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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 8 Number 17

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 8, Number 17 April 30, 2003 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 8, Number 17
      April 30, 2003
      Editor: Joseph Trainor
      E-mail: Masinaigan@...



      "New testimony regarding the presence of a strange
      hairy biped, sporting long claws and an unusual ferocity,
      were added to the long list of accounts that the police
      have gathered in" Rosario de la Frontera, a small city in
      northern Argentina "after the judge of the Court of
      Instruction, Mario Dilascio, mandated a final
      investigation into the subject last month."
      "The first reference to the case was provided by a
      couple in a forested area, Arroyo Salado, two kilometers
      (1.2 miles) to the west" of Rosario de la Frontera "and
      which serves as a 'Lovers' Lane.' They claim to have been
      attacked by a strange entity standing two meters (6 feet,
      6 inches) tall, covered in hair, with razor-sharp claws
      and 'bare buttocks.'"
      "But now there is more: a family surnamed Pereyra
      told authorities that whenever going to the municipal dump
      in their pickup truck, 'a beast' described as a 'large
      monkey' crossed their path, climbed over the vehicle's
      hood, and then lost itself in the thicket, leaving claw
      marks on the (truck's) chassis."
      In another case, "businessman Raul Torres and teacher

      Hugo Rodas, who teaches in San Antonio de Cobres, told the
      chief of the volunteer fire brigade, Jose Exequiel
      Alvarez, that they found something very unusual at El
      "A large unknown animal lay by the roadside,
      apparently run over by a vehicle. They got out of their
      car to take a look, turned it around using a stick, and
      were astonished. They had never seen anything like it.
      It had amazing claws, was like a human, measured 1.5
      meters (4 feet)" in length, "had a bearlike snout with
      enormous fangs and genitals identical to those of a male
      "Alvarez has led several expeditions to find the
      animal and claims having seen it through binoculars.
      'What I saw resembled a gorilla very closely but,' he
      asked himself, 'what would an African anthropoid be doing
      "The volunteer fireman added that 'we will be
      visiting El Duraznito to see if we can find the remains
      (of the creature--S.C.) reported by those people.'"
      "Furthermore, a woman surnamed Galvan claimed having
      seen it in Los Banos, behind the mountains surrounding the
      thermal springs."
      "'I don't think we're dealing with a single specimen,

      but with a family of them,'" Alvarez said.
      Rosario de la Frontera is located about 150
      kilometers (90 miles) south of Salta and about 500
      kilometers (300 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires, the
      national capital." (See the Argentinian newspaper El
      Tribuno of Salta for April 16, 2003, "Unknown animal
      carcass found near Salta." Muchas gracias a Scott
      Corrales y Mercedes Casas para eso articulo de diario.)
      (Editor's Comment: Welcome to More Weird Critters of
      South America Week at UFO Roundup. Things are popping on
      the other side of the Andes in Chile, as well.)


      "A bizarre animal caught in a small community in
      southern Chile was immediately associated by the local
      residents with the enigmatic Chupacabra, since dozens of
      birds who died by exsanguination (i.e. all the blood was
      drained from their bodies--J.T.) was found in the area
      some time ago."
      "According to police reports, the black, cat-like
      animal--showing considerable differences" from normal
      felines "in its ears and hind legs--was captured by
      residents of Pinchulao, a settlement in the commune of
      Lautaro, 690 kilometers (414 miles) south" of Santiago de
      Chile, the national capital.
      "La Prensa Austral, a newspaper in Temuco, a town
      adjacent to Lautaro, specified that the strange beast was
      caught in the process of exsanguinating a hen."
      "The animal will be examined by local veterinarians
      and analyzed to determine which species it belongs to."
      "Every so often, the legendary Chupacabra becomes a
      news item in Chile. It is accused of slaying and sucking
      dry" livestock such as "goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens and
      other animals, although its existence has never been
      "In late May 2000, residents of the northern city of
      Calama" blamed NASA, the USA's space agency, "for the
      Chupacabra's manifestations and attacks. At the time,
      residents of Calama, located 1,584 kilometers (950 miles)
      north of Santiago, claimed that U.S. scientists were in
      the area and 'lost control of at least three genetic
      experiments,' only managing to recover two of them."
      "The (weird) animal, found by a local resident, was
      caught in the act of sucking blood from a chicken's neck."
      "The specimen is in the possession of Ricardo Candia,

