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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 8 Number 14

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 8, Number 14 April 2, 2003 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 8, Number 14
      April 2, 2003
      Editor: Joseph Trainor
      E-mail: Masinaigan@...



      Sandstorms described as "apocalyptic" plagued the
      advance of coalition forces into Iraq last week.
      On Tuesday, March 25, 2003, "armored units of the"
      U.S. Army's "3rd Infantry Division sat out a severe
      sandstorm 50 miles south of Baghdad, while a column
      estimated at 4,000 Marines used it as cover to advance
      toward Al Kut, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) southeast
      of the capital," Baghdad.
      "M1A1 Abrams tanks and (M2) Bradley fighting vehicles

      were the lead elements of a 500-vehicle convoy that
      comprised all of 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment's
      ground combat power. The squadron's trek began just
      outside the town of As Samawah at dusk Monday," March 24,
      "A blinding sandstorm had grounded the helicopters
      that would usually fly ahead checking for enemy
      The 7th Cavalry killed an estimated 150 Iraqi troops
      "in heavy fighting in Najaf," located about 40 miles (64
      kilometers) south of Baghdad.
      "And nearly everyone cursed and endured the storm.
      'It looks like it's raining sand,' Marine Capt. Neil
      Murphy said."
      "One night in this week of hellish sandstorms here,
      1st Sgt. Richard Lillie left Bravo Company trenches to
      reach three of his soldiers at an observation post about
      500 yards (450 meters) away and stepped into a sea of
      "A recurring theme for the infantry living and
      breathing in the sand-stricken atmosphere of southern Iraq
      is that this is like nothing they've ever seen before.
      Adding to the alienation is the certainty that folks back
      home have no idea what this experience is like from a
      grunt's eye view."
      "The sky is strangely yellow in the daytime and
      anything beyond 15 feet (4.5 meters) takes on a spectral
      quality in the billowing dust. Anything farther out
      simply fades away."
      "Soldiers cough and sneeze out dust and blow it out
      of their noses. Their eyes wash clods of dirt from their
      irises, leaving little mud balls hanging from their
      eyelashes. And everything from their ears to their teeth
      down to their feet is layered with it."
      "'I can't even breathe,' says Pfc. Evan R. Brooks,
      28, of Sonora, California. 'People who don't even have
      asthma are using inhalers.'"
      "'I didn't expect this at all,' says Pvt. Thomas
      Lipscomb, 20, of Battle Creek, Michigan, who is an
      assistant gunner on a 60mm mortar here and has only been
      in the Army eight months."
      "The (American) soldiers wear scarves or neck gaiters

