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      Original Subject: UpDate: Filer's Files #10 -- 2003
      Original Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 01:21:04 -0500

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      FILER'S FILES #10 -- 2003 Skywatch Investigations.
      George A. Filer, Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern
      March 5, 2003, Majorstar@... Webmaster: Chuck
      Warren -- My website is at: www.Georgefiler.com
      Sponsored by: www.filer.unfranchise.com


      The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and
      photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the
      world and in space. This report includes a wave of UFOs in the
      northeast and a UFO DISCLOSURE POLL, Massachusetts oval craft,
      New Jersey giant hang glider and cylinder, Maryland bright
      lights and a new part of me was opened, Virginia two flashes of
      bright green light, Wisconsin police officers witness rotating
      lights, Montana two black objects flutter, Washington airliner
      paced by small disc, Canadian UFO sightings remain high, Mexico
      UFOs over volcano, Ireland UFOs over Cork harbor, UK sightings,
      daylight disc causes accidents in Scotland, Sri Lankan officer
      sees golden shining object, and the excellent book, "UFO Defense
      Tactics, Weather Shield to Chemtrails."


      ROSLINDALE -- The observer states, "On my way to work, walking
      down a road, on February 17, 2003, about 5:30 AM, before
      sunrise, I saw a descending shape, like an airplane above the
      city's skyscrapers." I assumed the craft to be an airplane
      landing at the local airport, but it was larger than most, and
      as it glided it was a strange color unlike any airplane. Also,
      it glowed with a strange orange luminous crackle, and when I
      looked at it for very long, it hurt my eyes to do so. Black
      dots seemed to float around this thing, but I thought it might
      have been a trick of my eye. I am convinced that it was a
      vehicle meant for flight, but not of any human construction that
      I know. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


      KENILWORTH -- The witness, a clinical social worker, was driving
      east on Route 22, on February 16, 2003, and saw something
      crossing over Route 22 at 3:10 PM, about a mile in front of me
      or less. It appeared to be only a few hundred feet above the
      ground, and looked like someone hang gliding, but what was
      hanging beneath was too big to be a person. As I am approaching
      the object the traffic is building and slowing in front of me,
      so they may also have seen the object. As it passed practically
      directly over me, it appeared to float on the wind and was a
      dull orange two-tone. I pulled in to a business parking lot to
      continue watching. The top was shaped like a kite or hang
      glider that was an estimated fifteen feet across or more and ten
      feet or more from front to rear. Hanging from it was a
      cylindrical shaped object that was at least 30 feet long and the
      last seven feet was curled up in the rear like a seahorse's
      tail. It was just about to snow storm and the sky was gray and
      it was windy.

      As the object flew southwest, gaining altitude, I saw a similar
      object behind the first the same shape, color and texture but
      two-thirds its size. I became excited that it would join the
      first. It flew above and directly behind, then passed on the
      side. It continued southwest but the first flew northwest and
      disappeared. Later it flew over Route 22, while the second
      object disappeared flying southwest. The whole event only lasted
      7 minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


      BOWIE -- A young student witness was outside looking at the snow
      on the ground at 6 PM, with his dog on February 16, 2003, when a
      snowflake went in his eye. The student states, "With all of the
      clouds in the sky, I knew that I wasn't going to see much, but
      looking up I realized there was a weird flashing light up in the
      sky." I got a little freaked out when it got closer; and a new
      set of lights appeared through the clouds, and then another set
      came down. Each one had eight different sets of flashing
      lights. Then my dog started to bark and the lights lit up as if
      they heard her. The lights got brighter and brighter, and I
      heard a loud shrieking noise and yet despite the pain I kept
      looking up. My dog got scared and ran with her tail tucked
      under her. Then a beam of light flashed on my face and then my
      body and I fell as if someone ousted me! Then with a flash of
      light they disappeared, except for one that lingered there for a
      moment flashing it's lights as if it was trying to communicate.
      I didn't feel scared, but rather safe. Then just like the
      others, it went away in a flash! I remained still and then went
      inside and started to feel things I've never felt before. A new
      part of me had just been awakened. Thanks to Peter Davenport


