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an interview with Erol erkmen

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    an interview with Erol erkmen, Chairman TUVPO Q- Is there a worldwide decrease in the amount of UFO sightings? A- This is an obligatory result. To explain
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2003
      an interview with Erol erkmen,
      Chairman TUVPO

      Q- Is there a worldwide decrease in the amount of UFO sightings?
      A- This is an obligatory result. To explain this, we need to refer to 90's,
      before and after. Before 90's, all of us could watch those events only from
      books, magazines or commercial videos. We did not have chance to make
      detailed researches on those reports or photos. To sum up, we had to trust
      the author. We never had the chance to reach the very first documents. I can
      say that in those years, UFO's were so popular. After 90's, everything had
      changed by the spread of the internet. Lots of people started to publish
      documents about UFO's in their webpages. Lots of UFO fanatics prepared UFO
      related websites and called themselves as researchers. Most of those amateur
      web pages are prepared by people who do not have any technical education.
      There were a need to visual documentations, so they produced some, easily.
      Those people described every light source as UFOs. But this situation did
      not last long. Producing fake visual documents became more difficult due to
      the development of new technologies and due to the people taking part in the
      UFO researches who are technically educated. The number of fake UFO reports
      was decreased due to the increasing amount of people who learned how to
      examine the documents, spread of internet and the comfort of examination of
      UFO photos. So the amount of reports, photos, videos etc. is decreased.

      Q- Can the information above be interpreted as the UFOs do not exist?
      A- Ofcourse not. As before, we always have chance to encounter some serious
      events. To find such traces of lots of events is very difficult, for now,
      unless they land somewhere and say here we came... Meanwhile lots of not
      widely known phenomena had been discovered, also the UFO-curious people had
      an effect on this. Without them, lots of the scientists might not care those

      Q- Is there some simple ways to find out whether the visual documents (i.e.
      UFO photos) are fake or not?
      A- Yes, the most simple one is to interrogate well the one who send the
      photo. If you cannot reach the supplier, there is no need to search further,
      you can tell it is more possibly fake. But if you can reach, you can
      interrogate him/her with some basic technical informations. For example you
      can ask the exact date, the brand of the camera, ask whether the original
      negative still exists and reachable or not etc. If you got "one" false
      answer, again you can tell it is more possibly fake. Let's say he/she
      answered all questions clearly, now you can search on the photos in question
      and check if the photos and the technical information given to you matches.
      You can call this a pre-analysis. In the process of pre-analysis, you verify
      the obtained information. Later, you can ask for the negatives and analyse
      them, but you usually find out what is fake before you need the negatives.

      Q- Does technical information needed for the interrogation?
      A- No, not for the beginning. Later you can ask for help from an expert.

      Q- How do you evoluate the future of the UFO Subject?
      A- In fact i do not know what the time going to show us but i can say that
      the UFO conferances will not be that popular, the speakers of the
      conferances will find new methods to re-draw the attentions. I believe this
      subject will get it's due in a few years, i mean it is going to be more
      scientific, based on more trustable evidences and executed by less people.
      And the seminars that i mentioned above might be done to educate people
      technically to analyse UFO's.

      Q- And what do you think about Extra-Terrestrial Life Beings?
      A- This is the question that i am mostly being asked. Most people claim that
      i do not believe in extra-terrestrials. This is not true. Let's go on a
      straight-logic: we cannot deny the existance of Outer-Earth Life Beings, but
      in order to make a research, you have to approach things with a suspicion.
      And there is a reality, no profession can resaerch and success about UFO's
      on their OWN. There must be large variety of scientific-professional people
      in a research group.

      Q- What are the goals of TUVPO in the future?
      A- As you know, we keep researching, approximately for 10 years. New
      scientists join us day by day. We keep this on, this is a teamwork and we
      want to form a real good team.
      Our main goal is establishing a research institute. We are trying to answer
      to young people who are interested in, and trying to show them the
      realities. Our another goal is to research the traces of UFO's on reports
      from Turkey and research new phenomenas.

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