      over their mouths and noses and goggles over their eyes.
      Still, sand invests everything."
      "'It doesn't bother you that it's in your food,
      because it's already in your mouth before you start
      eating,' Lipscomb says."
      "'I've never really been to the desert, but this has
      been like a bad day at the beach.'"
      "Late Tuesday afternoon the sky turned pink and then
      a wave of thick, black sand swept through the area,
      turning day into night."
      In the capital, "the wind's howl buffeted Imad
      Mohammed's window Tuesday, suffocating the peal of bombs
      from Baghdad's outskirts."
      "To Mohammed, the relentless sandstorm was
      foreboding, a portent of divine will."
      "'The storm is from God (Allah in Arabic--J.T.),' he
      said, looking out from his trembling window. 'Until the
      aggression started, never in my life did I see a storm
      like this. We all believe in God; we all have faith in
      God. And God is setting obstacles against the
      "By evening, the sandstorm gave way to rain. Drops
      of mud fell on the city, clearing the sky for the last
      light of dusk. But the winds soon returned, with even
      more force than before, driving the last cars off the road
      and shaking (Iraqi) houses like a bombing."
      "Imad Mohamed, who saw in the storm divine power,
      marveled at its force."
      "'The only time I saw a storm like this was in the
      American movie Twister and in the words of the holy Quran
      (also known as the Koran--J.T.),' he said."
      The storms also played havoc with the Allied
      parachute landing in northern Iraq.
      "More than 1,000 soldiers parachuted into Iraq late
      Wednesday," March 26, 2003, "accompanied by tanks and
      Bradley fighting vehicles. It took hours to dig out the
      behemoth weapons after they plummeted into vast mud fields
      created by heavy rainstorms."
      On Thursday, March 27, 2003, "paratroopers of the
      U.S. Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade" siezed the Harir
      airfield northeast of the city of Irbil. Iraqi troops,
      "battered for days by U.S. cruise missiles," retreated
      from hilltop positions near the town of Chamchamal.
      (Editor's Note: This puts the 173rd Airborne Brigade
      within striking distance of the as-Zab As-Saghir, or
      Little Zab River valley, also known as "Saddam's Area 51"
      because of the reputed presence of aliens at Zarzi and
      Qalaat-e-Julundi. See UFO Roundup, volume 7, number 51
      for December 17, 2002, "Saddam's Area 51?" page 2.
      However, the brigade's main objective is reportedly the
      city of Kirkuk.)
      By Saturday, March 29, 2003, however, the
      paratroopers "still struggled to establish a base camp in
      the knee-deep muck of muddy fields," which had been
      created by three days of non-stop rain.
      "It was like a monsoon in Irbil province," Ayesha al-
      Khatabi, UFO Roundup paratroopers "still struggled to
      establish a base camp in the knee-deep muck of muddy
      fields," which had been created by three days of non-stop
      "'I trained in the swamps of Florida for two years
      and I've never seen mud like this,' said Captain Eric
      Blaus, 30, of Collingswood, New Jersey." Middle East
      correspondent, reported, "After Saddam's troops pulled
      out, the Kurds made jokes about climbing Mount Ararat and
      patching the holes in Noah's Ark."
      (See USA Today for March 26, 2003, "Behind the lines with
      the 3/7 Cav: Ambushes, confusion but survival," page 1A;
      and March 27, 2003, "Brutal sandstorms testing even the
      toughest," page 5A; the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for
      March 26, 2003, "No dearth of wind and fire" and "Sudden
      darkness compounds G.I.s woes," page 4A; for March 28,
      2003, "U.S. paratroopers sieze base, head for oil fields
      in northern Iraq," page 6A; and for March 29, 2003,
      "Baghdad ground attack could happen this weekend," page
      7A. Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. and Ayesha al-Khatabi
      for the storm reports.)


      "Hundreds of Venezuelan (Roman) Catholics are
      flooding to a small chapel in Caracas," the national
      capital, "where they say a Virgin Mary statue has been
      weeping tears of blood as a powerful message against a
      looming U.S.-led war with Iraq."
      "Worshipers have lined up to catch a glimpse of the
      small Santa Maria, Reina de la Rosa Misteriosa (Spanish
      for St. Mary of the Mystic Rose--J.T.) statue at Belen
      College in eastern Caracas. Tracks of red stains mark the
      cheeks of the blue-eyed statue, which resides in an ornate
      wood and glass case inside the school's chapel."
      (Editor's Note: The lady's birth name is Miriam bat-
      Joachim, and she was born in Nazareth around 15 B.C.)
      "Workers at the school, which is run by nuns, said
      the statue had bled from its eyes since Monday morning,"
      March 17, 2003, "and again more heavily Wednesday," March
      19, 2003, "in what they say was a message of peace."
      President George W. Bush ordered the first Tomahawk
      missile strikes against Baghdad at 7:12 p.m., Wednesday
      evening, March 19, 2003.
      "'They started oozing blood all at once. It was
      really an amazing sight,' said Sister Maritza, who is a
      member of the Servants of Jesus religious order. 'We
      cannot guess at the plans of God, but obviously it is a
      call to avoid a war.'"
      Sister Maritza "said the statue had arrived in
      Venezuela from Germany about three years ago and had been
      carried in processions throughout the predominantly
      Catholic South American nation." (See the Daily Telegraph
      for March 24, 2003. Many thanks to Robert Fischer and
      Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat for this report.)
      (Editor's Comment: Okay, that's two portents just before
      the outbreak of the current war. The other was the
      bleeding portrait of Jesus Christ in India. For more, see
      UFO Roundup, volume 8, number 11 for March 12, 2003,
      "Weeping Jesus portrait causes stir in India," page 7.)

