,
      as well as in UFOs. My father had met Alberto San Martin, a Spaniard who
      had had an encounter with a blonde alien being and who had been given a
      rock with strange inscriptions, which led him to write the book The
      Space Rock. I believe that was the first book I ever read about
      extraterrestrials. Thrilled with the story that taken place in Spain, I
      would save my monthly allowances to buy books about Ufology and UFOs,
      which I read greedily because of my enormous interest in the subject.
      And those were my teenage years. Not a very dedicated student (I was
      kicked out of every school I every studied at, with no exception), I
      never bothered to hide my interest in studying flying saucers and
      extraterrestrials, going on hundreds of night-watches either by myself
      of with company, cutting out articles and news from newspapers, asking
      people if they had seen something and gathering up incredible
      testimonies that have never been published anywhere on this planet.
      Every story and fact that I have heard about in my life have been
      recorded in my memory and its safe to say that I they were ever written
      or transcribed, they would make hundreds of books. But that was my
      journey: whatever I heard was meant for my ears alone. I might have
      published them but I would be doing what others often do  write about
      other peoples stories so that other people would read. My
      extraterrestrial friends have already told me that we can only teach
      others that which we have lived. Its no use telling or teaching what
      you have not experienced or learnt form personal experience, specially
      in the areas of human evolution and transformation.
      I soon had collected a vast material on Ufology and pursued my studies
      and researches on my own, independently. It was a private search. I did
      not use to go to study groups and used to limit myself to absorbing my
      self-acquired knowledge. Already in those early days, orthodoxy,
      spiritualism, spiritual studies and exobiology merged within my being.
      My thirsty for knowledge far exceeded the dogmas and prejudices. I was a
      youth in search of the delicious moments that my age would allow, and I
      added to my natural teenage rebellion the frantic search for something
      that was rooted deep within my innermost being.

      I still can remember if it were today the moment I found out there was
      an organization that officially studied Ufology. It was the APEX
      (Associação de Pesquisas Exológicas, or Association for Exologic
      Research), whose office was in a spacious and comfortable house in
      district of Lapa, São Paulo, and whose president was Dr. Max Berezowsky,
      a physician.
      With an indescribable feeling of joy I began to frequent their meetings
      every Saturday. Dr. Max was a scholar who admitted he had never had an
      experience with UFOs or aliens in spite of several and constant watches,
      and who also performed experiments in which he studied plants sensitivity.
      The group member were highly skilled, competent and dignified, and they
      used recording cameras, binoculars and were keen on researching the UFO
      phenomena. The walls in APEX were filled with pictures of flying saucers
      and the cheerful, heated up meetings were held every Saturday. I dont
      remember how long the joy lasted, but financial difficulties drove APEX
      out of the estate, which eventually led to its extinction, at least in
      terms of associates.
      It was through that organization that I attended the Congress held at
      Teatro de Cultura Artística, in São Paulo, in 1979, when I had the great
      honor of meeting and talking to the late General Uchôa and Joseph Allen
      Hynek, besides other famous and renowned ufologists, such as Professor
      Flávio Augusto Pereira. It was an unforgettable event and the forerunner
      of the International Congress in Brasília.
      From that day on I began to keep in touch with other researchers,
      exchanging knowledge and experience, but still on a somewhat reserved
      level. The frustration about APEXs extinction affected me badly.
      Incidents involving UFOs were still present in my life. On a certain
      occasion, a strange object followed my bus for over 2 hours, from
      Curitiba to São Paulo. Sitting alone, I was crying with a terrible
      toothache. Trying to keep myself busy, since I couldnt sleep, I started
      to observe intently an object in the horizon that seemed to be following
      us. It was a reflection from the light inside the bus nor was it the
      headlight of a car  I was young but not too young as to not be able to
      recognize and tell natural from artificial or unusual phenomena.
      Unable to minimize the excruciating pain I was in, I mentally talked to
      the object, saying, If you are really a flying saucer, prove it by
      making my toothache go away. Whether it a coincidence, mind power,
      extraterrestrial influence or pure imagination, my pain was gone, I fell
      asleep and finished the trip in a pleasant way.

