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    ... From: James Basil To: Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2003 4:18 PM Subject: FRETSA WITNESS SUPPORT MAY
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      From: "James Basil" <whitbas@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2003 4:18 PM

      > FRETSA
      > Foundation for the Research of
      > Extraordinary Trauma
      > & Support for Abductees
      > 'Run BY witnesses FOR witnesses'
      > Postal: Mr. James Basil, c/o Flat no.2, 212A Fouracres,
      Withywood, Bristol.
      > Web: Witness Support: abduction, ufo, paranormal, spiritual:
      > Indigos & StarChildren: http://groups.msn.com/indigosuk
      > Email: new_experiencer@...
      > FRETSA was founded in 2001 by abductee James Basil, after he
      realised from his own and other people's experiences, the lack of
      Witness Support available in the United Kingdom.
      > Dear All,
      > Welcome to the first edition of the FRETSA Email Newsletter.
      By your association with our organisation in some capacity, you
      have been added to our mailing list as potentially interested in
      receiving monthly updates from us. Whilst I am sure most will
      welcome this newsletter, please do let us know if you wish to be
      removed from the mailing list. We welcome all your suggestions
      and input, for this newsletter, and indeed FRETSA or witness
      support as a whole. We look forward to your ideas and
      contributions etc... Indeed, we require as much help as possible,
      in any shape or form!
      > Best wishes,
      > James Basil
      > (Founder)
      > & Mark Gibbons
      > (Assistant Director)
      > Mary Rodwell of ACERN, Australia, to help set up national UK
      network called 'CONCERN'
      > Since my lecture in London (see below) I have made many new
      contacts, most notably the wonderful Mary Rodwell, who is using
      her experience to facilitate the set up of a national network
      called 'CONCERN'. You may have heard of it in the latest edition
      of UFO Magazine. Witness Support may finally, hopefully, kick
      off. I am in contact with Rodwell, aiming to 'professional-ise'
      FRETSA and make sure it is part of this nationwide movement.
      > The Change is underway! Any ideas you may have about how to
      'professional-ise' FRETSA would be most appreciated. At present
      I have decided to update and change the format of the FRETSA
      site, as well as focus on organisational issues, funding,
      publicity, and so on...
      > Please help!
      > 'WISH LIST'...PO Box Address & Telephone Line Needed...
      > We have now realised the need for both a Telephone Line with
      answering machine and a PO Box address.
      > We need a PO Box address because we believe it is not a good
      idea to give out our real addresses. (I have also moved many
      times, and as my address is usually the one given for contact
      there has been some confusion, e.g. adverts running the wrong
      address! Indeed, please note our temporary address--above.)
      There have been some nasty stories, plus I have been warned by
      quite a few people not to do so!
      > We also need a Telephone Number for FRETSA head office
      (Bristol) for various reasons, most of all as a way for emergency
      contact purposes and telephone support/counselling. (I have
      decided, for privacy and security reasons, it would be best not
      to use the home line).
      > I will be asking any journalists who I help by way of
      interview, to donate any 'fees' to a FRETSA society account which
      will soon be registered with the bank.
      > If you wish to make donations to this or can think of any way
      of helping us with this, or any other practical and/or financial
      need, please email us.
      > One possible way of helping with the necessary funding (apart
      from other ideas being explored), is to launch official
      membership. Official membership would not be expensive, and we
      certainly do not see it as the way to fund all our activities,
      but as they say 'every little helps.' And FRETSA is no
      different... We are hoping to manage a quarterly
      newsletter/journal, info. pack, and other benefits for
      membership. If anyone is interested in joining, or indeed has a
      better idea than this, please let us know.
      > Join the Management & Working Committee
      > We are always looking for people to join FRETSA in helping us
      provide a professional service to paranormal witnesses in the UK.
      Whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever you believe, whatever
      you've experienced, you may be able to help us in some way.
      Check out our memo on the various roles
      > And/or check our web article about ways of helping FRETSA in a
      more general capacity:
      > There has been talk of a name change, after many confusions
      over our name 'FRETSA.' People usually (and I think it is a
      psychological thing) put the 's' before the 't', hence 'FRESTA.'
      The name is also considered 'a bit of a mouth full'! And it
      might also be in line with our change in client-base (we deal not
      just with 'abductees' but unusual experiencers in general) to try
      a name which more reflects our status. How about 'Foundation for
      the Research of Extraordinary Experience' (FREE)? Let us know
      what you think, or offer us your own suggestions...
      > Any comments on the presentation of the FRETSA sites would be
      most appreciated. http://groups.msn.com/fretsa4witnesses I
      changed it to green as black on white was hurting my eyes (the
      contrast!) However, if you think it would look better or more
      professional in b/w, please let me know ASAP!
      > A 'proper' website will soon be created to which the community
      sites will be linked. Watch this space!
      > LECTURES
      > Darkstarr Experiencer Convention, Sat 10th-11th May
      > This was really a small gathering of paranormal experiencers,
      some of them abductees, in Liverpool for a weekend. I didn't do
      any formal lecturing, but enjoyed myself immensely. I spoke with
      the organiser, Wendy, and the others, about a hopefully larger
      and more organised gathering for 2004. The focus would be a
      gathering of those who have 'been there' (i.e. experiencers)
      rather than 'experts'. Certainly a first of its kind for the UK,
      if we get enough people organised for it! If your interested in
      future events, please email: sapphire3000@... or
      > BUFORA London Lecture 17th May, 'Indigo & Star Kids'
      > The Founder, James Basil, lectured on the 'indigo' and
      'starchild' phenomenon at the BUFORA London lectures. A
      colleague, liberal sceptic Dr. Chris French, lectured afterwards
      about the psychology of alien abduction. The event appeared
      successful, raising lots of interesting questions from the
      audience, as well as many contacts for FRETSA.
