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  • Roger Anderton
    Hi Linette Some people have built UFOs and then got stuck within conspiarcies against them. Psychotronic energy, aura energy etc., is all basically the same
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 4 6:53 AM
      Hi Linette

      Some people have built UFOs and then got stuck within conspiarcies against

      Psychotronic energy, aura energy etc., is all basically the same thing that
      can go by the name of Ether, Unified Field etc. Its very confusing to have
      so many
      names for the same thing.


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      > Interesting ideas here. I'd like someone to build me a UFO.
      > Peace.
      > Linette
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      > > Go to this website to read a new scientific theory that explains UFOs.
      > > http://www.maxpages.com/ufoexplanation
      > >
      > > A Scientific Explanation Of The UFO Mystery
      > > Starting with the facts about UFOs as they are observed, there are good
      > > scientific reasons to believe that the energy field associated with UFOs
      > is
      > > psychotronic energy. (Refer to the book entitled, "Psychic Discoveries
      > > Behind the Iron Curtain" by Ostrander and Schroeder.) This energy is
      > > called Chi by the Chinese and Bioplasmic Energy by the Russians. It is
      > > Link between the non-physical mind and the physical body. This energy
      > > can account for all of the effects that UFOs have been observed to
      > produce.
      > > (Refer to the book, "Strange Effects From UFOs published by Donald
      > > and NICAP.)
      > >
      > > Background Information And Theory
      > > Kirlian Photography did show that when an organism is placed in an
      > > alternating electric field, a glowing energy field of changing colors
      > be
      > > seen around it. This energy field around a human body is called an Aura.
      > The
      > > Aura has been observed to behave as if there is some unknown force
      > > it together. (The Aura itself behaves like an organism.) It is this
      > unknown
      > > force holding it together that is psychotronic energy. The Aura has been
      > > observed to change with changes in thoughts and feelings. This indicates
      > > that this unknown force holding it together is a mental energy; it
      > in
      > > a mental dimension. Researchers who have studied psychotronic energy
      > believe
      > > that it is capable of mixing with and producing all other energy forms.
      > This
      > > can explain how a nonphysical mind can generate physical energy fields
      > > control a physical body. It can also account for the electric and
      > > fields produced by UFOs and also their glow.
      > >
      > > A man from Czechloslavakia named Dr. Robert Pavlita has developed
      > > devices that charge-up on psychotronic energy and use it to do specific
      > > tasks. These devices are called psychotronic generators. (For further
      > > information on psychotronic generators, read, "Psychic Discoveries
      > > the Iron Curtain"). It is my opinion that a UFO spacecraft is a
      > > chamber that is filled with some type of psychotronic generators.
      > >
      > > A UFO that is filled with psychotronic generators charges-up on the Aura
      > > energy of the occupants by resonance. It becomes filled and surrounded
      > > psychotronic energy and it starts to move into another dimension,
      > > dimension). It starts to glow like an Aura. Because it is partly or
      > totally
      > > in another dimension, the laws of physics no longer apply. Gravity loses
      > its
      > > hold and the UFO starts to float. Being either partly or totally in
      > another
      > > dimension, the UFO has very little inertial mass or no inertial mass and
      > it
      > > can accelerate very rapidly with no G-forces. It can probably move many
      > > times faster than the speed of light. Light speed is a limitation only
      > > the physical dimension. (Note: Aura energy has been observed to be a
      > > vibratory energy making resonance possible.) [Referring to the Barny and
      > > Betty Hill abduction case: The alien told Betty that they had trading
      > routes
      > > between stars that were about 37 light years apart; they probably move
      > much
      > > faster than light speed to make this trading profitable.]
      > >
      > > Remote viewing experiments conducted by the U. S. Army have shown that
      > > can be trained to see in their minds places and objects that are far
      > > with a good degree of accuracy. Experiments such as these show that the
      > > mental dimension extends throughout space, it is not just in your mind.
      > Just
      > > as your physical eyes look into the physical dimension, your mind looks
      > into
      > > the mental dimension. When the psychotronic energy in an area increases,
      > > everything in that area starts to move into a mental dimension. The
      > of
      > > the UFO occupants are intensified by being in the UFO, and they also
      > > into a mental dimension. Because they are partly or totally in another
      > > dimension, they can pass through solid walls to abduct people from their
      > > beds at night. When a UFO puts out a beam of light into the rooms of
      > > abductees, everything in that beam has moved either partly or totally
      > a
      > > mental dimension where physical laws no longer apply and the abductees
      > > floated out through the wall or ceiling and into a UFO.
