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Fwd = [MeteorShowers] Total Lunar Eclipse Thursday night/Friday morning

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  • Frits Westra
    Forwarded by: fwestra@hetnet.nl (Frits Westra) Originally from: starwanderer.geo Original Subject: [MeteorShowers]
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2003
      Forwarded by: fwestra@... (Frits Westra)
      Originally from: "starwanderer.geo" <t6m1lb68li3vmyf001@...>
      Original Subject: [MeteorShowers] Total Lunar Eclipse Thursday night/Friday morning
      Original Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 17:40:59 -0000

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      There will be an eclipse of the Moon on Thursday night/Friday
      morning. The eclipse will begin at 02:03 UT (also known as GMT) on
      the 16th. This translates to these times in North America:
      (10:03 PM EDT on the 15th,
      9:03 PM CDT,
      8:03 PM MDT,
      7:03 PM PDT)

      At the beginning the Moon will appear to be fairly normal, but as it
      moves deeper into the shadow of the Earth, it will start to darken.
      It's hard to predict just how dark a particular eclipse will be. The
      Moon may turn a pretty copper color or, if it's a dark eclipse, the
      Moon may turn deep red to or even almost black.

      The Moon will begin to enter the umbra, the deeper portion of the
      Earth's shadow, at 03:14 UT on the 16th
      (11:14 PM EDT on the 15th,
      10:14 PM CDT,
      9:14 PM MDT,
      8:14 PM PDT)

      and the deepest part of the eclipse will occur at 03:40 UT on the 16th
      (11:40 PM EDT on the 15th,
      10:40 PM CDT,
      9:40 PM MDT,
      8:40 PM PDT)

      North and South America are favored for this eclipse, although it
      will be visible from much of Europe and Africa as well. Unfortunately
      this eclipse will not be visible from Asia or Australia and extreme
      northern latitudes in North America, including Alaska, will miss this
      event as well.

      Wishing you clear skies,


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