      > MEDIA * Newspapers/Magazines: We have appeared in Western
      Daily Press (south west) and Essex Courier. *The Founder, James
      Basil, has been interviewed for a number of documentaries,
      covering FRETSA, abduction, indigo and star-children, which will
      appear in the next few months. We did not have a telephone number
      or postal address to give out, but the journalists promised to
      run our website link! We hope to reach witnesses throughout the
      UK. Fingers crossed...
      > The following are a list of articles with links, so you can
      read them, that have been produced by FRETSA. Please feel free
      to reproduce any of them if you are the editor of a website or
      journal. If you do so, please run our new contact details (see
      above) as this information may not be in the articles. We ask
      this so that experiencers can contact us. If you would like to
      make a contribution, please submit to the founder.
      > Personal Account
      > Alien Within, Alien Without: Diary of an Abductee
      > James Basil (c) 2002
      > The author of this collection of diary entries and poems,
      between the ages of sixteen to twenty (1995-1999), is the founder
      of FRETSA. They provide a unique and often forthright insight
      into the phenomenon - the experience - of alien abduction, the
      paranormal in general, as well as the personal meaning of such
      events in one's life.
      > Personal Account:
      > The Multifaceted Abduction Experience
      > Mark Patrick Gibbons (c) 2002
      > Gibbons is an abductee known to the founder of FRETSA. He
      submitted this article which details his multi-witness abduction
      experience, and offers interesting anecdotal evidence (via
      piecing together witness testimony, both conscious and via
      hypnotic recall) that "missing time" is a result of not
      remembering parts of the experience--and not necessarily because,
      as the sceptical among us contend, a result of being in an
      altered state or being unconscious. Even if the altered state
      hypothesis is true, what Gibbons has to say still has
      implications for the exact interpretation of "missing time."
      > Advice & Support for Witnesses Updated Aug 02
      > Exploring Possible Memories with Hypnotic Regression: the Pros
      and Cons
      > James Basil (c) 2002
      > The founder answers most of the questions concerning hypnotic
      regression in this article. If you are thinking of hypnotic
      regression (going "back in time" to explore an experience) then
      this may be a good place to begin. The advice is not to rush
      into hypnosis too quickly without looking into the pros and cons,
      and also finding out about other possible avenues of self and
      memory exploration.
      > Updated: Aug 02
      > Ley-Lines and their Connection to the UFO and Paranormal
      > Mark Gibbons, (c) 2002
      > In this ground-breaking article, researcher and experiencer
      Mark Gibbons, delves into the subject of ley-lines, and for the
      first time presents his theory about their implication for the
      interpretation of ufo and paranormal phenomena in general. The
      article also explores the possibility of different fields
      labelled psychic working alongside established scientific
      methods; maybe the two could be used to validate each other
      rather than invalidate. Followed with a critique by FRETSA
      Founder, James Basil.
      > Updated: Aug 09
      > Navigator's Case - ufo crash in Santa Catarina, Brazil
      > In this exclusive from Carlos Machado, of Brazil, the "crash"
      of unidentified objects in the 1970s, in the sea of Santa
      Catarina, is chronicled, including the attempt to retrieve them,
      the media presence, and even the alleged interest of NATO. There
      are also accounts of "Unidentified Submersible Objects" (USOs),
      and the suggestion of an electromagnetic connection. Even more
      bizarre, however, is the death of a number of fishermen who were
      witness to a ufo/uso sighting.
      > Machado has a Masters in Education from the Federal University
      of Parana (UFPR), and is president for the Center of Research &
      Exobiological Investigation (CIPEX), and a consultant on the
      subject of ufos.
      > Thank you to "mystery" for translating the article from
      Portugese to english, and Mark Gibbons for submitting this
      > CURRENT RESEARCH PROJECT: Are Alien Abductees More Psychic?
      > FRETSA are currently collaborating with an outside organisation
      to find out if 'abductees' or 'experiencers' are, as reported,
      more psychic than average. We will also be looking at various
      psychological aspects of alien abductees. This will be the first
      research project of this kind to take place in the UK, a
      completely unique and unprecedented opportunity to take
      scientific understanding of the alien abduction phenomenon a step
      in the right direction.
      > We are looking to find at least 40 'alien abductees' based in
      the United Kingdom, who may be willing to take part in this
      study. It will consist of questionnaires and measures of ESP.
      > If you feel you might be interested, but wish to know more
      details, then please email us to find out more.
      > A TV journalist has contacted FRETSA asking if anyone who has
      had the alien abduction experience would like to appear in one of
      their documentaries. We respect the fact that most are not in a
      position to 'go public' with their story. Indeed most
      experiencers shy away from publicity or even speaking about
      their experiences except in confidence to those who they feel
      safe sharing with. We do not consider lightly the impact of
      'going public' (in any capacity) at all. However, there are also
      genuine reasons why some of us may choose (albeit with some
      caution) to publicly share our stories, such as public education
      and helping other experiencers know they are 'not alone.' Before
      making any decision we would suggest you seriously think this
      over. On a positive note, I have spoken to the journalist in
      question who seems very interested by the experience and believe
      she would present a decent story. If interested in finding out
      more, please email us for her contact details.
      > FRETSA has no political or religious affiliation and welcomes
      all views. The views expressed in articles or elsewhere by any
      of its members or associates are not those of FRETSA itself.
      > ---------------------------------------------------------------
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