      VIRGINIA BEACH -- On February 15, 2003, the observer was
      standing on her porch at 4 AM, when suddenly behind her the sky
      lit up a bright green for a second or two. She states, "I
      quickly turned around and a few seconds later another bright
      emerald green flash lit up the sky like lightning for another
      second or two." I got my boyfriend and waited for something
      else to happen, but nothing did, but I was scared. Thanks to
      Peter Davenport NUFORC


      WISCONSIN DELLS -- My wife thought she saw a strange star that
      had "rotating lights" and called me to see it on February 23,
      2003. She at first thought it was an emergency medical
      helicopter because it was coming closer. I looked at 12:10 AM,
      and told her it was just a bright star, but suddenly it moved to
      the left at an increasing speed and stopped. The lights were
      red, blue, green, and white. It continued to maneuver, hover
      then fly from side to side, up and down and at one point dropped
      straight down about 500 feet in a matter of a second. Then it
      would stay stationary for ten minutes. I am a public employee
      and called a friend of mine who was on duty to witness this
      thing. He is very skeptical, an experimental pilot and flight
      enthusiast. He admitted that the movements were very odd and he
      agreed that no plane could move like that, and no helicopter was
      that fast. It is now twenty minutes since he left and it is
      making abnormal movements again with bright multiple lights on
      the object that increased in intensity. The object then moved
      closer to our house so I went outside, but I could not hear an

      MILWAUKEE -- My 21 year old son came home from work at 7:10 PM
      on February 15, 2003, all upset and scared. He was so wound up
      I had a problem getting him calm. Both he and a friend were
      driving on Highway 100, when his friend saw a round or
      rectangular craft with lights hovering above them. My son
      almost got in an accident looking at it as they both freaked out
      because it looked like an alien craft. It hovered for ten
      minutes and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


      SPRINGFIELD -- I don't know how exciting this is, but I was
      laying in bed on February 19, 2003, trying to get to sleep and
      the neighbors dog was barking at 11 PM. A few seconds after the
      dog stopped barking, a loud hum started to be heard and I felt
      an electric feeling. The whole time I was laying in bed
      listening to the hum there was no other sound. It could be a
      generator but it seemed to be radiate from above my house. Once
      the hum stopped all the usual noises started back. Thanks to


      AUSTIN -- Sonia writes, "I just want to let you know that I've
      seen some unidentified objects in the sky in Texas. I rarely
      get to see a clear sky any more, because Austin has been under a
      constant blanket of chemclouds for a year. We've had a daily
      barrage of chemtrails since June 1999. But for about a year
      now, we've had seven weeks of unremitting coverage of chemclouds
      blanket with only 1 1/2 days of sun. That is then repeated.
      Therefore, my sightings are very limited. I first saw them in
      the summer of 2000, they had not yet begun to spray during the
      night. I pointed the UFOs out to my neighbor when we were
      outside. She had binoculars, which was how I was able to
      ascertain that one was emanating color, and moving in a zigzag

      There are usually three UFOs that are multi colored brilliant
      spheres. Two are stationary, and the other moves between those
      two in a revolving, zigzagging manner. They emit colors of
      green and red. They might be some type of satellite to keep
      track of us or measure the contaminants that they have spewed
      out, or they might be extraterrestrial. Two nights ago the sky
      was clear enough to make out one that appeared stationary, but
      was emitting colors. I watched for about 15 minutes and it was
      still there when I went to bed. Thanks to Sonia.


      BURBANK -- The witness was monitoring the 8 PM radio
      transmissions of Burbank Airport Police units talking to each
      other on their radio's. The various police units in different
      locations were observing six objects flying over the Burbank
      Airport on February 16, 2003. They were discussing six flying
      saucers and contacted the tower. The tower contacted the
      Burbank police helicopter that began searching for the objects.
      I'm sure all of this radio traffic was recorded by the city of
      Burbank 911 center. Also, the tower transmissions would be
      recorded by the FAA. I, personally, did not see the craft and
      only heard the radio communications.