      > >
      > >
      > > A UFO appeared in a field as if out of thin air near an air base in
      > England
      > > and some UFOs have been seen to fade away; this is evidence that UFOs
      > > another dimension. UFOs have flown faster than the speed of sound in the
      > air
      > > with no sonic booms and have flown near planes very fast with no
      > turbulence;
      > > this also is evidence that UFOs use another dimension - they were enough
      > in
      > > another dimension that they made no air turbulence. They also are
      > sometimes
      > > enough in another dimension that they are not picked-up on radar. Being
      > > mostly in another dimension also explains why they sometimes look like
      > they
      > > are only lights in the sky and not solid objects. I saw on TV a report
      > a
      > > former member of the US Air Force that was in World War Two. He said
      > he
      > > witnessed spherical shaped UFOs, that were called foo fighters at that
      > time,
      > > chasing US planes on their bombing missions over Germany. They appeared
      > > be under intelligent control. During one of these incidents, the UFO was
      > > shot at with a .50 calibre machine gun, and the bullets passed right
      > through
      > > it without damaging the UFO. The UFO was enough in another dimension
      > > solid objects like bullets could pass right through it, without damaging
      > it.
      > > The UFO was also enough in the physical dimension that it reflected or
      > > produced visible light that could be seen. This UFO incident is also
      > > evidence that UFOs are using another dimension.
      > >
      > > Some UFOs have a colored energy field below them when they hover. A UFO
      > > filmed over Mexico had what looked like an energy field behind it as it
      > > moved. A UFO seen in New York had lights circling it as it hovered and
      > when
      > > all of the lights went to one end of it, the UFO moved rapidly in the
      > other
      > > direction. This leads me to believe that if a UFO concentrates its
      > > field on one side, this will make it move in the direction of the
      > > side. Some UFOs glow and some do not. Psychotronic energy glows after it
      > is
      > > sufficiently intense enough to do so, and not all the time.
      > >
      > > Certain people claim to have metals from crashed UFOs. In Russia the UFO
      > > metal had a mesh of fine gold wires surrounded by quartz insulator. UFO
      > > metal that was supposed to come from Roswell was mostly magnesium and
      > layers
      > > of bismuth and zinc. A former US Army sargeant, Frank Kaufmann, said
      > he
      > > was at the Roswell crash site. He said the Roswell UFO had octagon
      > > quartz cells that were glass-like on the bottom of it. Experiments can
      > > done with psychotronic generators made of substances like this to see if
      > it
      > > will increase the energetic effects. Psychotronic generators surrounded
      > a
      > > saucer shape that is made of metal containing a mesh of gold wires
      > > surrounded by quartz insulator, might be what is needed to make a
      > resonance
      > > chamber to intensify and concentrate psychotronic energy till it is
      > > sufficiently intense for the whole device to begin moving into another
      > > dimension and take on the characteristics of a UFO. (The piezoelectric
      > > effect of the quartz might be important.)
      > >
      > > The lights that appeared in Phoenix were analyzed by a Mr. Dilletoso of
      > > Village Labs by his computer equipment. He compared them to known lights
      > and
      > > could not find any explanation for them. This same type of computer
      > analysis
      > > could be done for the light that is emmitted by the human Aura to see if
      > it
      > > compares to the Phoenix lights. Since the human Aura needs alternating
      > > electric fields to make it visible, the effects of these fields could be
      > > compensated for on the computer equipment to make a good analysis.
      > >
      > > Many of the aliens that have been observed have large black eyes. The
      > > animals on earth that have large black eyes see in the dark; they have
      > large
      > > black pupils. I suspect that the eyes of aliens are mostly large black
      > > pupils and they see in the dark. Since most of outer space is dark, this
      > > would help with space travel. The eyes of aliens might also see
      > >
      > > Some female abductees claim that they were impregnated with half human
      > half
      > > alien babies and the fetuses were removed from them. They also claim
      > > they saw half human half alien children. If humans and aliens can
      > interbreed
      > > like this, they must be very genetically similar. Why is this? I
      > > that if humans would travel in space for many generations, inactive
      > > would be activated and humans would become more alien like in their
      > physical
      > > appearance. Something like this happens when crickets and fish live in
      > caves
      > > that are dark. They become a subspecies that are white with no eyes.
      > >
      > > I suspect that the shapes of UFOs have significance. It seems to me that
      > the
      > > UFOs that have a flattened shape like the saucer and triangular shapes
      > > useful for flying in the atmospheres of planets because most of the
      > > would be horizontal over the planet’s surface. In outerspace a spherical
      > > shape might be more usefull for easy motion in any direction. The round
      > > saucer shape would allow very rapid changes in horizontal direction
      > > flying in a planet’s atmosphere. Since UFOs have very low inertial mass
      > > while partly in another dimension, changes in the wind could blow them
      > > around; this could explain some of the erratic motion of saucers while
      > > hovering. The large cigar shaped craft have been observed to carry
      > > UFOs.
