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classic reprint : the Zeta Reticuli incident

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  • stealthskaters
    Before Marjorie Fish s painstaking astronomical analysis of the star map revealed by 1961 abductee Betty Hill under hypnosis, Zeta Reticuli was an obscure
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2003
      Before Marjorie Fish's painstaking astronomical analysis of the 'star
      map' revealed by 1961 abductee Betty Hill under hypnosis, Zeta
      Reticuli was an obscure and generally unknown double-star system in
      the Southern Hemisphere. "The Zeti Reticuli Incident" was the most
      widely-read and controversial article ever published in the
      prestigious ASTRONOMY magazine (December '74). Critics included Carl
      Sagan; among supporters was J. Allen Hynek.

      The article, updates, and arguments both pro-and-con are archived at
      http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/ZetaReticuli_1.doc (also
      accessible from item #2 at http://www.stealthskater.com/UFO.htm )
      Because of the graphics and star maps, it is a 1.06-MB MS-Word
      document, so allow extra time if you're downloading/opening using a
      56K modem.

      Actually, the person that brought my attention to this classic piece
      was famed Testors model designer John Andrews who -- in addition to
      publicly displaying a model of the model of the stealth fighter
      against the military's wishes -- created the "Sport Model" UFO kit
      based on lengthy interviews with Bob Lazar. Andrews is reportedly
      the man who introduced a naive John Lear to the subject of UFOs. And
      he had many conversations with Skunk Works' Ben Rich who admitted to
      both man-made and ET UFOs. Unfortunately Mr. Andrews passed away due
      to cancer. He would be a MOST interesting person to research &
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