      GULF WAR 2

      Some very unusual stories are coming out of Gulf War
      2, the current conflict in Iraq. Here are a few of them:
      (1) Veiled Reference to Zarzi? - On Tuesday, March
      25, 2003, BBC World Service carried a speech by a
      spokesman for the regime of embattled Iraqi dictator
      Saddam Hussein. At one point, the Iraqi spokesman,
      commenting upon the "shock and awe" bombing of Baghdad,
      said, "Even the people of other planets...if they
      exist...are against this war."
      "Who are these 'people of other planets?'" asked
      Ayesha al-Khatabi, one of UFO Roundup's Middle East
      correspondents. "Some ufologists in our region believe
      this is a reference to the aliens to whom Saddam gave
      sanctuary a few years ago. They are alleged to be at the
      underground base in Zarzi or at the old citadel of Qalaat-
      e-Julundi," both located in the upper Little Zab valley
      near the Kurdish zone.
      (2) Message from Beyond - On Saturday, March 22,
      2003, Christian seeress Annelore Sent reported, "Then the
      Holy Spirit directed me toward the north of Iraq and began
      deep, heavy intercession, calling for a Shield of
      Protection. To where it found, apparently, the greatest
      and real danger to our troops landing in the north of
      Iraq, where Saddam has apparently set a trap for our
      (Editor's Comment: Another possible reference to the
      Zarzi aliens?)
      (3) Still Hunting for Osama - In his column News of
      the Weird, Chuck Shepherd reported, "Top Pentagon and CIA
      officials met with the author of The Bible Code, who said
      Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts can be detected by
      connecting letters from ancient Hebrew."
      (4) Following in Grandma's Footsteps - A German
      architect named Karl Esser gave an interview in Munich
      last week, in which he claimed "that he helped a company
      design a bunker under Saddam Hussein's palace in Baghdad
      in the early 1980s that is likely to withstand even the
      newest non-nuclear bombs."
      Besser designed the mammoth bunker, which is located
      100 meters (330 feet) beneath Saddam Hussein's palace in
      Baghdad. He said the bunker "is able to withstand
      simultaneous strikes by up to 16 American cruise
      missiles." He also said he doubts any American bombs "can
      breach the bunker, which extends more than 19,400 square
      feet, has a ceiling up to 2 meters (6 feet, 6 inches)
      thick and two exit tunnels."
      "Esser said he planned most of the bunker, organizing

      the delivery of equipment such as an air supply system,
      power generators and heavy doors used to seal the shelter.
      It was completed in 1984 and cost $60 million, he said."
      Bunker-building apparently runs in the family. Sixty

      years ago, in the 1940s, Esser's grandmother, also an
      architect, worked for the Organisation Todt under Albert
      Speer. She designed the Fuhrerbunker under the Chancellery
      building in Berlin for Adolf Hitler. (See WorldNet Daily
      for March 23, 2003, the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for
      March 28, 2003, page 15, and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune
      for March 31, 2003, "German engineer: Saddam's bunker hard
      to crack," page A5.)


      "Police have stepped up patrols around a Somerset
      (UK) village after a woman spotted a 'panther-like
      "The woman reported seeing the large cat in a field
      at Puriton, near Bridgwater, Somerset, at about 9 a.m.
      Sunday morning," March 16, 2003.
      "She described the animal, which was black, as the
      size of a Labrador" retreiver dog.
      "Officers investigating the sighting are wanting to
      examine a photograph of the creature taken by the woman."
      "A spokesman said they were keeping an open mind
      about the sighting."
      "'Police are aware and are increasing patrols in the
      area. If we get a lot more sightings in the same area, it
      will be something we would actively investigate further.'"
      "He asked anyone else who spotted a similar creature
      to contact police." (See the BBC News broadcast for March
      19, 2003. Merci beaucoup a Robert Fischer pour ces


