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Alfred's Odd Ode #379

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  • Alfred Lehmberg
    Alfred s Odd Ode #379 We -are- power we don t use. I ve said it many times. Our reach is exponential and our grasp the gold we find. And it won t matter,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2003
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      Alfred's Odd Ode #379

      We -are- power we don't use. I've said it many times. Our reach
      is exponential and our grasp the gold we find. And it won't
      matter, not at all, those distractions we endure... (we're
      mushrooms to the dark consigned, and fed a thin manure), as we
      have minds with eyes that see, complete with ears to hear. Our
      voices swell in righteous song to vanquish *any* fear! Our
      feelings have sincerity, we're alive, in touch, aware... and we
      would know some answers to the questions we would, bravely, dare!

      Yes! We, by -right-, will think *those* thoughts and question
      our *beliefs*! Shared misery's diminished. Shared joy, of
      needs, increased. If folks are just a -little- brave? Then no
      one's scared or suffers. The "slings and arrows" now endured?
      ...Contrived by culture's bluffers! It's not to *God* we owe
      success. "Success" is made in -spite-! *Religion* has
      done -all- it can... to filter out your light. So, don't thank
      "Gods" that were contrived to do the will of -men-, who use that
      cloak of godhood to promote their pestilence? Thank
      instead -your- force of will that makes your life more real, a
      quantum leap (enlightened step!) you take to live a better deal!

      We're, perforce, a plucky bunch! We'd -dare- to wrestle truth.
      Though heaven was the real hell, and hell a clever ruse! Though
      black was something paler, and white a charcoal gray! If dawn
      was dusk and dusk was dawn, with night mistook for day! Though
      beauty was an ugliness making cowards of the bold, and plainness
      was a loveliness more precious than the purest gold! If
      everything we knew was wrong and profits proved a loss, would we,
      still, practice foolishly and value what's, indeed, pure dross?

      Most would hate the aliens that inhabit outer space. They'd hate
      for specious reasons -always- used in such a case. The aliens
      are... well, alien! We -hate- what we don't know! We -project-
      our fears on that... which threatens "status quo." But "no man
      is an island," I've -ever- heard it said, and change is
      a -necessity- or we're moldy, week-old, bread. We
      hate -ourselves- and so hate *them*, assign to them our faults;
      moreover, we're duplicitous, so -less- than the, complete, adult.

      Most think the aliens evil... of a lesser stripe than us. On
      *them* we hang a minus sign and for *us* award the plus. They're
      the spawn of Satan (but do halos light our brow?)! What -have-
      we wrought down here on Earth, what grace do we show... now?
      First: -we- are, then, that which we hate! It's -us- apes crooks
      and thieves! It's us that's starving children by the millions
      every week! It's us declaring wars we wage for corporate human
      greed. It's us that's causing misery, and it's us ignoring,
      ardent, need!

      We vilify the aliens! We paint them worse than us! We *divine*
      their *motivation* as betrayal of our trust. We do this
      knowing -nothing- but the pap by which we're fed, the *news* from
      "Fox" (insulting us)... denial dipped in dread... Agents making
      war (they've caused) support corrupted states, and religious
      fervor's gas on fire, regenerating hate! The Earth cries out its
      warning; new diseases cause their blight! And we do -less- than
      nothing... as we cower in our, hapless, fright!

      We're lucky we're *approached* at all! We're lucky that
      they -try-! We are so -damned- repellant, folks -- we're lucky
      we don't fry! We're lucky they don't aim at us some stellar
      cosmic weapon and wipe us from the cosmos like some bug that they
      could -step- on! We're lucky they don't act like us, and roar in
      guns all blazing! We're lucky they don't slap us down like
      freshman at a hazing. We're lucky for a lot of things, but we
      don't act our part. It's -us- requires change, not "they" ...
      (of mind, or hand... but -heart-)!


      Is the alien a rule-breaking villain, a black agent in the
      nameless dark? Is it an intellectual rapist, a serial abuser on
      a massive scale, or a bizarre kidnapper criminally exacting an
      unknown ransom? Is the alien a being with no respect for
      humanity, raw disgust for humanity's sensibilities, and naught
      but disconnected indifference for humanity's creative attributes
      or quality of life?

      Does the alien use humanity as its lowly subordinate and reviled
      minimum wager; does it squander our savings, inflict disease and
      pestilence upon us, or does it put us out, homeless, into the
      streets? Does it shortchange and abuse our women, manufacture
      non effective and dangerous drugs, equipment, and consumables;
      does it pollute the groundwater and needlessly despoil the
      environment with toxic waste and planned obsolescence?