      officer in charge of the local television station, USTV,
      in the city of Toque, who had the creature embalmed in
      order to preserve it."
      "It is worth noting that the animal--measuring some
      30 centimeters (12 inches) long--was captured by a
      resident of the Pinchulao settlement, property of Prof.
      Luis Mendez, in the Rinconada sector, some 19 kilometers
      (12 miles) from Lautaro."
      "Around 8 p.m. last Wednesday (April 16, 2003),
      Samuel Cayuman was inside his dwelling in the company of
      his wife when both heard a strange sound coming from the
      henhouse. Concerned for his poultry, the worker went
      outside and headed towards the structure to take a look.
      He removed his key and unlocked the door to enter a space
      fenced by barbed wire, but the darkness kept him from
      seeing anything strange going on within."
      "He suddenly siezed one of the hens. Upon taking it
      outside for a better look, he noticed that a dark and
      hairy animal was dangling from its (the hen's) neck. He
      immediately let go of the bird and gripped the strange
      being that had already drained all of the hen's blood.
      Cayuman separated it (from the hen--J.T.) and then killed
      it." (See the Chilean newspapers La Nueva Provincia for
      April 20, 2003, "Strange animal caught: the Chupacabra?"
      and Diario Austral de Araucania for April 21, 2003,
      "Strange animal mystery continues." Muchas gracias a
      Scott Corrales y tambien Christian Quintero y Guillermo
      Gimenez del grupo Planeta UFO para esos articulos de


      The Russian Navy has reportedly recovered a large
      triangular UFO, which crashed in Kaliningrad harbor after
      overflying a naval base. The crash caused minor damage to
      a Russian destroyer of the Sovremenny class.
      According to ufologist James L. Choron, "an
      unidentified flying object has crashed at Kaliningrad," a
      seaport on the Baltic Sea, about 650 kilometers (390
      miles) east of Moscow.
      "The story is being released gradually, as it was
      witnessed by the entire Baltic Fleet and most of the
      citizens of Kaliningrad. Wreckage is being recovered."
      "The whole thing was caught on (Russian) television
      and was broadcast live by a news crew doing a feature on
      the fleet. The (triangular) craft was seen as a total
      loss and, as yet, no bodies have been found."
      The UFO "was overflying the base," which is the home
      port of Russia's Baltic Fleet. "It is assumed that the
      fleet radar interfered with the craft's guidance system.
      It was not, repeat NOT, shot down."
      "The craft appeared to be of a 'flying wing' design
      and was absolutely silent. It hit the water at what is
      described as 'a tremendous speed.' No casualties. High
      levels of radiation present."
      The crash reportedly caused "minor damage" to a
      Sovremenny-class Type 956 heavy destroyer at anchor in the
      harbor. The Sovremenny is similar to a U.S. Navy Aegis-
      equipped missile cruiser. The Russian vessel is armed
      with an onboard anti-submarine helicopter, 48 surface-to-
      air missiles, 8 ship-to-ship missiles, torpedoes, mines
      and 12.5-centimeter (5-inch) guns. (Many thanks to James
      L. Choron and John Hayes for this news story.)


      UFOs were spotted in Belgium during April.
      On Friday, April 4, 2003, at 12:15 a.m., Guenther
      Slachmann "left the city of Huy in my car. I crossed the
      Pere Pire Bridge over the river Meuse, and took the road
      which goes up towards Couthuin and Heron."
      "Coming out of the valley of the river Meuse, I saw
      in the sky on my right-hand side a luminous point that
      could have been a plane in the distance. Two kilometers
      (1.2 miles) further on, the luminous point lost height
      (altitude in the USA--J.T.) and continued to fly slowly."
      "At first I thought it was a plane landing at
      Bierset, near Liege, but then I arrived at the crossing
      with the highway, and the luminous point had come up on my
      left and became a strange object, whose shape I was unable
      to discern. But it was characterized by at least six tiny
      points, or lights, white and blue, some of them blinking."
      "I left the valley road to go on Highway E42, in the
      direction of Namur. The object got closer. It flew at a
      distance that I identified as being between 500 meters and
      one kilometer (0.3 to 0.6 miles), and it was at a height
      of about 200 to 300 meters (660 to 1,000 feet). The
      brilliant points flashed white and blue."
      On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, "between 11:15 and
      11:45 p.m., I was in Tamines, near Sambreville" in Belgium
      when "I saw an object which seemed to be a UFO. The
      object came from the west and departed to the southwest.
      There were four sources of light on the object--three
      white-yellowish lights arrayed in a triangle and one red-
      orangeish light in the centre. These lights did not
      flash," the male witness reported.
      "The object made some noise, like a plane but much
      less noisy. It advanced rather slowly, just above us but
      very high in the sky. Weather conditions were very good--
      starry sky, not a single cloud, and the object was very
      visible." (Merci beaucoup a Robert Fischer pour ces