      > >
      > > I am inclined to believe that UFO aliens are the angels of God. Flying
      > > objects in the Bible that are associated with angels, strongly resemble
      > > UFOs. If UFO aliens are angels, then the Bible shows you what their
      > motives
      > > are. I suspect that the aliens are using their energy fields to maintain
      > > climate control and the proper living conditions to support life on
      > > If they were to stop doing this, the weather conditions on Earth would
      > > become chaotic and life on Earth would die. Angels act as God’s hands to
      > do
      > > His will. The human race has been inbreeding with itself, and I suspect
      > that
      > > these half human half alien children that UFO abductees report seeing
      > might
      > > be needed to strengthen the gene pool to make the human race stronger.
      > > UFO aliens are the angels of God, then the second coming of Jesus Christ
      > > will probably be a UFO invasion, since the Bible says He is coming back
      > with
      > > angels. They will abduct sinners and throw them in hell and abduct
      > > and put them in heaven.
      > >
      > > Contact the late Robert Pavlita’s daughter Jana and the people with her
      > and
      > > ask them to build you a UFO. Find out all you can about the psychotronic
      > > generators and try to build one yourself.
      > >
      > > For further information about psychotronic energy and psychotronic
      > > generators, read the books, “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron
      > > by Ostrander and Schroeder (http://abduct.com/aaer/b38.htm) and “Future
      > > Science: Life energies and the Physics of Paranormal Phenomena, by John
      > > White and Stanley Krippner, (Doubleday /Anchor).
      > > Contact these web sites: http://www.keelynet.com/biology/pavlita1.txt
      > > http://www.keelynet.com/biology/pavlita2.txt
      > > http://lateralthinking.com/psycho.html (Lycos) Australian lateral
      > > newsletter.
      > > The Pavlita Foundation, Roth Associates, 83-15 Lefferts Blvd., Suite 5f,
      > Kew
      > > Gardens N. Y. 11415 (718) 847-7532
      > >
      > > My name is Arnold Carbajal. I live in New Orleans, La . USA (504)
      > 891-1721.
      > > This is my theory on UFO propulsion.
      > > More Information leading to my theory:
      > > I will give you one more piece of evidence. There is a famous UFO
      > > case from the 1960s, I read about it in an old Look magazine
      > > special on flying saucers. A Texas police officer, had an injured
      > > hand. When his patrol car got near a UFO, he felt heat in his
      > > injured hand. His hand healed very rapidly after that. The UFO
      > > had a purple light on one end and a blue light on the other.
      > > Researchers using Kirlian Photography have filmed the energy
      > > fields around the hands of people who practice psychic healing;
      > > when they concentrate on healing, the Aura energy in their hands
      > > focuses into a bright beam. (This has been filmed;
      > > http://www.synergy-co.com/kirlian1-6.html) They concluded
      > > that the Aura energy is transfered from the healer to the patient;
      > > the patient feels heat and is healed rapidly. I read in a
      > > paperback about the paranormal that the colors of the human Aura
      > > that are associated with psychic healing are purple and blue; the
      > > same colors of the UFO that healed the Texas patrolman's hand.
      > > This really tends to indicate that UFOs are using an Aura type
      > > energy field or psychotronic energy.
      > >
      > > UFOs have caused interference in electrical equipment. Scientists have
      > noted
      > > that the Aura energy of some people will cause interference in sensitve
      > > electronic equipment when they get near it. UFOs have caused
      > > effects; one of the psychotronic generators causes strong electrostatic
      > type
      > > effects. UFOs have caused physical objects such as automobiles to be
      > > and they have caused compass needles to move or spin. Researchers placed
      > > sensitive equipment near psychics as they were trying to move objects by
      > the
      > > power of their minds (psychokinesis). The equipment detected changing
      > > pulsating electric and magnetic fields generated by the Aura energy of
      > > psychics when they moved objects using their minds; they could cause
      > compass
      > > needles also to move. At UFO landing sites the grass and the soil have
      > been
      > > found to be dehydrated. A form of psychotronic energy (called cosmic
      > energy)
      > > is generated by the shape of a pyramid that is oriented with its sides
      > > facing North and South; when meat is placed 1/3 the way up from the base
      > in
      > > the center of the pyramid, it becomes rapidly dehydrated. Some UFO
      > > sites developed a ring of mushrooms growing there as if some nutrient
      > > added to the soil to cause this extra growth. One of the psychotronic
      > > generators causes plants to grow faster and the healing Aura energy from
      > > psychic healers also causes plants to grow faster. UFOs have been seen
      > with
      > > energy fields of different colors around them; the human Aura is also an
      > > energy field of different colors that can be seen by some psychics all
      > > time and it is made visible to others when the body is placed in
      > alternating
      > > electric fields. Some UFOs have energy fields that can't be seen. Aura
      > > energy also cannot be seen at times.