      Does the alien spin our history (cook the very books of it) or
      corrupt accurate institutional memory for unjust advantage (to
      the "textbook producing" class)? Does it pasteurize, homogenize,
      and sterilize the accounting of it into boring, unrealistic, and
      untrue accounts of unjustified hero-ification to intimidate,
      manipulate, and depreciate the inventive minds of school
      children? Does it punish the critical thinker and reward the
      malleable employee?

      Does it set up closed institutions that operate contrary to the
      public good, stiff sick soldiers when they contract strange and
      nebulous but debilitating diseases in foreign lands, or install
      puppet governments to unethically expand a non-accountable and
      sociopathic corporate influence? Does it allow more and more
      filth and fecal matter into our foods, titrate dangerous
      chemicals into our drinking water, and spray non-admitted
      substances into the air over our heads?

      Does the alien crush our dissent, suspend our rights, or
      assassinate our heroes? Does the alien subject us to stark
      tyranny, badger us with its religion, or persecute us,
      individually, for the rational nonsupport of its corrosive,
      illogical, and -defeatist- party line? Does it make the rich
      richer and the poor poorer; does it compel -more- privilege for
      the already privileged... at the direct and unjustified (indeed
      unjustifiable!) expense of the abundant "under-privileged" (and
      far too many "-non-" privileged)?

      Does the alien compel us to overpopulate ourselves beyond the
      carrying capacity of the finite land? Does it teasingly push our
      sex in our faces on the one hand and then punish our indulgence
      in it on the other? Does it say one thing publicly and then do
      another privately! Does it piously and destructively accuse what
      it is -itself- guilty of ? Does it -frequently- act beyond the
      bounds of reasonability and rational decency? Is it known by the
      fruit that it produces?

      I think I've been abundantly clear.

      It's not the aliens folks. It's us.

      -We- are the engineers of our own ignorance and denial. We are
      the builders and maintainers of the confined space to which we
      have consigned ourselves. We are our -own- tormenters and
      abusers. We are our -own- wardens and jailers. We are our -own-
      well of wretched and seemingly unending anguish.

      Indeed, but good news! We are all of these things only because we
      tolerate it so! And aliens (the future, the larger reality --
      that which makes its approach, regardless) try to interact with
      us, still, though they are likely unendingly baffled (if not
      stridently repelled!) by our seeming willful insanity, obstinate
      denial, and obviously -preferred- ignorance (regarding the larger
      sphere of that new reality [resolving in acceleration as these
      words were written and are now being read])!

      Convinced by those manipulating few (who have the least concern
      for the -value- of the individual), that same individual is
      presently brow-beaten into the erroneous conviction that what
      they think (and say and do) doesn't matter! Moreover, to
      continue their "crimes of thought" and "out of the box"
      interests, is to court punishment in some extreme "John
      Ford-like" manner, or in a way -not- befitting their *crime* of
      critical thinking (or wanting to go where the data propitiously
      leads)! What a miserable, unvaried, and dry as chalk dust
      sub-reality we inflict upon one another... What a crippling lack
      of depth we instill! What a numbing loss of color we endure!
      What a stunning DEARTH of ideas we impose! What a soulless
      future of despairing futility we consign ourselves to! Verily.

      Aliens abound! UFOs are real! Conspiracy to cover up these
      things (and more) is a -likely- reality! There is information we
      should have, fellow fezzy mook-oids and hammered fum-gudgelers!
      We are the "mushrooms" alluded to in the poetic commentary above.
      We're fed a very thin (and toxic!) manure and kept as far from
      the light as is possible (which would be fine if we
      actually -were- insentient fungus, but we're not!). It's getting
      harder for them all the time, though, and will continue to get
      even harder until they "wise up" and shut down the internet...

      They'll try... they'll have to play their true hand to do it, but
      they'll try. I've a suspicion that they will be vanquished...
      ...I digress.

      The first part of the poem mentions, as I have already said, that
      "we are power we don't use." If we want change and expect
      change, we have to -demand- and support change. It's really as
      simple as that. "AlienViews Group" is positioning itself to have
      just that kind of effect and efficacious leverage. As our
      numbers grow, a force, imbued with the positive, -will- be
      generated. Its base will be broad, its veracity will be solid,
      and its conviction formidable. We are not alone.

      You, specifically "you," reader, make it so, or not. Just like
      Yodo said in response to Luke when the young Jedi whined that he
      would "try"... (and like the film, perhaps not so humorously,
      after all), "Do! ...Or do -not-... there is no try," Yodo said.
      If the reader wants her "X-wing fighter" of freedom and
      inventiveness out of "the bog" of ignorance and manipulation, if
      the reader wants to engage hyper-drive and accelerate to the more
      expansive destiny... if the reader wants to soar and cleave? Set
      your mind and heart, and use your hands to make it so!

      Read on!

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      "I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite.
      What others see from afar, I leave _far_ behind me."
      - Giordano Bruno, scourged by the scabrously specious scurrilous.
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