      On Friday, April 25, 2003, at 10:39 p.m., a dazzling
      UFO appeared over a farm field on the outskirts of
      Auvergne, a town in the department of Cher in south-
      central France, located about 200 kilometers (120 miles)
      south of Paris.
      "My father, a farmer, was in the field after
      midnight," the source reported, "He then saw something
      over him. It was made up of more than 30 projections--
      lights--that illuminated the ground below. The object
      suddenly went away before coming back."
      "When the object had come to within one kilometer of
      the field, my father noticed it again. After that, he
      woke my mother, and they went outside and watched this
      strange object from 12:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. (it was now
      Saturday, April 26, 2003--J.T.). The object made a very
      strange run in the sky. It went away and came back always
      to the same place."
      "A resident of a nearby municipality also saw the
      phenomenon. This witness thought it was a laser from a
      disco, even though the fact that it did not come from the
      ground seemed strange to him."
      The UFO left Auvergne at precisely 3:30 a.m. (Merci
      beaucoup a Robert Fischer pour ces nouvelles.)


      On Sunday, April 13, 2003, at 1:45 a.m., eyewitness
      M. Kennedy was outdoors in his hometown of Port Hastings,
      Nova Scotia, Canada when he saw an unusual light in the
      sky approaching from the northwest.
      "There were about three lights in a triangular
      pattern, with blinking lights that were constantly
      changing colours," he reported, "The object itself was
      black. The lights were flying along in a triangular
      pattern. They seemed to be lozenge-shaped. They were at
      15,000 feet (4,500 meters) and going at about 700 miles
      per hour (1,120 kilometers per hour)."
      Port Hastings, N.S. (population 314) is on St.
      Georges Bay about 85 miles (136 kilometers) northeast of
      Halifax. (Email Form Report)


      "Concern spread among some Pampan cattlemen of the
      Lihuel Carhuel department, who expressed their fears at
      the discovery of several reported animal mutilations in
      the rural area."
      "In an interview with El Diario, a young rancher
      whose property is located on Provincial Route 13, some 60
      kilometers (36 miles) west of Cuchillo Co," in Argentina's
      La Pampa province, "and also requested anonymity, remarked
      that two mutilated cows and a calf were found on his
      property, being similar to the ones who achieved
      prominence in this and other provinces in 2002."
      "The cattleman noted that there also occurred a case
      involving the mutilation of a wild boar cub."
      "Worried by the situation, he stated, 'It seems that
      they've taken action against me now, because, in 15 days,
      they've mutilated six calves, all of them black, plump,
      weighing 160 to 220 kilograms, which were in an open
      "'The last one was found Thursday (April 10, 2003)
      about 500 meters (0.3 miles) from the road and some 4
      kilometers (2.5 miles) from my house, while I was away in
      General Acha. The same occurred on Friday (April 11,
      2003) with a sheep,' he added."
      "When consulted about the condition in which the
      animals were found, and the type of mutilations presented,
      he explained that 'some were male and some were female,
      but similar incisions can be found in all of them--
      perfectly even and cured, as though cauterized. They were
      missing their tongues, jaws, ears, eyes and hide in a
      stretch from the front to the start of the chest. The
      females were missing their udders and the males their
      "He later said that 'I turned one of them over to
      remove its ribs, but one of them, which was under the
      body, was cracked and was 'mashed,' as though it had
      experienced a poweful blow.'"
      "'I removed two ribs for the dogs, which ate it," he
      reported, but added that the cadaver emanated "'a strong
      odor of ammonia and sulfur which became unbearable.'"
      (See the Argentinian newspaper El Diario de la Pampa for
      April 13, 2003, "Mutilated animals found near Cuchillo
      Co." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi
      para eso articulo de diario.)