      LIVERMORE -- I was driving north on Route 680 near Pleasanton on
      February 4, 2003, and as I came down the mountain pass at 11 PM,
      I saw two shooting stars come down and split directions. I
      looked out my right hand window and saw the bottom of a circular
      dark disk 'float' past with an "eclipse" on the bottom. I'm
      highly positive what I saw was a craft of some sort, and I know
      I saw the shooting stars just before the UFO? It may have been
      the same thing. There were no lights as it floated by, just the
      grayness of the bottom of the disk.

      QUAIL VALLEY -- On February 16, 2003, a vertical elongated
      diamond shaped light in sky was flashing every five seconds for
      15 minutes. It faded away at 9:30 PM, and reminded me of the
      shape of a sword or an elongated diamond. It had a main light
      in the center and emitted a vertical flashing light. Thanks to
      Peter Davenport NUFORC


      BILLINGS -- At 6:20 PM, the witness was walking north shortly
      after sunset on February 18, 2003, and noticed an airliner
      approaching and saw two black fluttering objects moving towards
      the east. They sort of dipped and weaved across the sky. I
      noticed a small orange light coming from the rear of the
      objects. I thought that they were stealth fighter aircraft,
      however, there were no lights and no sound. They soon
      disappeared in the east. This was the second time in two weeks
      that I have seen these strange objects. Thanks to NUFORC


      OLYMPIC MOUNTAINS -- We were walking along a dirt road by our
      place outside of Shelton at 11:30 AM, on February 24, 2003, when
      I heard a deep roar of a jet engine. I looked up to see what
      was making the noise, and noticed an airliner going very slow,
      almost ready to stall, with a small silver disc under the
      aircraft. I told my wife, and kids to look at that in the sky.
      We watched the little silver craft pace the larger airliner for
      ten seconds, then the little disc shot ahead, and above, in
      front, of the airliner and shot off. They were both heading in
      a northerly direction at that point.

      CAMANO ISLAND -- It was a raining on February 16, 2003, when my
      husband just laid down when our dogs started to act funny and
      he heard a humming sound in his ears. About 10:30 PM, he looked
      out to see a diamond shaped object go over the top of our home
      that was very high up and going faster than an airplane. It had
      neon lights all around it and it was diamond shaped. After it
      went over the house it shot down to the south end of Camano

      PUYALLUP -- The witness went outside to get some wood on
      February 23, 2003, and saw three bright red blinking lights that
      maneuvered in circles and with fast up and down motions and
      hovered. My boyfriend came to look and said it was just because
      it was so cold outside the air was reflecting the light
      differently and making the objects move. I went in the house
      but it was still very active and moved again flashing a reddish
      color. We watched them for about an hour when another appeared
      in view and did the same thing except it would go really fast up
      in the air and then drop back down and do circles and S shapes.

      OLYMPIA -- I saw all these orange or yellow lights in the sky on
      February 23, 2003, at 7:30 PM, that were gliding silently in the
      shape of a V, the way birds do. The little lights then moved
      around to form a circle, still gliding across the sky, then back
      into a giant V. It must have been the area of a football field
      or two. It started in the southwest and flew northwest. The
      lights began to dim out and it eventually just disappeared into
      the clear night sky. The object had a dark shadow around it,
      like a giant ship with lights on. The lights were literally
      dancing in the sky. There were two planes in the sky that were
      flying very slow compared to the UFOs NUFORC

      Jarvis of Orbwatch reports that Judge Ed's photos in Spokane
      Washington, are very similar to photos taken over Lake Ontario
      near Toronto, Canada. I would like to direct you to this page
      on the Orbwatch where there are comparison photos. Thanks to
      Jennifer Jarvis, orb watch contact@...