      I spent 34 years as a militant UFO researcher, but in complete
      ostracism. I did not write to magazines, newspapers or other
      periodicals, and tried to understand, learn and research on my own.
      During all my youth I felt an impulse to write. Phrases and sentences
      would pop into my head and, hard as I tried to make sense of it, nothing
      would occur me until I sat in a quiet place and began to write those
      soundless words. That was how I used to be told to write something.
      The first sentence was repeated over and over, almost driving me nuts,
      until I began to write. As soon as I had started the process, the
      messages would come in their entirety, and I would feel so overwhelmed
      with emotions that sometimes ended up crying and believed that I had
      written them down myself. We will elaborate on this in a future chapter.
      And this persistence continues today, in a frequent contact with other
      orbs or dimensional planes, not when I want it, but when they wish it.
      Back in those days many of such messages were of a personal nature,
      encouraging me in my search and clarifying issues that lay buried in my
      mind. Whenever I asked something, there was no answer. The answer would
      only come much later, in due time and according to my level of
      comprehension. The more anxious I got, the fewer communications I
      received. Stillness was necessary so that my soul could learn to listen
      without the physical ears, in a ceaseless and necessary work of interior
      Contacts became more frequent in conscious dreams, telepathic messages,
      fact that would be proven later, and that was how an irreversible
      process began not only of searching confirmation of alien presence, but
      also an inner search where only my personal experience and learning
      could provide the answers I sought.
      Once I was sleeping and dreamed that a craft flew over my house and
      landed on the street. At that time I was tired and already had my first
      child, Eduardo. I remember that in the dream, right after watch the
      spaceship land, I asked my wife to close the kitchen door and call the
      police. When she picked up the phone, she realized the line was dead. In
      the meantime, an entity dressed in silvery garments came in through the
      kitchen door  the very same door I had wanted to close. When I saw the
      creature coming into my living room, I said to it in English, I am not
      afraid of you. I have no idea why I spoke English in the dream, as I
      hadnt practice this language for a quite a long time. The entity didnt
      answer, but stood motionless at the passage between the kitchen and the
      living room, and then I noticed that there was a man sitting in the
      living room, and when I looked carefully, I realized there were two
      women with him. We then started a conversation in which I asked them
      where theyd come from, to which their reply was that they couldnt tell
      me. I asked the people got married in their home planet, and they said
      yes. They also said that a journey from their planet to Earth took 4
      months and 20 days, but then one of the women corrected, saying that it
      actually took 4 hours and 20 minutes. The contradiction was never really
      clear to me. A curious fact was that during a long period in my life I
      used to wake up every night at 4:20 ªm., completely sleepless and not
      knowing what to do about it.
      I dont remember having my wife taking part in the conversation, for
      after trying, unsuccessfully, to call the police, she was nowhere to be
      seen. The entity standing by the door was different from the others, not
      only because of his clothes but because he never said a word during the
      whole encounter. The one who was answering my questions was a gentleman
      dressed as an ordinary Earth man, and the women would sometimes
      intervene; but most of the time they remained quietly seated and
      listening. I dont know how long we talked and have no recollection of
      how this dreamy encounter ended.
      When I woke up in the morning, I went to work as usual. Back in those
      days I was a manager in a big bank and had as a habit to call home
      before leaving work and ask if my wife need anything (bread, milk,
      etc.). On that day, I dialed over and over but nobody answered the phone
      in my house. That was strange because we had a little baby and my wife
      was usually in at that time. I was very worried when I left the bank,
      and when I got home, I asked my wife why she answered. She told the line
      had been dead all day, but she didnt call the phone company from
      somebody elses telephone because she didnt want to leave the baby
      alone. But when I picked it up, to our surprise, it was working
      normally! Coincidence? Any connection with the dream? A confirmation
      that it hadnt been a dream after all?
      I never had a satisfying answer  not that I needed one. Twenty years
      later, Budd Hopkins helped me unravel something about what had happened
      that night, putting me in conscious regression. The answers are of a
      personal nature, unnecessary here, but they were useful to confirm that
      what I experienced that night had not been a dream, but an abduction to
      a spacecraft, followed by clinical examinations and recalled free from
      A great many things and facts have occurred throughout all these years,
      but are not the scope of this book. In my eternal inner search I have
      made lots of things come forth in my memory, and I try to share this
      knowledge so that people can find certain similarities in their own
      Na old adage says that when the water comes up, the well is ready. I
      want to remind you that we are all naturally perfect, only we dont
      stand perfect at the moment.
      Let us now embark upon an adventure of consciousness!

      Extract from the book Somewhere in Venus-The Kumaras Story
      by Eustáquio Anddréa Patounas.
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