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Fw: [BFedoU] Project for the establishment of a (British) national UFO Authority

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  • Joe McGonagle
    Hello, Firstly, if you or your organisation do not engage in UFO research or investigation in the UK or Ireland, my apologies. If you let me know, I will
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2003

      Firstly, if you or your organisation do not engage in UFO
      research or investigation in the UK or Ireland, my apologies. If
      you let me know, I will ensure that you are removed from my
      distribution list.

      I am writing to request you/your group's participation in the
      formation of a national UFO authority. Please note that it will
      not be my decision what form this takes, though I do have some
      ideas of the direction that we should go in.

      My reasons for putting forward this suggestion are as follows:

      1. No single organisation in the UK or Ireland can justifiably
      claim to have adequate total coverage.
      2. Standards of investigation, research, and documentation by
      groups vary between very good to extremely bad. Anyone can call
      themselves an investigator, and can be quite convincing to a
      naive witness or media reporter.
      3. The public, media, academia and Government lack a single point
      of contact for enquiries or reports.

      The solution, as I see it, is the establishment of a national UFO
      authority. This is not intended to compete with local groups, but
      to enhance them. In my view (and this is only an opinion), the
      primary functions of such an authority would be as follows:

      1. To define and improve standards of investigation, research,
      and documentation within local groups over a period of time.

      The way in which this could be achieved is by:

      a) Establishing a national UFO investigator's training
      curriculum. This would be agreed primarily by groups and
      organisations which already operate investigator training
      courses. There is some debate as to whether a seperate course for
      researchers should also be defined.

      b) Implementing a national investigator accreditation scheme.
      This would involve maintaining a register of trained
      investigators, and a black list of any that had lost
      accreditation due to inappropriate behaviour (e.g. theft from a
      witness). The register would be available to the public via the
      internet so that they could ascertain the accreditation status of
      any investigator who approaches them. Accreditation would be
      required to be renewed (I have in mind at two yearly intervals)
      in order to ensure that accredited individuals are still active,
      and aware of any recent developments.

      c) Design and implementation of standard documentation within

      d) Standardisation of group structures. The definition of the
      roles and responsibilities of group officers, and the minimum
      make-up of group administrative functions, e.g. the appointment
      of a training officer and a records officer. These roles could be
      combined within smaller groups.

      2. To provide a single point of contact for the public, media,
      academia, and the Government.

      The national authority could appoint individuals with appropriate
      skills and/or social connections with the explicit responsibility
      of establishing and improving relationships between the UFO
      community and the bodies mentioned above.

      These are only my views of the way forward, a steering group has
      been set up with the intention of debating all aspects of the
      suggestion with the aim of developing an agenda for an ufologists
      summit meeting at a time to be agreed, and to make steps towards
      writing the training curriculum. If you wish to contribute your
      views (either in support of, or against) the establishment of
      such a body, please take part in the debate on-line at:


      Note that registration is required, but this is simple and free!

      I would now like to deviate slightly from the matter above, and
      point out two items of interest to British ufologists.

      1. I administer a mail list for people interested in UK ufology.
      We have in the order of 300 members, mainly based in the UK, and
      including some well-known authors, investigators, and
      researchers. If you are not already a member and are interested,
      please register (free) at:


      2. Space has been set aside at www.ufology.org.uk for the
      inclusion of group and investigator profiles. There are already a
      few posted there, but it is missing the majority of people and
      groups involved in British ufology. I am also researching and
      writing profiles of investigators and groups who are either
      deceased or defunct. Contributions of profiles to this project
      are most welcome, please send any group/investigator profiles to
      me or to Chris Whitlock (webmaster of the site,
      admin@...). Again, registration at the site is
      required in order to view the profiles because of previous
      hacking attempts which have caused disruption. Registration is
      however free.

      The reasons for this interest are:

      1. The history of British ufology is relatively undocumented.
      2. Witnesses/experiencers may find it useful to know something
      about the people or groups that they may be inclined to contact.

      It is my intention to make as much information as possible about
      UK individuals and groups available at a single site on the
      internet. Chris Whitlock (webmaster of www.ufology.org.uk) has
      always endeavoured to support British ufology through his site,
      and it was a natural choice for an internet-based focal point for
      British ufology.

      I am conscious that some people to not have internet access, and
      I sought out a non-commercial printed media outlet for this group
      of people. I have selected EYE magazine, edited by Chris Evers
      and Gary Anthony for this purpose, as it is very UK-centric,
      contains articles of a generally high quality, and is reasonably
      priced. Contact details for EYE magazine are available from me on
      request, or you can find them in a review of the magazine at:


      Typical Group profile information that may be included:

      -Date of formation
      -Names of founding members
      -Details of group ancestry (e.g. formed by amalgamation of groups
      a,b, & c/ splinter from group z)
      -Geographical operating area of group
      -topics covered by group (UFO only, or UFO/Paranormal, etc)
      -names of current office holders
      -group mission statement
      -any code of practice in use by the group
      -approximate membership of group
      -summary of regular activities, possibly including a schedule of
      future events, meeting venue and times, etc.
      -details of any high-profile cases which the group has been
      involved in
      -contact details of the group

      Typical individual profile information can include:

      -UFO organisation membership and any positions held
      -Location (County/town)
      -Geographical area of interest
      -Paranormal area of interest
      -When and why you became interested in ufology
      -Any specific aspects of ufology which interest you
      -How long you have been an active participant, or if inactive,
      reason for leaving the field
      -Details of any cases/projects that you have been involved in
      -Details of any current projects/cases you are involved with
      -Position statement (e.g. pro/anti ETH, agnostic, sceptic) with
      rationale for your position if you like.
      -Any particular likes/dislikes about the UK ufology scene
      -Perhaps details of your favourite UFO author/book
      -Maybe your views on the future of British ufology

      If anyone has any queries about any of the above, please feel
      free to email me.

      Please circulate this post to anyone that is not included on this
      distribution and may be interested, or to any relevant mail

      Joe McGonagle

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