      A possible case of spontaneous human combustion (SHC)

      was reported last week in Massachusetts.
      "A Brockton woman who cared for the elderly in her
      home burned to death in front of a helpless neighborhood
      teenager on the sidewalk across the street from her family
      home, neighbors and police said yesterday," Thursday,
      April 24, 2003.
      "'I saw a boy standing over a body and he had a fire
      going,' said Beatrice Casali, the next-door neighbor of
      fire victim Linda Connors, who had her husband call the
      police. 'I saw what looked like legs in the fire. The
      knees were bent. I said, 'Oh, Warren, that looks like a
      body. Go call the cops.'"
      "Connors, 47, died of smoke inhalation and burns
      Wednesday (April 23, 2003) about 11:45 p.m., as George
      Connors, her husband, and an elder she was caring for were
      inside the quaint single-family home."
      "State and local detectives were trying to determine
      how the fire started and who, if anyone, was responsible."
      "'We're looking at everything--homicide, suicide,
      accident--everything,' said state police Detective Joseph
      "After his wife was pronounced dead, George Connors
      emerged from his modest home flanked by two police
      officers, according to a neighbor, who didn't want to be
      "When he saw his wife's body under the sheet, Connors

      tried to make a beeline toward her, but was stopped by
      officers, who slapped on a pair of handcuffs and guided
      him into a (police) cruiser, said the neighbor."
      "Yesterday Connors volunteered to take a polygraph
      test and agreed to provide investigators with samples of
      his DNA, said his father, Robert Connors of Dover,"
      "'They're holding him for some tests,' said Robert
      Connors, 'He has no idea, no idea at all' what happened to
      his wife."
      "An unidentified neighborhood teen who watched the
      woman burn had initially received a call from some friends
      who had just left his house, driven down the street and
      spotted the fire on a nearby sidewalk."
      "When the teen walked down the street, he saw what he

      thought was a mannequin on fire and thought it was a
      practical joke, said a neighbor, who didn't want to be
      identified, but had talked to the teen."
      "'He kicked the body and it rolled into the street,'
      the neighbor said."
      "The teenager was interviewed by first-arriving fire
      and police officials, said Casali."
      "The neighbor said a cigarette lighter and some coins

      were found near Connors' body."
      "Throughout the night, officials kept referring to
      Connors' remains, which were covered by a sheet."
      "Yesterday, police executed a search warrant of the
      Connors' home and searched her old Pepsi-littered Honda
      Accord, which was parked next to a gas ( petrol in UK--
      J.T.) can, as well as a newer Cadillac Eldorado that
      George Connors drives. The K-9 (police dog) unit was
      brought in to sniff for accelerants."
      "'We know the cause. It's the manner of death we
      don't know,' said Mason."
      "Linda Connors was a Brockton native, who graduated
      from Brockton High School in 1975. She worked for the
      Veterans Administration (VA) in Brockton, takng elderly
      patients into her home, where she provided care, said a
      relative who lives around the corner from Connors. 'She
      liked to play Bingo,' said the relative, who declined to
      give her name."
      "Linda Parson exchanged her wedding vows with George
      Connors in what was the first marriage for both of them
      about two years ago. Then they announced their union to
      their families."
      Brockton, Mass. (population 94,304) is on Routes 18
      and 28 approximately 24 miles (39 kilometers) south of
      Boston, the state capital. (See the Boston, Mass. Herald
      for April 25, 2003, "Brockton woman's fiery demise a
      puzzle to police," page 14.)

      From the UFO Files...

      1865: TOMORROW'S NEWS

      It is probably one of the most infamous scenes in
      American history: Friday evening, April 14, 1865...Box
      Seven in Ford's Theatre at 454 Tenth Street, Washington,
      D.C. Seated in the balcony overlooking the stage are
      Major Rathbone, his fiancee Clara Harris, the USA's "First
      Lady" Mary Todd Lincoln, and her husband, the sixteenth
      USA president, Abraham Lincoln.
      The balcony door opened quietly, and a shadowy figure