      "According to the prefecture of Isernia, nurmerous
      observations made during the late evening of Saturday,
      March 15, 2003 were received the the Isernia police's
      provincial command switchboard in regards to an
      unidentified flying object which had fallen in a wooded
      area near the town of Venafro, setting off a fire which
      was rapidly brought under control" by Italian
      "No object was found in the area, and snowfalls over
      the ensuing days imperiled further investigation.
      Initially, the authorities were worried about a public
      furor, denying that the fire had been caused by a
      meteorite or a piece of space wreckage, and suggesting
      instead that the incident had to do with a lightning
      "As a rebuttal to such statements, witnesses have
      meanwhile come forth with testimony in which they claim to
      have distinctly observed a long fiery trail of an orange
      color, passing overhead from a southerly direction and
      then falling into the woods of Monte Corno (mountain)
      where, immediately following the impact, the witnesses saw
      flames break out." (See the Italian newspapers Il
      Giornale del Molise and La Stampa for March 17 and 18,
      2003. Grazie a Edoardo Russo, Renzo Cabassi, Roberto
      Labanti e Gildo Persone di Centro Italiano di Studi
      Ufologici (CISU) per questo rapporto.)


      "Several unidentified flying objects were reported at

      noontime on" Friday, March 21, 2003 "by dozens of people
      in the barrio Providencia (neighborhood) of Santiago," the
      capital of Chile.
      "A group of lights hovered directly over the city,
      just above the intersection of the Calle 11 de Septiembre
      and the Calle Marchant Pereira (streets)."
      "Various witnesses to the phenomena made it known to
      Terra Chile. According to them, the sighting involved a
      large circular object of intense brilliance which was
      accompanied by other lesser (smaller) objects. Some
      witnesses claim to have seen up to seven objects around
      Chilean UFO researchers "received many phone calls
      shortly after the event. Up to now, the authorities of
      the General Office of Civil Aviation have not produced any
      explanation for the event." (Muchas gracias a Scott
      Corrales y Guillermo Gimenez de Planeta UFO para eso


      A UFO has been seen three times in recent week near
      the summit of El Cerro del Pueblo, a mountain in Mexico's
      northern state of Chihuahua.
      Roland M. Tremblay reports that on Sunday, March 16,
      2003, at 5 a.m., Gonzalez Ponce and other witnesses saw a
      UFO hovering above the mountaintop. The mountain itself
      is on the outskirts of Villa Lopez in Chihuahua state, not
      far from the so-called "Zone of Silence."
      "The last sighting happened very recently," Tremblay
      reported, "March 16, and was witnessed by half of the
      village (of Villa Lopez--J.T.). The UFOs appear to get
      out from the top of the mountain through a wormhole or an
      interdimensional window. The site is one of the most
      important deposits of barite, a barium-bearing mineral.
      The barium could be what gives them the necessary energy
      to accomplish this, as if the barite deposit was utilized
      as a giant superconductor to channel gravitational/
      electromagnetic forces from the core of the Earth."
      "More and more witnesses are coming forward, and now
      there are reports of time travel to the year 1645 and some
      sort of alien underground installation under the
      mountain." (Email Form Report)


      "I was at a friend's apartment on the west side of
      Madison, Wisconsin (population 208,054) on Sunday, March
      23, 2003," eyewitness Joel N. reported, "I recently
      purchased a pair of 16X70 binoculars for stargazing and
      technical viewing. The sky was finally clear for a couple
      of nights after days of clouds, and I wanted my friend to
      check out Jupiter. We went out his patio door, and my
      friend was attempting to look at Jupiter through my
      binoculars. I was talking about how I could see Saturn
      earlier in the evening when I suddenly saw six dim reddish
      lights in a V-formation moving slowly from the south.
      Three on one side and three on the other."
      "I said to my friend, 'What the hell is that!?'"
      "He started to say, 'That's an airpla...' when he
      realized there was absolutely no sound; the lights were
      not flashing; and it was too close and large to be an
      airplane with no sound."
      "I would guess that if I held my hand at arm's
      length, it would be just smaller than my hand. I pulled
      my binocs from him to take a closer look. I couldn't see
      it in my binocs at all. I took the binocs away from my
      eyes and said, 'Where the hell did it go?'"
      "He pointed to it, but I couldn't see it any more,
      and then he told me it had disappeared. He said it never
      changed pace or direction."
      At first Joel and his friend thought the V-formation
      "was a flock of Canada geese reflecting red light from the
      ground" but "after we talked about it, we agreed that the
      speed and formation of the dim reddish lights were perfect
      the whole time and, most likely, rectangular shaped."
      (Many thanks to John and Jenny Hoppe of UFO Wisconsin for
      this report.)