      WELLINGTON CAP-EGMONT -- A father and son report seeing an odd
      light on top of the Northumberland Strait almost every night
      from 10 to 11 PM for almost three years. It is bright white,
      then changes orange - Yellow and never makes a sound. It hovers
      around 100 feet in the air but never takes off from land. At
      about 10 PM, it just appears and hovers for 15-20 minutes, flies
      a kilometer east, and returns. On February 20, 2003, my friend
      and I went down to the beach to watch. At 10:15 PM, the light
      appeared, so we went home to tell my Father. After twenty
      minutes, at 10:36 PM, it started to move quickly east, then
      turned and flew west, stopped and became very bright. A second
      bright light appeared. A jet plane passed between the two
      bright lights and then a third REALLY bright light appeared.
      For the first time, we were watching three really bright lights
      until 11:15 PM, when they just disappeared.

      DUNCAN, BC -- A witness phoned Brian Vike to tell him, "He was
      walking his dog when he observed a circular object with a ring
      of fire around it on February 10, 2003, at 6 PM." His dog was
      going crazy from the object that was the size of a dinner plate
      five blocks away. The ring which surrounded the object would
      twirl around the main body with blue, green, colors. It would
      move up and down, when it got close to the cloud cover it would
      change to all the different colors, but when it dropped back
      down at a lower level the color changed to an orange. The dog
      took a bite at his owner's foot, as it was afraid. The witness
      was phoning from a friend's home and his dog was still acting
      up. While chatting on the phone, he gave out a loud cry and
      said there was a bright white streak of light from the object
      with a short trail of some of the colors was coming off it as it
      disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike


      Brenda Livingston writes I've been monitoring Cenepred Volcano
      Camera starting January 1, 2002, and regularly I have seen the
      most extraordinary display of possible UFOs. I had seen an
      occasional dark or white rounded object moving across the
      screen, but this was very different. First, I noticed a white
      rounded area with a dark area right above and below it -- at the
      top right that remained in this position for several days. At 1
      PM CST, a couple of white 'streaks' appeared in the distance to
      the right of Mt. Popo both seeming to move toward the volcano.
      The white streaks in the background certainly were changing in
      position relative to the volcano and moved over it and curved
      toward the camera. A white oblong "object" with dark areas on
      the top and bottom of it also appeared to the left of the
      stationary object. Over a few minutes this object 'from above'
      moved beneath the stationary object at a diagonal angle and then
      moved off screen. I decided to tune in to CENEPRED Volcano Cam
      the following days and captured the action at random. The march
      across the skies over Mt. Popo continued over several days. And
      it was the SAME march! I brought out these old captures and
      decided to do a little study and had photos taken at relatively
      the same time to compare. On three separate days, from 1 PM
      until 1:30 PM -- (1) the white 'streaks' moved over Mt. Popo and
      (2) the white oblong object moved under the stationary white
      spherical object and they were synchronized. In the shots taken
      by the camera at 13:03, 13:15, and 13:23 PM, the objects were in
      the same almost exact positions on January 3, 6 and 8 at those
      times. This could be a most important discovery and needs
      further investigation to explain what is happening in these
      camera shots. This does appear to be organized monitoring
      activity...but the question remains, 'who's'? See
      http://tracers.8m.com/PopoSeriesI.htm. Thanks Brenda Livingston
      Living-Tracers Enterprises living@...


      VINA DEL MAR -- UFO researcher Rodrigo Cuadra reports that a UFO
      was seen today at 06:20 AM on February 28, 2003, over Viña del
      Mar in Chile's 5th Region. The witness is Mr. Ricardo Barraza,
      who claims that as he headed off to work, he looked to the
      southern sky, where he noticed a pulsating luminous object that
      began to move quickly toward the South. The light was being
      followed by an enormous dark mass that was easily concealed by
      the darkness of the sky at that early hour. Translation (C)
      2003. IHU. Special thanks to Rodrigo Cuadra Salazar, Revista TOC
      (Tecnología, OVNIs y Ciencia)


      CORK -- Six UFOs were seen heading over Cork Harbor at 8:45 PM,
      on February 23, 2003, in a southwest direction at incredible
      speed. They seemed to be in formation in a line, but the
      extreme right UFO did a slight wobble and then they disappeared
      out of the line of sight due to a tree in way. They seemed in
      perfect control. I am well used to seeing shooting stars and
      normal transatlantic airplane traffic. Most certainly these
      objects were none of those.


