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      Original Subject: NEXUS Conference
      Original Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 16:30:52 +0100

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      NEXUS Conference 2003
      Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Dam Square, Amsterdam
      Saturday & Sunday, 29th - 30th March 2003

      You are invited to the first NEXUS Conference to be held in

      All our 7 previous conferences have been held in Sydney,
      Australia. We are now delighted to be able to respond to the continuing
      requests from an increasing number of Nexus readers throughout the UK
      and Europe by organising this Conference.
      It is being held in Amsterdam because, for most people, it
      is cheaper to travel and stay there than it would be in London! You also
      have the added benefit of visiting one of the most attractive cities of
      the world. The 2 hour canal cruise is the best way to see the 'Venice of
      the North'.
      The Krasnapolsky Hotel is in Dam Square, the center of
      Amsterdam, less than a five minute walk from Central Station. The
      Conference suite is expandable so although we do not anticipate having
      to turn anyone away, booking your ticket now will guarantee you a seat!

      You will be welcomed to the Nexus Conference by Duncan
      Roads, the editor, owner and publisher of NEXUS Magazine. Up to now you
      may only have known Duncan from the name at the end of his editorial.
      This is your opportunity to meet him in person! Duncan will introduce
      each speaker and looks forward to meeting you during the weekend.
      The speaker schedule and provisional program is detailed
      overleaf. All speakers have confirmed their attendance and will be
      available throughout the weekend. This is your opportunity to put
      questions directly to some of the most renowned researchers and authors
      working today on subjects which interest NEXUS readers.

      Where appropriate their books will be available for sale
      (and signing) in the adjoining room where our joint sponsors, Frontier
      Sciences, will have a large display of Nexus subject books including a
      comprehensive stock from Adventures Unlimited Press.
      Other stall holders are welcome, please contact us direct
      for further details.

      Getting There
      Budget Airlines, such as Easyjet and Ryanair, fly to
      Amsterdam (Schipol) for A return from many UK airports. Schipol is
      about 30 minutes from the city by train or taxi. Many good hotels are
      within a few minutes walk of Dam Place and can be booked either online
      or through your local travel agent. Just ask for the 'city break
      brochure' for a wide selection of choices.
      All of us connected with NEXUS Magazine look forward to
      meeting you in Amsterdam.


      Saturday 29th March 2003

      9.00 am. Registration starts. Refreshments available and
      book stalls open.

      10.00 am. Welcome and Introduction by Duncan Roads. Editor,
      NEXUS Magazine.

      10.15 am. Lloyd Pye (USA). Lloyd is a researcher and author
      of, Everything You Know is Wrong. Part one: Human origins. His studies
      over more than three decades have convinced him that humans are unlikely
      to have evolved on Earth but could have been the product of
      extraterrestrial intervention. His evidence is persuasive.

      11.15 am. David Hatcher Childress (USA). David is the author
      of so many books on Lost Cities, ancient technology and hidden history
      that he created Adventures Unlimited Press to publish them! David's
      knowledge of and research into the ancient global civilisations is
      unrivalled today. He has visited virtually every country in the world,
      and like a modern day 'Indiana Jones' brings evidence which challenges
      the accepted view of human history.

      12.15 pm. Break for Lunch. Refreshments are available in the
      adjoining room.

      1.30 pm. Willem Oltmans (Netherlands). As a journalist
      Willem has investigated the Kennedy assasination as well as interviewing
      people such as Tariq Aziz. Two years ago he was awarded a 16 million
      Euro settlment from the Dutch Government for lifelong harassment. His
      story is fascinating as well as being an object lesson in tenacity.

      2.30 pm. Break for refreshments and an opportunity to check
      out the books for sale.

      3.00 pm. Jan Lamprecht (South Africa). As the author of the
      groundbreaking book, Hollow Planets, Jan will let us know the recent
      developments arising from its publication. As well as how his new
      research is opening up our understanding of the solar system.

      4.00 pm. Break for refreshments and time for a chat

      4.30 pm. Mike Ruppert (USA). The publication of Mike's
      article in Nexus 904 alerted many to the possibility that the US
      Government had advance warning of the attacks on Sept 11. He is a former
      LAPD Drug agent now turned whistleblower and will tell us of the latest
      developments his researches have uncovered in the 'War on Terror'.

