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Fw: [Changing Planet] Attract, Repulse - Rotate! Electrical Force Does More Than Push and Pull

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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2003
      > Attract, Repulse - Rotate! Electrical Force Does More Than Push and Pull
      > By Linda Moulton Howe
      > "We have only looked at the electrostatic case. We have no magnetic fields
      > here, nothing is moving, there is no current, only the charges sitting
      > stationary on these conducting metal spheres. So, what we observe is just
      > action of charges causing this rotation of the spheres."
      > - Anders Wistrom, Ph.D., Univ. of California-Riverside
      > April 8, 2003 Riverside, California - War and disease are not the only
      > forces of change in the world around us. This week, even electricity was
      > updated. The University of California, Riverside sent out a news release
      > entitled, "UC Riverside researchers' discovery of electrostatic spin
      > challenges century-old theory. New physical phenomenon will likely impact
      > atomic physics, chemistry and nanotechnology."
      > The scientists who have discovered electrostatic rotation are Anders
      > Wistrom, Ph.D., and Armik Khachatourian, Ph.D. Their work has been
      > in both the Journal of Mathematical Physics and Applied Physics Letters
      > shows that when a direct current voltage is applied to three metal spheres
      > suspended without friction, the spheres begin to rotate. This newly
      > documented phenomenon has been named "electrostatic rotation."
      > This was a surprise and could not be explained by available theory. Since
      > Lord Kelvin in the 19th Century postulated his ideas about electrical
      > potential surrounding charged objects, no one apparently had questioned
      > he might not have the whole story. Now, the UC-Riverside team's revelation
      > could change the way we look at atoms, molecules and maybe even propulsion
      > systems.
      > Full article with interviews and photos at
      > http://www.earthfiles.com/news/news.cfm?ID=506&category=Science
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