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Re: [UFOnet] Ninhursag and Erishkegal

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  • Roger Anderton
    ... Are you referring to Mochus? -Roger ... From: Darren-George: Walker To: Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 1, 2003
      >.......But the Sumerians also understood subatomic physics.

      Are you referring to Mochus?


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      Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 2:46 AM
      Subject: [UFOnet] Ninhursag and Erishkegal

      > Dear Linette:
      > I am not a Sumerian mythology expert but I will offer a layman's opinion
      of some possible connections via this cyberspatial, astral travelling our
      touchpads open for us through the web.
      > All mythology relates to consciousness and also to this material 3D
      reality which at its most extreme would be examined through astronomy - the
      most pure science we have. An adept astronomer looks inward as well as
      outward, simultaneously. There are connections to magic if you wordsearch
      either Ninhursag or Erishkegal - Enochian magic - practised by such noted
      personalities as John Dee. Alchemy is really a combination of disciplines
      including chemistry , biology and astronomy. If we accept that there are
      higher dimensions, we could ask would a 3D reality viewed from the 4th D
      look like a Picasso painting done in the Cubist's perspective? We could also
      ask, are 3D entities like planets and comets and black holes personalities?
      > Dan Winter opens his one video asking the question,What are people for ?
      He goes on to explain how we are possibly used to birth star systems. Our
      bodies are composed of the same elemental materials. It is possible.Bardo
      navigation is about squirting our consciousness through the heart of the
      Sun, propelled by our coiled serpent spiralling Kundhalini.
      > As we studyand learn to order our life with meaning our need to ask why
      grows and we demand an increasingly complex answer. That's why Egyptians /
      Atlanteans used hieroglyphics - more detail could be conveyed in a compact
      delivery. As more and more individuals like yourself and myself stretch our
      intellects and feelings in demand of knowing we are getting closer to a
      breakthrough, the paradigm shift. Many cognize that the western material
      system will collapse as the mother goddess Earth cannot sustain run away
      greed. It's OK death is a part of life, there is no fear of it , it means
      renewal. The goddess will shift through a crisis and for a while she will
      look more like Erishkegal, goddess of the underworld, the chaotic side of
      her dualistic personality. It's the cyclical nature of the perpetual motion
      universe. Our existence here is in a fast forward school of experience. Look
      at our pace of change. And we are not connected to cosmic cycles, the
      natural clock of astronomical movement we should be aware of, as an
      alchemist must be. Years are not exact in length. Nature does not repeat
      exactly. Change is constant. Stringed musical instruments are constantly
      changing their tune, always in flux. She is not the linear, digital,
      mechanical artificial time we watch on the atomic cesium clock. Chaos theory
      has shown how only probabilities rule and so the importance of
      transdimensional numbers pi and phi is recognized. It is obvious that the
      planet is under a magic spell , in order that our collective consciousness
      can be controlled and guided - for some purpose we are quickly realizing is
      not to anyone's benefit. So who would have the sophistication to do this
      without the maturity to stop. Maybe a hardassed teacher. Maybe a parasite.
      > This may be a bootcamp that seems long until we place a lifetime into a
      cosmic scale.
      > Previous civilizations all had mythological entities in order to satisfy
      the right brain demands for answers too complex for the left brain to order.
      We have lost this presently. In order to recapture a sense of wonder we may
      as well start with the past versions - I like the Greeks - they had the best
      math ! But the Sumerians also understood subatomic physics - How ?
      Hieroglyphics ? Whole brain thinking ?
      > I trust my words helped, they were written with that intention!
      > Best wishes!
      > Darren.
      > http://www.bemyguide.net/empressshadow.html
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