      6.00 pm. Close of conference for today


      Sunday 30th March 2003

      9.00 am. Conference opens. Registration for anyone just
      arrived today. Refreshments available and book stalls ready for browsing
      and business.

      10.00 am. Welcome and Introduction by Duncan Roads. Editor,
      NEXUS Magazine.

      10.15 am. Laurence Gardner (UK). Laurence will be well known
      to many from his articles over the past 5 years in NEXUS Magazine and
      especially as the author of, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Genesis of the
      Grail Kings and Realm of the Ring Lords. His new book just published is,
      Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. In his presentation today Laurence will
      recount the extraordinary story of the Ark from Ancient Egypt to modern
      times but more significantly how the secrets of the Ark may hold the key
      to our future. Understanding the significance of White Powder Gold is a
      major part of this journey.

      11.15 am Aleksander Milinkovic (Yugoslavia). Nikola Tesla is
      well known to most NEXUS readers and is considered by those who know of
      his work to be one of the truly great geniuses of the 20th century.
      Tesla is the subject of several books written by Aleksander but so far
      only in his native language, Serbian. Now one has been translated into
      English, Tesla and the FBI Files. From somone able to understand Tesla's
      own writings we can begin to appreciate what drove him, who stopped him
      and why.

      12.15 pm. Break for lunch. Refreshments are available in the
      adjoining room.

      1.30 pm. Michael Cremo (USA). During the 10 years since the
      publication of Forbidden Archeology (co-authored with Richard Thompson)
      Michael has toured the world presenting his evidence for how the
      Knowledge Filter has restricted our proper understanding of human
      history. His gentle and scholarly manner belies the determination with
      which he has persisted in bringing the documented evidence of our
      origins to an ever widening audience.

      2.30 pm. Break for refreshments. Both mind and body.

      3.00 pm. Al Bielik (USA). As one of the few to survive the
      1943 Philadelphia Experiment Al will give us a first hand account of the
      extraordinary events which took place 60 years ago. As he says, "I
      jumped overboard expecting to hit water, but wound up in 1983". How he
      returned and lived to tell the tale is why he is with us today.

      4.00 pm. Break for refreshments and more chats.

      4.30 pm. Jim Marrs (USA). The best selling author of
      Crossfire and Alien Agenda Jim lives in the US and teaches at the
      University of Texas. His definitive account of secret societies through
      the ages is Rule by Secrecy. This will be the first opportunity to hear
      Jim speak in Europe and we welcome him to the NEXUS conference.

      6.00 pm. Close of Conference.


      a.. Saturday & Sunday: 150 Euro - 150 USD - 100 GBP - 270 AUS$
      (both days)

      a.. Saturday: 85 Euro - 85 USD - 55 GBP - 150 AUS$ (10.00 AM -
      06.00 PM)

      a.. Sunday: 85 Euro - 85 USD - 55 GBP - 150 AUS$ (10.00 AM -
      06.00 PM)

      To make your reservation for the NEXUS Conference 2003 please
      contact us at the following address or book on our website -
      www.nexusconference.com. You can also contact your local NEXUS office.

      Post: Nexus Conference, P.O. Box 48, 1600 AA Enkhuizen, the
      Phone: +31-(0)228-324076. Fax: +31-(0)228-312081. Email:


      Contact details:

      Frontier Sciences Foundation
      P.O. Box 48, 1600 AA Enkhuizen (HQ)
      P.O. Box 13722, North Berwick, EH39 4WB, UK
      Langesteenweg 6 bus 7, 1785 Merchtem, Belgium
      Tel. +31-(0)228-324076; Fax +31-(0)228-312081
      email: info@... website: www.fsf.nl
      Postbank: 7231599, ABN-AMRO:
      KvK Flevoland: 41246829, VAT: NL-8039.76.707.B.01

      Online shop: www.fsf.nl/shop/

      a.. European Head Office of: Adventures Unlimited, Atlantis
      Nexus Magazine, Steamshovel Press and World Explorers Club
      b.. Publisher of Frontier Magazine
      c.. Frontier Publishing is part of Frontier Sciences Foundation
      Frontier Sciences Foundation, Serving Europe, the UK & Africa
      since 1995


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