      More UFOs have been sighted in Canada's western
      province of British Columbia, notably around the town of
      Terrace, B.C.
      On Sunday, March 23, 2003, at 7:40 p.m., a UFO,
      "grayish white in colour, round and extremely bright,
      became immediately two times as bright before speeding by"
      Terrace, B.C. "again and continuing towards the northwest.
      The object moved from Kitimat, B.C. in the southwest to
      the north. It also moved very quickly. Before heading
      toward the city, it had slowed significantly over
      Thornhill. There were two witnesses to the sighting."
      On Tuesday, March 25, 2003, at 8:55 p.m., "the
      witness had just stepped outside to have a cigarette and
      said he noticed this 'thing' out of the corner of his eye.
      The witness said the craft was seen just above the clouds
      after it broke into a clearing in the night sky. He
      described the object as being very large, black,
      triangular in shape, with three points of light on each of
      the object's corners."
      "He also noticed that the object moved very fast and
      was totally silent. He said the object was flying over
      Highway 401 near Burnaby Mountain," just outside
      Coquitlam, B.C. "The object was observed for three to
      four seconds."
      "'It freaked me right out!' the witness said."
      Canadian ufologist Brian Vike checked with local
      meterologists and learned that the cloud ceiling was
      11,000 feet (3,300 meters) over Coquitlam that night.
      (Many thanks to Brian Vike for these reports.)


      JOHN D. MacDONALD!?

      Concerning the Jelu story in UFO Roundup, volume 6,
      number 19 for May 10, 2001, Thomas R. Mazanec writes, "The
      Jimenez affair in Ayacucho (Peru) in 1955 is strikingly
      similar to the short story, 'Ring Around the Redhead' by
      John MacDonald. It was published in Startling Stories
      (for) November 1948 and anthologized in a number of
      collections (including):
      Science Fiction Adventures in Dimension
      Adventures in Dimension
      Other Worlds, Other Times
      Love 3000
      Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories #10
      "It was also dramatized in Tales from the Darkside on

      October 17, 1985 with Penelope Ann Miller as Keena the
      (Editor's Note: Although he's best remembered for his
      Travis McGee mystery novels, John Dann MacDonald (1915-
      1986) also wrote science fiction for the pulp magazine
      market during the late 1940s. Nice piece of literary
      detective work, Tom!
      It is possible that MacDonald's 1948 short story was the
      initial source of the "Jelu in Ayacucho" tale I first
      heard in Peru back in 1973. Especially if one of those
      anthologies was translated into Spanish and published in
      paperback before 1970.
      Can any of our Spanish-speaking readers shed more light on

      From the UFO Files...

      1944: THE MAD GASSER...

      Of all the strange entities that showed up in the
      Twentieth Century, none were quite as weird as the Mad
      Gasser of Mattoon.
      This real-life "super-villain," dressed like a
      character out of DC's All-Star Comics, prowled the streets
      of Mattoon, Illinois (population 18,291), during August
      and September 1944, "appearing at night at the bedroom
      windows of houses, in most cases those of women.
      Sometimes he sprayed a noxious gas inside. Some people
      reported various ailments and a general malaise after the
      But now, after nearly sixty years, one man thinks he
      has the answer to the Mad Gasser's secret.
      "Scott Maruna is ready to name names."
      "For two years, he has researched leads, interviewed
      witnesses and pored over every bit of information he could
      dig up on the Mad Gasser of Mattoon."
      "He has studied police reports, pondered newspaper
      accounts and constructed criminal profiles."
      "'I think I have almost been obsessed with the case
      for the past two years,' Maruna said, 'I have probably
      read everything ever written about the Mad Gasser of
      "After countless hours of hard work and
      investigation, Maruna said he has made some startling
      discoveries, including secrets surrounding the case that
      have been buried for the last sixty years."
      "Maruna said he uncovered the true identity of the
      Mad Gasser of Mattoon, and while the name of the gasser
      may come as no surprise to some long-time Mattoon
      residents, he believes most people will be shaken by what
      he calls 'the other half of the story.'"
      "According to Maruna's recently-released book The Mad

