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Science Mysteries

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  • Roger Anderton
    SCIENCE MYSTERIES Lots of stuff in this week s New Scientist (29 March 2003) related to UFOs - ETs and Science Mysteries. I will give a brief summary. (I a
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      Lots of stuff in this week's New Scientist (29 March 2003) related to UFOs - ETs and Science Mysteries.

      I will give a brief summary. (I a fuller account is required let me known.)

      1. Gulf War Syndrome p 6 -- most likely was caused by the use of chemicals in the last Iraqi war. About 1 in 10 people are very sensitive to nerve agents. Mounting evidence that small exposure to certain chemicals causes permanent brain damage etc. BUT still needs to be looked into further.

      2. A soldier executed by lethal injection in America for the crimes of rape and murder might have been the victim of being brain damaged by being in the 1991 Gulf War. BUT scientists are not sure.

      3. Columbia accident p 9 - as well as the tiles falling off the shuttle, the structure of the shuttle might have failed, turning a mishap into a disaster. BUT Investigation ongoing.

      4. Hunt for "super-pneumonia" virus that has killed a few people around the world, ongoing. BUT still remains a mystery.

      5. Four year study on GM crops completed. BUT unlikely to give a definitive answer to settle the arguments of is it safe.

      6. Nanotechnology - critics think could cause health problems. BUT their fears sound like science fiction.

      7. Stars undergo violent death throes when go supernova. BUT scientists admit to not fully understanding why stars explode, and say that something is missing from their computer models.

      8. New theory for formation of Earth-like planets. The Earth might be a 'freak' caused by a star exploding near by. If this is correct then there is unlikely to be many planets with ability to have life on them, and is proposed as a new reason why there are no ETs have visited us. (Pull the other leg it has bells on it.) BUT theory still needs to be looked at in more detail.

      9. "Progress Zone" model to explain how limbs develop in 4 limb creatures accepted without question for 30 years, cast into doubt by latest studies. BUT believers in the model are rushing to defend it.

      10. Cold Fusion- was debunked in the mainstream science journals, and made a taboo subject (i.e. not allowed any articles to be published on it.) BUT Naval Research scientists have studied the subject and think there is anomalous phenomenon occurring that cannot be explained by conventional theories.

      SO, there we have it lots of interesting new discoveries, OR has there instead been raised a lot of unanswered questions?

      I have just noticed that none of these articles give any definitive answers, they all just raise 'unknowns'. Whatever happened to Science being able to give answers?

      This 'new' Science that raises a question and after years of research then gives the answer of "don't known" does not seem as good as the 'old' Science.

      If Science fails to be able to deliver answers to questions raised from experiments and observations that are repeatable, what hope doe sit have for 'one off' unrepeatable UFO and paranormal experiences?

      Despite Science no longer being able to provide definitive answers, Debunkers will still loudly continue to pretend that 'they' are the sole possessors of all the answers, and falsely proclaim their religion as science. Evidence of course does not interfere with what this religious sect want to believe.

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