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New Evidence of Ancient Indian Science of Space Travel

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    Subject: [Changing Planet] New Evidence of Ancient Indian Science of Space Travel ... http://learning.indiatimes.com/gobble/scifi/sciencefront.htm ... some ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2003
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      Subject: [Changing Planet] New Evidence of Ancient Indian Science of Space

      > Science Frontiers
      > Theories. Discoveries. Old Manuscripts. Some of them are plain obvious,
      > are startling and some may change our future entirely.
      > New Evidence: Ancient Indian Science of Space Travel!
      > Directions for building interstellar spaceships. 'Anti-gravitational'
      > of propulsion. An ancient manuscript written in the 4th Century BC
      > Discovered in Tibet and Lhasa by the Chinese. The frontiers of what is
      > possible in science are being stretched. Read on.
      > While the world is busy launching spacecrafts into the unknown universe
      > Chinese discover something in the mountains of Tibet and Lhasa. They are a
      > bundle of strange Sanskrit documents!
      > The documents are sent to Dr. Ruth Reyna, University of Chandigarh, for
      > translation and special comments. Dr. Reyna's findings are eye opening.
      > declares that the manuscripts contain the following:
      > 1. Directions for building interstellar spaceships with a method of
      > propulsion that are essentially anti-gravitational. The method was similar
      > to that of laghima, the power of man's ego. It is described as 'a
      > centrifugal force strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull'.
      > Hindu Yogis claim it is a man's laghima that allows for his body to
      > (rise defying gravity).
      > 2. These machines are called astras!
      > 3. The text also contains claims that ancient Indians could have sent
      > detachments of men onto any planet.
      > 4. The secrets of antima (cover of invisibility) and of garima (method of
      > making one's body as heavy as 'a mountain of lead') are revealed. The
      > Chinese are including certain parts of this data in their space program
      > research and study.
      > 5. It has mention of a planned trip to the moon.
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