      LEICESTER -- The witness looked up to see a lit up patch in the
      sky on February 13, 2003. A giant plane the size of a football
      field went through the gap where the light was at 7:45 AM. My
      friend and I both saw it. A week later we were standing at the
      bus stop chatting. When we finished chatting the bus stop had
      moved five meters. Wierd!

      BIRMINGHAM -- My sister and her family were looking out of a
      window in the family home at 8:30 PM on February 15, 2003, at
      what they thought was a particularly bright star in the clear
      night sky. Almost immediately everyone witnessed the "star"
      start to flash in different colors. No sense of distance could
      be obtained, other than to observe that what they thought at
      first to be a star was considerably brighter than any other
      within their view. The observation lasted unbroken for two
      hours, in which time it did not appear to move at all. Thanks to
      Peter Davenport NUFORC


      KINGSGATE RETAIL PARK -- The appearance of a huge silver UFO
      caused spooked drivers to bump their cars at around 8:45 AM,
      last Wednesday, February 12, 2003. Drivers were so distracted
      by the bizarre sightings that at least two minor bumps were
      reported, as the attention of motorists wandered. A local
      woman, contacted the NEWS and said: "My friend saw something
      hovering, which was silver in appearance and looked like the
      dishes you see on the side of television transmitters. It was
      huge, and it was pulsating. Many saw it, as you couldn't have
      missed it. He thought, 'Good God!' and was really quite shaken
      by the whole thing. My friend thinks the accidents at Kingsgate
      were a result of the sighting. Colleagues in the Cumbernauld
      had seen a similar object thirty minutes earlier and alerted
      their South Lanarkshire counterparts that it was heading their
      way. The sighting has also intrigued East Kilbride UFO Club,
      whose members were warned in advance that they might be about to
      spot something strange. Lee Close, of the Anglo-Scottish UFO
      Research Agency, has been investigating last weeks events in
      tandem with the local UFO club. He said, "This is the first
      time I've come across a UFO that caused a car crash, although
      I'm aware of it having happened in America before." Thanks to
      Jeff Rense http://www.rense.com/general35/daylight.htm


      HINGURAKGODA -- A military officer reports we were playing soft
      ball cricket on the Air force grounds on February 18, 2003. At
      about 5:15 PM, one of the players showed me something in the sky
      at sunset moving very slowly to the left side of the mountains.
      It was a stick shaped shining object in gold color that was
      observed for eight minutes. It was about 50 km away from us at
      an altitude estimated to be 5000 feet. We checked with radar
      and there were no aircraft airborne at that time.


      A.K. Johnstone, Ph.D. author of UFO Defense Tactics writes, "The
      Air Force 2035 report describes how powerful ionospheric heaters
      (i.e., HAARP), in concert with chemical condensation trails
      (chemtrails), could generate clouds for weather modification.
      Chemtrails spread behind airborne tankers, heated by radiowaves
      of one to ten megahertz at the right time and space, could
      create rain from a clear blue sky." (Methods and Apparatus for
      Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere and
      Magnetosphere Patent # 4,686,605. Bernard Eastlaund 1987).
      Aluminum, barium or titanium particles in the chemtrail mixture
      are included to scatter light and dissipate radiation from the
      sun (US Patent #3899144). However, a different purpose is
      described in the patent summary: to achieve, "maximum visibility
      to aid in the visual acquisition of aircraft target vehicles and
      the like." Radar sensitive chaff (mica and silica) in the
      chemical mixture permits tracking of chemical agent dispersal
      patterns in the atmosphere. As well, polymers (chemically
      synthesized compounds of very large molecules) are included to
      absorb water vapor for cloud formation. These compounds have a
      dual function, however, as they can be utilized as a dielectric,
      capable of sustaining an electric field and transmitting
      electrostatic force.

