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  • Frits Westra
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      Original Subject: UFO UpDate: Lakenheath-Bentwaters Website
      Original Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 08:33:56 -0400

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      From: Martin Shough <mshough@...>
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      Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 10:13:56 +0100
      Subject: Lakenheath-Bentwaters Website


      The RAF Lakenheath-Bentwaters 'radar visual' incident of 1956
      has long been regarded as one of the classic cases in the annals
      of UFOlogy.

      This is one of the few incidents classified as 'unexplained' by
      the 1969 Colorado University UFO study commissioned by the US
      Air Force, which conceded that "the probability that at least
      one genuine UFO was involved appears to be fairly high."

      But the true extent and complex nature of the events in East
      Anglia have never been fully revealed, and divining the truth
      from a mass of contradictory evidence has confounded even the
      most dedicated of UFO researchers.

      Now for the first time in UFOlogical history, a website
      dedicated to an in-depth re-investigation of a classic case is
      available on-line at:


      The website is the product of three years work by the Lakenheath
      Collaboration - a team of British researchers that includes
      Martin Shough, David Clarke, Paul Fuller, Andy Roberts and Jenny
      Randles. Please remember the site remains under construction,
      with further documents (including several that are the subject
      of FOIA requests) to be added in the near future.

      Building upon new testimony unearthed by Jenny, since 2000
      extensive fieldwork by Clarke and Roberts has uncovered a host
      of new testimony and documentary evidence. Shough, the author of
      a detailed analysis of the case published in 1987, has compiled
      the existing and new material presented on the website.

      Our front page opens with a surprise - a photograph dated
      1955/56 showing the control console in the tower at RAF
      Bentwaters complete with UFO graffiti.

      Follow the links into the body of the
      Lakenheath/Bentwaters/Neatishead incident of 13/14 August 1956.
      The Collaboration have gathered together all the available
      evidence, including new material relating to the RAF's response
      to the incident that has slowly emerged since 1996.

      The re-investigation did not set out to debunk the case, but
      rather to look closer at what might have happened, with
      surprising results for both 'believers' and 'skeptics.' We
      present the evidence and take care to separate facts from
      speculation. We provide no resolution as it emerges that
      Lakenheath-Bentwaters is a far more complex and multi-layered
      mystery than was ever suspected in 1969.

      All five contributors, despite having differing approaches and
      opinions, agree this is an instructive case and its re-
      investigation has brought to light information that not only
      overturns all previous accounts, but provides the sort of data
      that scientists claim has been previously lacking in the field
      of UFOlogy.

      The site contains more than 270 text and image files, including,
      in addition to the original USAF intelligence reports and other
      Blue Book documents:

      22 new official British Royal Air Force and Ministry of Defence

      36 new interview transcripts and statements from pilots, ground
      personnel and operations staff;

      23 web-pages of in-depth commentary and analysis, fully

      14 pages of meteorological data, with detailed tables, charts
      and analysis;

      14 pages of detailed radar and avionics specifications;

      30 archived letters between investigators and principal
      witnesses between 1975 and 2001;

      Plus much more, with numerous links and bibliographical
      references to research material.

      The Lakenheath Collaboration would be pleased to receive your
      comments, criticisms and contributions to what we hope will be a
      on-going peer review process of our evolving case file.

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