      Gasser of Mattoon: Dispelling the Hysteria, the real Mad
      Gasser was not an escaped Nazi, a crazed ape-man or a
      figment of the imagination, as many other publications
      have reported over the last several decades."
      "Instead, Maruna's theory suggests that the gasser
      was actually a well-known resident of Mattoon--someone
      from an influential family who had a grudge against many
      area residents and desired revenge against a town that
      would not accept him."
      "That person, according to Maruna's book, was Farley
      Llewellyn, the son of a grocer who was considered 'a
      pillar of the community.'"
      "Although his father was highly respected, Farley
      never 'fit in' to the Mattoon community."
      "'When I spoke with people who knew him, the same
      words would keep coming up over and over--odd, different,
      recluse, loner,' Maruna said, 'Although he was highly
      intelligent and excelled in school, no one ever really
      understood him.'"
      "When Farley returned to Mattoon after attending the
      University of llinois as a chemistry major, Maruna's
      sources report that he became even more introverted and
      "Spending most of the time in a full-scale cellar
      chemistry laboratory on his father's property, Farley
      began drinking heavily. Only days prior to the first Mad
      Gasser attack, one neighbor recalls an explosion that
      resulted from one of Farley's experiments in the secret
      "Maruna said he has no doubt that the explosion
      occurred while Farley was testing the gas he would later
      use to terrorize local residents. 'I believe his true
      intent was to blow up the town,' Maruna said."
      "Maruna, a Jacksonville chemistry and physics teacher

      who grew up in Charleston," Illinois (population 21,039)
      "said the gas Farley used could have been nitromethane, a
      sweet-smelling, clear and highly volatile liquid that can
      cause nausea, burning of the mouth, swelling of the lips
      and minimal eye irritation."
      "Because nitromethane evaporates quickly, little or
      no evidence would often be left by the time police arrived
      at the scene of the attacks. Following almost all of the
      attacks, victims describe the gas as smelling 'sweet' with
      one person comparing it to the smell of cheap perfume."
      "It was not long after the gasser attacks began
      during the first week of September in 1944 that Farley
      became a suspect. In fact, Maruna said many Mattoon
      residents told him that they knew Farley was the true Mad
      Gasser all along."
      "Why, then, have police and others remained silent
      for so long?"
      "'It was partly out of respect for Farley's family,
      primarily his father,' Maruna said. In fact, it was only
      because all of the Llewellyn family are now dead that many
      area residents are finally willing to speak out."
      "In addition, Maruna said a 'twist' in the case cast
      a shadow on police suspicions that Farley was the Mad
      "Farley was placed under constant police surveillance

      following the first several gassings. However, the
      attacks continued to occur, baffling police and giving the
      appearance that Farley was innocent."
      "Maruna believes that, in an attempt to clear their
      brother's name, Farley's two sisters, Florence and
      Katherine Llewellyn, assumed the role of the Mad Gasser
      for the final series of attacks."
      "According to Maruna's book, the later gassings
      became much more sloppy and were completely different from
      the earlier attacks. While Farley had preyed on couples
      and families during the earlier gassings, his sisters
      targeted younger victims, often single women."
      "The final victim of the gasser reported that her
      sons chased the culprit down a local alley behind her
      house and later found a set of footprints under the window
      where the paralyzing gas had been sprayed--prints that
      were made by a pair of women's high-heeled shoes."
      "Although Farley was no longer considered a prime
      suspect in the case, the Llewellyn family placed him in a
      state mental institution following the final Mad Gasser
      attack, where he lived out the remainder of his life."
      "The Llewellyn sisters were never considered as
      suspects and remained in Mattoon until their deaths."
      "So there you have it, the truth is finally out, or
      at least one version of it."
      "'That is what I love so much about the Mad Gasser
      case,' Maruna said, 'There are so many opposing viewpoints
      and I think there is a little bit of truth to all of
      them." (See the Des Moines Register for March 24, 2003.
      Also the book Weird America by Jim Brandon, E.P. Dutton,
      New York, N.Y., 1978, page 81.)

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us next time for

      more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
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