      slipped in--John Wilkes Booth, one of the most popular and
      highly-paid actors in the USA and an ardent conspirator
      with links to both U.S. government intelligence agencies
      and the recently-defeated Confederate States of America.
      Booth "reached into his pocket for a small brass
      pistol. The name, Derringer, was engraved on the side.
      The .44 caliber, six-inch, single-shot weapon had been
      capped earlier for instant firing."
      "Booth took a quick step from the antechamber,
      crossed the three or four feet (one meter) to the
      President's back, and quickly extended the pistol.
      Lincoln started to turn his head to the left. The
      derringer's explosion ripped through the laughter" of the
      packed theatre's audience.
      "The call boy, Ferguson, was standing across the
      stage from the President's box, talking to Miss Keene."
      (Editor's Note: Actress Laura Keene played the female lead
      in the play Our American Cousin, which the Lincolns had
      come to Ford's Theatre to see.)
      "At the sound of the shot, Ferguson saw Lincoln lean
      back in his rocking chair. The left side of (Lincoln's)
      sad, haggard face came to rest against the red wallpaper."
      "The assailant dropped his pistol and sprang toward
      the box railing. Booth cried, 'Sic semper tyrannis.'
      (Latin for Thus always to tyrants--J.T.)" And then he
      jumped down to the stage.
      "Theatre patrons rushed into the street, shouting the

      fearful news, 'They have shot the President!'"
      The news of this, the first presidential
      assassination, left the USA in shock.
      Yet, strangely enough, the event itself had been predicted
      in several locations around the country...hours before it
      At 4:30 p.m. (5:30 p.m. in Washington, D.C.) on
      Friday, April 14, 1865, according to Lincoln historian
      Otto Eisenschiml, "news was circulating through the
      streets and homes of St. Joseph, Minnesota," located 77
      miles (123 kilometers) northwest of Minneapolis, "that the
      President had been murdered in Washington. St. Joseph was
      40 miles from the nearest railroad and 80 miles from any
      telegraph communication."
      At the time news of the assassination was spreading
      through St. Joseph, Minn., Lincoln was still at work,
      saying goodbye to a War Department aide, William Crook.
      He had yet to dine with his wife Mary at the White House.
      "At 2:30 that Good Friday afternoon, a writer on the
      Middletown, New York Whig Press asserted that he had been
      informed that the President had been shot and 'it was
      currently so reported in the village of Pine Bush and in
      the town of Crawford before 12 o'clock (noon) of that
      day." In other words, eight hours before the actual
      (Editor's Note: Pine Bush is one of the most notorious UFO
      hotspots in the USA's New York state.)
      "The Newburgh (N.Y.) Journal confirmed the reports in

      the Whig Press but was more conservative in its editorial
      At 3:30 p.m., a Dr. Leonard, "a well-known surgeon of

      high standing," left the Morton Hospital in Taunton,
      Mass., walked down Washington Street to Broadway, and
      stopped at a tobacco shop for his customary purchases,
      cigars and a copy of the Boston Globe. He overheard two
      men talking about the death of Lincoln. As the pair split
      up, Dr. Leonard accosted one and queried, "What's that you
      "Lincoln's been shot. He's a dead man," the unknown
      man replied, "He was shot at a theatre."
      Dr. Leonard couldn't believe his ears. What was the
      President doing at a theatre in the early afternoon? he
      wondered. But before he could question the stranger
      further, the man abruptly walked out of the tobacco shop
      and hurried eastward to the Taunton Green.
      (Editor's Note: Taunton, Mass. is right in the center of
      what cryptozoologist Loren Coleman calls "the Bridgewater
      "From 12 to 4 hours before the President was to sit
      in his box" at Ford's Theatre, "his death had been
      reported in half a dozen scattered parts of the country."
      (See The Lincoln Conspiracy by David Balsiger and Charles
      E. Sellier, Jr., Schick Sunn Classic Books, Los Angeles,
      Cal., 1977, pages 152, 153, 161, 162 and 163. Also the
      book In the Shadow of Lincoln's Death by Otto Eisenschiml,
      Wilfred Funk, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1940.)

      Message From the Editor

      Last week, April 23, 2003, there should have been an
      issue of UFO Roundup, but there was not. Your editor had
      to make an emergency flight to New England after my mother
      was taken ill and rushed to the hospital. I was in
      Massachusetts from April 16 to April 27, when I returned
      home to Minnesota. I am happy to report that my mother is
      out of the hospital and is slowly recovering. For those
      who sent emails offering support during this emergency, I
      offer my thanks.

      We'll be back next week with more UFO, Fortean and
      paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to
      you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you
      next time!

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