      > > All of these effects of psychotronic energy and UFOs can be read about
      > > the books, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain and Strange
      > > from UFOs. The energy fields of some UFOs have caused people to get sick
      > and
      > > have health problems. Some types of Aura energy will also cause sickness
      > and
      > > death; one of the psychotronic generators kills flies. Some UFO landing
      > > sites have been scorched with heat. Some psychics that practice psychic
      > > healing can use their Aura energy to generate enough heat to raise
      > blisters
      > > on other people's skin.
      > > Scientists have shielded against and allowed for all of the known
      > > energy forms and determined that a new way that one system may act on
      > > another has now been found. This really is a newly (rediscovered)
      > > energy form. It has an inverse law of diminishing with distance unlike
      > > all the other energies that have an inverse squared law. Comparing the
      > > effects that this energy is observed to produce with the effects that
      > > UFOs are said to cause you can see that the effects compare quite well.
      > > I believe UFOs are using this energy form to propel themselves.
      > > Research has shown that forms of this energy can cause sickness and
      > > death while other forms of it have a healing nature. If you are going
      > > to surround an aircraft and its occupants with a strong energy field it
      > > has to be an energy that will not harm the occupants. That is one of
      > > the main reasons why I considered the type of this energy that is used
      > > to be the same that normally surrounds the occupants, which is their own
      > > Aura vibrations. Although it must be intensified to produce the
      > > interdimensional effect. Resonance is probably how you would intensify
      > > their own Aura vibrations; some other devices might be used to assist
      > > this resonance to help add more energy to it; psychotronic generators
      > > hold the charge of it after it is intensified.
      > > There are ancient sanskrit texts of a civilization that lived about
      > > 15,000 years ago near Pakistan that was supposed to have UFO like
      > > aircraft and waged war with them; these texts are supposed to be
      > > factual. Scientists have discovered remains of cities in the region
      > > where rocks and clay pots were melted together with a heat as intense as
      > > a thermonuclear blast; it tends to verify these stories. You can read
      > > about this at
      > > http://www.in-search-of.com/frames/hamilton/ancientaircraft_nf.shtml
      > > In one of these texts it said that the mode of propulsion of the
      > > aircraft was, "the raising of the personal vibrations until gravity had
      > > been overcome". This is another way of saying that their Aura energy
      > > vibrations were intensified by resonance. (This mode of propulsion was
      > > the vimana aircraft that were said to have been able to fly in
      > > and were not made by humans; there were other types of ancient aircraft
      > that
      > > were supposed to have only flown in the air and they had a different
      > of
      > > propulsion.) There are stone buildings from
      > > ancient times made of stones weighing more than an army tank or
      > > locomotive; 200 ton stones in Egypt, 150 ton stones in South America
      > > were quarried 200 miles away and a 400 ton stone gate. These stones were
      > > quarried, transported and set
      > > in the buildings so well that it could not be done today with our
      > > technology. This is solid evidence that such advanced civilizations did
      > > exist at one time on the earth but they vanished for some reason. A
      > > Russian astrophysicist named Nicolai Kozyrev has proven experimentally
      > > that this energy form affects inertial type gyroscopic forces, and
      > > gravity is an inertial force. Reference: Psychic Discoveries Behind
      > > the Iron Curtain.
      > > Some UFO abductees have described their abduction experience as
      > in
      > > a state that is real but it seemed to be somewhere between physical
      > reality
      > > and dreams. However they knew it was not a dream after they awoke and
      > found
      > > physical evidence that it really happened. [ Evidence like leaves being
      > > the bed, waking up with someone else's night clothes on, hair that was
      > cut,
      > > pin holes in the skin where they "dreamed" an alien had punctured them,
      > > etc. ] This is also evidence that UFOs can use another dimension.
      > of
      > > the "dream-like" quality of the experience, it is evidence that the
      > > dimension is a mental dimension; it is also a real dimension. It really
      > > happened, but not in the physical world or only partly in the physical
      > > world.
      > > Some alien abductees have had physical objects implanted into their
      > > which were removed by doctors in hospitals. There was no scarring to
      > > how the implant was placed into the person’s body. I believe that this
      > > be evidence that the person and the implant were put partly or totally
      > into
      > > another dimension where the implant could be placed inside of the person
      > > body by simply passing it into the body without the need for any cutting
      > on
      > > the flesh. Because it happened partly or totally in another dimension,
      > > implant could just pass into the body freely, and be placed there. This
      > > would leave no scars.
      > > UFOs cannot defy the laws of physics and maneuver the way they are
      > reported
      > > to do while totally in the physical world. So they turn on their
      > > psychotronic energy field and move partly into another dimension and
      > > they can maneuver to defy the laws of physics. They land, and turn off
      > this
      > > energy field, and they are totally in the physical world.
      > > Some UFOs seem to use a physical rocket type propulsion when in the
      > physical
      > > world totally.
      > >
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