      While our government lacks an adequate weapon to deter unknown
      craft, I believe that it has implemented a method to impede
      their monitoring practices. I believe other countries have done
      so, as well. The defensive method is neither lethal to the
      visitors, nor harmful, yet its total effectiveness to dissuade
      surveillance is questionable at this time. I submit that
      weather modifications by the US military and the government
      covert agencies has been one of the chosen stratagems of
      resistance. Thanks to A.K. Johnstone, Ph.D.


      A. K. Johnstone, Ph.D., explores with evidence, the creation of
      a weather shield to deter UFOs from entering earth's atmosphere,
      by manipulating weather elecotromagnetically and with
      chemtrails. Numerous UFO sightings are examined from a
      scientific viewpoint, including EM pulses, and fireballs. Order
      illustrated book, $14.95 from Hancock House 1-800-938-1114.


      Almost every week, I get letters from people who claim to be
      suffering from what they call Chemtrail illness generated by jet
      engine and auto emissions. I was formally Vice President of
      MEDCOR a health testing company and learned breathing in
      pollution of any kind causes free radicals to form in our body
      that are missing an electron, making the molecule unstable.
      These unstable free radicals attack the healthy molecules
      searching for its missing electron setting off a destructive
      chain reaction. If not stopped the free radicals wreak havoc on
      our cells and our bodies. To stop this chain reaction you need
      antioxidant nutrients such as Vitamins E, C, Beta-carotene and
      CoQ 10 and Isotonix OPC-3. Scientific Isotonix OPC-3 studies
      have validated that these are the most powerful antioxidant free
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      discoveries in history. You can purchase Isotonix OPC-3 at the
      Health and Nutrition Store for about a dollar a day. You can
      lose weight Ephedra Free at: lose weight. For the latest in
      anti-aging technology and HGH enhancement see: Antiaging, and
      for antioxidants use: Isotonix OPC-3,


      Robert Trundle, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Northern
      Kentucky University, and I are looking for either a publisher or
      an agent to represent our book. Falling into the area of
      Nonfiction Paranormal, the book consists of eyewitness reports
      and pictures in newspaper format. Provocative headlines,
      straddling the millennium, provide a paradigm for twenty-first
      century expectations of paranormal encounters. Lead articles
      are followed by illustrated news of such things as encounters
      with angels, Near-Death Experience, alien abductions, alien pet
      animals, and reported contacts with their worlds by government
      officials. Though Dr. Trundle's previous books such as "UFOs:
      Politics, God &Science" and "Camus' Answer" were published in
      university presses for relatively well educated readers, this
      work is for a mass audience and is based on reports sent to Air
      Force Intelligence Officer Major George Filer. He is recognized
      internationally as a top authority on UFOs, has often appeared
      on television, and was one of the prominent officials invited to
      speak at The National Press Club on the subject in Washington
      D.C. Also, of possible interest to marketing considerations is
      that Filer gets over 400,000 hits a month on his paranormal
      website Filer's Research Institute. And exposure includes his
      weekly newsletter to tens of thousands of readers. Our work is
      wholly unlike any book on the market. It has been completed with
      forty-eight short chapters, 393 pages and almost 100,000 words.
      Please contact Major George Filer (US Air Force Intelligence,
      Ret.) and Robert Trundle via the email Trundle@...

      MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative
      reports subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL. A MUFON membership
      includes the Journal and costs only $35.00 per year. To join
      MUFON or to report a UFO go to http://www.mufon.com/. To ask
      questions contact MUFONHQ@... or HQ@.... Mention that
      I recommended you for membership.

      Filer's Files is copyrighted 2003 by George A. Filer, all rights
      reserved. Readers may post the COMPLETE files on their Web
      Sites if they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and
      list the date of issue. These reports and comments are not
      necessarily the OFFICIAL MUFON viewpoint. Send your letters to
      Majorstar@.... Sending mail automatically grants permission
      for us to publish and use your name. Please state if you wish
      to keep your name, address, or story confidential. CAUTION,


      George Filer www.Georgefiler.com

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